And so the demo begins...

judithvaMay 30, 2010

Hi all, I don't post here too often and do lurk occasionally. I decided to post here since my home is very small(940 sqft), and perhaps with this demo, even smaller (but it will look larger with the wall down, (I HOPE) LOL

My house is/was a 3 bedroom, now 2, which is fine with me, I am not moving till I die, but hey, I figure if one really needs a 3rd bedroom they can always rebuild the wall... LOL I am into living for ME, life is short, I had cancer and miserable chemo 3 years ago, and it has lately opened my eyes to doing what I WANT to do.. and you know, it feels really good! LOL

Here is the wall before I began, the entry door opened directly in the living room (which I hate), so now with the bedroom wall coming down, the living room will be where the bedroom was (now larger since the closets were taken out), and the dining room which was squished next to my mini-micro kitchen will go where the living room was.

Maybe one day I can enlarge the kitchen, but meanwhile the old dining room will be a small sitting area.

Excuse the exteme mess, I was testing out the idea first by moveing my dining table to the new area (the matching chairs are in another room), and I have loads of junk removed from the former small bedroom into the "new dining room to make their way into the garage (thank goodness for garages!)

Original "tv" wall.


This was my dining area before:

This was my living room before(now to be the dining room:

This is what I accomplished today, more drywall removal and some of the framing. This is taking me awhile since I work,(I started last week) and I try to clean as I go. I can't remove any more framing until I get the electrical fellow out to remove/move the electrics. Tommorrow being a holiday, I will be "punching out" the rest of the drywall on the other side of the wall (now I just need to get rid of the exercise equipment in the room LOL)

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That sofa is to die for- I know you want commentary on your redo but I can't take my eyes off the living room photo!!

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cearbhaill, thank you. I am trying to acheive a bit of a French country look, with a certain amount of practicality, (the couch is leather, just wipe with a damp cloth). A great plus because I am a very active gardner, and it seems like I am always dirty, and my little dog, Toby, loves being on the couch too, so it works out well. I am hoping to transfer this "look" into the new area along with a gel burning fireplace and book shelves, going for a bit of French Country cozyness. With this being in the other/new side of the room my arranging options really opens up for me.

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I agree life is short - make it what you want! when I move I plan to be there until I die or they cart me off to the funny farm... tho, I think I already live there!

I'm gonna make my place the way I want it also. if others don't like it, they can be grateful they don't live with me!

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Hi Judith, welcome to the Small Home board!
Are you doing the demo by yourself? Cleaning as you go? lol Drywall dust is the worst thing!
About 7 years ago I took my 3rd bedroom and made it into a dining room also. Just last year I decided to change once again and take that space to enlarge my bedroom and make a walkin closet. I also am here for life - so I agree wholeheartedly - do whats best for you.
I also love that sofa - and the dining room too!

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I am LOLing on your demo. You go from to die for decorating to walls that look like a crazy person with a hammer got to them then back to drop dead gorgeous rooms and tore up walls again. I love your ambition and vision. I can tell from your before pictures when you are done what you will create will be stunning. AND you are so amazingly tidy about the whole thing. GADS

I tore out a wall between kitchen and a bedroom once. I had the inside of the wall all gone and cleaned up just waiting for hubby to leave for work the next morning. Stuffed towels under door to keep dust out of rest of house. You see I did not tell him I was tearing out a wall. He would have said NO. So After visiting with neighbor on how to do it and it was a non load bearing wall. I had everything cut and ready to go back even the trim. I had it done and cleaned up by the time he got home and was he furious with me??? OH YOU BET. This is not the husband I have now. I took the heat to have a wonderful dining room.

I can't wait to see how it goes along. Thank you so much for sharing and I am not really making fun of you. I just kept laughing out loud at your chewed up walls. You did really well!!!

Glad you are over the cancer. Been there done that and I totally understand and believe it is good for you to do as you please and I am doing exactly the same here. Life is too short. Live it up.


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With the first picture I thought "where's the mess that goes with demolition???" You clean as you go? You are soooo out of my league!

It is going to look great, and I hope you take pictures with each step.

I LOVE those chairs by your sofa and around your table.


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Welcome to our group! We have some great exchanges here- sometimes we even talk about our small houses LOL!

You're so right about living life NOW! How many of us are guilty of talking about what we're going to do 'some day'? Life is precious and fleeting- 'some day' is NOW!

I'm looking forward to following your progress on your remodel, so keep the pics coming!


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Oh my, I love your French country look, and know that with having your room opened up it will all look just wonderful!! What a job to do yourself. Clean as you go, you are doing a fantastic job of that. We try to clean up as we go when we work on projects, but it's never looked that good.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures from you and welcome to this forum.


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"You go from to die for decorating to walls that look like a crazy person with a hammer got to them then back to drop dead gorgeous rooms and tore up walls a gain."

multiple personalities at it's best! lol!

"This is not the husband I have now. I took the heat to have a wonderful dining room. "

lol! yep, I'm on the right forum...

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Welcome Judith, you've fallen among a nest of kindred spirits!
SO many of us have grabbed life by the horns that it must be a qualification for entry here!

Shades: "I tore out a wall between kitchen and a bedroom once. I had the inside of the wall all gone and cleaned up just waiting for hubby to leave for work the next morning. Stuffed towels under door to keep dust out of rest of house. You see I did not tell him I was tearing out a wall. He would have said NO."

Absolutely the way I feel about doing things too. That's the way I did the bathroom teardown. Many years ago, when I worked as a boat captain in the oilfield, men would tell me, "You don't belong out here." I told them, IF YOU PAY MY BILLS THEN YOU MIGHT, JUST MIGHT, TRY TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO. My DH of nearly 4 years now knows how difficult it is to say NO even when he DOES pay the bills! He went to our neighborhood hardware store, and told them while he was gone to PLEASE NOT SELL ME ANY HAMMERS OR CROWBARS. They know us pretty well, and laugh at our projects. :)

So, Judith, you will find yourself very much at home here. And we are always glad to have new voices embellishing our discussions. Join us, because we practice CARPE DIUM.

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Please don't go away....I want to see the finished project. I remember opening up the kitchen entry and how interesting it was to "feel" the destruction. Also bouncing between "I'm in trouble now and boy is this going to look good".

I have the same door opens to living room deal and never liked this arrangement. But with small homes we don't always have an option of taking space away for making changes to this. Among other things.

Love the comment about doing what you want. My daughter just bought her first little home and she is in heaven doing all the things she wants. I wouldn't have chosen the colors she did, but everyone is different and she is happy as a clam.

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Hi all, how cool to open up this thread and see all the supportive,fun and entertaining responses! I am so tired, I needed to come to work today just to get some physical rest. LOL

desertsteph, I agree with you completely, it is so fun to do things the way that I want them, the heck with everyone else.

idie2live, Loretta, thanks for the welcome. Yes, I am doing the demo myself, although the other day I was welding the sledge hammer on a tough spot and making quite a bit of noise, my neighbor came over to see what was going on (I think my Tarzan like scream was the clue that not all was normal in the household next door). Anyhoo, he ended up offering to take out a piece of the framing. Now who am I to refuse such a gallent offer. A few minutes later he shows up with a CHAIN SAW! I just gulped, telling myself that if it cuts down trees, then a post or 2 should be no problem. Luckily the windows were open, cause the gas fumes made me want to swoon. LOL (just in case I stood way, way back). Of course tiny splintered wood dust shot out from the chain saw throwing the dust clear across both rooms (after he left, out came the broom!) But, all went well and he left with a manly stride in his conviction of male superority (over using my dinky recropicating saw).

shadesofidaho, Chris, Yep, I am a crazy person, and there are many that would probly agree taking down a perfectly good wall and losing a bedroom however dinky is surely not right in the head. My house has gone from being fairly orderly to total chaos! I love that you took down your wall "without permission", just love it, there is a saying around here at work, it is easier to say sorry, rather than asking permission.

marti8a, yes, I have to clean as I go, in such a small house I have no choice, plus I have a dog that will eat anything that doesn't move or doesn't bite him. I missed a tiny chunk of drywall on the floor, he found it, ate it, and preceded to barf it out. Of course I found it by stepping in it and subsequently sliding across the floor screaming with arms flaying as I tryed to stay in an upright position rather than prone upon the floor. I really don't need any more Dr. bills...Sigh....
And yes, there will be more pics, I am a documenting fool when it comes to stuff like this. (see below :)

Jay, thanks for the welcome too, and I will definately be posting lots of pics.

Flowerlady, thanks, I love the open look already, it feels like the house is so much bigger and brighter, I still have a ways to go, but I am happy with the progress so far.

Moccasinlanding, it sounds like you had definate challenges in your career, and so cool that you stuck up for yourself in a "mans world"! You definately have your hands full with all your remodeling that you are doing. That is great that your hubby is supportive, even though he joked about anyone not selling you tools it shows a great sense of humor.

emagineer, LOL, not going anywhere, I am going to need all the help/support I can get. It is going to take awhile to do the finishing touches, I want to do headers to define the 2 rooms, and apply mouldings. Removing the thick end framing from the old closets is going to be hard I think, but they have to go, so I have some figuring to do.

I am sure your DD is loving having her own place to do with as she pleases, my DD is in an apt., I keep telling her to buy a home, but she is afraid of the responsibility of a mortage, especially in this job economy, so she still has to put up with other peoples rules. (my DD has NO idea what I am doing...I think she would disapprove, oh well, tough cookies. LOL

Some progress photos from this weekend:

This is from Saturdays work. It is going slower than most peoples demo because I have neuropathy in my feet from the chemo, so I have to be very, very careful on a ladder, plus they hurt alot from nerve damage so the constant standing 10-12 hrs a day has really challenged me.

End of day, Monday. Much of the rear framing is gone, along with the closet door that was still up on the right. You can see the dangling electric boxes and tv cable. I still need to remove the rest of the front framing, and the side wall to the left with more switches and electrial. I moved the couch from where I had stuffed it into the former diningroom to its new home. I had to remove the treadmill out to get the couch in, that stuff is dang heavy! I am praying I get rid of the exercise equip soon so I have more room to move around.

Below, view taken from inside the old bedroom looking out to where the new dining room will be. I still have alot of boxes to sort thru and remove, and the bakers rack full of dishes as a temporary holding spot for my many dishes. This messyness is really aggravating to me, but I will have to suffer with it for a little longer. I love how much light and roomyness has opened up so will all be worth it. I do have a vision, so as long as I keep plugging along I think it will all work out.

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I know the wall I removed was not weight bearing and actually I only made a 8 foot opening give or take an inch. I also put a header back up with the proper end supports and my sweet neighbor man came over to help me. He had that day off from work. I had planned all this out to the tee with every one BUT my then husband. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe why he is not husband now. Hehehehehe

I think your reno is going to be fantastic. Hang in there with the mess. I know how annoying it can get.

A suggestion on your feet and ladder. I can see your ladder against the wall. Joe bought me a wonderful ladder to use. Dang I am so in love with it and it was in the 35 to 45 dollar range and worth every cent. You might look into one as it has saved me so much pain in my feet.Trying a link for it below.

I think you are doing a wonderful job.Not crazy at all I was joking. I did some weird to most but perfect for me things to this house when we were ordering it. I knew what I wanted and told the guy just do it because I WANT IT. I do not care what you think is the proper way just do it my way. I was pretty forceful when he kept trying to run over me. The guy even tried to appeal to my husband NOW and he also told him to do it as I wanted.

The things I insisted on is what makes this house so comfortable for us to live in. So easy for me to take care of. Fits our furniture. A woman knows her home and since we were starting from scratch why not do it as YOU want it. As I am sure you are discovering it is much easier than having to do it after the house has been built.We have two bedrooms and a den because I told them to leave the closet out of the smallest bedroom.I needed the wall for furniture. Yes a closet can be built in there if we ever move and some one wants to do it but like you I was more concerned with the space than another bedroom.

So proud of you to dive in and just do it. I hope you can get the step ladder. Your feet will love you for it. I have a short one and the tall one. I can reach up to a 9 foot peak in the ceiling.

Get some rest and try hard not to stress over any of this. Go with the flow. This is going to look wonderful. You and Missy with so much vision. Woo Hoo


Here is a link that might be useful: It looks a little bulky but it really is a dream to use and I LOVE the tray for painting.

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Chris, great suggestion with the ladder, at lunch time I went to walmart, they had the "all black one" for $39.99, I did test it out, it seemed pretty good, but I do want to look for the one you linked to since it is cheaper and had such great reviews. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Hee hee about the ex-husband...I have one of those too :)

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judithva I hope to never have to use a regular ladder again. Really painful on the feet. And there is nothing wrong with my feet other than I have especially high arches.

I think we paid more then 39.99 for ours. Not positive as it all happened when we were moving in and Joe saw that step ladder and said I really should have one because I have fallen a few times off the regular ladders. I get dizzy on ladders.

