Whatcha doin this weekend??

anjabeeOctober 13, 2006

My baby brother is getting married in Vegas today. My DH couldn't get off work since he was just put over 2 departments at work and I wasn't going to go by myself with 4 kids so I'm missing it. Pretty bummed about it, but what can ya do? I wish they would have done it here, but it was their decision.

DM isn't even getting to go. She has been taking meds for that rotator cuff tear and she thinks it has given her thrush. Her whole mouth is peeling out and burning really bad and it was heading down her throat (it can go down into the esophogus and lungs in older people). So she didn't get to go with them this morning when the rest of the family left at 5am. She is at the drs now and was talking about maybe trying to get a flight this afternoon (my mom who has never flown in her life!).

I've been running back and forth checking on and feeding everyone's animals while they are gone. I'm now babysitting 3 dogs, 2 cats and one ferret!!

The kids are out of school for a teacher thing so I just dropped DD off at a party and am waiting to go pick her up and Dm so we can go eat lunch with DH. Have to run a few errands after that and then back home to maybe get some painting done??? I hope! ha And wanted to do a little more decorating outside.

Tomorrow is the Scarecrow Festival here so we are going to try to get to that with some friends. I think they were going to have a little craft fair there so I'm looking forward to checking that out. Supposed to start tearing out the sheetrock in our bathroom.

Sunday is church of course, and then maybe I'll get in a little paint time after that.

So what's keeping you busy this weekend? ~Anj

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My plans sound pretty boring compared to yours! DS and DIL are going to a parenting class all day tomorrow so will go over to babysit at 9 tomorrow and play with GD all day. Think we will stay over there until after her nap since she won't go to sleep here--there she has to stay in the crib--here she gets up to explore! Ha ha Then just need to do the usual grocery shopping and then a trip to Lowes for some more bark for side garden area--want to cover all the dirt so dog won't track in as much mud when the rains start! Already have a couple of plants I need to get planted. So sorry you are having to miss DB's wedding. Did you get all the pics ready for the cd? Hopefully they will take lots of pics for you and DM to see! Sorry your Mom is having such a bad time of it--bet she feels so bad that she has to miss the wedding too. Let us know if you see any cute or clever ideas at the craft show, okay? Make sure you take your vitamins--and wear your running shoes too! You are one busy lady! ;o) Luvs

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