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luvstocraftOctober 6, 2008

Hi Anj, Our other post was getting so long so I thought I'd start us a new one for this week.

Hope you got a good night's rest, and that your back isn't bothering you too much. Hope your Mom gets her things all sorted today too, so the insulation can proceed on time.

Well, if you are anything like me, you'd better get those items for donation out in your car fast. I've caught myself "changing my mind" and going and pulling things back out before! LOL

Not too much going on here. Need to do a few chores, and maybe a little deadheading. We had a nice gentle rain on Saturday and it has cooled off nicely. Sun was out yesterday and looks like it will be today, but not HOT!

I'm painting on a couple of little haunted house designs. Thought they were "cute", but there is so much detail stuff on them. I also cut out a little wooden cupcake and painted it. Plan to tie it on my friends birthday package. I'll take a pic and post it later. I had seen one somewhere and decided to draw my own pattern since it was fairly simple. Had the tension on my saw too loose, so sort of messed up a bit on the one side, but I think I fixed it enough that no one but me will ever know. (And anyone reading this, that is!) LOL I wanted to cut it on the thinner wood, but didn't have any left, so I went ahead and used regular 3/4 inch. Guess it could be hung or set somewhere--or better still, passed on to another birthday person! ;o)

That reminds me that I need to make a trip to Lowe's for some more wood and a can of spray primer for some metal trays. I don't know if I have to use the primer, but am afraid not to for fear the paint will chip without it! It sure makes the project more expensive to do though. But then again, I'd be really upset if I did all that work of painting it, and the paint didn't stay on well. What's that saying, "better safe than sorry", right?

Okay, I'll check back here later to see if you've had a chance to hop on here. Hope your attic project goes well. How great that you got it all in bins now. Did you print yourself out some labels for them? Just having them separated into sections will really help to find things too, won't it? I'm still envious of your nice big attic storage space! ;o)


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Hey...it was a bad day for me yesterday. Took DD to the allergist to get the ball rolling on getting her bee sting shots. DH took off to go with us. Came home and he took my little dog to be put to sleep. I can't quit bawling. I'm just heart broken. He was my first baby. We got him the first year we were married. OK, I gotta quit talking about it or I'll never get thru this post.

We found a little siamese kitten on our doorstep last night so we brought it in and bathed and fed it. It kept us occupied last night until bedtime when it started crying for it's mom. There was a big white cat outside so we put it out and it quite crying so hopefully that was it's mom.
I don't know what I'm doing today. Maybe some painting to keep me occupied. I've got 7 teenagers coming to spend the night Friday for DD's b-day. Joy! I finally got all the attic stuff sorted and out of my living room so now I'll do some decorating today too. DH had a whole box of old business cards so I used the backs of those to make labels for my boxes in the attic. Trying to recycle. It's very neat up there. If only the rest of my house was so neat, ha, but you can't live out of boxes.

I'll look forward to seeing your projects. I never get tired of seeing what other people are painting. We all have such different tastes. If we all painted something from the same magazine I bet we'd all pick a different project. ha I have my little Halloween ghost to paint and need to go fiddle with my saw since I keep forgetting to ask DH to help me get the blade back in. Maybe it's not brain surgery and I can do it myself without instructions. Want to finish my witch cutout and my John Sliney project too. Just wish I wasn't so darn slow. ha Wish this housework would go away so I could paint all the time. ha

It's time for me to wake the little beasties and get them ready for school. Hope you have a very nice day. =) ~Anj

Oh, the white kitty was sitting on the doorstep as my dad was leaving for work so it's now sitting on my lap. I guess if it was the mom, it ditched the kitten. We'll have to find it a home. ~A

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Hi Anj, I think God works in mysterious ways and maybe he sent the kitties to console you a bit. Nothing more calming than a purring kitty in your lap. ;o)

I am so very sorry about your dog, I know you have struggled with this decision for a long time. It is just so sad when they get so feeble and can no longer do the things they always have--and even unbearable when we know they are in pain.

Glad the attic and all the things out of it are all cleared away now. Did the insulation get put in? You always say you are slow, but it sure seems to me that you get a whole lot of stuff done! ;o)

A friend called and asked if I could meet her for lunch today, so I'm heading off to meet her in a few minutes.

