Humble Mosaic w/Crosses

texaswildJanuary 2, 2011

Every time I start a project just to be mosaicing but don't have the inspiration, it turns out a complete flop. I started this weeks ago, but finally set it aside. My student Jeannie encouraged me to finish it. Can't win em all. It's a Habitat for Humanity drawer and door hardware, mirror, Mexican cross - a gift from Crackpot Annie, junk jewelry, bottle caps w/gems and BBs, dish shards, stained glass, flea mkt find for hanger, stylized crown cut from a sun face from the $ store, beaded tassel hangs from drawer knob, and other found objects.

Drawer Mosaic

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I wish so much that I could be your next door neighbor...
this season was busy but not with mosaic of any kind.
I did porcelain necklaces and a few other things but not from my favorite stash of supplies.

the weather is exceptional, considering it's Washington State..we should be having more ugly weather, instead, we're having crisp, sunny days...very low temps but still, light jacket type and dry...very weird. no achey bones, from the usual dampness.
I think the earth has been turned 180 degrees from it's normal axis...the storms in other regions is crazy.

actually, I'm giving some thought to trading a couple of rooms. take all in the front room, then trade my bed into this room, where I basically live for all but sleeping.
that room is cold and if the bed was right here..hey, I'd have it made...the bed, computer, tv, stereo, table for crafts/art..fireplace, bookshelves, knitting and embroidery bags in here... kitchen is a few steps away....bathroom up two's warmer and sunnier...I can't come up with a logical reason not to do it.
make it a studio apartment, with like a huge amount of additional storage space, by doubling the front room/bedroom.

I love your mosaic work and you are my shining example of all good things that cam be accomplished, with straightforward effort.
again, thankyou for a new year fire, built under my arse....hugs to you.

may that bright sun always shine on you~

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Now this is not a failure! I made one of those yesterday and threw it straight in the trash, LOL. I love the idea of using the drawer and all the things you repurposed are wonderful! I was quite taken by your pics on Flickr!

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Hey !!! I love this at least you are doing something .I can not get in the mood .Have not felt good and had GB for the last 2 weeks .I did clean my studio so may I can get back in the groove .I do have some ideas .I did re do my bed room and am thinking of going out of my box and to something diff.Wheels are turning.
Miss you slow!!!

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STRAWBERRY - thanks - wish you were closer too. I'd get you to mosaicing for sure. Re changing rooms around go for it - moving things around every now and then gives us new energy and sparks our creativity. I'm in a dry spell, so hoping this humble mosaic is the start of new inspiration.
WACKY and NANA: I tell you what - you two always make me feel better about my projects that disappoint me. I'd like to see what you threw in the trash, WACKY. NANA: As I said above, I have been in such a dry spell - no ideas, no nuttin'. I, too, need to do something totally different, but WHAT?????!!!!! Going to PV next month to be w/Riana and mosaic one of her sculptures, so I know I'll come back full of inspiration. ?

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man oh mentor/friend who is going to PV on Saturday..for two whole not the least bit interested in mosaic..or stained glass for that matter. she's a world wide known artist and specializes in roses..painted delicately on china but no way would she break something, in the first place...and GLUE??
not a chance.
it makes for interesting conversations with her.
I"m so random and out of bounds, with my take on art, as far as she's concerned. what I say sometimes shocks
it's funny..I mean we're like at total eclipse in least she said she has a new appreciation for abstact drawing, since I do so much of it and now on the porcelain.
I'm still muddling it around in my brain, to combine the fine art of the china painting, with the raw and no boundries of mosaic...
it's in the works but you know's getting a time commitment going.
right now, it's not going to happen as far as the changing around the
I got two nice recliners on Oly reusable and am getting rid of 3 chairs in my front room..two probably going to grandson, in the garage/man cave for him and friends to play on computer.
the recliners will give comfort, where the others were more functional...

that idea of the drawer you did, is something I've thought of for quite a while..not to repurpose it as a finished mosaic like you did but more to use the drawers as small shelves in a room.
that's a lot easier to carry in the
I'm past dragging in furniture to suit I have to rely on oldest son to do the heavy work and he doesn't always want to help, tho he ends up doing it... sweet brat that he is!

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oldcrafty's a real beauty. If I were to try something like that ...the trash man wouldn't even pick it up!! You have such a unique eye for creating. Wish I lived closer, I'd by dropping by to see all these fab creations.

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OLDCRAFTY: I wish I could see my work as y'all see it. I just don't see it, but I don't know what I'd do w/o my wonderful GW friends, who always pick me up when I'm down on my work. Wish we all lived closer - what a wonderful time we'd have creating together. My student, who has long graduated, is coming on her day off from work tomorrow to bring her drawer that I gave her to mosaic, and to see what I'm doing. Even though she's totally enjoying her new studio her husband presented her for Christmas, she says she still needs my input. Lordy, that girl - she took to it like she's been doing this her whole life. I'll miss her. Thanks again.

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Slow I think your cross project looks great.. and I especially love that box you made...all of your work is exceptional.

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