Gorilla Glue Disaster

tamar_422January 13, 2008

So, I've been working on the wedding cake for my niece, finally found a suitable cake plate, and decided to attach it last night before going to bed. Instead of using my trusty E6000, I foolishly decided to use some left-over Gorilla Glue we had in the laundry room.


The fine print was too small for me to attempt to read that late at night, but apparently Gorilla Glue expands to 4X (why? who knows?). When I woke up this morning, there was a bubbly, syrupy grossness oozing out from under my cake, and creeping up its sides! It took a while to get the mess off with paint thinner, and I was almost afraid the cake was a total loss.

Oh well. Live and learn.

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Yep, ya gotta baby sit that glue! It is excellent for fixing busted furniture though. My moving crew taught me that.
Glad you could save your cake... Have we seen that? PICS!

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Yikes! Thanks for the heads up; I've never used Gorilla Glue. Glad you were able to salvage your cake.

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OUCH! Thanks for sharing...hope your get your cake back to perfection. Can't wait for the PICTURES!

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I'll bet it made the " waaWaaWaa" sound ( like in the Little Rascals episode..
Maybe I watched too much TV in my young days.)

I never had good experience with that monkey business! You should see my Birkenstock sandals . There is foam dripping out of the soles..
SO sorry.. What a mess and extra stress you had !

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LOL ---------- I remember the waaWaaWaa sound !

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Heheheh I remember that sound too.

OH Tamar so sorry for your disaster and glad you were able to salvage it.

I have messed with Gorilla glue too and you do have to baby sit it for a VERY long time!!! The STUFF in the can is even more fun!!! NOT But it cuts off nicely. Not so Gorilla glue. Good to know paint thinner will get it off.


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Tamar - I feel your pain. I did that once too. Wicked stuff but it holds strong.

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I agree you have to REALLY babysit curing Gorila Glue, but haven't had a problem with removal. Had to take it off a mosaiced teapot tower (repaired the handle), but it came right off with a sharp razor blade...left very little residue. I've also had to 'pop' off bubbles of it in various places, but again found it easy to remove. Hope that's not bad omen for the projects I used it on or that I used it for the wrong thng!!


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THAT SUCKS!!! Got pics?!

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Yes that does suck...I have some of that stuff and was surprised when I found that out. BUT I was fortunate cause I was just testing its holding capablities against another glue I had wanted to use and so it was nothing I cared about if it ruined it.

I am so glad you were able to salvage it!!! I dont know if I would have thought about using paint thinner!!!


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I keep a variety of glues because one-size does not fit all. I am about to use gorilla glue on the gasket that seals the upper and lower barrel of a cement mixer. Who cares what slops out of the seam--like the cement is going to care.

As for the wa-wa-wa sound, it appears all the time in Charlie Brown specials--that's the sound of adults talking to kids.

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How nice of you to join us bloomin ! Welcome!
I hope the glue is effective in sealing your upper and lower flaps.

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Been there, done that. My little shovel sits outside by the wheelbarrow full of flowers in spring/summer w/the goo covered up in posies.

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I did use it to my advantage on the Hey Diddle mirror, when I sandwiched the chicken wire between the 2 pieces of luann for the doors. I relied on the gorilla glue to fill the gap. It did get most of it and I only had to use wood filler in a few places.

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Sorry for the disaster, but thankful for the heads up.
Lookin forward to seeing some pictures.

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