Our cool weather is over and we're back in the 90's again. I went out and cleaned up my little shed yesterday. That's where I have my saws, the lawnmower, all the old cans of paint among other stuff. I cleaned up all the sawdust, organized the shelves and then sprayed bug spray to try to keep the spiders away. I had sweat dripping by the time I finished, so headed for the shower and then a nice cold drink and a snooze on the couch! LOL

Hope you get to put your music on and paint awhile today just for some calm, quiet time.

I finished painting my two little haunted houses last night. I just got them sprayed with sealer, and will try to get pics this afternoon. Probably going to put them on a stake too--might need a little sign for underneath too. Oh, I will show you how much better the pumpkin and kitty look on the stake with my boo sign too.

Okay, I'd better get moving, I'll be back on tonight.


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Hey Luvs....I was pretty down in the dumps yesterday. Feeling better today with some sleep. I bought the second book to the series I'm reading while I was at the grocery store so just read for most of the rest of the day yesterday. Kept my mind off things. My back feels better today too so I needed a little break in my routine. Today however....lots to do to catch up.

We haven't gotten the insulation in. The guy is doing it as a side job so we have to wait now until he has time, but it's done when he's ready. Well, kinda, my parents are still going thru their stuff. I do get a lot done, just not a lot of painting....which is what I'd like to be doing. ha

I hope you had a good lunch with your friend yesterday. It's good to keep up your social life. It's hard to get together with our friends when we all have kids doing things and then everyone works outside the home but me. We make it out maybe once a month. We try to switch up going out to eat with different ones, but lately it's only been one couple who have been available. All the other kids are in sports and have games when we can go out.
I wish it was 90's here. It's in the low 70's and they say again this will be the last week of good weather. UGH. I'm like Scarlett O'Hara....I try to put off thinking about that too. I'm good at avoidance. ha But sounds like you got your shed all ready for winter. Cooler days are coming for you too so enjoy the sun while you can! ha

I really enjoyed your projects. Everything looks great. I know the recipients are gonna be happy to have you for a friend....as if they weren't before. ha

In other news....we don't have to worry about finding a home for the kitten, my parents want it.

I stopped here in my post to run DD to school and had a flat tire on the way. Tried calling DH several times, but he wouldn't answer so I creeped home on it since her school is right around the corner. He's pretty upset that I did that, said I should have stopped and changed it. I would have if it wasn't so cold out and I just threw on some shorts to run her over there. Hopefully I didn't ruin the rims. Guess we'll see.

Hope you have a great day. Mine started off good, but is quickly descending. =( Later. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Hadn't gotten a chance to get on here until now. I headed off for a haircut this morning and then stopped by a couple of TS since I was in the area. Guess what? I found a bunch of painting magazines and one painting book! I was so jazzed, I bought all they had. I'm finding one or two projects I like in each of them, so that's pretty good. They were marked 49 cents, but the lady let me have them for 39 cents each--not sure why, maybe it was just my lucky day. LOL

Hey, be sure to check your email too, I sent you a picture.

My friend was upset, her little GS had been in the hospital all week with a colon problem. I think she felt a little better after having someone to share her fears with. She emailed me last night that they had let him go home and he will be taking medication for now.

We've got several craft shows coming up this month and next. I'm going to one at the fairgrounds Saturday morning, then the 25th, there are two going on. I love to go even if I don't buy anything. Like to see what's popular and get new ideas. And I just love the atmosphere of them! ;o)

Sorry about your flat tire--no way could I change one--that's why I've paid for Auto Club all these years even though I've only used it about four times in 30 years! LOL
Hmm, will have to ask DH if we should cancel it now that he is home most of the time--we always liked it because he worked such long hours and was often far away from where I would need him.

Hey, guess what? Last night, DH walked out onto the front patio and a little orange striped kitty came running up to him! He called for me to come out, so I told him to walk up the street and see if anyone was looking for it. No luck, so I took out a can of tuna and a bowl of milk. The kitty ate it all right away. Poor thing was really hungry. I called a couple of my neighbors but no one had any idea who it might belong to. We left it on the patio because of our dogs in the house, and it was gone when we checked on it this morning. Sure hope the owners found it, or it found it's way back home. Sure was a friendly one.