Reading the reviews I learned what those handle holes were for. Screw drivers. Who knew?? Hehehehehe I used to store this step ladder in my studio and it has advanced to the laundry room I use it so often.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hi, judithva, I haven't been around for a few days, so a belated welcome from me. I, too, love that couch! When I scrolled down and saw the wall demo'd behind it, I thought *Yikes!*

Some days I feel like doing the same thing--tearing down walls. Then someone will have to do something, right?

Chris, I like the ladder--it reminds me of the old-fashioned ones that were also a chair.

ML, has DH also warned all the neighbors not to lend you any tools?! HaHa

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Chris, I am definately going to get that ladder, there is still a lot to do and future tasks to accomplish (painting the walls, installing moulding etc,) the ladder will more than pay for itself. I am very short...barely 5ft, so a ladder is a constant "must" for me. I will be dragging it all over the house I am sure. Getting dizzy on a ladder is a scary thing, I am OK with heights, but my poor feet don't always sense proper placement because of the chemo damage, so the wide foot areas are much more safe that is for sure. Tonight I just twiddled around with boxes, moved the couch to a different wall in the room just to see how it would look in that spot, well at least I am burning calories LOL

mama goose, thank you for the welcome, actually that is the "new" home for the couch, it was a tiny bedroom before. I still have to knock down the skinny wall that is in the hall way, this takes more thought as I have a 2 light switches that I still must utilize, figuring out where to put them is the more thought provoking problem. I will be leaving a 5 1/2 wall for the possible placement on the tv (depends on what wall the couch ends up on, at least I finally have choices JOY!

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Wow, and Good for You! I am so impressed by the women DIYers in this forum! (sorry to the guys here, but you do this kind of thing more readily I think)

Looks like you are making very good progress, Judith! Kudos to you for tackling this job and just 'doing it'!

I am sorry but I giggled at you stepping in your doggie's 'gift'. Isn't it true that they always MUST leave those right where we're sure to step??

Thank you for sharing your pics, and here's my two bits worth of encouragement!

~ Missy

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wow judith this is awesome, you go girl! you have such a beautiful house and your furniture is gorgeous. I would have been too afraid to change a thing in your house it looks so nice already. my house is about the same size as yours and yep I have to clean up as I go too otherwise I feel like there's just no sense of order, it gets really chaotic in a small house. Love your work lady and can't wait to see more! :)

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Judith, what was the paint color of your old dining room? Is the photo pretty true representation of it? My experience is that the softer yellows , like pale yellow ochre, are hard to depict correctly, yet they are my favorite tones.

In every house I've owned or had a chance to paint, I've made it THREADED GOLD by Behr. It is a pale yellow ochre, like living sunshine. Yellow kitchens make me happy.

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"We have two bedrooms and a den because I told them to leave the closet out of the smallest bedroom."

good for you! otherwise, you'd be tearing down the closet walls yourself!

my new place has 4 bedrooms. mstr on one end and 3 on the other end. I planned on a craft, ironing, exerciser room in one, a tv room in the other and a guest bedroom with my books and desk in it. months later I decided why a guest bedroom? I seldom have an overnight guest... so, no other bedrooms. it's gonna be the books, desk, file cabinet room with space for my boy dog when he needs to be alone (if he fights with my girl). so, only the mstr will remain a bedroom! if someone does come to stay they can sleep on the sofa or I'll get an air mattress to put down.

I will have to remove the closet wall in the one bedroom (not me really - but someone) - it's on the side by the hall and that will open it up to the kitchen.

my septic is only big enough for a 3 bedroom house. if it has a closet, they'll count it as another bedroom. The closets in the other 2 bedrooms will be used for storage.

I wish I could knock that wall down myself but i can't do things like that anymore. at least the wall shouldn't have any wiring in it tho.

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Judith, your inspiration is just amazing! I just love it when a woman can do it herself and you have certainly taken on a wonderful project. You will so enjoy the openness of the space with all the light. I don't know how people live in their homes with their windows all covered up. Your accessories are just lovely and I too like French Country design. And, I agree with you to do what you want with your home. I'm here in our little home too until I die so I make it comfortable just for my husband and me and our fur babies. Keep us posted on your progress.

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Missy, hi, and thanks for the complement. I am impressed by the DIY the other folks on here do too. I figure I can try most anything EXCEPT for the electricity, this will still be challenging for me when it comes to putting up the headers getting the drywall and mudding correctly will be hard for me since I am a bit of a perfectionist :(
Yep, I can always count on my dog surprising me in one way or the other Yikes! thanks again for your encouragment :)

trancegemini_wa, thank you! Yes, it is a nerve wrecking decision, especially doing it alone, but now that I have started it, I am really happy about it...still nervous about doing it well, but I have to try, as they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained". :)

moccasinlanding, the color is SW Blonde, and the pictures do not really represent it well, most of these photos were taken at night or very early in the morning either with a flash, or with me doing crazy adjustments on my camera to make it not so "dark". Probably the oldest photo on there is the 6th one down with the couch in its original position, that color in the photo is fairly close. I shall have to check out the "THREADED GOLD by Behr" when I get Home Depot, it sounds very nice. Yellow is a happy color :)
I liked the SW Blonde because it seems to go with anything.

desertsteph, wow, your house sounds great 4 rooms to be able to play with! I am like you, I rarely get guests, maybe my mom every "blue moon" from AZ. I give her my room and I sleep on a blow up bed in the "den" (my other tiny bedroom next to the masterbedroom) I do like my den though, it is tiny, but cozy done in an English man's style of room, lots of books, 2 comfy chairs, a gel fireplace, and walls to be painted in red when I find the perfect color. Ahhhhhh. It's a big departure from the French country look in the front of the house, most people go for the "flow of the same style" in a house, but I figure you can't see this room from the others, so I decorate it in my other favorite style (English), so as usual I am fighting convention of a home decorating rule of following only one style.
This is a tiny section of the room during the Fall time. The mirror has since been replaced by a flatscreen tv.

Your idea of knocking out the closet sounds great, opening up to your kitchen will make your room seem so much bigger. I'd love to see photos when you are finished.:)

soinspired, thank you too, I must admit, if I had the big bucks I would have prehaps paid someone else to do it, but, since I do not, I have to do it myself if I want my dream. It is gratifying though to be able to accomplish this, I am hoping that it turns out the way I want it.

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OMG! I thought your name sounded famaliar! When I saw your last post I realized that you were the one with the georgous tablescapes!
Your tables are absolutely amazing. No wonder that living room was so beautiful!
Ok, I'm through gushing............., but I really love your pics.

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OH More lovely pictures.

So I had to stroll through memory lane to show you I totally understand what you are doing. The last three pictures are 1982 when I tore out my wall and created a dinning room from a bedroom. I did leave the closet as it was not in my way of the dinning room space and made it east to put the space back to a bedroom if needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures 15 16 and 17 I was so young then.

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Loretta, thank you, now you are making me blush! I have a ways to go, but I am crossing my fingers that it all turns out well.

shades of idaho, Great photo of you smiling so satisfied! That is about how I feel, I sat reading a decorating book (of course ;) in my "new room" last night. Just trying to get a feel for it, I am definately glad that I went ahead with the "mass destruction" LOL I had 2 closets in there, I left the last one up for a few days trying to decide if I wanted to get rid of the storge area, but ultimately it just took up too much room, so out it went, I wanted every square inch I could grab LOL.

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Judith, it's been another week since we heard from you. What is going on at your house? Any update yet? What hath your weapons of mass destruction wrought this week? Keep in touch, luv.

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Moccasinlanding, thank you for thinking of me :)

Actually, it has gone a bit slow, my "free' electric man, is tied up for a few weeks due to his work commitments at a hotel where he is the carpender/handy person. So.....I am going to have to hire an electrician. But...yesterday I bought a large pry bar and was able to demolish 1 of the 2 last standing "poles" that don't have electricity to it, not without drama though, I managed to pry and loosen and smash with the sledge hammer and thinking it was up there really came crashing down, hitting a very large mirror causing a domino effect of knocking down 2 of my inexpensive (thank goodness) blue and white porcelians down, causing alots of flying ceramic pieces to go hurtling in all directions. Thankfully when I work on the area I put my dog in the kitchen so he was safe!!! There are drawbacks to doing this type of thing alone LOL
I hope to take the zaw-zaw saw, to the other "pole" tomorrow, and hopefully less drama! I will post updated pics tomorrow. I am really loving the openess so far though :)

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Oh no! I just hate when that happens. Good thing they weren't expensive, but I bet it still made you sick when it happened.

Your fireplace setting is gorgeous. You definitely have the touch. Can't wait to see your next set of pictures.

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Yep, it was pretty surprizing, but it could have been worse, I am glad that was all that happened, it could have knocked a hole in the wall if the mirror had not have been there, then I would have had a big dry wall repair! UGH

Here is an inspiration photo from a "home-show" I went to a couple of weeks ago of how I want to do the new headers and finish off my column. I like taking ideas from larger homes to tweak my smaller one, I think it will work out just fine, but time will tell.

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OH NO JudithVA, So glad you and pup were not injured. Taking this as an omen it is time to learn mosaics.

I have been known to tie something I am cutting off to another piece that will remain stable. Hope you have better luck tomorrow. Be careful.

Your inspiration picture is a gorgeous space. Can certainly see why it inspired you.


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So glad I asked about your activities. Never a dull moment at your house.

You could have a blog with your ..scapes of all sorts. Not just tablescapes. Something like VIEWPOINT. You'd also be good at dioramas, wouldn't you? You have "the eye."

One thing I learned while doing demo projects or heavy moving jobs was to keep my cell phone in my pocket. Like when I was working up in the attic, and realized just how easy it would be to fall through, or injure a leg and sever an artery, where time was of the essence in getting help. Flying glass can be a real hazard, so keep yourself safe.

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Hi Chris, yep, I am definately happy that it did not go worse, especially for my little dog, he would have probaly been "right there", but since I know how he is that is why I put him up in the kitchen with a baby gate (no where near the action)...he follows me everywhere so if I want to work on something serious I have to make sure that he is not underfoot.

I love going to home shows, just for the inspiration, I think that even though the houses are triple and more my house size, I think that ideas can still be taken away for smaller spaces.

Moccasinlanding, well, not dull that day any way, nothing like getting the heart beating fast to remind yourself you are still alive LOLOLOL
I do have a blog, I am not great of keeping up with it though, sometimes I am just so busy with work and work at home, I get a bit behind with the fun social stuff. I added a link below for my blog if you want to check it out.

Great idea about keeping my cell on me while working, you do have a great point about safety! I can just see me calling my daughter and saying "I've fallen and can't get up" Hee heee. But, seriously, you are so right about that, especially with some of the things I have to do alone. I wish I could move more of my potential hazards out of the way (like my glass dining table, but no where to really move it to right now). Today I will be extra careful especially with the saw since it vibrates the pole so much when it is cutting (still safer than a chain saw ;)

Well, I am off to have my cup of coffee, put my cellphone in my pocket and start work on my little project. Thanks for checking in on me! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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OH Judithva, I enjoyed seeing your Christmas pictures on the front page of your blog. Tried some of the side links and they are not working for me?? I hate to admit I do not know how to work blogs. Will visit back later hoping to see more. Love your style. So elegant.


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Judith, I now subscribe to your blog RSS feed. Your "FEEDJIT" shows me as the one from Mobile AL today. :)

About the SW Blonde. I thought at first it was SOUTH WEST BLONDE, and was about to ask WHAT BRAND PAINT. Duhhhhh, I suppose I thought it was the perfect color for DesertSteph...the true SW Blonde!

I do not have the 2003 photos online which depict the sponging of the Behr Threaded Gold paint on my 8 x 9 study at MoccasinLanding. I could not believe how breathtaking it sunlight splashed on the walls over the pure white underpainting. When I painted my kitchen with it, and the light there was different, it was cheerful but since the color was solid not such a sunnshine feel to it. However, it is a soft earthy yellow, not a chemical yellow like the chrome yellows which can be much harsher and brash as a bleached blonde compared to a natural blonde. Present company excluded as always, of course. :)

Judith, love your little buddy Yorkie. They can be real macho men. My neighbor adopted one and he was expert at getting under her fence. Now he has been gone, disappeared, for about 2 weeks, and we fear the worst. All of 4 pounds, and a real Freebird by nature. We are saddened by his disappearance.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

judithva, checking in to see your progress. I'd like to open up another door into our dining room, so I admire your DIY skills.

shades, I admire your skills, too. Weren't you a cutie!

ML, hope your neighbor's Yorkie turns up. So easy to get attached to pets, but difficult to change their nature.

