It's a new week!

luvstocraftOctober 19, 2009

Thought I'd start this week's post on this cool, overcast Monday morning. I've already been on this computer too long--coffee cup is empty, but the dogs are still sleeping and so is DH. I need to get in gear and do a bit of housecleaning. Why is it so fun to clean and decorate, but not so fun to just clean? LOL

Well, I did a few little crafts yesterday, just a little Halloween wreath and some felt ghosts that go over tootsiepops. I WILL finish my three little painted Halloween decorations today! I will, I will, I will. LOL Time sure has a way of getting away from us doesn't it?

I keep trying to make myself stay away from the TS--I keep dragging things home to "redo", and I really just need to use up the things I already have. It is just so fun to go look for treasures and not spend too much money doing it though!

So what are you gals up to this week? Hope you are all squeezing in a little time for doing the fun things as well a keeping up with the "must dos". ;o)

I'll be back later this evening. Enjoy your day.


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I like to clean unless it's painting or yard time. I try to clean and then play but sometimes on the weekends if I beat DH out of bed I get all messed up.

Luvs, you should post your wreath and ghosts for everyone here to see. I wouldn't want them to miss out and I'm sure you don't either. Or did you plan to post with your crafts your finishing up today?

I got my counter cleaned off last weekend and DH painted some jars and other things for me so it's cluttered again. So what am I doing here instead of painting? Good

I'll go browse abit and then do dishes and try to paint a little this evening. Had a very busy day at work and it will be that way most of the week. I plan to go in at 6:00a.m. every moring and see if that helps.


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I guess I could post them here on the conversations side for the others to see. Just a couple of fun little crafts I worked on this weekend--when I probably should have been painting! LOL


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Good Morning.....

Luvs.....your DH sounds just like mine...still sleeping and I have been up for hours-but then this is my quiet time.

I love your wreath...still giggling and the ghosties are so cute. Are they lollipop holders? How clever you are!

I painted the gingerbread part of my orny's as well as the icing and jewels on the girl ones. Today will see the start of the faces.

Oooooppppsssss, maybe no, DH just got up with a migraine and off we got to the DRs. Talk later


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Belle, How's your DH doing? Does he get migraines frequently? I've not had them, but understand they can be nearly unbearable. Hope he's better.

I sort of finished up my three ornaments I'd started. The witche's hat needs some raffia and fall decor glued on I think. They were just super simple ones but I like quick projects--however, I sure got sidetracked for over a week on these while littl GD was staying with us.

DH and I did our movie for Senior Tuesday today. Saw Law Abiding Citizen and it was actually a pretty good plot.

Not much on our schedules for this week other than DH having a doctor appt on Thursday. I deadheaded and trimmed all my rose bushes and mowed yesterday. Think I might bring the carpet shampooer in tomorrow and do our bedroom carpet. I've also got to go buy some Halloween candy before it all gets sold out! LOL

Punk, I'm sorry you are having to put in such long hours, but guess you need to be there when the customers need you. You still get waaay more done in spite of working everyday than I do being retired! Go figure!

Okay, I'm off to see what's going on over on Holidays. Did you ever get to take a look over there Belle? I know you would enjoy it. I'll talk to you all later.


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Good Morning,

Funny you would mention long hours, Luvs. I put in 14 hours yesterday and got home alittle after 9. Had time to eat, call my 2 brothers about the folks place isssues and headed to bed. Will have to take care of that today somehow.

Our sattelite installer is getting ready to head off hunting so I had to do one of his service calls last night. I have mandatory training that has to be done by Friday so will be on the computer before and after business hours every day this week.

What do they say "No rest for the wicked" or "when it rains, it pours"? They would both apply in my case this week. It could be a week of long hours but I will rest on the weekend, I hope.

Good to hear Senior Tuesday at the movies was a good one. Hope DH doc appointment goes well tomorrow. You talking about dead heading and mowing sounds like alot of work right now to me. How much longer will you be mowing your yard. I don't think DH has mowed for a couple weeks here.

Hope we hear from everyone today and all is well. Punk

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Wow! All of you gals blow me out of the water. I figure if I get three meals on the table, the house picked up and dusted once in while and a few loads of laundry a week that I have done a days work. I am however, painting a step stool for GGD who is 14 months old and ready to stand at the bathroom sink. Also have a small, cute dresser in the garage that is waiting to be beautiful too.

Well, really I guess like everyone else, many more painting projects waiting than time. Isn't that great?

