sarah's summer house

MoccasinMay 12, 2011

Attention fans of Sarah Richardson. I saw HGTV advertise her new series beginning Saturday night, 8 eastern 7 central.


And she is about as pregnant as she can get, but still busily redecorating and remodelling. I suppose it is relaxing, certainly it is fascinating.

Hope you can catch it wherever you are.

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Oh man! That makes me wish we had tv. I love Sarah Richardson!

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Youngun, I think that the programs may be featured online as well. So you do not have to miss the programs.

Not many families these days can say they do not have TV.
Wow. But we just have one here. A little cottage does not need to devote a lot of space to TV stuff. Unless you like a WII and play the sports like golf and tennis, where you need room to swing your clubs and rackets. My bro loves to do that, and has rearranged his watching/practice area so he does not wipe out lamps and ceiling fans!!! hehehehehe.

Another thought:
somebody may just upload the episode to YouTube. Worth checking out......

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Cannot wait!

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Both episodes have been very good (living room and guest bedrooms) especially with Tommy getting to decorate his own guest room! LOL

I like the lake house, but the farmhouse is still my favorite. Of course, she hasn't done the kitchen, yet :)

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