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Chris, thank you, hmmm, were the side links the links to other blogs? Or my past submissions? If they were for other blogs, and they don't work, then that would mean that they have stopped/deleted their blog...I am guessing? My links are working OK for my stuff though...

moccasinlanding, thanks for subscribing :) I am sure it would be better if I was more up to date on it LOL
Ha Ha, don't feel bad I have said "southwest Blonde" too before..just seems so natural LOL
Your sponge painting sounds so pretty, you describe it so well, that I can envison it in my mind, you are a great writer!
Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your friends Yorkie, I can put myself in her place, and it just breaks my heart, I pray that someone found him and he is not suffering! My dog is the same way, if he got loose, I would probably never see him again, so I always have him on a leash when outside, the only time he will come to me is when HE darn well feels like it!

Mamagoose, thank you, well I am not really handy, but when it comes to having something or not, I have to make the try, I just don't mess with electricity though, and I am not real fond of plumbing either! (of course 2 of the most expensive trades out there, I really need to be braver :)

anyhoo, here is what happened over the weekend...not much, I was hoping to have the person (friend) who was picking up the treadmill to help me hold the post while I sawed, but they never showed up, so I went ahead and got busy by pushing out the LARGE and HEAVY exercise equip. out of the new living room into the "new" dining room. At least I am able to live a bit normally in the new living room while I work, I will just push the couch away and put plastic over everything as I work. Right now I am expermenting with a different way to place my couch.
so here are some pics of what has happened this weekend. If I am putting up too many photos let me know and I will cut down on them.

This is the large equip. pushed half way out the the room, I was sweating buckets (maybe I lost a few pounds doing that? LOL

The new spot for it in the new dining room after equip moved


(BELOW)This is the temporary "set-up" of living room (eventually there will be wall to wall bookcases, and a gel fireplace).
It is a bit squishy though...I will be refinishing the cherry wood table to match the wood on the french chairs and couch)

(BELOW)This is the last partial wall that needs to come down, although I am playing with the thought of making the whole area (filling in the doorway) a wall. I was going to remove the small wall area to the left, and just have a column there..I just have not decided yet. (the view would just be the hallway wall, but it would give the room a more open feel. Which way would you all do it?

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judith I love that the moulding on the pillar and across the header in your inspiration pic, that would look so nice across your header. Im terrible with ideas but from looking at your inspiration pic, just having that pillar does look so open and roomy and makes it stand out as a feature so I'm leaning towards removing that section of wall and having the pillar there.

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I really like that inspiration photo too. It looks a lot like what I plan on doing with my opening to the dining room.

I have to ask, do you work out on all that equipment?

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Judith I will have to try it again. I really do not know my way around blogs. They are pretty new to me.

Not much help on the last wall removal. I always worry about weight bearing walls and all that. Then it might give you more wall space to place furniture against. AND if it were open would you feel like you need to have a path through between chair and sofa?

Hard to tell how it would be. And NEVER too many pictures for me. LOL I think I get more exercise moving my exercise equipment around then I do exercising on it. I MUST get more serious in using it.


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could you just have a partial wall there? no door included... maybe in the middle to back the chair?

never too many pics for me either!

yikes that's one humongous exerciser - get rid of it! it's scary - lol!

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trancegemini_wa, yep, that is the way I was leaning towards, I love the openess that would give me, it is a tough call though, because just making that wall solid will give me more wall to work with too(if I put the couch on the far right wall like I originally planned, then the wall/pillar in question would have even more bearing.. that is why I am moving the room around a bit and living with it just to make sure.

marti8a, thanks for your input too. I did use the exercise equipment alot. But about a year and a half before I knew I had cancer I had an extreme lack of energy, I did not have the strengh or energy to do much of anything I had done before, mowing the lawn and taking care of the yard was exhausting, working out on the equiptment stopped,(I thought it was just what happens when one get older) I went to the Dr. to figure out why I was so weak, after a couple thousand dollars worth of tests I found out I had cancer...well that took almost 3 years out of my life, it has taken me a long time to come back out of it. The chemo, damaged my feet alot, I now have neuropathy in my feet, so I can no longer walk for any distance (which includes the treadmill) without pain. This condition also affects how many hours I can do the demo in a day since my feet really start to hurt, so this demo is going slower than most peoples, but it is plodding along slowly but surely. Plus, if I really want to get back into weights to tone my muscles my place of employment provides a gym for employees, so I will still have a way to keep the body in shape if I want. This way my little room is freed up to be much more valuable "real estate" for me YEAH!

Chris, LOL, once you get into looking at other people blogs you will be hooked, there is such talent and information out there and just about everything you would want to know!
The hall wall is load bearing, but I would be leaving up the supporting corner post, the only part really being removed is the small dry wall area next to the post, and of course the door frame would be removed, leaving me about 5 1/2 ft of wall and support still in the wall/hall. (hope that made sense) :)

desertsteph, yes, I had originally considered that as the first option, and I still like it, in fact tonight I will be removing the door off the hinges, it will help me to test out that open feel look I am considering. I have had the door closed for most this time to get the feel of a "solid wall", I like living with things a bit before I make the final leap :)

Yep, it is BIG, but a very, very good piece of equipment, I am a bit sad to get rid of it, it was wonderful to be able to exercise safely and conviently in my home, but it is time to move on and "free up" my home.

This is a earlier "before" photo that shows the back wall of the hall way area a bit better.

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This is the alternate couch placement I started out with. (I had already moved the tv to the present spot as you see, it had been on the mini wall area across from the couch where you see my old exercise mirror) With this set up, the whole area opens up more..., I know it is hard to imagine with all the stuff in such chaos, but it will give you all an idea of my 2 choices in arrangement.

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Judith, if you remove a portion of the side wall, will people sitting in the room be able to look into the bathroom? When I am sitting on the loveseat in my bedroom, I can see the entire bathroom! It makes me feel like I'm intruding on a private time. (sounds silly, huh?). Just a thought...............

Is that large mirror wide enough to cover that doorway entirely?

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idie2live, nope, not silly at all. But it is a good point to be aware of, that is the first thing I thought of, especially since in my friends family room is where they have their 1/2 bath, and it would be very "uncomfortable" to be in the family room and someone in the bathroom at the same time (tiny family room) do wonder why some builders design this type of thing in a "public" area.

My bathroom door is down the hall way enough that you can't see it from either direction, the portion of the wall that would remain will hide it still giving a barrier of sorts, and if the couch stays where it is, even then you can't see it from that angle, the nice thing is, even with the bathroom door open, you still can't "see" anything other than the open door against the wall.
I will be getting rid of the mirror, it is from an old mirrored closet door my ex-boyfriend found at the side of the road and brought home for me when I had the exercise room (the metal edges are very rusty, and the mirror itself is extremely heavy).

Here's a couple of inspiration photos: This is if the couch is on the opposite wall (to view TV), I will be doing bookcases in the room, so it just depends on the configuration I choose. You will note in this photo, the door "exit" if I left the opening there, but still remove the door.

Next photo is if I leave my couch like this photo, but keep a full wall or even the partial wall on the left.

This photo shows using a glass french door instead of a solid door, an intriguing thought since it would save me some work and still allow light to go thru.

PS, my couch can be moved a bit further away from the door, right now it is placed in the position it is because of the 3 framing members being in the way.

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I was going to say that I really like your couch floating across the entrance better instead of against the wall, it just seems to make the room part of the larger area (to me anyway) and then I saw your inspiration pic (second pic in your last post) and I thought OMG OMG! I love that!

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trancegemini wa, LOL, now you know my dilemma. Hard to choose! :) There is so much inspiration out there, it can boggle the mind. But that is why I am arranging the couch different ways, so I can live with it a bit. Now, if I was NOT going to have the tv in there then I would have put the couch against the wall where the tv is now (looking out into the "new" dining room), but then I would have nowhere for the tv. And since I do use the tv, it has to be where it can fit in with the whole scheme of things.

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Loving the first picture in 11:24. But the shabby look is more me in the second picture. My concern with the large book case is your living room looks narrower they the inspiration picture and something that tall might feel in your face. Our gun cabinet was that way until I split it into two pieces. Yes it has twice the foot print now but the bottom piece makes for a good TV stand.

I totally love your inspiration room and all of your things. I am sure how ever you work it out it is going to be lovely.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love ALL those shelves, cabinets, and built-ins, but I think Chris is onto something. Can you build your cabinets so that they can be anchored to the wall, but aren't necessarily built in? That way you could use them in different configurations, and rearrange furniture if the mood strikes. We have simple oak bookcases in our LR--they were built to be used in several different arrangements. I'd love to have cabinets to hide stuff, as well.

Here's a link. We used to have the shorter bookcases on either side of the fireplace--before we cut a new doorway on one side.

Here is a link that might be useful: bookcase, pics 5&6

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Chris, the inspiration photos are more for "layout" imagination for how bookcases would look on a shorter wall OR a longer wall. You are correct books cases too overdone would do no favors to my 11'3 x 11' space. I would love to mimic what I did in my tiny bedroom in the back, I would like to have a gel fireplace with the TV over the FP, flanked by bookcases. I have lived over 6 months with this same set up back there and it works well for me. I know for somepeople that the feel it would be hard on there neck to view a tv higher up, but it doesn't bother me a bit. My ideal for bookcases is either pretty simple lines to hold my many books, with doors underneath for hidden storage. OR if I could find a curvy french style of bookcase to enhance my French Country look.

I am hoping it will turn out well, but I am enjoying getting everyones thoughts on this endevor too :) thanks again for helping and commenting !

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mama goose, I was typing up my answer to Chris so I missed yours while typing.

Love your room, so very cozy and welcoming. I see you are a book lover too. I had considered bookcases that are not built in, I have done alot of looking around for bookcases that were especially tall, and I am not finding them freestanding :( The bookcases I have in my back room are freestanding, but I feel like I am losing alot of book area in the area above the top of the shorter bookcases. But if I can't find taller ones, then I will probably buy the standard height ones and work with that. You are right about being able to change things up a bit with bookcases that can move around, that can be a real plus.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Thank you, judithva, we love books--have them in every room. We once rented a craftsman bungalow that had the built-ins on either side of the fireplace, and in the dining room. It also had the Batchelder-style tiles around the FP. Oh, that house had character! I designed our oak cases, but my ideal would be bookcases lining the walls--then our LR would be a library, LOL. I'm giving you a link to my friend, Irena's, LR-Library. Like you, she is a DIYer--builds her own book cases! It's a beautiful room, enjoy!

BTW, if I didn't love my old couch so much (and it wasn't so long), I'd give it up for a couch just like your leather one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Such talent!

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mama goose, your craftsman bungalow sounded like it was a great place to live! I would be happy having bookcases everywhere, my dream home would have a 2 story library, with a "catwalk" above ahhhhhhh! LOL
I do love having a leather couch, they wear so well, which is good because when I am outside gardening, and want to come in for a break I don't have to worry about sitting on the couch if I am dirty. The leather holds up really well to my little dog too.

Your friends home is great, love, love her bookcases and even cooler that she make them herself with only a regular saw! I can't imagine not using a power tool LOL. I took a wood shop about 4 years ago, I loved it, but it had all the power equipment, table saw, chop saw...ohhhh, it was fun and a bit scary too! I wish they would have continued the class, but at the school where I took it, they decided to get rid of the shop for more computer space, they were also concerned for the liability for the school children (teenage) using power tools...I think it is sad, just another thing children can't learn now in school because of liability fears sigh.....

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Judith, I like the bookcase across the end wall very much. If the sofa shown against the adjacent wall is the one you want to keep in there, it looks a bit long for having its back turned to the entry. And it would block your access to the windows where it is now. I think it might work okay if these conditions were met:
1. Keep the wall mount TV but move it to the LEFT more than in the middle.

2. Bring one end of the sofa away from the wall and leave it at an angle. Take the round skirted table and put it behind the sofa, or else get a real sofa table instead of an end table. That end of the sofa would be more out where the closed door is now and I'm not sure where that door leads, if it is the bathroom or the doorway you want to close off by covering it with the exercise mirror or do you want the single French door... not certain of that.

I personally like the photo with the white upholstered sofa dead square facing the centered TV in the book shelves unit. This would entirely free up the access to the windows and an arm chair could be in the corner by the window and near the end of the shelving unit. Keep the room balanced visually. I'd also put a trim parsons table behind the sofa. If your sofa is dark leather, it will have a different look than the white one. But a light colored throw across the sofa back would help brighten things up.

Judith, I wish I could take a course in power tools. I am deathly afraid of circular saws and table saws. I juse the sawzall (reciprocal saw) which is like a huge sabre saw, and I use a drill as well. I've used a chain saw for tree limbs. But if I could learn how to do the circular saw I think there would be no stopping me. It would make removing old plaster so much easier....I bust it up with a crowbar now, and the dust is horrific and so is the mess. Taking away big pieces would be so much neater. And I really must do more demo to my master bath location.