DH is playing pool, and I need to find myself a bite to eat. So glad you are feeling better and got some much needed rest. I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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Hey, sorry I'm a little preoccupied and scatterbrained lately. I'm stressing a little with different things going on around here. Nothing unusual, just the usual juggling, but sometimes I don't handle things well. ha Just want to pop my head in my shell and stay for a few days until things blow over or until I can handle them again. Must be hormones or the changing seasons or something. ha I'll get a grip again soon I hope. ha

So glad you found a good stash of mags at your TS. That's the first place I head every time I go. Ours are usually 25 cents. I think 39 cents is a bargain too compaired to the $8+ or more you pay for them new. Did I tell you I asked at the library what they do with their outdated painting mags? They purge the file and put them out to sell about every 6 months. He said it was first come first serve so I need to watch how many are in the file and when it gets close drop by every day. Yeah right. ha I wish I could get them though.

I'll go check my email after this. Thanks for the heads up.

Glad your friends GS got to come home and hope he improves. I'm sure you helped her just being able to talk about it.

DH decided to put all new tires on the van since 2 of the other ones were pretty worn. Ouchie to my pocketbook. He was going to do it before winter anyway. They didn't think I hurt the rim. Would you use the Auto Club if something happened when ya'll are traveling? Some of those stretches of highway are pretty bare. ha Oh, but ya'll have your jeep. As soon as you cancel, you'll need it though. ha Isn't that Murphy's Law?

Poor kitty. Glad you gave it a little food. The one we have eats every 2 hours. I think it just weaned. It actually felt like it was more than just a bone when I picked it up this morning.

I'm so jealous. I haven't been to a craft show in ages.

I've got to go clean up the kitchen....Again. Waiting for DH to get home. He works later and later these days. I think that's him coming in now. Better go. TTYL ~Anj

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Hi Anj, well here it is Saturday already. The weeks sure seem to fly by anymore. We're celebrating DIL's birthday today, going to take her cake and presents over this afternoon, then bringing little GD home with us to spend the night so they can go out tonight and sleep in late tomorrow morning. See MIL's are good for something! LOL

I got all my Halloween decorations put up yesterday. Just sort of integrated them into the Fall stuff I had already put up. Still need to get the haunted houses on a stake or wire hanger and make a little sign to go with them. I was thinking of maybe "ghostly greetings" or "Haunted Hello". I'm never good at thinking up stuff like that, that's why it's usually best if I just follow a pattern! LOL

I had planned to go to that craft show at the Fairplex today, but my DS called and asked if I'd like to hang out with him and little GD and do a little shopping for GD to give to Mommy. At first I told him I'd planned to go to the craft show, but then I called him back and said I could go to a craft show another time, I'd rather hang out with the two of them. ;o)

Got my haircut yesterday, and she really cut it short. I hate that--the sides won't stay "poufed" out and it makes me feel like a boy! Aaargh! And to think I pay money for this! LOL DH says not to worry, it will be just right around Christmas. Isn't he the funny one?????? NOT!

Okay, I'd better check holidays and then get off here. Hope you have a good weekend. I'll talk to you later.


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It's Monday again.....and there is SNOW!! on the ground. It snowed all day yesterday, can you believe it?? It's only October! I hope that doesn't mean it's gonna be a bad winter. It's only gonna get up to 42 degrees today. Brrrr!

And I'm sick. :( Got a sore throat and a headache and just don't feel well. I really wanted to stay in bed this morning, but no rest for Mom's. I may just try to straighten up the house and take it easy this afternoon...maybe watch a movie and paint and nap. ha

The big birthday sleepover went well. The girls really behaved themselves even if they did stay up ALL night. They didn't get too rowdy. They all told DD they had a good time and would she please invite them next year. ha In the middle of all the party prep my oven broke. It's old and both hinges popped off so the door won't stay shut, and when it opens it goes all the way down to the floor. We've been talking about getting a new stove and it must have heard us. ha When we lived in the downstairs MIL apartment we remodeled the whole kitchen and had new appliances so that was the thing I really missed when we moved upstairs. Seems like everything is breaking at the same time around here. I think something is wrong with the heater we replaced last year. Not heating right. Grrr

I'm sure your hair looks fine. Just give it a few days to get used to it. :) Did you get to spend time with your DS and DGD? How did your sleepover go? ha Happy Birthday to DGD. They are getting so big! I like either one of those sayings for your haunted house. Very cute.

Well, I've got to run DD to school and I just remembered I have to take her shopping this afternoon. She has picture day tomorrow. No naps for me. ha Should have known. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, good to hear from you.

SNOW! No way! DH and I have both said that before we travel, we will really have to keep an eye on the weather--never dreamed your area would get snow before month end at the earliest! The first one always looks sorta pretty, doesn't it? But having to deal with it gets old quickly, huh?