This is the second day in a row that it is warm and sunny so I should... will.. go to the cemeteries on my list. I am a member of Find A Grave and volunteer to take pictures of tombs and stones at cemeteries in the area.

When I get back I will paint.


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Good rainy Morning,

Luvs......was over to the gallery side first and your three projects are so the witch! How I envy you for your weather, fall has come and gone and rain has arrived and plans on staying a while. I remember moving back home from Calif., and having withdrawal pains at not having things like theaters or theme parks close at hand. Now having to travel is just part of life and you "plan" for them instead of just running off to do then and our area is so small our theater (one) only have matinees on the weekends. But we do have lots and lots of antique shoppes. about burning a candle at both ends! Like Anj you need to stand in front of a mirror and practice saying "NO," Ah! Right! When does that ever work? Never! Any chance you will have a snow day soon? sound like my kind of gal! In order to keep "even" with my housework, long ago I made a chart and do tasks on certain days...well most of the time!(Gosh! That sounds like my Grandmother) My problem is I don't mind doing any of the housework, I just have a problem getting started. Like, I don't mind dusting, I just mind having to move everything in order to dust under it. I don't mind doing the laundry, I just don't like having to sort the cloths and put them in the washer. And being here, or painting or reading or..or..or is much more fun!

You are going to post picture of your step stool and your DGD! Just love seeing all of the little ones. My "little one" is over 6' and is fast approaching 18 - my DGS that is.

Spent most of the day either in our van or waiting in the Drs office. DH has had migraines since he was about 11. Thankfully in the last 3 years his specialist has had them under control without making him a zombie, but every once in a while one slips by. Our family Dr., can give him an injection but does not keep the meds in his office so he has to write a script, we then take it to & pick it up from the pharmacy and back to the Drs., office for the shot. This all takes time as the office and pharmacy are about 7 miles apart and you always have to wait somewhere. Anyway, he was on his way back to normal :D :D last night.

I did paint well into the evening and this morning realized I didn't have enough light and will have to go back up a few steps and lighten things up a bit. I am doing a gingerbread head from Q & E Christmas Decorations. I am changing the eyes....think I said that somewhere before.... and not using the tin pocket but very thing wood and doweling for the candy cane and dropping the greenery. This is year 18 of ornaments to family and friends. Gosh it doesn't seem that long!'ve gone missing again! Hope all is well with you and yours and this silence means you are busy painting.

Better get to it....and maybe, just maybe, a load of cloths will find their way to the washer.

Take Care!


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Belle, I did manage to get a load of clothes in the washer this morning, now they need to be moved to the dryer! I also vacuumed the master bedroom and used the carpet shampooer on it. Need to scrub the master bath good too, but that might wait until tomorrow. DH and I took the two dogs for a ride and stopped for a breakfast sandwich on the way. He wanted to go see where his appointment is going to be tomorrow since it's not with our regular doctor. Your area sounds neat with all those antique shops, and I guess you do get used to having to go further for things in exchange for the privacy and quiet of living away from town.

Punk, in So. Calif. we have to do yard work year round, but I do mow the grass less in the winter time. My roses bloom, get deadheaded, then bloom again. This cycle continues all year long. We have had some cooler weather lately, wonder if our winter will be cooler than normal too? A couple years ago, we actually had a surprise freeze that damaged some of our plants. Thank goodness most recovered from it.

Joan, hope you will share your step stool project when you get it finished. DH and I are both retired, so we have a late breakfast/early lunch and then usually just a light evening meal and usually a snack of some kind before bedtime. I don't cook nearly as much as I did when I was working 40+ hours a week--go figure! LOL When I was working, I had to be organized in order to keep up with everything, now it just doesn't seem that important and I do it when the mood hits or when I can write my name in the dust1 LOL Painting, watching movies, reading and visiting with family are much more important and enjoyable.

Belle, glad doctor has the migraines pretty much under control. Waiting is so hard when you are in pain, does DH just keep a cool towel over his eyes and let you get the prescription for him? I've heard that migraines can even make you sick to your stomach--good he knows to head to the doctor right away.

Better go toss those clothes in the dryer, I'll be back later.


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Hi Everyone,

So glad to see all the posts tonight. Joan, I can hardly wait to see your stool when you finish. I hope you finish you dresser before I finish my desk. I know better than to start a project and not stay with it. Do you know what you are painting on the stool or dresser yet?

Your find a grave volunteer work sounds interesting. Do you do this in just a local cemetary? I'd love to hear about this and being a volunteer is so self rewarding as well as appreciated by all. I need to do more volunteer work again.