You are such a positive person, and have come back from an experience which would have stopped many folks in their tracks. But I feel as you do, it is MY LIFE, and I'm gonna live it, by golly, and do what I want to do. It might take longer, but you deal with it. You are doing a GREAT JOB.

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"I wish I could take a course in power tools. I am deathly afraid of circular saws and table saws."

me too! i'd love to learn some woodworking! my problem is the weakness in my arms and shaking hands now. they don't seem to go well with POWER tools! they do make them smaller and rechargeable now.

I like the idea of the tall separate bookcases too. if there's room and you can find a matching low cab to put next to it, that'd work. If you wanted to you could always split them up, move them around...

I do like the idea of the french doors in that doorway. you wouldn't have to tear it down, it'd look good, let light thru and you could still just walk around the end if you wanted to rather than opening/closing them all of the time.

back to those bookcases... I saw some tall ones - maybe at Officemax? Staples? i want tall ones also to use up wall space also. I can put books up high that i don't read or really use anymore, just refuse to get rid of them.

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Yes, the couch in the "dividing area" (between the new entry) is a bit oversized, but still doable.

I do prefer everything lining up in a symmetrical manner, I get a twitch in my eye when things are off alignment LOL

The door you see to the left is the original door entry to the bedroom, the bathroom door is down the hallway.

The table you see a few photos above is a sofa table in the dark cherry finish. I want to refinish it to match up to the finish on the chairs and sofa. The sofa's color is a light to medium tone taupish-tan color IRL. Don't look hard at the decorating right now, it is a total horrible mess LOL, there will be LOTS of changes once I am finished with the grunt work! I am already going crazy with all the chaos right now as it is, but LOL

I am not sure about using the french door or not, it still depends on whether remove the existing door and just drywall it all in to get a solid wall.

I am struggling with the placement choice for a few reasons. If I have the couch as a divider, then I am always facing away from my newly opened floor plan, I have a cozy feel, but I also give up the visual open look with the couch placed that way. Whereas if the couch goes under the window, then my eye is free to "travel" the openess of the rest of the house. But I do really like the symentary of the couch dividing the space and looking directly at the centered tv and future fireplace and book cases. Ah decisions....

You said "I wish I could take a course in power tools. I am deathly afraid of circular saws and table saws."
And you should be afraid with good reason! LOL, BUT, if you do have a class or have someone teach you that you trust, then you do gain confidance with the tool, because, yes, bad things can happen if you don't use a tool correctly. I was terrified too until I took the class (of course he scared all of us to death about what "could happen"), but it is important to know that and then to govern yourself accordingly with safety practices. I would really love to take a class just on using a chop saw, but nothing is offered here any more, I really need it to do my crown molding and a few other projects. Of course I could just use a hand saw and template, but once you use a chop saw it is hard to go back. LOL You are right a circular saw would be a great help, but you know if you can handle a sawzaw, you could handle anything (for that fact if you used a chain saw, you are definately ahead of the scary game) LOL! It just takes that proper instruction 1 time from someone with that particular new piece of equipment and you would be ready to go!

Well I try to stay positive, because the only recourse is not a happy state at all...been there and done that. I really appreciate your encouragment!

desertsteph, you would so enjoy the classes, but I can understand about the physical limitations! My feet remind me every day, that I am nuts to be doing what I am doing, but I just tell "them" to shut up, and then take 6 Motrin when I am finished LOL
Yes, I will definately be getting bookcases as tall as possible, I NEED all the storage I can get! I have books out in my garage, I would really like them out of there, I really don't like to get rid of books either. I do like the idea of the french doors too, so many ideas!
I shall check out the 2 stores you mentioned this weekend and see what they have to offer. I don't mind getting plain cases, and then dressing them up with moldings and stuff.

Thanks again for your ideas :)

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" I don't mind getting plain cases, and then dressing them up with moldings and stuff."

that's a good thing and puts you ahead of the game. plain would be cheaper and you could 'dress up' the way you want them!

I do agree that the sofa blocks the openness you've knocked out that wall to get... bummer. how about the sofa on the wall with the door (with door removed) and the tv in the corner to the right of where it is now? then you could see into the DR, the doorway (entry), the window, the tv etc.

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desertsteph, Unfortunatly I think it will be too crowded with the tv being near the window, and it would be way off center, which would make me nuts LOL. I know I am not making this easy, and I realize there is no perfect solution. I appreciate your help and input though, you never know when you might miss something so I am open to all suggestions :) I am looking foward to getting a bit more done this weekend, I wish I had a electrican lined up, but not yet :(

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Judith, I so admire your CAN DO attitude getting it done yourself. You are an inspiration.

Ok, back to the sofa squared up symmetrically with its back turned away from the "open" feeling.

Still, put a sofa table behind it, and either one lamp or two lamps on it. You'll have the book cases flanking your (centered) TV.

Now, get yourself a wingback chair, the epitome of a reading chair, and angle it facing into the open space and locate it by the sofa table. Essentially the sofa table is the room divider, but not blocking your appreciation of the separateness of that space.

Even in the wingback chair, you can turn yourself to watch TV as you read. Don't know about you, but I have a habit of having the TV on soundlessly, and having the radio playing. I like to see when the movement on TV synchs with the beat of the music, like some great rhythm of the universe going on. The music stays at a steady volume, whereas the dratted TV always blares out during commercials, interrupting my train of thought.

Some of the newer wingback chairs are much sleeker in design, not so bulky, and would I think fit nicely in the space, especially with no skirt covering the legs. I really think you will be happier with the sofa NOT pushed against the wall. Also, one of these days, your sofa is going to die a natural death, and then you can replace it with some gorgeous thing with a beautiful back design, and a shorter length. The British tropical sofa I have now is beautiful from the back, but I do not have s spot to put it where it can be exposed. Not likely to happen either.

The wing chair that Idie2live used on her porch (before she found the new chair) had those very trim and feminine lines.
If you get a pair of wingbacks, the other could go at much the same ANGLE, but be located to the right side of your shelving, sort of under the high windows. In future, you could use the two wingbacks as a pair some place else....I'm always thinking how flexible I can be in arranging differently.

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Thank you, but I think you have accomplished more than I will ever be able to do!
I will often do as you do, have the tv on and music playing, and yes, it is too keep me company sometimes LOL.

Yes, I would use the sofa table if I put the couch there as pictured above, but there is no where for electrial for lamps on the table, I am on a slab, so can't run electric to floor (darn)
I do love wingbacks, but I will be using the chairs you see pictured with the couch above (they match). I have 4 of them, I had used them as dining chairs but they are really too heavy for that purpose, I will have to find light weight french country style chairs for the dining room.
I do hate the back of the sofa right now UGH, but it will have to last a long time, unless I sell it to get a smaller sofa (a loveseat next time since it is smaller and more practical for me)

Here are some VERY ROUGH drawings of my home, to give you all an idea of what my choices are.

This is the drawing of the couch as a divider between the new walkway from door and the dining room.

Couch under window, with the area for column and door opening.

This is the couch under window, but with the wall opposite filled in completely.

A rough draft of future kitchen enlargement (will have a raised bar seating area.

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"the dratted TV always blares out during commercials, interrupting my train of thought."

do you know you can buy a electronic box (thingie)to control the sound so it doesn't go loud on commercials? I googled it several yrs ago. it was about 50.00. I need to check radio shack! I hate the sound blaring out late at night. then I turn it down. then show comes on and I turn it up. then commercial and...

good thing you posted that LO! I was gonna suggest you put a window where the tv is and drywall the window there now - lol!
i really like the couch on window wall! not knowing the length of that wall - you might need to dry wall over that door to give you the space for bookcase on that end. I think you need the bookcases more than a doorway...

I like that you'll be expanding the kitchen in time. that'll be sooo nice for you! the DR close to the kit and your LR off to the side. great set up!

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I tried to post to this last night and the page just hung. So trying again.


I would think closing in the doorway would give you better use of your living room side of the overall room. Maybe more options for different arrangement down the road too. I love to re-arrange.

I think the bookcases would be great as long as they are not too deep. And most books are not that deep either so you could have all the effect of large cases with lots of room for books but on narrow shelves.

I used to have a book case only 6 inches deep. I had lots of paperbacks to keep on it. Worked great. Not saying you need to shelve paperbacks. But even 10 or less inches deep would work for the majority of books.

Love the floor plans you drew up. Really helps to feel the lay of what you are trying to do.


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"I tried to post to this last night and the page just hung. "

I had that problem too - it just took forever! I finally gave up and quit for the night.

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Seeing it drawn out has given me a different prespective. I like # 3 best with the sofa under the window and the tv and shelves on the opposite wall (with door closed off). That gives you a focal wall with endless possibilities. It also solves the problem of the sofa dividing the 2 spaces and lets you keep the feeling of openness.
I really can't wait to see how the posts turn out.

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I like the sofa under the window too. Too bad that bathroom is right there or you could just take out that wall and open up the whole space.

I had a friend who used to live in a house just like yours. I really liked that house, or maybe that she had it fixed up so cute.

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after seeing the plans I like the third one. It has the symmetry you want and still leaves it open through to the other areas

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I had an AHA moment, when I understood about the doorway and the sofa under the window. NOW I know what you mean. Thanks for taking the time for the drawings. Great job.

I also like what's behind drawing #3. Covering that doorway gives you a lot of usable space, and the sofa no longer looks awkward under the window. It is the logical spot for it to be opposite the TV.

And you have a fireplace in your back bedroom? How neat.
Also, is that "WASH" in your kitchen a DISHWASHER? Or is it a WASHING MACHINE? I note in the garage there is the DRYER and the WHeater, but no other Washing Machine spot. Is that something you want to change when you redo the kitchen?

You are planning your redo in steps the same way I plan mine. No big push to get it all done at once. But I do not want to spend time working on something that I will rip out down the road. I do not like to lick my calf twice.

What I like about your plans for this house, you will be living ALL OVER IT. You will give yourself breathing room in the dining area, in the living room, and in the future kitchen layout. The spot in front of the sliding doors at this time looks like it is unused space without a purpose, and the kitchen is all scrunched together. I realize it was intended to be a dining area originally, and it is hard to erase that designation from it. But by moving kitchen stuff with some weight--like the fridge--into that portion of the house, you are claiming it, identifying it, as KITCHEN. And the same with the bar. It defines the limits of that room. And it will open up the room when you bring that wall down to counter height. I really LIKE all these changes, and other than the electrical, it should be easily done. Even moving the fridge should not present too much of an issue, since there is plumbing in the garage already. You could have the icemaker connected in no time!

Cannot wait to see progress photos of your living room.
I used a couple of dining chairs with arms in the living room of my DH's cape up in Mass. It is a small room, and the chairs on either side of the fireplace made a lot of sense. It is really my most favorite room in his house now. Except for the master bedroom. And the sun porch. And the study. But the living room is special. It was NEVER used before. Now, it is the best spot to hold a conversation with a couple of special friends and have an after dinner drink, in front of a black granite hearth.

You go girl.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Let me jump on the band-wagon. I like #3 better, too--that way anyone sitting on the couch doesn't have his back to the front door, you'll have more room for bookcases, and the room will be more balanced.

ML, '...a black granite hearth.' sounds so lovely and cozy, and so colonial!

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My apoligies ladies for taking so long to get back with you. Over the weeked I got an "attack" of vertigo. It seems to happen every few months right out of the blue (another quirky thing that came from my dalliance with chemo. Sigh). Anyhow when that happens everything just comes to a stop, so I was pretty knocked out for Sat and most of Sunday. To top it off, my AC is not working right, so now my electrical money I had saved up is going towards my AC repair tonight after work, but I will keep plugging along :)

Since I really did not want to be pushing my luck to be up on a ladder, I decided to empty out my refrigator and push it into my future kitchen area. What a difference! It is a bit more of a walk, but it is not that bad. After I get the walls finshed from the new living room I will tackle the wall that is against the stove, remove that, and then push the stove more in the area freed up from removing the wall (therefore putting the stove about a foot closer to the refrigarator "area", helping to tie-in the new kitchen look). I seem to be a glutton for punishment LOL

desertsteph: ref: tv commercial noise, the cool thing about new tvs these days is that they have a built in "commercial sensor", so when a commercial comes on it "senses" the louder "noise" and adjusts the sound down to a normal amount, my tv in the den does that and it really makes a difference.

Yep, my original thoughts were to have the couch under the window AND my "open air column look", but as you can see from the drawings, my column idea would severly limit my bookcases and throw off my symetery "needs" LOL

shades of idaho
I know what you mean about rearranging, when I was young my husband would come home to a whole new look (much to his frustration) :)

I would probably have standard size bookcases since the majority of my books are hardbacks, alot of reference, design, cooking, bios, and some fun reading. I am glad the floor plans helped (I should have posted them to begin with LOL)

idie2live: hmm, the consenus seems to be for the sofa under the window, I will rearrange my stuff probably in the next 2 weeks for a test run with the couch under the window and the tv set up in a diffent spot (soon as I can get someone to help lift the tv, I thought I was going to have a stroke moving that tv by myself last time!)

marti8a: yes, the bathroom opening does cause issues if I had it completely open....but even if I wanted to I can't take that wall completely down since it is load bearing.

tracegemini_wa, another vote for room # 3, looks like we are on a roll!

moccasinlanding: Glad the drawings helped :) another vote for #3, I know where this is heading hee, hee. Its all good, since that was my first thought too.