Glad you survived the sleepover. How do you get the boys and your little one to let big sister and her friends have some privacy? Or do they get to join in on everything?

Don't you hate it when an appliance quits on us? And always right when we need it the most. At least you can run down and use your Mom's. Guess I know what you will be shopping for soon. It's especially bad if most appliances were bought at the same time cause then they tend to have to be replaced around the same time!

Did you get your tires taken care of? DH says we need to replace the ones on our little jeep. It's our tow vehicle for behind the motor home, so the tires get more wear. We already replaced the ones on the motor home last year.

I've not really been painting either, just trying to finish up those little signs. I thought my decorations outside looked pretty nice, until the Santa Anna winds out of the east came last night! LOL We always get them in October and they always blow my garland and stuff off ! I really feel bad for the couple down at the end of the street, because allot of the leaves pile up there.

It was DIL's birthday this time, little GD's isn't until May. It went well, and as usual, little one didn't want to go home! Gma needed for her too though--I'd had her Friday all day, then from Saturday afternoon until about 5:30 yesterday, so I was pretty tired. I keep trying to get her to play more by herself, but she thinks that Gma is supposed to play with her. And she never wants to go to sleep at night, then wakes up early next morning too! LOL She's had a cough and stuffy nose, so now I'm getting it too I think--or maybe mine is just from all the stuff in the air from the winds--but I'm coughing and stuffy too.

Well, DH wanted to go to the Fairplex to the RV show. I'm not gung ho about it, don't need anything and sure don't want him getting any ideas about newer motor homes! But if he wants, I guess we can go for awhile. Maybe we'll have lunch out too.

I'll check in again later. Get as much rest as you can, you need it. Good day to just curl up with a warm blanket and watch old movies. ;o)


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Hi. I'm still not feeling well. I rested yesterday and it looks like I'll do the same today. Got a bad headache.

I know! Can you believe SNOW! It's all melted off today thankfully except a little on the top of DH's car. Supposed to warm back up to the 70's by the weekend, but it won't last.

The boys and little one spent the sleepover night with their g-ma. They were in and out for a few hours, but all DD's friends are the youngest in their families so they like the younger kids. They've all known each other since kindergarten so my kids are like younger siblings to all of them.

Sorry, I read that wrong about DIL's b-day. Should have caught it cause I remember you were shopping for her not long ago, but with my head all plugged, everything is kinda foggy. ha I hope you aren't getting the same thing. It's not pleasant. ha Plus you are just getting over whatever you had (allergies/cold) a few weeks ago. If I didn't have other people to take care of I'd spend all day in bed sleeping off some Nyquil. ha I'm sitting here eating hot soup all wrapped up in my blankie. Can't get warm.

Did ya'll end up with some new accessories for the RV or did you keep him in line? ha Hope ya'll got to eat out....always nice not to have to cook and clean up.

Guess I'll finish up here and go lay on the couch for a little while and see if I can get rid of this headache. If I do maybe I can paint some later. A shame to have time, but not feel like painting. Need to get back to my work in the morning paint in the afternoon plan. =) Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, sorry you are still not feeling well yet. I've got it too, seems like I catch everything from little GD--must be all those sweet hugs and kisses! LOL Yes, I had the same thing about a month ago and it hung on for several days!

We only stayed at the RV show for an hour or two, it was dollar day today so no big deal and we can go back for free. Not sure what DH was looking for, he picked up a few brochures. He loves gadgets you know. Guess what they have now? A motor home with a balcony slide out! A whole section of the living room slides out and has a little "fence" section around it so you can sit out there at your table and chairs and watch your pull out big screen television under the awning! Looks really amazing, but I told DH that it was such a waste of space, what's wrong with walking out the door to sit under your awning beside the motor home????? Some of the newer ones have two slide outs in the kitchen/living room area so they are just like a big room with real tile floors and granite countertops, king size beds, huge flat screen tv's. You get the idea. They also cost more than my house! LOL I don't want DH to get any big ideas!

I watched GD for a couple hours while her Mom went for a doctor's appointment. Figured it couldn't hurt since we both have this bug anyway, but we mostly stayed outside in the sunshine. Then I laid down for a little nap too, isn't it great to be able to do that once in awhile? Just warmed up leftovers for dinner too.

No painting, not even any desire to when I'm blowing my nose every few minutes! I've got to get better, have a lunch and TS date with my two neighbor ladies on Thursday for their birthdays!