Belle, sounds like you your day was well spent for DH but sad that you two have to go through all this. Is your Ginger head an ornament? Will be looking forward to seeing it. So are you telling us you have painted ornaments for Christmas for 18 years?

Luvs, I can't believe you have to do yard work all year. Get outta here! No wonder you are always commenting on me as Speedy. If I had to do yard work all year I would be on the couch from exhaustion!!! I love the yard but it's a relief when things freeze and I'm back in the house.

I was reading the post over there on Lurkers and it really upset me so I din't go there. Instead I posted some old pictures to get them away from that post and marching forward.LOL

We haven't heard from PF or Anj so hopes tomorrow brings some new posts from them also.

Now the best news "It's All About Me" I'm heading to Vegas for the 1st time in my life the first part of Dec. I can hardly wait to see all the Christmas lights!!! Sorry about that but I'm so excited to think I get to go to Los Vegas finally and who listens to all my whinning about work overload more than all of you. You are all very special to me.

I want to see if there is any painting seminars going on but it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the family so I won't even check it out.


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Good Thursday morning to all,

Luvs, glad you got your retirement down pat. DH and I do not. Well, I don't. He day trades at the stock market and really does work in his office most days, so he needs breakfast before 8:30 when the market opens. When lunch time comes he "hovers"...never complains, never says a word, just hovers until I stop what I am doing and prepare it for him...Same with dinner. Ahhh. Couples are just plain not meant to spend 24/7 with one another. When working you have your day apart and are glad to meet at the end of the day and talk about events. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining he really is a terrific guy and he is always willing stop and help me out when I need it during the day. I am just not used to it yet.

Punk, Oh my goodness! Las Vegas! How wonderfully exciting. Wow! I bet is will be beautiful with the holidays lights. If anyone deserves it, it is you, with all of the hours you work.

Punk, is a nice outlet for me. While I really love living in the middle of nowhere, I am a joiner/people person have always been a volunteer for something or another, and had to find something (other than preparing meals) to keep me busy. I saw an article about it about three months ago and immediately went on line and joined. Since then I have posted about 150 photos. Amazing how many people want the pictures, so I feel as if I am doing my part. You can fulfill any request, it does not have to be locally. You know Punk, it is said that "if you want anything done, ask a busy person". Good grief girl, with your schedule and you still look for volunteer work. I am in awe!

Belle, Yeah me too, I have 5 children and always had a few foster children, so I had to run a tight ship to keep the house clean and work 1, 2 and sometimes 3 jobs. Boy that seems like a lifetime ago. Now the house is no where as clean and it is much more fun to do the things that I never had time for before. Heck, I used to do 7 loads of laundry a day. Now only about 3 a week. Life is indeed good!

Oh Belle, so sorry for your husband having migraines for so many years. It is too bad that the dr. can't call the RX in ahead of time, so you can pick it up on the way to his office, but it is good to hear that he has a handle on your DH's pain.

Oh my! 18 years of ornaments? How wonderful for your family. I am anxious to see your Gingers.

I base painted the stool pink and am pretty sure it will have an apple cheeked white duck, that will be shaded in blues. The reason I asked how everyone organized their magazines is, I have been reading every single one of the many many stacks, to find what to put on the stool as well as the dresser. Choosing what to paint is the hardest part for me. Well, I am now getting panicky, looking for a feminine, maybe rosebuds and vines type of border to put around the duck. The stool is for my great grand daughter. I have 9 grandchildren ages 8 to 29 and 5 grandies ages 14 months to 6. AND a couple of sons that are not yet married, so who know how many more in the future. Yeah, life IS good.


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Good Evening,

It is so nice to come here tonight and read your fun post Joan. If I type CT instead of Joan, please don't hold it against me. I will comprehend at some point.

I hear what your saying when your into something and yet it's your job to cook, clean etc. Sounds like you haven't taught DH to share in the house chores and if your like me, "It's A Little To Late To Do The Right Thing Now" like tell them they can jump in and do some of it.

I will have to go to and check it out. Thanks for the info.

Sounds like you have a wonderful family. I would love to have all of your GK and GGK. Oh, don't tell your children I wouldn't enjoy them also.LOL You are very lucky to be blessed with so many.

We only have two children and they each have one child. DH and I came from large families so they have lots of cousins but immediate family is small.

Absolutely agree with you, the hardest part of doing a project is finding the right thing to paint on it. I am looking forward to seeing your projects.