The fireplace is just a "gel" fireplace, I really love it, you just have to make sure you get the gel fuel that doesn't stink! I bought mine from QVC.

Yes, that is my washing machine in the kitchen (of all places in a tiny home, but I guess back in the day, that is how it was done). Eventually I would like to move it into the garage, but it will be a HUGE expense (drainage lines), however I am researching a "grey water" setup. So I will be doing the kitchen in many steps as I can afford it. I have a large front loading machine right now, if I got rid of this large one, and got a smaller one, I could hide with with a cabinet panel in the future...all food for thought.

As for the kitchen design, I do like what I have drawn up, for the reasons you mentioned, it will allow a more open and approachable way of living for me. I wish it could all be done quickly but I have faced it will have to be done piece meal. BUT, piece meal or not, I will try to put a spin on it to make it decorative as possible so it won't look like such a mish-mash of things.

Your house sounds wonderful, for you to enjoy so many rooms in your home, you are definately doing things right! I know what you mean about the living room being used, so many times they are just show places, I want the room to be as happy and useful for me as the other rooms in the house.
I love my little den in the back, in the evenings I tend to graitate back there, it is all dark and snuggly, where as during the day and weekends I want to be out "front" with an airy bright type of feeling.

mama goose, thanks for your comment/vote too!

Here is a photo of the refrig pushed out on to the far "new" kitchen area, it sticks out like a sore thumb. But I did want to do it to live with it for awhile to see if the extra steps back and forth would bother me. But goodness the room it saved in the kitchen once it was out is unreal! Excuse the mess, our temperatures are in the 100's these days with high humidity, so I just can't bear to go into the garage to put things out there. UGH

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Well, I rearranged the furniture to reflect the couch being on the window wall (I can't move the tv to the opposite wall until I get help, it is way too heavy to do alone) but you all will get the idea I think how it will look.
Heres some photos

SIDE VIEW SEATED AT COUCH (into future dining room)(gosh, I wish I could get that exercise equipment sold!) :(


So this was my original design to do, (with the prior idea of having a column and opening to the left, but now a solid wall, it seems to be what everyone else prefers too?
Maybe this will be better since I am planning a open concept kitchen down the road (see floor plans above)It will still sheild some of the kitchen view, but make that whole previously wasted kitchen area more useful now.

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I had to laugh in the first picture It took me time to find the fridge. LOL I think you have your plan nailed down pretty well. I can totally see how nicely it will all work. I look at it and think oh it is only a little more wall to come out before finishing up the kitchen but then there are limits and I completely understand how it will take time.

Your furniture still looks really elegant in the middle of destruction.


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Chris, It takes me time to find the fridge in this mess! I really hate it, but it is going to be a process, it would help if I could get rid of the exercise equip, then I would feel like I was alittle more organized..but not yet. All the dark cherry furniture you see I will be getting rid of I think, I would not mind stripping the cherry furniture and getting it to be a color that would go with my LR furniture that I have now, but that might be very hard to do with the dining room table at least, the top has some sort of a protective finish so I don't think it would strip well, but I could strip down the dining chairs to the color I want (I think LOL) As for the secretary you see next to the fridge, that I will probably have to get rid of since there is not much "width" anywhere in the house to have it.

Yeah, knocking down walls is easy, it is putting everything back "pretty" that takes time, especially when there is so much electrical involved! Knocking down walls really limits to where you can put all the left-over wall switches and plugs, I may be able to do without as many plugs but I must have the light switches. I will have to relocate the kitchen light switch and 2 plugs and the waterline to the refrigerator (now I need a plumber LOL, when does it end!?) You know what they say, tear/renovate 1 thing and 10 will follow LOL

On a side note, if any of you visit the KITCHEN part of GW, they had a very funny thread on the "towel Pig", well, I was at Ross yesterday and found a very similar pig they were talking about (but with wings)($5.99) so cute. I was shopping with my DD, and she saw me placing the winged pig in my cart, and she said with a certain amount of sarcasam "Why..... are you putting that.... pig in your cart, and is that WINGS on that pig???" I just smiled and said it was an "inside joke". Always keep'em guessing I say.

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judith I love the pillar idea but I definitely think you're on the right track now with the current plan. It just works so well in other ways that it's worth losing the pillar over.
I can't wait to see your progress!

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trancegemini wa, Yes, I am sorry to loose my pillar, but like you said in the long run I will get so much more from having the side wall. This also allows me to leave the light switch and the electric plug in place.

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Jude, I can see somewhere down the line you finding at an architectural salvage place, a column which might just fit in ornamentally into your dining space. Somewhere like on the wall to the LEFT of your door entering from the garage.

But I am so impressed with the vision you have, regardless of the total mayhem in the house. :) And you are so right, that exercise equipment is a real spoiler. I wonder why you have it, because you obviously get enough exercise swinging that sledge hammer and crowbar.

When you complete your kitchen with its bar, the house will not be recognizable. I think any young couple could spend years in this house very happy to be there. Also, it will be even more hospitable to an older person with limited mobility issues. Doors take up such a lot of room, and when your living room creates that storage wall, it will provide a LOT of extra storage space and less devoted to passageways to get from room to room.

I love your house. And what kind of camera do you use? Your photos are very clear. Of late, I cannot hold my camera still enough to get the shots I want.

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moccasinlanding, we are on the same thinking mode, I want to have as much architectural style as I can in this tiny house, it will be what will "speak" to me in the long run. The only thing that aggravates me is the washing machine in the kitchen, as serious roadblock to my design ideas, and that I am on a cement slab, now that really hampers things like moving water lines, electicity etc!

The exercise equip is still there because it hasn't sold yet :( I really could use the money from that to help finance some of my remodel (not asking that much for it, but as you know its a slow economy :(

Yes, I really do think this house could be really fun for young folks with 1 child, a single man, single lady or retired couple if I had to get rid of it, or if something happens to me my DD could still rent it out (or what ever she decides to do).

My current camera (that took these photos) is a Nikon D300 (photography is a bit of a hobby with me), BUT the camera I had before that was a $300ish Olympus, a bit of a midrange cost point and shoot, and it takes beautiful photos (on loan to my DD right now). So you don't have to spend a fortune to get nice photos.
I can shake too when I take photos, when I am doing serious photography I use my tripod. The key is if you are going to use a point and shoot is to NOT go with too small of a camera, the smaller the camera the easier it is to "vibriate" it. If you are taking a photo, how you stand is key too, tuck your elbows into your sides, take a comfortable leg stance and hold your breath, and definately when you push the button, do it gently with a smooth motion, many people "jam" it down, and that will cause unnecessary vibration too. Also if you can support your body against a solid object, wall, tree, fence, counter etc, that will help to steady your body too.

I set up a pretend eating bar between the kitchen and the DR, to get the feel of it, and to see how much room I need to have appliance with with the space, and of course the proper amt of room in case I would ever need to move it out soooooooo many details LOL

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'new tvs these days is that they have a built in "commercial sensor"'

that's great! yrs ago magnovox had the 'smart sound' sets. I haven't bought a new tv since '82! the last 2 dbf gave me. he had a little 13" a renter left behind and brought to me (I had mine in storage at the time). it died about a yr ago so he brought me a - maybe 21" one. it's older but newer than the 13" one was. when I move and get settled I'll want a new one - maybe 27" (for my old eyeballs) for the LR or tv room (whichever I decide on putting it). I'll have to look for that sensor thing. It's about time they did that!

I've followed the pig threads and think the pig w/wings would be even better for a towel holder! they'd hold up the towel so air could circulate!

love your pics - your place is coming together really. a big thing will be selling the exerciser - be careful if you put an ad in CL!

I'll have to check out those cameras you listed too. your pics are very good. I'm looking for a new one but want the viewfinder and not many have that anymore. just a p & s one. last yr I almost got a canon 590IS but didn't and now they are hard to find and much more expensive if someone has one in stock. I sent 3 other options to my son (professional photographer) to read the specs and tell me which I should get (all 3 canons). I couldn't find a nikon w/viewfinder - at least in p & s and in my price range AND big enough for me to even hold! dang, most of them are so small now. I was going to put a bit more money into it then thought about how much I drop things and decided to stick to about 200.00. If I drop it or lose it, it won't hurt as much. It'll still HURT tho! lol! most have that 'IS' on them now for stability with shaking. a lot of reviews say it really helps. My camera is only 2mp (from 2000) and I thought I should update and get more mps, the IS and get one before NONE of the p&s ones have a viewfinder. I'm hoping the IS helps because my hands shake also.

My sister says she has no problem with just using the back screen even in full daylight and I'll have to go over and check hers out on a bright day.

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Judith, is there any way you could enclose your washer? Maybe build a closet around it? Then you would not have to look at it, but could save the expense of trying to relocate it.

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desertsteph, I know what you mean about advertising in CL, I really do NOT want strangers coming into my home, but I don't have much choice if I want to sell the equipt. It definately makes me nervous, I have tried to sell it word of mouth at work, but no luck there either.

Isn't it amazing what technology can do these days with tvs? Now they have 3D TV, I will have to skip that one LOL
As for the camera, you are right, cameras are not cheap, and if you go too small they are actually harder to handle (camera shake and all). If you can buy a wrist strap that will help "save" your camera if you loose grip on it. Even with my big camera I use the neck strap or wrap the strap around my wrist "just in case".

idie2live, I have played with that idea for years, the problem is that to build a closet for it would mean drywalling up side walls and I would lose more inches, on both sides of washer, plus it would really overcome the space. What would work would have been if I had a smaller front loader that could go under a counter and could be disguised with a "panel" to match the future cabinets....maybe one day.

Here is a few photos of my kitchen if anyone is interested.



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"idie2live, I have played with that idea for years, the problem is that to build a closet for it would mean drywalling up side walls and I would lose more inches, on both sides of washer, plus it would really overcome the space. What would work would have been if I had a smaller front loader that could go under a counter and could be disguised with a "panel" to match the future cabinets....maybe one day."

You might consider a non wall. See if I can describe it. It looks like there is room on the right of the washer. Scooch it over enough to build a cabinet like box around it. high enough off the top to clear the knobs there. As wide front to back to match up with your counter top. Maybe go up just a bit more with cubbies to hold your rolling pins and bread boards. Then decorate the top with your pretties. Not too in your face as a full to the ceiling wall would be and also useful. Paint it all up white. I believe something as strong as 3/4 inch plywood would work and you can buy the nice edging for it to make it look finished. Paint will also hide some.

They make these cabinets to cover up refrigerators. Only have your cabinet be shorter. I believe it would mount to a cleat on the wall so no side needed there.

Just a thought.


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Chris, I had considered that too, as a last resort if I can't get a different washing machine. I would try to get/build the cabinet with the slider hardware where the doors would pull in and out (like they do for TVs to hide them), therefore not having doors sticking out when using the washer. The reason I would love to have the smaller/shorter washer would be so that it would go in-line with the future countertop, giving me more counter work space. Also it goes back to my very weird visual eye need for a certain amount of symmetry(I know I am weird and have issues) LOL Visually the "box" at the run would just drive me nuts in such a short-run of space. I realize "beggers can't be choosers", but I am really hoping eventually to change out the washer to a smaller one, then it would fit into the usefullness of the kitchen better. LOL

I am really not trying to be a pain here, I really do apprecitate all the suggestions! And hopefully as my research furthers about moving the washer to the garage and using "grey water" technology of releasing the water outside instead of having to tie it into the drainage out front, that it could work out in the long run for me. Ah, I don't ask for much do I? LOL

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LOL Totally understand your feelings. You are in your space and know how it feels to you. We can only see it in pictures. Ideal would be a shorter height machine that will fit under the counter.Out in the garage even better. Not sure about the doors on the front. I would just turn that glass window into a work of art. Hehehehe


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Judith is the area where the fridge is now going to be turned into the future kitchen? Im thinking your current kitchen could be converted into a laundry room and pantry and the kitchen moved out to the other bigger room where the fridge is now. If you had a pantry area you could reduce the amount of cupboards in the new kitchen too. I know it would mean installing new plumbing and wouldnt be a simple thing to move the kitchen though but is that something you've considered?