Got my latest issue of Painting magazine today, only a couple patterns I like in this one--maybe they will all look better to me when I feel better, right? LOL

Well, rest up, and I'll talk to you later.


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Well, I'm sorry to hear you've got it too. I think my sore throat is going into my ears if that makes sense. All my kids now have a twinge of it. Hopefully it's just the change of the seasons and we'll be over it again soon.
Feeling a tad better, but no more resting for me. I hit the ground running at 6am and haven't stopped. I have a reason to go to the TS today though. Trying to find some things for my Halloween costume for a party Saturday. So I'll get to look around at 2 stores today. I have to run the kids around to Scouts and church groups tonight. The kids are off tomorrow and Friday so have to take DS jean shopping. He's already outgrown the jeans I bought him in August. Growing like weeds! Thankfully he has a younger brother he can hand them down to.
I've watched some of those RV shows on tv and WOW, some of them look bigger than my house. ha Very posh now. You can't even tell you are in an RV. Fireplaces in some of them too. Geeze. Keep a sharp eye on DH or you'll really be riding in style. ha
Well, nurse yourself today so you'll be ready for tomorrow. I just took some sinus meds to get my nose under control for a few hours. I've got to run the kids to school and then I'm off to the stores. Feel better. I'll Check ya later. ~Anj

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I had another post yesterday, but laid something across my keyboard and lost it, then didn't feel like retyping it all. ha I went to the TS's yesterday. Found what I needed for my costume. I'm going as a hippie and I found a macrame belt and a peasant style smock shirt with wooden beads sewn around the neck and cuffs. I'll wear a pair of jeans and I already have some knee high mocassins (was an Indian a few years ago) and a few other accessories so I think it'll look ok. Maybe I should carry a tamborine. ha
Of course I didn't leave after finding my costume. ha I bought several plain thin pieces of wood for cutting out patterns, 3 small chalkboards for painting that already have hangers on them, 2 big gingerbread people, a new hoodie(original tags still on it), an old brass and wood candleholder, some big red bells tied together, a pick-up-sticks game in a wooden box, another wooden box filled with magnets, a NO WHINING sign, a couple of books for the kids, and a cow jar with a cowboy hat for the lid. It was one with the clamp on top to hold the hat on. So cute. Everything was $1 or less except the hoodie was $4. They had cows cows cows everywhere, but I was good and only bought the one thing. ha I may end up filling it with candy and giving it to my DD's teacher. He's another cow fan and she said he has a lot in his classroom and is always collecting more. ha

I'm feeling better...how about you? I hope you are so that you can enjoy your outting today. I had more fun at the TS because my mom and aunt went with me. Just hope your friends won't have the same interest in the things you may find. ha I'll look forward to hearing about your 'treasures'. ha I'm out shopping again today. Besides taking DS to get jeans, I've got to find a b-day present for my nephew, go to the grocery store and pick up a few things and then go to Party City to pick up some things for the party Saturday. Will probably go by Costco since it's close and get a few things there as well. Shopped around online for the stove I want....it's cheapest at Lowes so need to swing in there and check it out and pick out some trim too. It's gonna be a long day. ha I'll see if my DM wants to go with us and we'll do lunch in between.
You have a fun day with your friends and I'll be waiting to hear what you pick up. Good luck! ~Anj

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Wow! two posts from you! You've been such a busy gal. Don't know how you do it when you are still filling lousy with your cold. Ahhh, I remember it is youth! LOL

Your Halloween costume sounds great, good that you already had the boots. Sounds like you had fun shopping too and got some good finds. I had a friend who had a "No whining" sign in her kitchen and I always loved it. I've been seeing a few cow items lately too and always think of you when I do.

I'm not feeling better yet, but the cold medicine and nose spray is making me more comfortable at least. I told my friends to go ahead and go without me because I wasn't feeling very good and wouldn't want to expose them to this cold, but they said we'd just postpone until I'm feeling better. That was really sweet of them, but not necessary. ;o)

I've got to run to the drugstore pretty soon for more cold medicine. It is such a beautiful day here today, such a shame not to feel well enough to enjoy it!

Hope you will have lots of fun at the party, you know I'll look forward to hearing all about it.



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Darn, I was hoping for a post all about your party Anj. Maybe you got to sleep in this morning. I'll check back here later today. Hope you had lots of fun. Luvs

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