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lucyMay 1, 2008

Hi, I don't know where to post this one, but here's what happened. I took my house off MLS ~ 6 wks ago, being totally fed up with my realtor and the mkt. for my very old, remotely located, and only partially redone 1100 sq' place (the 'redone' part consisting mostly of scotch tape, crossed fingers and a couple of cosmetic touches necessary for me to keep my sanity). I was in about the worse really depressed place in my life and couldn't see a future at all because even if I managed to sell the place... in ?? years... I imagined never getting enough to ever afford somewhere else to go short of a used mobile (nothing against them in principle, but just really not my claustrophobic thing, never mind that lot rents have gone up a lot and most now won't take pets). ANYhow, 5 wks ago, two people show up at my door, say they've heard I might be selling and could they please take a look. Well, I said sure, why not, but expecting nothing at all from the visit. Well, they looked, the next day their parents looked, and that was that - they offered a really good price, said the parents just lived around the corner and they and their 6 yr old were tired of living with them. So, there I was, thinking that was just great, but... where was I supposed to go? Made the online MLS rounds - again, with no hope of any luck, but just to relieve the boredom entered 1-2 diff. parameters to the search, and THERE IT WAS! On the mkt for only 2 days, not a 'house' by conventional standards, but a tiny (770 sq') ex-cafe recently turned into a 2-bed/1 liv/1 kit/1 bath space, but with a 900 sq' ex-storage cum warehouse place attached (via inside door) to the little house in front! Most of the (4-room) walls (in the back part) are finished, if not fancy or properly painted, except for 1-2 spots still needing drywall over the pink batt plastic, the floors are cement, but only need plywood and whatever I eventually get around to putting down - I won't be 'living' back there anytime soon - and there's a second bathroom, a real, if tacky looking fireplace (in the front 'house') that just needs a new liner, and all appliances. I'll be able to put up shelves, etc. in back for EVERYthing I've ever owned, have a room for my dog, a room to paint in, an extra loo, a BIG BACKYD, and ... I'm going to walk away with LOTS of money left over because zoning calls for only the front 'house' part of it all to be priced accordingly! I just cannot believe it - have to pack fast cuz I move May 30th - but it's in a tiny town (someone to talk to!) on a little island reached by a very short causeway, with it's own gorgeous beaches, and 'real' shopping just 20 mins away. I hope this doesn't come across as gloating, because it's not at all what I mean, but I must share with others who might feel like giving up lately... you just never know what can happen when you (really) least expect it!

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I would definitely say you scored and I am happy for you. I can feel your excitement through the air. Have fun moving and setting up in your new home. Your are so right ~ you just never know what can happen when you (really) least expect it! ~ Congratulations.


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Well, I'm smilin' It sounds like you are in "tall cotton" as they would say in Texas!
Blessings to you and a hug for your pupster.

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Thank you guys, I just hope you also have found your thing and are having fun with it. I realize not everyone would see mine as a 'find' (had an interesting time with my insce. adjustor :-), but decent accomms with a big blank slate attached is something I only thought I'd see in some redone city warehouse at a ridiculous price - so I'm in heaven and I hope you are too!

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What a terrific story! Just goes to show that you never know when good news may just come knocking at your door. Thanks for the uplifting post-and all the luck in the world in your new paradise!

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I had such fun reading your post. I'm very happy that everything has worked out for you and also the young couple that will be moving in your "old" place. Wow, a little place in a little town on a little island! Sounds heavenly!

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come rub heads with me for luck- I am sort of in the same situation! Wonderful- sounds just what you wanted!

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Ilmbg - tell us your story - are you stuck in what seems to be an unsellable place, or did you get lucky too?

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Lucy, can you link us to the MLS listing for your find? Iwould love it, too. For years I have had dreams of me moving into wierd, someitmes "unsuitable" spaces, so seeing your little home/warehouse would be fun.

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Well, I did find it on MLS, but I would rather keep some of the info. private even tho' I know intentions are good (and BTW it is on the Canadian MLS site, and I'm not sure you'd get it there). What I can do is post a couple of pix - but this forum doesn't have a gallery, and Photobucket needs "photos" (and my pix are on e-mail right now. If someone tells me how to post (cut and paste didn't work) I'll try it.

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Nancy - I'll e-mail pix if you don't mind large ones (lots of reg. size ones stuck together as one really big one) - let me know.

