A Gloomy Friday!!!!!

pezabelleOctober 21, 2011

The rain has returned and ruled out any frost, we need a good frost to set the sugar in our Wolff River apples. They are a huge apple that makes a really great pie or sauces.

Did a run through of my set up for the show yesterday and can hardly walk today, lots of aspercream on those knees, much better now. I have a few ideas for a couple more blocks, well see if they get done.

Well.....I bagged my first deer Tuesday. My van will be all well by Wednesday. Thankfully it wasn't a big deer as it didn't do a lot of damage, just the grill, radiator and one light and the front bumper. When I told my DGS, who has been out hunting every weekend, that I bagged my first deer, he said..."No way!" and then gave me a hug when I told him it was with the van.

Punk, have you gotten the painting bug yet? I have to really push myself right about now. I miss my Q & E magazine, PaintingWorks and the Decorative Society's Magazine just isn't quite my style...so am going back to old books and still finding nothing. I did purchase two books of painted lace....so beautiful, and a couple with fall holiday patterns, so we will see if anything get painted before the ornaments rush.

Luvs...I listen to your weather report every once in a while just to see who is getting our missing sunshine. Our leaves are just now starting to turn color and fall, and our burning ban has been lifted. My DD still has tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini growing and just now digging her root veggies and her pumpkins are like, well, really big orange bloobs. Wish I had some of her energy or maybe just to be her age again!

Well, if I want to get those ideas done I had better get to it, Anj should be home, hope she posts about her trip, take care everyone!


PS. if anyone get a change to see the movie "Help" or "The Help" it is a really great movie!

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Hi Belle and all, I have heard that the movie The Help is really good. Guess I'll be waiting for it to come out for rental, don't get to the movies anymore.

Our weather is cool and foggy in the mornings now Belle, but warms up to the 80's or even 90's in the middle of the day. I transplanted three rose bushes yesterday and my neighbor trimmed all my vines while I cleaned them up the day before. My muscles sure were talking to me after all that! Gosh, I sure took good health and stronger muscles so for granted until this year! LOL

I've loved seeing all the projects you and Anj have been creating--and yes, I feel guilty. Seems it takes all morning just to get DH up, cleaned up, fed, and settled in for the day. Then I usually need to do a load or two of laundry make a run for groceries or prescriptions and then a little nap to get me through preparing dinner and getting DH settled into bed for the night. I'm sure there must be some time for painting in there, but not sure the energy or motivation level are there! LOL

I love coming by here to read what you all are doing so hope you will keep posting.

Hugs, Luvs

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Burr....almost froze last night, my birds have returned and brought lots of guest. My flower garden is looking a little sad, but I just don't have the heart to pull everything out. We (I) decided that the driveway planter is being planted with river rock this fall. Then when spring arrives I will add long pots down the center and add my flowers. Much less area to weed, Oh! Much less area for someone else to weed and I pay them to do it!

Luvs....you time for painting will come! Don't let us push you, when the time is right you will have brush in hand! I am having a very hard time finding things I want to paint. I have even tried to find some of the books I've lost, still nothing.

In the past months my house has become a eclectic mess or maybe just a mess. Can't believe we have so much stuff. I did put out my Halloween decorations, Oh! How I love the fall seasons.

Well, I've got to get at it or take a nap....like that will happen. I included two (click on them for larger view) picture of our Bailey Bridge getting revenge for all of the neighborhood. The green metal frame is part of the bridge.

Take Care!!!! Belle

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I'm back!! Spent all day yesterday trying to get my house back in order, wash clothes and take care of a child finishing up with strep! Had the most wonderful time on our trip! I didn't quit laughing and smiling the whole time. So fun to get to see and visit with my old school friends after not seeing them for 25 years! We've decided 5 years is too long to wait for another one so we are going to do it again in 3! Got to go to my first live Saints Football game thanks to a friend getting me tickets and oh man! I had a blast! Anyway, still have a lot to do before I can start painting again. Haven't even decorated my house for Halloween so will probably just put out a few fallish things that can go thru Thanksgiving. Got to get busy on the kids Halloween costumes since we have a few parties at church and school before the actual night of Trick r Treat. Anyway, just wanted to check in with y'all before I get back to work. Belle, glad you are ok after taking down your first deer! Luvs~ so is fall the time you transplant roses or can you do them in spring as well?? I have one that I want to move! Punk and Bebe and everyone else.....how's life? It's really cold here compared to MS so I'm not liking it much. You know me and cold are not friends! Well, I gotta get back to getting this house together so I can paint next week. Y'all take care and I'll check in again soon! Oh luvs...have you seen these acorn cookies? Looks like they are made with kisses and mini nutter butters! Are you still into acorns?? ha ~Anj

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OMG! No I had not seen those little candy/cookie acorns and I love them! Gotta see if I can find some mini nutter butters--didn't even know there was such a thing! TFS. So glad you had a great trip, maybe the memories of the weather down south will get you through the winter. I didn't decorate for Halloween either, just put out my fall stuff and that's all. I really need to get rid of lots of mine, just too much for me to climb up on the step stool and lift all those bins down anymore. Know the kids will enjoy the holidays coming up.

