TS finds this week

luvstocraftOctober 8, 2007

Hi Anj, I posted pics of my TS finds over on holidays. Didn't find any items to paint on, just decorating stuff and some books. Did find a GJ project--got a hanging lamp for only $3.98 so I want to attach the cups/saucers to it to hang outside. Also posted a pic of my ceramic birds in another post over there. I don't know why, but I really like them allot. Have them on my diningroom table with just a garland of fall flowers around them right now just so I can enjoy them. DH just shakes his head when he sees my "treasures". LOL Here's a link so you can find my post quickly. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: TS finds

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Guess I'm reading these in reverse order. ha I'll go over and check out the before's and see the other goodies.

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Luvs...Hey, I went to lunch with my mom today and zipped thru the TS while I was in the neighborhood. ha Nothing to share pics of but I got an ugly tiki vase for my brothers collection $2, got some sheet music -one from my wedding and a collection from The Sound of Music (I play piano, a tad) $.50ea, got a fun wall hanger with spools on it to hang things from $.50, and two little paint books, one is a Terrye French one called Something Special and the other one is called Cinnamon Street by Delores Ruzicka that looks like its mainly for painting on paper, but I can translate them to wood. They were both a quarter so I just got them. Oh, also got this heavy americana snowman that's original pricetag said $20 for $2.
Sorry I've been so busy lately and only get to pop in for a sec here and there. We gutted our bathroom and I've been shopping for tile and lighting and such to go back in there. Had to run pick up the faucets today. Trying to get it put back together before my B & Sil get here on Sat. They are staying for a week.
I lived thru the 5 13 yr olds at the birthday sleepover. Geez louise those girls can pack away some food and they stayed up all night playing tricks and screeching. We got no sleep. Took our family pics on Sat and we all looked like the walking dead who hadn't seen a hairbrush in a year. ha It rained on us so we all had lank hair. Guess it captured our true selves. ha
Had a meeting with DS's teacher again tonight. Think we got everything settled so we are all happy....for the moment.
Guess that catches you up to speed on my life. ha Have had no time at all to paint. I'm itching to get going on my projects. They sit here day after day staring at me. ha
Hope you are doing good. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, You sure are one busy gal. Glad the bathroom update is going well. There's good and bad about having a "deadline" to meet. The bad is that you have to rush, and the good is that you have to rush! LOL Haven't you ever had those projects that get started then pushed to the back burner and you never think they will get done?

Glad things are somewhat worked out with the teacher. Maybe this was a good lesson for her and lets her know that what she does with the kids does not go unnoticed. Maybe she will think a bit harder before she makes decisions in the future. Let's hope.

I can only imagine a houseful of teenage girls. Was your DH good about it, or did it make him "grumpy"? LOL While hard to live through, those times make the memories that stick, and bond friendships that can last a lifetime.

I've been babysitting a bit. GD stayed overnight Fri. night so DS could take DIL for Sushi and then to the play Wicked. They said it was a wonderful play and the Shushi was the best they had ever had.

On Saturday, I made a late lunch for all of us and then we had birthday cake and ice cream. That was nice. Have to tell one of my Gramma stories. Little GD could hardly wait to eat the cake (we even had to sneak a bit of icing earlier). When she started to eat, she asked for her drink. DS just handed her the cup she had already had. It had orange juice in it. She took a sip after eating some chocolate cake and said "this is disgusting". DS just cracked up. He then went to get her a bottle of water. We were all laughing so hard at her expression and her use of a bigger word! LOL

She was back again for the afternoon on Sunday and about wore me out playing her new "pretend" game. She now wants to pretend she is a doggie and pretend we go for a ride in the car. (This came from going with us to take dogs to the Vet and to where we store the motorhome). I have to drive, and when we get to the "Vet's", we go inside and Grandpa is the Vet. He gives her a "pretend" shot, and because she is such a good "doggie", she wants a "doggie bone" which is two little carrots. We also travel to the jungle and take a walk looking for all the critters. We have a low branch on a tree, so I sit her up there and we talk about what lives in the tree and funny stuff like the monkey might drop a banana peel on her head. For some reason, she just gets the biggest kick out of this "game". Made me play it three times and still wanted more! LOL

I'm off to lunch with the two neighbor gals today. Don't know if we will do any shopping afterwards or not. Told them I picked the places for the last outing, so someone else should pick this time. They are the ones that love to TS shop--even more than I do! LOL One of them does some crafts and trash to treasure--but mostly they like to find collectibles, clothes and purses. That's good, leaves the craft books, wood pieces and glassware for me! LOL

Well, I'd better get moving, need to mop the family room floor before I go--two dogs sure keep it all tracked up. Glad it is just the "faux wood" so I can mop it daily.

Oh, and congrats on your TS finds. Sounds like you got some good "treasures". That snowman sounds really nice, can't wait to see what you do with him.

TTYL, Luvs

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Well, the bathroom is not going that well. It's actually not going at all. The contractor was supposed to come Mon and yesterday and didn't show up either time. grrr Hoping he'll come today, but I'm not going to stress....too much. ha
DH is good with kids. (Big kid himself but don't tell him I said so!) ha He played video games with the girls for a while and they loved trying to kick his butt. ha A few of the girls told DD that it was the best sleepover they'd ever been to so I guess we done good.
Who's birthday was it? Yours is in the spring right? Was it GD? They are a crack up at this age for sure. Funny games ya'll are playing over there. ha That's why they love their g-mas so much. ;)
Where did your kids go for Sushi? Is it a restaurant they have here maybe? DH loves it and I told him we'd go somewhere on our next date night.
How did your lunch go? Find any good deals?
It's gloomy and rainy here today so I should be painting. ha Those are my best painting days. Maybe if I get the girls room cleaned out and childproofed and winter/summer clothes changed out I'll have some time. Trying to pick up all the stuff my nephew (1 1/2) could potentially swallow. There is a high chance the rain will turn to snow today and tomorrow. brrr!
Let me know if you found anything fun at the TS. :) ~Anj

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Anj, We went to a small Assistance League TS, each of us found a few things. I'll try to take a pic to post for you later of my few goodies.

Sorry about the contractor, seems to happen that way allot anymore. And they all have cell phones and still don't call to explain they will be late or can't make it! Go figure.

I am really glad that I am not working now so that I have the time and can be relaxed about spending time playing with GD. Before there was always so little time to get things done at home and I was always stressed out. Not sure she will remember these times, but I sure will. ;o)

DH wants to go out to the fairgrounds to an RV show today. It is sort of overcast and gloomy here too--hope we get some rain. Hard to believe it is already snow time in your area. The summer sure flew by didn't it? Guess we will probably stop at Sam's Club or Costco on the way home--need to stock up again! LOL

So glad the sleepover went so well. You'll have to give us pointers for when my GD gets older and wants to have them. I raised a boy, and it's been a loooong time since I was that age myself. LOL

I'll have to ask DIL the name of the Shushi place. Don't remember it if she told me already. Don't know how you guys can eat "raw" fish! LOL

Better get moving. I'll catch you later.


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Ugh! I don't eat the sushi, but figured they'd have something else for me to eat....I hope anyway. ha It's not even the raw fish but the seaweed they wrap it in that I can't stand. We just got a PF Trangs??? right close to the house. It's a sushi bar. Was wondering if that was one ya'll have there. We probably won't go out again until after our company leaves so no biggie. ~Anj

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