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luvstocraftOctober 27, 2008

Hi Anj, Just a quick hello. Not much going on here, still have the sniffles and a bit of a cough if I talk too much. I think DH might be getting it now. Our weather is so wonderful, all the smog was blown away by the winds, and our mountains behind us look so clear and pretty.

I tried to do chalkboard paint on a metal tray yesterday. I had seen one on a blog. (gotta quit looking at those things--they encourage me to try new things too much!) Anyway, I'm not happy with the way the edges look, so will probably see if I can add some cording or something to make it look better. Might have to hunt for that blog again so I can look at her's one more time. I also painted a few rocks I'd picked up on our trip. Just roses on most, and one I'm doing like a ladybug. Little GD thinks they are "treasures" when she spots them in my flower beds! LOL Need to get busy on a regular piece soon, been procrastinating again.

How are all of you? Did you get rid of your cold? Hope no one else caught it. Having fun with those new ovens? I want to go look at the Pioneer Woman cooks blog to see if I might find something new to try. She usually has some easy but good recipes. I did make potato/noodle soup last week. Might be time for a big pot of chilli soon.

Well, I'd better check the other forum, then I need to go return a video. I'll TTYL.


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Hey, I was thinking about doing some chili this week too. Probably for Friday night before Trick r Treating. Warm us up good before we head out into the cold.

I'm baking again today now that I have my oven. Still trying to get rid of zucchini. ha Will it never end??? AAAAhhhh. ha I've got some pork chop soup cooking in the crock for supper tonight.

Hoping I can get lots done today so I'll have time to paint tomorrow. We had 3 different people come visit us yesterday after church at different times so I didn't get to paint any.

Anyway, I'm trying to clean out computer files to free up some space in between cooking and laundry so I'd better get back to it. I've got to take the kids shopping for costumes after they get home from school so I've got to get everything done before then. Halloween sure sneaked up on me. ha They need their costumes by Thursday because we have Trunk r Treat at church that night. It's pretty fun.

Hope you can get your project looking the way you want it. Sorry you aren't feeling better. Mine is gone except for some minor sniffles. Nobody else seems to have gotten it. Hope your DH feels better to. Talk to ya tomorrow I hope. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, nothing new going on here, but just thought I'd say hi. Hope you are getting in some painting time. I sure am wanting to, but haven't yet.

Gotta go, DH cooked for us--he doesn't do that often!


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Hey, don't have much time, but wanted to stop in and say I hope you are feeling better now.
I still don't have costumes for the boys and DD informs me today that she needs a few more things for hers so I've got to dash out again as soon as they are out of school. Have lots going on until the weekend so I doubt I'll get any painting done. Got one thing partially done and another pattern transferred, but that's as far as I've gotten. Bummed.
Gotta dash. ~Anj

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Hi...I'm on the run again, but stopped in for a sec. I'll be leaving in a few minutes and will be gone all day again. DH is having a health fair at his work today so we are getting our flu shots for free. Neleh and I will stay and eat lunch with him, then have to try to find one thing for DD's costume, grab some candy, dash home and decorate our trunk, get the kids in their costumes, feed them and get to our church Trunk-r-Treat. We'll be there until late I'm sure. It's usually really fun and the kids enjoy it.

I'll still have a few Halloween projects to post after Halloween, maybe. ha Feels like my life is in fast forward. I really need to hit the pause button. Talk to you soon. Have a Happy Halloween if I don't get back before then. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, glad you took a minute to give me a shout. Sounds like a really busy day for you--just remember that you are making good memories with the kids. They will look back when they are older and remember that you made everything so fun for them!

I got my final Halloween project started last night. Just used a scrap leftover from some shelves DH had made. Almost have all the base coat on--it is pretty simple, but I thought it would be a fun one to have hanging out front. I'll take a pic as soon as it's done.

Feeling a little better today at last. I had to give in and take some antibiotics, it just wasn't getting better. Lucky you getting a free flu shot. I need to get mine soon too, hopefully it will keep these bouts with colds from lasting so darn long.

Hey, I popped in at the GW yesterday and guess what I found? I got a metal cake topper. There wasn't any bottom to it, but it was in pretty good shape,and I've always wanted to paint roses on one. It was priced at $1.99, but was 1/2 off. Now I need to get it cleaned, primed and painted.

Hope you have a great day, I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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