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luvstocraftOctober 25, 2006

Hi Anj, Thought I'd post this here instead of sending you off to GJ to see them. These two totems were made from things I found at half price sale at TS. Just can't look at glassware and not think TOTEM! LOL A friend from work wants one of my creations for her yard, so I'm taking her one of the blue glass ones. The bowling ball is the one my neighbor gave me--it is really a heavy one and had lots of dings in it. Couldn't find any half marbles I liked or that there were enough of at Walmart, so decided to use these little rocks. I really like the way it looks in the flowerbed. I love "creating" things--keeps my hands and mind occupied--and off food! Ha ha Luvs

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Luvs~ you really just took to those totems like a pro! They look maaaavelous daaaling! ha I'm still leaning toward the dk blues for my favs. And I do like the little "lacey" edged bowls you use. Makes em look like they are wearing a party dress. And what are the little bubble looking glass you used on some of the toppers. I like the way it balances out.

And I have to admit that the natural rock BB's are my total favorite. If I ever get around to making one, that's what mine will be. Although someone posted one not long ago that was black with red flowers that I like a bunch too. I just think the natural ones look so neat in a flower bed. And what did you use for that little ball? They have BB's at our TS for $5 all the time. I should really just get one and do it.
Question: Do you fill in the holes with anything prior to putting on the rocks and what did you choose to use for glue on yours?

Thanks for sharing. Ya dun good as usual. ;) ~A

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You had mentioned totems and I wondered what the heck was that about...They are gorgeous! What do you use to glue them together?
Thank You for showing me your creations.

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As you know, I was inspired to try making totems after seeing them over on the Garden Junk forum. I just love the way they sparkle and add color against my block walls. Tasymo posted some instructions for a "basic" totem depending on what glass pieces you had found. Cindee had been making what she called her "garden ladies", and I just loved the shape of them. We emailed back and forth a couple of times as she helped answer all my questions. Some people seem to collect a lot of glass pieces before they make one, but I try to just buy pieces that will work together and not have allot of leftover pieces. The exception would be ruffly dishes (hard to find at reasonable price) and candleholders. I've learned to just buy those whenever I see them since they make the top so nice and perfect for the round ball ornament. For the top, sometimes a clear Christmas ornament, or a round or square votive holder if I find one. The forum suggested GE Silicone II for windows and doors since it can stand up to cold and heat and water. I use it for the BB's too.

For the BB's, I just fill two of the holes with wood putty and let it dry for a couple of days. (Work on the opposite side while it dries) I've left the thumb hole in case I might decide to put it on a rebar or copper pole. I also found some old baseballs at TS for 35 cents and 55 cents, so I covered one with rocks and two with half marbles too. So many of the BB's made by the GJ forum are so neat. I love the mosaic ones, the ones where they make a pattern like a flower with the half marbles, (I can't even get mine in straight rows!) the painted ones, and just the other day someone made a ladybug using half marbles that is just so cute. Also, Craftylady shared a pic from a magazine with three of them PAINTED to look like ladybugs! Really fun looking.

I have also used one of those round white light globes and glued the half marbles on it. One end is open, so you can stick some Christmas lights inside or even a votive candle and have it all lit up. I'll have to take a pic of mine at nighttime to show you.

It is all fun, not too expensive, and saves these items from going to the landfill. Plus they really do make pretty additions to the yard. Anj, bet your kids would love helping you do a BB. I've heard that some people get free BB's by calling the bowling alley--guess they will give away the old beat up ones.

Hope I answered all your questions. You might want to type totems or Bowling Balls in the search tab--there are lots of both on the forums.

Have fun! Luvs

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Thank you! I may have to give this a try sometime.
They are beautiful!

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