Luvs, Anj, Belle, Bebe and all hope to hear from you soon.


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Another Good Morning!

Luvs...thanks for reminding me that I have cloths in the washer from bad! In a way I wish our garden was blooming all years...but then like Punk said "that's a lot of work!" And I like the first signs of spring each year, it just seems to give me a boost.

As to the housework: I have this mental thing going that if I don't keep a neat and clean house I will be letting down all of the people who helped us make it so nice. Isn't that just crazy. Most of the people I will never see again, but still, I feel I will be letting them down if things "slip." Go figure! As I've never said that to anyone I think you gals here online are very special.

Thank you all for asking about my DH...he is fine today. During his working years he had constant headaches, years and years of headaches. In 1990 they found that he has a compressed vertebrae at the base of his skull and when he does things to aggravate it, he has headaches. One surgeon wanted to do surgery to help repair it but the odd of him being paralyzed on his left side was at about 70%. So as long as he behaves himself he now has fewer headaches and the meds he takes for them usually work, but once in awhile some slips in and won't stop. He was medically retire at age 49, Boy! were weren't ready for that one! But his being pain free is worth it.

Joan, I have heard of grave tracings and what a wonderful way to make a difference. I wish our area was older than it is but then we can't have everything a still live in such a beautiful area. Have you traced any interesting graves?

Glad you have found something to do on your foot stool. Finding what I want to do is one of my hardest problems!

Ah! Punk! It's about time you took a vacation and to Vegas! I have always wanted to go there but only for the shows.... I don't like to "loose" my money when I can spend it on something I want or as a gift. Are you counting down the days?

Yes, 18 years of ornaments. I have a very special friend who live on the other side of the state and we see each other about 6 times a year. We both had a grandchild, our first, within 2 months of each other. I made her GC and mine a 1st year Christmas decoration to hang on our tree's. That started it all. She now has 10 GC (I still have 1) and we have included several other friends along the way, as they had GC arrive, along with a couple of special friends, so we are now up to 28 this year. I just finished with the faces, only have to repaint 3, and the candy canes need 1 or 2 more coats of red. I will post pix's when done. (Did I mention I hate assembly line work?)

Ya'All take care and have a great weekend!


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Good morning everyone! I am soooo glad to be here reading your posts this morning--had no Internet all day yesterday for some reason. DH was teasing me about going into withdrawal since I couldn't get here! LOL

All of you are so busy and do so much. Punk, you do so much now, better put the volunteer work off for later on when you retire--you can only handle just so much, gal, just when do you plan to sleep?????

Glad you are getting to go to Las Vegas, and this is a good time since it has cooled off some. Are you driving your new car there? Even if you don't like to gamble, it is fun to visit the casinos and see all the "decor" themes--and the food is so fantastic although the prices have crept up over the years. If you like buffets, be sure you go to the Rio, their's is fantastic. Belle, I like the shows too, and there are always such a variety of them.

I've found a few painting magazines lately. Mostly Toleworld and a few Painting that I didn't already have. Got some at the Friends of the Library store and a few more at a TS I stopped by yesterday. I never subscribed to Tole World because they usually had the more realistic items which I'm not good at, but I sure have enjoyed looking through them and for only 25 and 35 cents, it's good relaxing entertainment for me! LOL

I had a couple more Fall patterns I thought I'd like to paint, but I'm starting to think about Christmas too. Need to make a decision, find a surface, and get busy on something!

Belle, I can't wait to see all your ornaments! My goodness you are doing allot! Like Punk, I like painting large things best, and like you, assembly line painting is not my favorite thing either--really admire you for doing so many of them and know everyone looks forward to receiving them each year! ;o)

Joan, it's so nice to have you joining us over here to chat. I am just so impressed by those of you who raised multiple children and kept it all organized. I only had the one son, and worked a full time plus job, and that was often quite a struggle. I remind myself of those days sometimes when I think I am "bored" now--and then go find something fun to do! LOL

Maybe we will hear from Bebe aka Painting Fool soon to hear all about her seminar. Punk, she is so busy and is going to paint my prize soon--I told her not to feel pressured to get it done quickly--we will make sure to show pics of it on here!

And Anj--I miss her sooo much, but know she has lots of things pulling her in all directions. With all the kids activities and the holdiays looming ahead as well, I know she is busy keeping it all running smoothly and trying to keep everybody happy. Maybe she will get to stop by again soon.