Belle, is that a truck tipped over on the bridge? What in the world happened? I am not on here much lately, and not typing so much as I'm having problems with my hands now. My wrists hurt and my fingers tingle like that feeling when something goes to sleep. It's bad enough that they wake me up at night! Somewhat better during the day as long as I keep them moving. I've been using Icy Hot and ace wraps on my wrists and taking pain relievers morning and night. Not sure if I did it by playing too much on the computer or from the pushing/pulling of trying to change bedding and such the week DH couldn't/wouldn't get out of bed. Hopefully, if I'm easy on them, they will get back to normal soon. If it's not one thing, it's another--so much for the "golden years".


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Hello again...it has been very hectic here. Seems like every time I try to catch up on the housework something happens. Guess that's just life.

Luvs....yes, the crane fell over on a part of the bridge. A "Bailey" bridge starts with one section (a square U shape)that is about 12' long and wide enough for a car or truck to cross,then another section is built and attached to the first and so on until it reaches across the river. They dismantle it in the same way. The crane operator had to heavy of a load and extended it out to far and over it went. I am tired of the extra miles, especially when coming home from shopping. OH! Well!

How are things in your world? Do you see your DGD often? I hope so, children are such a joy until they get to be over 6' tall, then they are just a nuisance.(is that spelled right?) His last grades were super and I actually don't see him often enough. Is your weather still warn and sunny? Fall has finally arrived here, we have had frost two day last week, everyone in the family is out picking the Wolff River apples, they need a good freeze to help set the sugar. They are huge apples and really great for desserts.

Anj....glad you had a great time and got to go to the game. Did you get caught in the last snow storm?

It was nice to see Bebe back and posting, now we need to find Punk and get her painting again!!!!!

Well, I need to finish dinner for everyone, I am making Hubbard squash baked with bacon strips on the top along with chicken and other stuff.

Take Care!


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Hi Gals, just a quick note. I've been having weak,aching wrists and tingling fingers--sort of like carpal tunnel so even typing is not pleasant. I'm using pain meds and Icy Hot. Hope they get back to normal soon.

Interesting about the crane. Hmmm, so how do you lift a tipped over crane? LOL

We are doing pretty good here. DH has been a little more alert and active this week. Not sure why but trying to just enjoy it while it lasts. We've been laughing allot and I've given him some back rubs and gotten some great bear hugs this week which I love.

Our weather had been pretty pleasant, but the last couple days it's been raining and much cooler. Had to have the heater on some today. A couple days ago I took a cold drink and a stack of painting books out on the patio and looked at them while enjoying the sunshine. Hoping to get motivated and start on some projects. I'd like to make a few ornaments or signs to have on hand as gifts for the Hospice helpers and of course, neighbor gifts.

Anj always comes up with such great ideas for neighbor gifts. Wonder what she's planning for this year? Hint hint.

Punk is busy like always, but she's been posting regularly on the Holiday forum.

Hate that we had to change the time, I get more done during daylight hours but don't really like getting up early. Sometimes the evenings sort of drag for me since hubby goes to bed early. Guess that could be when I try to do a bit of painting, huh?

Hope you all have a great week.


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Hey y'all. Caught some kind of stomach bug. Laying around today. Wanted to know if any of you are on Pinterest? I am so loving that site. Keeps all the fun ideas you find on the internet organized in one spot! If any of you are on there let me know!! I'd love to follow you....but not in a creeper way! lol ~Anj

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Anj, I keep hearing about Pinterest. How do you go look at all the pictures? I'm so behind on everything. Never even signed up for Facebook but sometimes think I should have so I could keep up with what's going on in my neice's families.

Hope the "bug" flies away soon and you feel all better. Tis the season for those things now I guess.

Did I mention that I had found another handful of old painting mags at the library store. Pretty old but seemed like there was at least one or two designs I really liked in each one. I've got to stop collecting all these books--running out of space to stash them! LOL I sure enjoy reading through them though. Even the landscape designs and other things I would never attempt to paint are fun to look at. Cheap entertainment, huh? ;o)


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Yes indeed, very cheap entertainment! I think any painter would understand the obsession with painting books. ha
Feeling better here and only hubby and I got it thank goodness. On pinterest, you are able to look at other peoples pins in different categories or you can put a "pin it" on your internet tool bar and when you are surfing the net and see something you like you hit "pin it" and you can post it to your board in pinterest. It's like having a new magazine to look at every day. It just keeps everything organized and pics where you can see the things you like. I have already found a lot of goooood recipes that I've tried and crafts and holiday things. The pic you pin will take you directly back to the original blog or page you found it on so it's really nice. I am addicted! lol You can go to the pinterest site and check it out. You have to have an invite to join, but I can send ya one. Takes less time than waiting for them to do it. I am also on facebook because it is the best way to keep up with my family and friends back home. Wouldn't have known about my high school reunion if not for facebook! Gotta run kids to school. Cya later!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest

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Oh and HaPpY BiRthDaY To R yesterday Luvs! Hope he had a good day! =)

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It is a Hoo-Hum month so far. We have been catching part of the storm from Alaska and snow is in the forecast for Friday & Saturday, but the temperature should stay high enough that it won't stick. We finally had several light freezes, so last Sat., parts of DH family showed up and picked apples. The Wolf River tree produced enough apples to cover a 6'x 7' bin, 3 apples deep. Now to give them all away! They also helped trim all of the fruit trees, which really helps DH.

