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pezabelleOctober 31, 2008

I don't know if this is proper or not...but here I go anyway!

I am PezaBelle or Belle and I love to paint!

My favorite class in school was art and I had dreams of becoming an art teacher. As with many people, other things became more important. Marriage, family and working came first. Now, 45 years later - I have time!

Over the years between then and now I have continued with my art but in crafting not painting. Several years ago I took a look at all of the craft supplies and projects that were begun and not completed...made a list and finished everything, then gave away the remainer of my supplies. My new "me" did not begin a project without finishing the last project and I knew that I needed to pick one area and contain myself to that, I chose painting or rather it chose me - Arthritis was a factor. If something comes along in the crafting area that I really like I will go ahead and do it but still do not move forward before the last project is completed.

In 1998 along came my Auxiliary's first Bazaar and I was appointed chairman. Our group worked for a year on our own projects and one of the members had "lots" of wood scraps we could use if we had someone to cut out patterns -like my DH. This he did and we began the painting. Or rather everyone else base painted and I got the job of finishing the pieces....and I liked it! This went on for 4 years. Then came my 1st retirement and the birth of my first and only Grandchild and my world really changed.

The first things I really painted for myself were Halloween decorations that I gave to my GS, he was 10 mo old, and were from Easy Fall Holidaze (still one of my fave's) Then came the first Christmas ornament, we are now at year 16 and I now do about 45 ornaments for close friends, clients and family along with about 60 for other forum and chat room friends. And this is the hardest projects of the year because I don't like to do assembly line work.

My friends and clients have changed my style of painting over the years. When I started I did only what I liked which was fine but did not, as they say "pay the bills." And I found that I liked very bold, bright colors. One of my close friends and my best client wanted "primative" santa's and against my better judgement I painted them for her and opened a whole new world...I now paint anything and everything although I really like to do detail work.

Over the years I have done many shows and bazaars but now I paint just for me and those who have special items they want painted and I enjoy it more. No more second guessing what will sell and having "left overs" each year - although they do make good donations to raffles and charity bazaars.

I am not a creative artist - they see ideas in their minds and draw or paint them. I can see something and paint it and of course change it to my liking. I have not taken any class's, there isn't a big call for this in my area. I have painted for a local store, paint things from books they have and really like this but here again it is restrictive...you have to do it just like the book.....nothing looks just like the book! Now the local stores do not sell books so I have lost a source of books as well as income.

That brings us to the present. In the past I have worked as part of the office staff in a multi Dr.s office, doing everything from receptionist (I really like this job) to insurance and billing. I was an "inhome caregiver" to a couple who were more like my parents than friends and after their passing, and my 2nd retirement, I went to work for a fraternal-charitable group where I was office manager, bookkeeper, gambling chairman, etc., etc. This lead to my becoming a "touble shooter" for the same group. I went into a troubled lodges in the S.W.WA., area and set up their office and taught other how to "do their jobs" and run their offices. I really enjoyed this as I like to organize the dis-organized. The pay wasn't that great but the rewards of seeing things come together was awesome.

I now have competely retired! Arthur has seen to that! But what a life! I now get to paint as often and as long as I like! Who could ask for more? Not me...

I am PezaBelle and am glad I found this site!


PS. PezaBelle came about because I, along with my GS, collect the Pez candy dispensers. The Belle comes from my extensive bell collection & than's a long story!

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Hi Pezabelle, I'm so glad you took the time to tell us about your love of painting and some of your work experiences too. You've had a very productive life!

If you click on "my page" after my name, it will tell you a bit about me. Although I do need to update that info now since I retired about three years ago. I have one son, DIL, and a four year old granddaughter who live close by. I've only done one craft show in my life and wasn't that crazy about selling--but enjoyed being with my friends and meeting other crafters. I don't like doing multiples--gets boring--and three or four of the same thing are about my limit. I took a few lessons from an individual many years ago, but I am just a "craft" painter and that's all I've ever really wanted to be. I do enjoy seeing the "realistic" painting that other's do, but know that's just not my thing. LOL I've given away lots of my projects through the years, they came in really handy as gifts for my staff and co-workers at the bank. I still do many of them for friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. I just really enjoy painting--from finding the perfect pattern, to cutting the wood piece out, to painting it, and then displaying it.

I'm so glad that you will be joining us here. Please feel welcome to come over here on Conversations and chat with Anj and I anytime--we like to keep in touch with what's going on in our lives and try to chat at least a few times a week.


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Glad you posted about yourself. Nice to get to know you better. We did this last year too when we had a bunch of newbies, but they all kinda left us after the holidays. ha Hope you stick with us.

For myself, I am a self taught painter. My first painting project was a little pumpkin done at a little church craft day and I was hooked. It's hard to find time to paint even though I love it. I am a SAHM of 4 kids ranging from 4-14. My DH works long hours so it's left to me to pick up the slack. Plus I have my retired parents living with me who are not always in the best of health that I am taking care of. It's a struggle to find time to do the things that I love. Family history is my other big love and it takes lots of research time.

I paint for myself and to give as gifts. Never done craft shows or anything like that, although I have had a few offers from people wanting to buy my stuff. It's my relaxation so wouldn't want to put pressure on myself and ruin it. I'm a total thrift store junkie and love to find things there to paint and repurpose. Lots of fun different surfaces for way cheap. Luvs finally talked me into using my saw this year and I love cutting out my own pieces. My blade broke and I haven't gotten DH to help me replace it yet, but I need to do that before it gets too cold out.

We are so glad you've found us and hope you'll stick around and paint with us for a long time. I'm glad your arthritis isn't stopping you there. I've really enjoyed your projects. It's been fun getting to know Luvs and Bebe who I consider "the regulars" and hope to get to know you better too. Stop by and chat and with Luvs and I here. We are usually here at least a couple of times a week. =) I think the others forget about the conversations side. We kinda have a running dialog going so just jump in anytime. ~Anj

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