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Hi Lucy I am sharing in your joy!!! We also lucked out to find a small piece of property to put our new home on. We had 8 acres we did NOT need and just bought a little half acre. I read your post shortly after you wrote and was sitting here waiting on our house to close.I could hardly breath much less try to type afraid it would fall through at the last minute. It did close on the 2nd. Now we are renting back for two months.

Our deal went just about as your's only no realtor involved. When the people said they wanted to buy this place we had no place to go in the town we wanted to go to. Then this add online and we scooped it up the next morning. We could not get down to town fast enough to put in an offer.

When I read about your cafe I wondered if you were close to us because there was a small cafe/bakery about as you described that had been for sale here or close. Not your cafe though.

I hope it is working out for you. I love to repurpose things.So many things you can do.


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Hi Chris - So terrific to hear of someone else doing well too! I'm moving at the end of the month - seems like it it's farther away instead of nearer, the closer it gets - and can't wait. You're right about repurposing though - there are some definite challenges (like a 6' long, 4' high and 3' deep fume hood over an old pizza oven Lol, but actually that's all going to be taken out soon after I move in). I don't think I'm near you tho' - try the farthest east you can get on the mainland - in Canada! The closest I've ever been to you I guess would be either Minn. or N. Cal. I sold my 'old' place with no realtor of course, and that's gone so easily I can't believe it either. Can't stand the realtor needed for the new one, but who cares, and besides the 'old' owners of it are really great and won't be too far away once the move is made, and they've already been really helpful - leaving a real 7' long bar(!) that I'll do something or other with, plus a huge old rustic fantastic table! Now if only someone would pack for me!

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"Now if only someone would pack for me!"

OH come on!! I am sitting here looking at stacks of boxes and it will be two to three weeks before we can actually start moving in. On the other hand almost all furniture and china cabinets are already packed. My art stuff too.:((

I just can not wait to see pictures when you get moved in or are setting it all up. Such a dream of my hubby and I was to build a shop house. Shop building for the cars and big boy toys with house above or just attached. I had such a great plan. He was concerned it would never get done. so we are going with the manufactured home. It will be fine, no it will be great!!

WE did look at several converted businesses to houses and even two churches. WOW one was wonderful but so large the taxes were too high.

Good Luck and keep us posted. HUGE storm rolling in. I am out of here.


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Hee hee... hope you don't drown! But wouldja really want to live over a 'garage'? What about the noise, never mind the fumes? I mean having a cool place that you can drive your 'Vet' into ala ... what's his name back then, that would be ok, I guess, but ... oh never mind.

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THUNDER Storm. Had to load the dogs up and take them with me. No Rain but raining now. Got all of the foundation raked out of the larger rocks and tossed over the edge to be buried by the fill dirt. Foundation is 61 by 26 less the huge center cement strip I am pooped. The house has an eight by twenty six deck attached. I do not like crawling under the house but like it even less when I have to crawl over rocks. So good to have them out now.House is supposed to come Thursday.

I had the noise and fumes thing all addressed in my plan. There was going to be a buffer zone at back of house part of shop. Think rectangle with house across the short end so windows on three sides possible.Two story building.

Enter from shop into an eight foot deep room the legnth of the house part.This was the back of the house. There would be regular front entrance like a house. The back entrance area would be freezer room laudry room storage room and my dog grooming room mud room.There would be part opening into house at kitchen in corner to be big walk in pantry.And part would open to the master bath. I had this place down to a T as to what I wanted and fairly simple plan. The biggest part was to be mostly open.

Above the back entry room there was storage for shop and just stuff up a stairway.Maybe even door from upstairs.Big maybe. Hubby does not really work in his shop all that much and would open the two large doors if running something. The air compressor would be the noisiest thing. He turns that off when he is not using it.

The upstairs of the house was to be one big room with bath. Lots of windows. This would be my art studio and also serve as guest room when we needed. Downstairs master bedroom living room and kitchen. Living room and kitchen open to each other.

I am sorry we could not do it this way. Would have been perfect for our small lot. So will the manufactured home. Just a little more fancy than I felt I needed. The stairs might have become a problem as we got older than we already are. LOL

The pictures, three pages of them, link are of a model home like we are getting with some changes on our house. Color of our house light butter cream yellow with white trim and white metal roof, we are in heavy snow country.The floor plan in the pictures are of a flipped floor plan than what we are getting. NO garden tub in master bath as in pictures. I have better use for that tub space than tub.


Here is a link that might be useful: House

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