I need to go check the other forum then get busy around here. I'll catch you all later.


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Hey ya'll...I didn't disappear, but my post sure did. Man I hate it when that happens. Let's see if I can remember to get everything in here again. Luvs...very cute crafts. I love to do those kinds of things too, but no time anymore for anything like that.
Joan...I'm a genealogy nut so THANK YOU! for doing us a very nice service finding those graves and photographing them. I can't tell you how great it's been for me having those online since I'm moved to Utah and all my dead are in the Mississippi area. =D Plus it's an added extra that I don't have to climb around in poison oak, ivy and sumack to uncover some of those. ha That can be a dangerous volunteer effort in some of those cemeteries. DH and I have trekked thru the woods more than once looking for an old family cemetery where my ggg grandfather is supposedly buried. We have an old map, but the area has changed up so much since then.
I do about 5-7 loads of laundry a day myself. Ugh!
Belle~ I do flylady cleaning system so I kinda have my days divided up to certain tasks too.
My mom had horrible 3day migraines her whole life up until a few years ago. The drs always said it was her jaw. She went to a holistic dr and he ran some tests and told her she was allergic to corn, beef and chocolate. Took her off those things for a long time and slowly reintroduced them back into her diet and she hasn't had a migraine for going on 3 years. My brother gets a migraine every time he eats pepperoni so it could be a food allergy. Oh, as I keep reading I see there is a spinal reason for them. bummer.

Punk~ congrats on getting to go to Vegas.. We say we are going to go every year for our anniversary, but something always comes up and we don't.

Luvs my friend... I miss you too!! I seem to have come up with a few extra kids lately. ha Had to run to the Ts this week to try to find a Halloween costume for one of my friends kids since she is in California for work for 2 weeks. It was a good excuse to browse. ha Found a couple of books which only had one thing I was interested in in each one, but they were only 25 cents each so I got them. ha There were a couple of Decorative Painter ones which are way above my skill level, but I may try them out anyway and I got Happy Hoppin by Rebecca Carter, Honeysuckle Lane Simple Pleasures by Carmen Rogers and Jolly Holiday by Marie Cole.

Sent my 2 boys off to a birthday sleepover and they've spent the day with their cousin today, my parents are picking them up. DH went fishing with some friends. DD is going to a church dance with her friend so it's just me and the 5 yr old and I'm taking advantage of it. You'll be so proud. I actually got out the saw and cut out something to paint my John Sliney design on today. It's getting pretty close to completion. Funny what a little peace and quiet on a Saturday can do for me. ha I'll try to get it posted tomorrow.
Better get back to it before the fam starts coming back home. ha Got to take advantage of these alone moments. Later. ~Anj

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Good Evening,

The whole family spent the day in the city and went out for lunch at Red Robin. We didn't buy much except groceries and candy for Halloween.

I stopped at Michaels and they not longer carry any cute painting books. They are going to realistic painting books only. Guess they cleared them out at a great price. Where am I when all the good buys are out there.LOL

Luvs, I'll bet you was having withdrawls. What did you do to survive? So glad you made it! Thanks for telling us that PF hasn't painted your prize yet. I thought you had won one that was already painted.

Belle, we will all hope DH stays well and you make it through all those ornaments. The little stars I just painted were ok but not alot of detail to them. I think most of the time I try to do ornaments with to much detail.

We will fly to Vegas and I'm not sure what all we'll do exept some shopping and site seeing. My brother who will be going, goes there a few times a year so I'm sure he'll be a great tour guide.

We'll have GD with us so don't think we'll be losing much money gamling. She is so excited about flying. I'll try to eat at the Rio for at least one meal.

Anj, I know what your saying with your post disappearing. When that happens to me sometimes I don't have time to repost so I just go away MAD!lol It's good to hear from you and I just love it that you and Luvs find all of the good buys on books.


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Punk sounds like a fun day in the city. I cute books at Michaels anymore. I can sometimes find good ones at Hobby Lobby, but they are WAY expensive. I posted a few days ago, but I guess it didn't take. So aggravating.

Just stopped by to tell you guys that I got my John Sliney project finished! I can't believe I actually sat down and finished a project all in one day! ha I'm so proud!! ha Started on another one so we'll see if I can have some time to myself after church to work on it. Probably not since DH will want to watch our shows that we've got saved from this past week. I'll try to sneak in some time this week and let the housework go so I can finish up a few more before Halloween. Anyway, I will try my best to get this one posted tomorrow. Ya'll have a good night.