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Chris, yes, I am a bit limited in what I can do in this area, being on a slab really makes moving plumbing and certain electrial very, very difficult (well, maybe not difficult, but expensive!!!) LOL

trancegemini wa,
Where the fridge is located right now (it is only 10'x8ish) will be an extension of the current kitchen, the wall dividing the kitchen and the "new" dining area will be taken down and a new breakfast-bar will divide the area, and unifiy the area and giving me much cabinet storage. I can't move the sink because of the plumbing, I am on a cement slab and it would be very, very expensive, beyond my budget on my own. Plus the kitchen would again be very small, and I would loose alot of cabinet/space because of the sliding glass door, which I don't want to remove because it is my only way out to the back yard and I do garden alot, and really need the natural light coming in from it. If I keep the whole room as a kitchen it is still only 10ft x 16ft, so I don't really want to go back to small again. The openess of the final kitchen design will really open and visually enlarge the whole public area. I still have lots of time to really think this kitchen area over, since I am not taking the dividing wall down for a while (although I have mulled this over in my head for about 9 years! Ack! LOL My main expense right now will be all the electrical that has to be figured out and PAID for LOL. The cabinets and such will come later, I plan for the time being to do a rustic drywall plaster over the rough walls over the sink area and put up open shelving in the style of Charles Faudree, my favorite french country designer, It will work just fine while I save up for cabinets and such. I can strip down the lower cabinets and repaint them (they are a knotty pine underneath, but solid). A very big expense to save for too will be the flooring to unify the whole area, so I have lots on my plate. But I am looking at it as a fun journey, doing what I want to do just the way I want it. My remodel will take a long time compaired to other folks, but I hope to last long enough to see it finished LOL

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dont worry about how long it takes judith, DIY is always slow and me, I'm the queen of stringing out projects far longer than they should take lol. It's a shame the kitchen was designed the way it was. I have a small kitchen and it only justs works, any smaller and I couldn't stand it but yours looks smaller than mine so it's going to make a huge difference when you open it all up.

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trancegemini, thanks, it's good to know I am not the only one that is going to take a while with projects LOL. Yes, it amazes me that this kitchen is so small and with a washing machine in it, but maybe in the 1960's when it was built it was not a such a problem, a different way of living then....
I think I am going to be most happy with how it will open it up and let in more light thru the house, not to mention the view to the back yard. Major open concept living is a bit intimidating with the kitchen showing from the front door when you walk in, I guess I will have to make sure I keep it clean LOL. I think as to whether this will work or not (at least for me) is a certain WOW factor I want to have with the house, which for me really translates with the details, details, details. Not neccessiarly expensive, but well thought out detail with style, I do think it can be done especially with moldings and such. Other wise this will end up looking like a cheap version of a studio apt, which I really want to avoid! Yikes!

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Wow Judith. I've been reading about 'grey water' and there is so much information! I have a friend who had trouble with her washer draining slowly into the septic system and she would attach a garden hose to the washer and divert the water to the far back of her yard. She did this for several years with no problems.

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judith - I haven't finished reading yet but did read that you really want a smaller washer to fit under countertop - I don't blame you. but since I had this pic in my folder I thought I'd post it. they didn't put doors on. I like your idea of having them slide to the sides tho.

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idie2live, I know, the information out there on the grey water is mind boggling! It goes from the simple to the complex! the hose bit did cross my mind, but I do want to try to do it with-in codes, I would hate to get into trouble LOL
desertsteph, yes, that is a good idea too, in the long run I really want to hide it though, I know I am being a pain in the b..... LOL

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fed my dogs and finished reading above...

judith - your kitchen is very small. you'll be so thrilled when it's all opened up - you'll have room for a dw too! I think it'll be just super for you. you can sit at the bar for coffee or a sandwich. talk to friends sitting there while you fix something. it'll be wonderful.

did you get a price on digging into the slab for plumbing? someone on kitchen did it and was so worried about the cost - when she had it done she said it wasn't as expensive as she thought. check it out. get a few estimates on it. there's already wiring out there - a washer only needs a regular socket. and for water out, I agree on the grey water. I planned to do that here - depends on what's already in the laundry room. do you have much yard there?

can they run the water from your water heater straight over to the washer? it'd be so much easier to have w/d together. and give more space in the kitchen!

I was going to get my really new mfg home a yr after I moved out here. just wanted to live on the land awhile before i decided how I wanted to do it...then I got sick and had to quit work... it's been 12 yrs! this old trailer dbf gave me to use temporarily wasn't meant to be lived in this long! he'd been using it to store equipment. Not working didn't lend itself to getting a loan either.

btw, if anyone comes to look at the equipmnt let one of your neighbors know. if you know one well enough have them wait til 'buyer' is in about 5 mins. and come over to borrow sugar, eggs, anything...

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Judith, about selling your furnishings and the exercise equipment.

Is there a consignment shop in town?
Having it moved over there would be a big plus, and you could then have it out of your way. You could even list it on CL that it was located there. I think CL lets you do that.

I don't like strangers coming to my house either. Which is why I donate most stuff or give it to young couples starting out.....our neighbors up north knew someone who needed to set up their apartment. Also, they took a whole LOT of glass vases and such to give to a friend of theirs who had a flea market booth. We did not want to trash it, since much of it was nice enough. But planning to close that house up north is forcing us to make some hard choices. Naturally, DH's children don't want the "old" stuff. Cannot say I blame them.

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desertsteph, you understand the layout exactly, that is what I am wanting from the "fix-up". About 4 years ago I had a contractor come out and give me an extimate for moving the washer to the garage. He quoted me $3,000.00 to attch water line from the water heater to the washer, and then to dig out all the way thru the garage out over the driveway then connecting to the waterpipe leading out from the house. For me $3,000.00 is a whole lot of money, and it is probably even more for it to be done since time has passed since the quote. :( But, I totally agree, having the washer out of the kitchen would be such a difference! As for the grey water, even that takes close study, some of the setups are complex, and might cost as much as getting it piped! so more study on my part is required. I do have a decent sized backyard, nothing like what you have though, you lucky thing! :)

I can relate to the getting sick part, it is amazing how one's life can be turned upside down just like that. I am glad you have had your bf to be there supporting you along the way! I am glad things are working out for you now with your home, it is just so exciting I am sure (I know I would be thrilled :)

A dishwasher is a thought I definately considered, I really don't need one, but it would be nice to have one for my DD or renter if something happens to me and she wants to live there or rent it out. But it is another expense. Money saved for me there would be able to go towards cabinets and such. Also since my fridge is about 12 yrs old now, so it is in the back of my mind I may need to replace that down the road, I can live without a dishwasher but not a fridge LOL.

moccasinlanding, having the exercise equipt moved by me isn't practical to happen, I don't know anyone with a truck, and I would really need a truck to get it to the consignment shop, plus taking apart the equipt is very complicated, inside the equipt is ball bearings, they enable the smooth movement of the "bar", the installers told me a long time ago, if one wasn't careful the bearings would end up everywhere if it was not taken down properly, so if someone buys this stuff I will make them aware of this and they will have to take apart the machine themselves and be responsible for it. Ahhhh this is such a pain, I would love to just take it apart, and put it in the garage and sell it, but I doubt it would sell well taken apart, and again, I would have to be the dismantler....of course in the long run if I can't get rid of it, I will have to take it apart anyway to get it out, I just want to give it a try in selling it first. But otherwise I am like you, I have donated things in the past, I hate doing yard sales and I feel better if others can use the things that I don't have room for or need anymore.

I am sorry you have to make those hard choices getting rid of some things, I have been there and done that too, it is very hard! I had a beautiful wall unit I had bought in Germany, but it just did not fit in this tiny house, it broke my heart to have to get rid of it!

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Judith, I like the way you think. So many people think they can make their stuff work in the house and it just doesn't. As hard as it is to get rid of, it is really better to be able to move around in your house with furniture that fits. I have been working on dh for several years about getting rid of our dresser so our bedroom has more space but he just won't hear of it since our closet is so small.

I don't really need a dishwasher either and if you rent the house out, it's just one more thing you might have to repair.

I remember reading an article about some people in California who did their own graywater plumbing. I think they did it under the radar but it looked like it worked fine. I did a quick search but couldn't find it.

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Marti8a says: " I have been working on dh for several years about getting rid of our dresser so our bedroom has more space but he just won't hear of it since our closet is so small. "

Marti, you can do what I did, if you have a set of stairs.
Get it half way up or down, and then OOPS.

When I was bringing down the long low dresser/chest from upstairs and sliding it down the stairs on its smooth top surface, it got away from me and a leg sticking up in the air caught the door to our bedroom at the base of the stairs. Hmmmm, well, that door was not the new one, so no reall harm done.

I think anyone who rents their property out has to have nerves of steel, or pretty much get such a good renter that they will stay forever and take care of things. I have a nurse friend who now owns about 5 rental homes, and she is always painting or fixing and redoing after some family or couple moved out in the middle of the night without paying their rent. I just cannot even think about doing it.

We LOANED (for utility cost only) our house up north to a retired couple who lived on their sailboat. But, they needed a place to live during the winter months when the boat was out of the water.
Since she was going thru chemo and radiation for breast cancer, we wanted to do something nice for them. And it was, we thought, beneficial to both sides, since our house would not be empty all winter. It did not quite work out that way.

Needless to say, they messed up the new baseboard heating system and the zoned thermostat system, the wireless router setup; spilled some chemical upstairs which dripped through the carpet and hardwood floor, and softened the plaster ceiling of the downstairs parlor; moved all our furniture around; blew out the glass doors of the recirculating fireplace and melted the andirons by apparently making too hot a fire,....and a few other things to boot which did not require effort to correct. The fire thingy was the one which was the last straw for me. We discovered what had happened when we started clearing out the ashes. It takes a LOT to melt andirons!

And the next winter they asked to come back. Our nerves could not take it.

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Judith, don't worry about turning down our suggestions. We realize that most of them may not work for you. We just throw them out to keep the creative juices flowing and then sometimes it helps someone else reading the threads. We totally understand budget restraints! lol

Have you read the thread about Nancy's new kitchen? She bought cabinets (quality cabinets) removed for a remodel. Just something to think about while you finish your living room remodel.

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Good grief! I can't imagine doing that to someone else's house. I don't think my nerves could take renting out my house either. I might be able to buy a house that was already a rental and then renting it, but not the house I have slaved over. We did rent a house we couldn't sell when we moved here, but we also sold it to the people who were renting so I never had to see what kind of damage they did.

That deal was what kind of soured me on realtors though.

Ditto what Loretta said. We like brainstorming ideas, sometimes it doesn't help the person who asked, but someone later who might read the thread. Or it might not help anyone. lol It helps me start thinking in new ways when I'm at a dead end.

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I had a lovely front loading Whirlpool washer. It was much smaller than the usual type of washing machine. And boy did it get the laundry clean.

I have a photo of it in place in our house on the river that was destroyed by Katrina. Last night, I browsed through that album, and was really surprised how emotional it felt to remember all the work I'd put into redoing it, only to lose it the same summer.

I quite frequently put forward the things which I've done in every house, but do not mention that house very often. It is like a stillborn baby that had so much promise but never quite made it in the real world. It was to have been our dream home, our love nest, a fantasy waterfront retreat.

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AW ML I so know how you feel having had the same happen to us only flood and not hurricane. I loved that hot spring house so much. Even if it did have a loft. Heheheheh It was so pretty and the hot spring pool and hot tub were wonderful.All that hot water around to heat the house and take the pain out of my bones. Was a dream house and when we bought it I could hardly believe we found such a wonderful place. Three years of working on the whole place house and yard and everything we did was lost and then some. Then another year putting it all back together day after day. And then another 5 months before we were able to sell the place. I can feel it in my tummy right now how hard it hit us.The only good part is the people that bought the place just love it and they are our friends. And STILL our friends. Which sometimes does not happen when you sell some one something.

I remember Katrina and it was still pretty raw in my heart the pain we went through. I cried for all of you.

Judith. I saw on Holmes on Holmes on HGTV where they jack hammer through the cement slabs to get plumbing off to another area of the house. Shaking my head as to how it is done . I believe it would be very expensive.

We had a gray water set up with our washing machine and the drain pipe out in the yard just went out to a great big pussy willow bush. So no one really knew about it. I used to walk down and water it by hand too. Mostly because I rarely used the washer. Took too long to fill with our low water pressure at that house. 45 minutes for each fill. Heck I could wash the clothes by hand. I took them to the laundromat to wash them then hung them on the line at home.

I do not know all the legalities for gray water.


Here is a link that might be useful: WWWAAAAHHHHHHH

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Oh Chris, how awful!

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Yah it was bad. Also the temperature does not show in the pictures other than some snow. But many of the days while we were working under the house were at ZERO degrees and one day was 9 below zero. We had to keep working. I remember picture 26 was zero because we were worrying about when we could get cement poured. We really needed something under the house and there was another raise in the river coming our way. There was nothing to keep it back. the government sent the core of engineers in emergency and they finally started to rebuild the dike that came apart. With the way it was the whole town was exposed to more of the same flood.

Sorry Judith did not mean to hijack your thread.