Luvs...hope the wrists are better, also, I found out that I did have Carpel Tunnel and the same effect in my left elbow. It shows up when, in sleep, I bring my hand up under my ear. Now that I know this, when the pain wakes me, I just open my arm and after a few minutes it goes away.

And Luv, we may have changed the clocks, but my dogs still want to go out at the same time each morning.

Anj., hope you are completely over the bug! One question on the pinterest site, can everyone see what you are "pinning?"
When I opened the link you posted, it looked like, well....an unorganized mess. Is it like "bookmarking" sites on you browser?

Haven't painted since the show, need to do some touch-up on a Turkey I made for my DD several years ago, then find something to make for the yearly ornaments, can't believe it is this late and I haven't started yet!

Well....gotta go do something, don't know just what, but something! Take Care!


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Yes, Belle, I guess everyone can see what you are pinning. No nudity or stuff like that allowed. ha It may look unorganized, but it's more organized than any of my bookmarks are currently. From what I can see people are mostly pinning recipes (which I've already tried a few and they were delicious), crafts, vacation spots, dream homes, fashion, organizing tips, Do it yourself helps and tutorials, and just fun things they find online. I don't put all my bookmarks there...some are personal, but this is more the fun side of it. It does have your name and whatever picture you want to put on there, but no personal information that I can see. So say for instance you pinned this yummy recipe that you found online that you want to try. I look at your recipe board and I think it looks pretty good too so I re-pin it to my recipe board. Kinda like browsing thru your favorite magazine with new stuff added every day. People with like interests can "follow" your board and they will see new things that you pin and can pin them to their own boards which their followers would see so on and so forth. Probably not making much sense but it has been pretty fun for me anyway.

Sounds like a lot of work those apples! lol I know a lot of people around here have been making and putting up applesauce from their trees.
I'm gonna be painting a little tomorrow so I will stop by again then. Later!! =)

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Thanks for the BD greeting for DH. He did have a good day with family and friends here. His favorite carrot cake and ice cream too. We still have balloons all over the house!

Bet it won't be hard for you to find takers for those yummy apples, Belle. Glad you and DH had some good helpers. Just seems to early for all this snow everywhere. We are starting to get our rains, they've been nice ones so far and we've not gotten too much wind yet. The winds usually come around Halloween and blow my front patio decorations all over!

I looked at Pinterest too, but think I like saving things to my own computer files. I have them broken down by holidays and other occassions. I sometimes just go there and browse through all the great ideas I've collected but know I'll never get made! LOL

I'm not comfortable leaving DH home alone anymore, have had an instance with a remote that he pressed until he had smoke in the room and on his birthday, he decided to play with a lighter we had left on the counter and was trying to set a couple paper plates on fire. Both times, I was there in time to prevent a problem--and I'm learning to put things out of his reach and sight. So now I'm ordering our groceries online and it's wonderful. I order in my robe and slippers and the delivery guy shows up and carries them all to my kitchen table! I've had friends stay with DH some, but am hoping to find someone to come once a week so I have some time for running errands or just doing something fun.

Hope your kids are all enjoying school and looking forward to the holidays. Are you doing the "secret santa" thing this year? Have you figured out neighbor gifts yet? I want to have a few things on hand for our "helpers" who come now too--I know, I know, I'd better get busy making something, huh? LOL

You two take care. I'll check back when I can.


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Luvs, it's been a while since I thought about "child proofing" my house, but with a new niece coming in Feb I have been looking at things more carefully. Guess you will have to do the same! He is a little stinker! lol Have to start calling him Piro! I have a few friends who use the Peapod grocery delivery and love it. We don't have it here yet or I would consider it especially in winter!!

Unfortunately I have not had time to paint yet. I have a few ideas of some things I want to get done, but no time to work on any of them yet. Hope to get working on them this week, but I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year so probably not gonna get anything significant done til after that holiday. I want to do the 12 days of Christmas, but so far no family has stood out to me that I know. Still thinking on it. Was thinking about finding some little platters at the $1 store and attaching a little poem "When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang out of my bed and tripped over this platter" for my neighbor gifts. Most people can use an extra tray or platter for goodies during the season. Will maybe make some goodies to go on the platter and maybe add "So I filled it with goodies in hopes it makes your season gladder"?? I don't know...kinda sounds cheesy! lol Still thinking about it. Also thought about making "snowball" cookies and putting them in a pail or something painted with a snowman head?? Oh actually I just remembered I bought some small snowman head cookie jars on clearance last year so that would be perfect!! Woot! Thanks for helping me brainstorm! lol I am running out of time, but I seem to work better under pressure! ha

Well, just wanted to check in with you ladies. I promised I'd do better and I'm sincerely trying to get here a few times a week! I have to do my Thanksgiving shopping on Monday but perhaps I'll be back here on Tues. Talk to y'all then. ~Anj

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