Hey Luvs...My 5 yr old is sitting here admiring my sign.....remember when I was in a mad rush to get those 25 signs done that Christmas and I finally finished them and left them to dry. Came back later and she had painted over them all with white paint?? ha Oh mercy....hope she doesn't try that these days. C ya'll tomorrow. ~Anj

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Oh how nice to come back by here and find more posts. Punk I'm glad you had a fun day. Our Michael's hasn't had many good painting books for a long time. They price them high and never run specials on them--bet they wonder why no one buys them! They've had the same books there for forever--I always stop by and look just in case! LOL

Anj, so nice to see a post from you. Don't you hate it when you have one all typed and it just disappears? Sounds like you had a good thrifting day, and I would have bought the books too, even just one pattern is worth it for that price. We don't have a Hobby Lobby here, but when I was in Mo. this summer, I did buy three books at the one there that had been marked down, so it's worth checking them whenever you happen to be in the store.

Guess what? My neighbor had told me about a new TS opening in a nearby town. Told DH I wanted to go over and check it out and he agreed to go with me! I think I am slowly converting him. LOL I got a cute acorn pitcher (I have a "thing" for acorns now) and a snowman plate with peppermint trim, and DH found a neat stuffed beaver for the dogs to play with. I was not very impressed with the new store, didn't like the lay out, but it is big--it's in what used to be a furniture store.

So glad you were able to get some time to work on your project, Anj. I'll look forward to seeing the pics when you get them posted. I had one more Halloween project I wanted to paint on some wood blocks, but need to enlarge the pattern to fit them first. I know I'm running out of time.

I bought candy for Halloween. This year I got some of the cute goody bags at Dollar Tree and some decorated pencils and erasers they had as well. I put those in the bags along with the pieces of candy, so all I'll have to do is hand each Trick or Treater a bag of goodies.

Oh my gosh, Anj, I do remember when your little one "helped" you with your painting project! Yes, let's hope she doesn't do that again. LOL Do you cut pieces for her and let her paint with you sometimes? My little GD loves all the pretty paint colors. When she stayed with me that week, she came up with the idea of collecting leaves and painting them and putting them in a "book". I hot glued a leaf on each page and she wrote "blue leaf" or "red leaf" on the page. Then on two of the leaves, I had her print her name with a gold pen and she gave them to my two friends. She really seemed to enjoy doing all of that and it kept her entertained.

Did you read my post about finding six or so books at the library store and four or so more at the TS? Most were Tole World, but there were also some Dec. Painter and Painting ones. I've enjoyed browsing through them and reading the details for doing some of the more realistic painting. I just don't think I have the talent or patience for that kind of painting. There were a few patterns I really liked, especially some of the santas. Any I can't use will just get passed on so hopefully someone else can enjoy them.

Boy, the days are sure getting shorter now. Guess we will have our time change next month. Still hard to believe summer is over already.

I'll check back in tomorrow. Sure glad to hear from all of you today.


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Hello, All,

Oh Anj, I can hardly wait to see your John Sliney project. Is it a Halloween one? Michael's had some of his they cleared out for $2.98. I've never seen any of his books sell that cheap. It was the only place around that had some of the currant books for me to purchase. Guess I'll have a reason to go to Spokane more.

Have you ever wished you would of taken a picture of the help DD gave you on those projects? So did you cry or just laugh when you found her painting? So sorry I'm laughing but sure can imagine the hurt at the time.

Luvs, Sounds like you found some goodies. I need to show you my autum tray with leaves that matches our large trays we painted. I need to quit buying until I have time to figure out what I'm giving to who for Christmas this year. My next project should be another tray for DH aunt.

Oh, I seen your post about my skates. I think I'd like to paint roses on them but need to get my book out that has the picture in it. I've also thought about painting some scenes on them but just can't seem to jump in with both feet and do it.

Hope your enjoying little GD. I'll have to tell you what mine did. DH does not want to go to Vegas now so I ask her ask him. So he says "Do you really want me to come"? And she said "No, I was just asking"?

I couldn't believe she said that. Kids say the darnest things, don't they? I need to follow through with the whole conversation if I want her to do my dirty work I guess. DB is buying us tickets to go see Garth Brooks in Vegas so I'm even more excited to head out.

My Sis's FIL that turned 97 this year in July is not doing well so I need to go visit him. He is so amazing, even though his kidneys are shutting down he still knows everyone and has a good outlook.

Days are getting shorter and I will close for now and try to get back later.


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