Back to your house.


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Judith I just remembered something at our last house. The guy put in a hand washing sink in the laundry room. There was not proper plumbing for it, only the washer drain, so see if you can follow this. Might save you from having to dig through the cement slab depending on where your water heater is verses where doors and all are.

He took the regular drain size pipe like the one a washer drains into and ran it along from sink trap behind dryer and then forked it into the washing machine drain. The same might work for a washing machine running the drain line along mounted to your garage wall. You would have to be careful to get the right fall on it. You can not drop a drain line from washer down. They have to go up and then down and it is critical on the first height up. But the rest of it just needs a slight fall and you have to use the right size drain pipe. Not sure how cold it gets in your area would you have to worry about freezing? So if you have a wall you can run along instead of the floor it might save you lots in the tearing up of your floors. Course then you still need to go across the drive. Need more of your floor plan to see how close the garage line could come out to the yard drop where it needs to go.

Just another thought. It worked well in our house but then a sink does not have the volume a washer does when it is pumping. I do think it would work though because if it will run in the floor why not along the wall??? It is all about getting the proper fall.

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Judith: I just visited the Holiday Forum and they are wondering about you! I told them you have been posting on here and that you've been remodeling. Isn't nice to be missed?

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"Ditto what Loretta said. We like brainstorming ideas, sometimes it doesn't help the person who asked, but someone later who might read the thread."

absolutely! we never know who is lurking and might jump on an idea posted here!

for 3,000.00 you could by some dandy small washer - lol! wow, that's a ton of money! I'd still have a few others give an estimate. dbf has a guy do work for him (electrical work) who charges 2 arms and a leg to do anything...dbf sent him out once to put in one of those special outlets next to my kitchen sink. shouldn't take an electrician more than 15 minutes to do that... well, a few hrs later... he even drove all the way out to my place WITHOUT the switch part. guess he wanted to be sure I had normal electricity or something (not really, he'd already done work here on my wiring). oh yeah, one of those little rectangular spaces to plug things in... then he had to drive 10 miles back to buy it... I never found out how many hundreds he charged dbf for that... and sometimes if it's a job they don't want to do for some reason they estimate it to be much more than it really is.

on the dw - I haven't had one in 20 yrs. I haven't cared or even wanted one until recent yrs. Being sick tho it's hard for me to keep up. If I feel good enough to cook something up then i'm too zapped to do up the dishes. it might flow better when I get a sink that doesn't leak too. it'd be a lot easier to do dishes if I could just turn on the faucet and run water into the sink - but I can't! I probably won't use the dw more than twice a week but i'm getting one - lol! if I weren't sick so often, I wouldn't tho. I'm one who normally doesn't mind doing dishes by hand.

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Wow, hi all, I have not been near a computer since Thursday. I took time of to work on the house and get my wits together (just found out I am being given another persons job, she retired, and well hey, work has to go somewhere sigh... Don't get me wrong, I treasure that I have a job, but my job right now is something 8 plus hrs, don't know how I will do another... I guess I will just have to tear up more is oddly satisifying LOL

I decided since I was going to have the electrican come in for the "new LR", that I might as well start demo on the kitchen area, that way he can do all of the electric at once (at least that is what I am hoping).

marti8a, I'm like you, even when I had a dishwasher I didn't use it that much, and I really don't mind doing them by hand, most likely I will not put one in.

moccasinlanding, Wow that is some story about your renters, it is amazing that they did not burn the place down! I don't see me renting out this place myself, the renting aspect will be a choice my DD will have once I "croak off" LOL, homeownership will be up to her then, she can either move in, rent it or sell it. I would hope she would like it, but I am into pleasing me at this stage of my life, either way it is a bonus for her eventually.
How horrible for you to have lost your home to Katrina, I have a fear of that too, especially since a few years ago we had a hurricane hit hard here too, my house was surrounded by water, it is only because the "tides" were going in the right way, otherwise I would have been flooded, but I have giant trees on my property and are surrounded by the neighbors trees too, luckly only one tree fell on my property and it fell missing the house by 10 ft! I was not even home, I was "volunteered" to work an emergency position, so I worried constantly about my DD and her BF that were in the house (her BF lost his car due to flooding though, it was parked in front of the house on the street, they took a nap, and when they woke up flood waters doesn't take much!)

idie2live, I do love the suggestions, you never know when one may strike a cord :)

Chris, I am so sorry to hear about the flooding you experienced too, it is amazing how many people have been thru disasters! I am glad you were able to get things back together for yourselves. Thanks for your input on the greywater thing, I really want to do it, I just hate the washer in the kitchen! When I had a plumber come out, he did suggest running the pipe along the floor of the garage to go outside to the front. But would still have to dig up a portion of the outside part of the driveway, and then dig up the yard to go to the pipe to the street, still lots of money in the end...

soinspired, thank you I will pop in there to say hi, I haven't been there in ages, or for that fact even my own blog, health and life issues have gotten in the way, I am amazed at myself for finally "just doing it", but this project is really taking up alot of my time.

desertsteph, My, that electrican really gave you a hard time, I would really be ticked off at him! I am hoping the few that I inteview for this will be "good people", I hate getting taking advantage of, I don't mind paying for a decent price, but I expect the person to do professional SAFE work! I am sorry you are having ongoing health issues, I know exactly how you feel! I try to take the good days with the bad days, and hope the bad don't last too long. I know what you mean by starting something and then running out of steam! I had to work in my yard for a full day in 90 degree weather, I had put it off doing the house stuff and the yard was in bad shape, so it is a constant juggleing act.

Here is some photos of what I did in the house these last few days and nights. (I am pooped)!



Well that's it so far folks. Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

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great work judith! I'm tired out just looking at the work you've done. I like the idea of taking out that wall too. How far to the left of the last pic will the island continue? are you taking out the wall where the baking stand is now? or is that section of wall staying?

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trancegemini, LOL, I am tired too! My poor wrists and knuckles are really letting me know I have "stepped out of the box" with all this hammering and tearing down.

Now you come upon my current problem, taking out that wall is causing me to pause, it would work out best being that it would allow me a bit more lower cabinet space for the island (2- 24" cabinets and 1- 18" cabinet), and of course really opening up my area. To answer your question about moving the bar more to the left, yes, I would need to do that a bit to give better clearance between the edge of the bar and the fridge "path". BUT what I am leary of is when I come thru the front door, with this area being so open, will my home now look like some kind of studio apt???? By leaving the wall up, and only butting up the island to it, would still give me a sense of entry. You can see by the last pic I posted the relation of the door to the possible view into the kitchen area. This would be solved easily if I could just put the fridge where the washer is, then I could leave up the "entry wall", and just put the "new" island facing into the sink area, fridge, and stove. Whereas right now the island is set up to be looking out the sliding glass doors (which I do like too).

I do not regret at all taking down the 2 above pictured walls at all, either way I am happy with that, it is just a question of moving on with removing the entry wall, or waiting it out longer to be able to move the washer to the garage.

So, the big question is folks, do you think the whole house will be too open, if the wall comes down between the kitchen and entry area?

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you know I've just realised you have the same layout from the front door as my house! LOL. you walk in the front door to the LR and see the wall where the kitchen is on the other side with the dining room (in my case the tiniest most useless room you can imagine) left of the kitchen. How did I not see that before? :)

yep, I see what you're saying about coming in the front door and seeing straight into the kitchen now, I don't think I'd like that in my house so my thoughts would be to leave that section of wall where it is and have the island coming out from the wall that you're removing now. me, I'd even hide the fridge back there.

I just had a look back at your plans and you have the island floating in the middle, but I'm wondering if you need two entries to the kitchen around the island. Could you extend the island across to the right side wall (as you're looking at the front door from the new kitchen area) and have a peninsula instead of an island?

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Then you know what I am talking about LOL. The plans you are looking at is my original thought for having the "open kitchen", which I am now not too sure about.
the fridge was in the spot where the bakers rack is now, I wanted it gone from that spot because of the room it takes up. Plus, if it was back there, then my light and openess is gone again (my view from the island would be largely the side of the fridge.) So I am really trying to make the fridge work where it is pictured presently (in the old DR) OR if I can move the washer, then that would be an ideal spot for the fridge, but that is a long time before I can do that I think. Sigh... I will do a drawing with the island facing into the room and post it. (although in RL I can't implement it until the washer is gone.)

Something that I have to keep in mind too, I can't have the island too far over towards the hallway going to the bedrooms, otherwise the island chairs will block that hallway entry I said I am working with very tight conditions LOL

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trancegemini, here is what the room looked like when the fridge was in the original spot. (so you can get an idea of how squished it is. LOL

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Judith. Missing seeing your posts Hope everything is ok?


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Kudos. Lot of work going on. Was looking at the floor plan about a half a mile or so up the page and was just wondering why you weren't relocating the washing machine. I saw that you did want a smaller one but have you considered stuffing it in a closet that juts into the garage a bit or is your plan not to any real scale and there is no room? If that is not an option I would recommend a miele. They have small, under-counter yet large capacity washers that are very efficient and quiet and your clothes come out very dry. Something that may be a concern as I see you must air dry.

I was cringing when I saw the first photos with your plates and mirrors still on the wall with all the gaping holes around.

Your photos remind me of one of my most favorite people who was also a favorite client who had gotten stiffed on a kitchen remodeling job that left the house open to the New England winter. With eight children ranging from 1 -11 and unable to find anyone who would repair the damage and complete the job she ended up redoing, not only the kitchen, but the entire 4000+ sf house herself and when she was done bought the house next door and so on and so on. She just couldn't stop. Hands down she is one of the best luxury home builders in CT and also does homes in Utah. It's a virus and you may have it. I retired in 2004 and am realizing that I really retired years ago because I always enjoyed what I do. Of course we all have our broken china along the way but when you see your creations come to fruition there's no other feeling like it.

Keep up the good work. Anticipating the finished photos. For now I am off to find some table feet protectors like the ones you have. Where'd you get those?

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Chris, hi, I had been away from here for a while when I read on a couple of different areas on the forum that people were getting virus warnings when they opened up GW, so I did not want to take a chance on getting a virus on my home computer since I don't have a good virus protector. I don't really like to post from my workplace, but I'll chance it today.

Anyhoo, not too much done I have been really researching and living with the idea about taking down the last wall that I was talking about a couple of posts above this. I am still a bit nervous about the TOTAL open kitchen look.
But, I think I am going to do it, I get a couple of days off in the next 2 wks and I will tackle it then, and get an electrical person in to do everything at one time.

jey_1, In answer to your question about why I am not moving the washer..., my house is on a slab, so moving it to the garage would be very costly, last quote I got for putting it there was $3,000, and there is no where else in my tiny house to move it to so I am in a bit of a hard situation for relocating it.. I do have a dryer in the garage, so I don't have to air dry :) (unless I choose to). I had at one time considered a miele, but at the time, sooo much more money, and if I remember rightly I had to put in a different "wiring" for it. Requirements may have changed though for installing a Miele so I will look into it again.

My goodness, thankfully I am not in the same situation as your friend was with the kitchen being open to the elements, and with so many children no less having to deal with it. My situation is a bit of a mess to deal with, but not life threating. :)

I think it will come out well, in the end, it is just going to take awhile, but I am fairly patient, (I have to be, money is always a consideration) LOL

I am not sure what you mean about "table feet protectors", but I am guessing you are talking about the things you see in the last few pics of the sofa table being "lifted" into the air about 8" high. Those are a heavy duty plastic, they are ment as bed "lifts", for people that want their beds higher off the ground. I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, (they come in a package of 4). HTH

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Jey_L, hi there! You recently commented on my problem with a derelict garage, over on the Greenhouse Forum. I am very pleased to see you make an appearance here, which is of course my most favorite forum of them all. Us small housers leave no stone unturned as we seek to live large in a small bit of the world.

You are SO RIGHT that remodeling is a virus and I have it too. However, right now my bad shoulder is slowing me down and I cannot finish my demo of a thick plaster wall in the old bath, so the pinch hitting contractor I just found can perhaps finish the job that my original contractor abandoned. It is critical that what is begun be finished, since it requires part of the exterior stucco walls to be taken out. I truly sympathize with the situation you described.

Judith, I'm thinking that you might consider putting a new header into the entry wall, and framing out the space to allow some adjustable shutters to close off the new island when you don't want it exposed. I LOVE shutters, and that would be a fantastic option for you.

Otherwise, I submit you might leave the entry wall as is.
But reduce the intersecting wall to the pony wall height to hide the electrical supply. Then, on the kitchen side of the island, put in only upper cabinet depth cabs as bases to allow wiggle room for whatever you leave in that corner where the washer is presently located. By doing it this way, you can break the relocation of washer OR fridge to a time in the future, but know which way you want to go so all electrical and plumbing can be handled now.

To complete the island as I propose in previous paragraph, how about installing full depth base cabs on the opposite side of the pony wall, backed up to the other shallower cabs on the kitchen side? I would put a countertop across the whole thing, even the part which will overhang to give some counter height seating which would be visible from the entry. Or maybe just the stools visible, whatever. You could, of course, add a short wing wall to extend the entry wall to hide the entire counter; or only open when you wish it to be, maybe with the shutters...I always try to work them in somewhere, don't cha-kno. :)

As for a selection of a washing machine or laundry. I have the Frigidaire stacking "laundry center," and both units came as one, both front loading, and wonderful. Energystar stuff, one plug, uses almost NO water, slings the clothes dry, very short drying time. Sometimes the wash ends up so dry, I thought I'd forgotten to do it. This unit will fit any place a washer would, except under some low stairs. But if you plan to move your laundry into the garage, you will love how little floor space it uses. We bought ours from Sears when they had a special.

There was something called "ferrules" which were metal protectors for table and chair legs. They used them when I worked at a library, to protect tables and chair legs from the cleaning equipment they used to do the floors. I betcha you could find them at LEEVALLEYTOOLS.COM Those folks have EVERYTHING. And they are good to do business with.

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Judith you can down load Avast antivirus. It is free and you get a Key with it you renew each year. But the program is free. I have mine set to always check for new updates and it scans once a week of so. We have it on three computers and it works great.

Glad you are ok. I just want to check with you on removing the last wall. You have checked into the proper supports and all. do not want the ceiling falling in on you.


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glad to see you back judith.

you can always check your system with a free scan on Trend Micro too.

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Judith, I subscribe to Trend Micro and have for years. The free online scan HOUSE CALL, was my introduction to their services. I am careful about where I go and don't accept much (if any) of the FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD email stuff. And I delete items not solicited. All my email accounts are forwarded to one spot and I answer from there.

DH tells me that the MIT guys are about to make Microsoft operating systems obsolete, and every computer will be able to operate with only software. I'm waiting for that day to arrive, and then I'll get a new laptop. In 2006 I got this laptop, very hotshot, latest, biggest, most powerful, etc, so it is holding up fine as long as I can continue with XP.

One thing though: I am disillusioned with Facebook and the other social networking sites. So I am deactivating it. I already deleted most of the information about me that was there. Don't know how those creep hackers can put 2 x 0 together and get anywhere, but seems they can. So I am opting OUT of those sites. Gardenweb is providing me with conversations enough on topics more important to me. And, of course, the Yahoo Groups on topics dear to my heart.

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moccasin - I have Trend Micro also. really like it. I used the free one for yrs.

i don't go with facebook or others either. ds wants me to sign on there to see pics he has on of gkids. I wanna see the pics but hesitate to sign up there.

I spend enough time here anyway!

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Hy Judith, Everyone, Moccasinlanding,

This isn't a social networking site? Seems to me this is one of the most social forums on the net. There are some features I'd like to see though because I get lost and can't always find posts that I'd like to watch or have commented on. Thanks for redirecting me back to the greenhouse forum to find your post again ML. Not sure if you had replied but I have been unable to stumble across it again. Will be going there next.

Actually about my friend.. we weren't friends then. This was about 40 years ago and it's because she caught the bug that we ended up meeting. It was probably one of the best "misfortunes" of her life. She, like most of the people here, see the diamonds in the rough and she has transformed entire neighborhoods that were drab and ugly or dilapidated into beautiful places (even affluent neighborhoods have ugly and rundown homes). During an update about 10 years ago she did lose the home to fire but that turned out well too because she had a spec home available across the water which was considerably smaller (2500±) and was able to rebuild for one of her sons. With her "spec" means spectacular as opposed to speculation.


Yes you are right about the initial investment and the wiring of the miele. They are made for European specs. There was always mention of a line for the US market it but I'm not sure they ever did. The first one I had was about 6 years old when I got it A homeowner was tossing everything in their remodel so I took it thinking I would be doing rags and such in the garage but when I installed it and checked everything out It became THE washing machine and our new one ended up in the garage. It was a very crooked old house that I ended up disassembling to reclaim the vertical grain fir trim and chestnut framing so I ended up passing it along and it is still inservice to this day. When I did replace it I thought they were giving me a price for building the house around it but I was able to persuade some of my clients at the time to use them too it worked out to be about a leg and three fingers.

Something to consider if you haven't already is a used water reclamation systems. If your your washer is the only thing hooked up to it you can get by with a very small one and have utility water for your washer and something to wash your car with. Just a thought. You already have hot and cold lines to tap into which you can really do yourself with compression fittings and grey-water removal seems to be the only problem. With proper planning this is something that can be done in the future when budget allows and you can put a dishwasher in it's place.

You've taught an old dog a new trick. I've never seen bed lifts before or even heard of such a thing. They just looked like toilet brush holders or something to me. I hadn't really noticed the clutter because of all the eye candy and beautiful furniture but they stood out like neon flashers. I love ingenuity. Another thing to consider for you island is that they can be made on casters and you'd never even know it except for the times you need to move it to get appliances in/out or just need extra space for entertaining or something.

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Judith, I thought I left a message here, but do not see it now. try one more time. I think I hit only the preview button, forgot how this board worked!

I like that you had the courage to open up the walls you have been mentally looking through for a long time. It is wonderful to finally have the open feeling in your house. You are taking charge of the space and truly making a home! I hope to be doing the same in the near future as we discussed.

I love the feel of the 'new' house! And your furniture will look fantastic in that space with more room around it! Will be watching for updates!

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Hey Judith, et al.
Welcome to the forum, Mary Ruth and good to see you again, JeyL....

Judith, we are reaching critical mass with the length of this thread. Do you think we could prevail upon you to make a continuation into a JudithVa's Redo Part Two? And of course link back to this portion?

One thing to consider with the move of the washer to the garage is that your fridge will be backed up to the wall shared with it. And will you need a source of cold water for that icemaker? If so, you can run the cold water through the wall to the relocated washing machine. I would consider adding a small instant water heater, AKA tankless water heater, if you choose to have a hot water wash option. Then the grey water recycling option would be quite easily installed maybe out behind your garage.

Once upon a time manyy years ago, we lived in a slab house and when we investigated the outside utility room just off the carport, the washing machine drained into the front flowerbed. I had planted some variegated privet hedges there, and they were supposed to be smallish plants, but those near the effluent were super huge. Our soil was sandy, and it did not take long for the wash water to sink into the ground. Not an ideal setup, but it worked while we lived there.

I also want to comment on the new light coming into your kitchen beside the stove. If that is an exterior window, can you possibly put a couple of glass or Lexan shelves across the window? Then you can put a potted plant there, or even a few of your cooking spices. Or maybe the vinegar bottle. An olive oil container must protect it from light, or I'd suggest locating that there too. Objects with stained glass jewel tones would look nice there too. Even frame out the window with strips of glass tiles or mirror tiles which would bring in even more light.

Just a thought. The window is so pure and glowing, it is a treasure to have it there.

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Just wondering how it is going Judith?

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Me too, Mary Ruth. Long time no hear.

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Hi all,
I thought I would pop in and show you how far I have gotten. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.
Please excuse the nightmare mess, it has improved as I am having some company for Christmas.
There is a link to my blog, but you guys are seeing the further along photos here.

Another view of the kitchen, I had to buy a new frig, the old one went on me, it leaked freone -(spelling?) all thru the house, it stunk to high heaven!

Another view, eventually this wall unit will be replaced by floor to ceiling cabinets to hide all the small appliances and dishes. But in the meantime, I think I will paint it white, the dark color is like a black hole, it just sucks in all the light that I need in the kitchen.

the other side of the kitchen. I HATE the washing machine being in there. Eventually I hope to have a tiny front loader put there and build the floor to ceiling cabs around it since moving the washer has proven to be pretty much impossible.

Looking out from the "new" living room to the "new" dining room, I just need to do the crown molding and the molding around the column and top off the top part of the pony wall.
(I did repaint, that is why nothing is up on the walls yet. I am not feeling the white paint, it has too much of a grey feel to it)

This has changed a bit, I put the gel fireplace in the new living room, and there is another hutch in front of the bigger hutch you see facing into the kitchen. Eventually there will be a 6ft wide wall there dividing the kitchen and DR, and another ponywall and column....but not until I find another person to build it, I was going to do it, but it involves electricity and proper framing in for the eventual ceiling to floor cabs I want put I am more comfortable having a pro do it. Meanwhile I wait LOL

another view in the DR. Curtains are NOT up yet as I just finished painting, and want to purchase a different rod, but not having much luck finding the length I want. As you can see I need to do the new molding around the door too, and of course the floors...I just don't know what I will do about them. Can't remove the old tile (it has asbetos in them) dont want carpet, dog and carpet is not a good mix, he is good 98% of the time, but I really don't want to deal with cleanup/smell.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!
more photos later.....

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hi Judith,

Fast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I had trouble with white paint looking too gray too.Found out the white paint off the shelf does have a gray color. I had to have white paint mixed to bright white. That gave me the white I was looking for. Rolling eyes for having to paint the white a second time.

House is looking great. I posted to your flicker pictures as Canary Cottage.

Have to scoot. Time to get to work.


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Judith Looking Great! I can't believe that is the same house, so wonderful now with so much light and space!

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Hi Judith,
I've been following your tablescapes on the Christmas & Holiday forum for a long while and have been following your makeover with interest. You have come a long way. It is great to see it taking shape (not too soon for you I'm sure!). I'll be here rooting you on lol. Looking forward to viewing your pink and white tree! Blessings, Marann

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chris, thanks, you are right, I will go with the brilliant white, unless I decide to go with a blue of some sort...I am not sure about the blue though, that leaves me stuck for a long time with a particular color...I didn't mind the yellow-gold color that I had up for about 5 years, it was almost a neutral to me, most things go with the gold color, where as the blue....

mary ruth, thanks! Hey, I will give you a call this weekend.

ladeeda, thanks too! I need the rooting on, it has taken far longer than I thought it would, I miss being able to really decorate, and just get settled, but this is a journey and I will just have to be patient LOL. At least finally I can get back to setting a table for Christmas!

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Oh my, Judith, it is going to be beautiful! You have come so far--it is really amazing! Good on you!

Merry Christmas!

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I agree, Judith is like a one-woman construction crew! If she had all the tools... watch out!

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Judith, it is beginning to really look great. I can see the finish line now. You are one brave woman to have Christmas guests. Is that what keeps you motivated?

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It's come a long way and is looking great!

Don't worry about having Christmas with construction around you - just ENJOY your friends/relatives. That's what is really important. Even in the midst of the upheaval you have a beautiful space there!

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shelayne,maryruth, marti8a, desertsteph, Thank you so much for your comments and support!

mary ruth, LOL, I wish I had the tools and the talent.

Marti8a, thanks, I am motivated mostly because it's a gift to myself, which is I guess a selfish thing, but I feel like I deserve to have some happiness cause you never know when it will end. Don't get me wrong, it is frustrating for it to take so long, but I just tell myself that it will happen in time. :)

desertsteph, thanks too, you are right it is all about family being around me for Christmas, my DD and her SO, is understanding about some of the mess that is still left. Last year at Christmas it was a total disaster area and I could have no one over LOL,,I could barely squish by to get to room to room. So this year it feels great!

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Judith, You can't get from 'here' to 'there' without taking steps. 5 years goes by anyway (when prospective boss asks 'where do you see yourself in 5 years" No one says, 'right here, the same'. We all want change for the good, BUT you gotta take steps to do that... and that takes courage. YES, like the Lion asking for a badge of courage in The Wizard of Oz, you HAD it all along! I KNOW you will enjoy this house the way you want it, and it is NOT selfish to want to fix your house! And besides I know that inside, you are happy with the house being transformed! I can see the changes and they are GENIUS! I mean the way you changed that space to be so different and UP TO DATE! Many many KUDOS to you!

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Mary Ruth,
thanks Mary Ruth you are always so sweet to me, I really appreciate your support. I'm on my DD's laptop at the bookstore, unfortunately there is no plug near me (this place is packed!) and her laptop battery is low...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Judith, you really zeroed in on why I have been trying to do so much to my house lately. I lived here for over 10 years without being able to afford to do ONE thing to improve it, and now that the kids are (or were) gone, it's my turn, and I deserve to finally have the house the way I want it. Good for you for doing something for yourself too.

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Marti8a, I am so glad that you are going to make things happen for you, you deserve it, life is short, give yourself a gift of contentment and happiness in whatever way you can find. :)

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I wanted to leave a message on here for you, 2012! Do you believe it is 2012 already? Your place is looking great! And I love your recent photos, please keep them coming! I am being 'inspired'! Talk to you soon!

The photos are wonderful! You have moved mountains girl, mountains! You are the strongest & and bravest woman I know!

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Bumping up so you can find this Judith for when you return to reply, I know you will come on here when you have a good internet connection.

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