Where did the summer go?

pezabelleOctober 8, 2010

As I sit here looking out the window and all I see is green everything and a wetting drizzle. Our local meter.......ya' know the "real" weather person, sez we have seen the last of the sun and warm weather. It hasn't been dry enough or cold enough for the leaves to change color. Still haven't had our first frost, which has got to be a record.

Our DD & DS were out yesterday and helped DH put insulation under about 1/4th of the house. The rest will come week by week. Sure hope our heating bill goes down!

I haven't painting in about a week and I was so into doing a bigger version of my halloween train (did a small one last year), so I have warned everyone tomorrow is mine!!!!! ya right!

Luvs....I wish our weather was dry enough to put up yard decorations, I have tried but they just don't hold up. I do put some on the porch and at the entry. But I don't know why, our driveway is long enough that you can't see them, ah! well! I like them! Before I took down last years decorations, I took pictures and put them in a computer folder....you guessed it, couldn't find the folder.

So, I put everything in at least 3 places before I put it in the first place I tried.

Punk and Anj....sounds like you are as busy as always. And if my roses survive it is due to lack of care other than snapping off the old flowers. My primroses just seem to be over run by anything else I plant close by, think I will plant them in planters and turn their old beds into rock gardens. I like rock gardens!

Gotta hit the road, you all take care and have a good weekend!


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Hi Belle, I hope you did get a little time for yourself so you can paint a bit. Our weather had gotten up into the 3 digits a couple weeks ago, but has cooled down again. In fact, our heater kicked on a couple of mornings! I'm so loving being outside now, skies are clear, temps mild, sun shining, and there's just a nice feeling in the air. I put up all my Halloween decorations and will add more Fall items when I put them away. Can't wait to get all my acorn things out on display again! I love acorns!

Punk, I know you are busy getting moved into your new office, hope that is going well. Good to get it all set up before winter sets in.

Anj, I just responded to your post. Will be looking forward to seeing your project soon.

I don't have a project started. Had to take time out for three birthdays this month and putting up all the Halloween stuff. I've got a couple of little things I want to work on, so maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get started on them.


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My question is where did fall go? LOL After some cooler temps around 70 daytime, we have had 90 for the week. I do think it is supposed to cool down in a few more days. Not too bad really since the humidity level is low. Our little lake is down several feet, we only got 1/2" of rain in Sept.

No young-uns around for Halloween, so I don't decorate much for it or any holiday except Christmas. It's a double event because my birthday is near it.

I'm glad to meet ya'll. I'll be posting more so you can get a chance to know me.


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Glad to have you joining us here Calirose. As you can see, it's not very busy over here so we need more people to keep things interesting here. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Are you from Calif.? I'm in Rancho Cucamonga. Luvs

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Hi everyone!

Still crazy busy here. Too many projects and not enough time.

I started a new PBN a week or so ago. I think if it turns out, it's going to be really pretty, but wow...there's a million tiny dots and specks and lines. So far, I'm painting the whole thing with a size 10 spotter, and sometimes that seems too big! It's got a lot of different colors, too, so this is going to take a lot longer than I had planned on.

I started on another piece of furniture, too. It was unfinished, so I thought since it didn't need to be stripped or anything it would go together pretty quickly, but it's got a lot of detail. So, again, it's going to take a lot longer than I was planning on. I could use a painting pep talk about now!

Our weather has finally cooled off, too, but no rain at all, so it's dry as a bone.

I was at Hobby Lobby today, and I thought of all of you painting and crafty people! They have all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things out. I was hungry and on sensory overload anyway, so I just breezed through it all, but I thought of all of the wonderful projects that were just waiting to be done! I'm excited to see what everyone does this season.

I don't decorate for Halloween, but since Thanksgiving is now at our house, I'm thinking of decorating more for fall. Last year I just did a flower arrangement and a few turkeys and pumpkins, but it seemed kind of skimpy. I have no ideas, though. Help?

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Hi Franksmom, glad to hear you've started another of your PBN pictures. You do a beautiful job on them. I keep hoping we will get you converted over to some regular painting someday too. You would enjoy painting some trays, vases, signs and even some cutouts for holiday/seasonal decor I'm sure. Just think about a picture in a coloring book. After you paint in the basic colors, then you can dip your brush in a slightly darker shade of the color and brush it along one edge that might have a bit of shadow. Then you can dip your brush in a lighter shade or white and run that along the edge where the light might hit the object. Those two things are what will take your painted item from flat to dimensional. Easy, huh? Just like on your PBN, you notice the lighter and darker shades of the same basic color--same thing in regular painting.

I need that painting pep talk too! I have so many pattern pages in my magazines and books marked to paint--just need to pick one and get started. I'm really attracted to some of the ones with pretty leaves, but my leaves never turn out that great. Guess I need to follow the directions and go step by step, don't I?

My house has Halloween/fall everywhere and only yesterday I realized that some items I had made this year are missing! Need to go poke around in my shed to see where they are--then figure out where to use them! LOL

Gotta refill my coffee cup. TTYL


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Just have a few minutes, glad to see all are well and busy as ever.

I'm reconstructing an entire year of accounts for our local theater group and have a deadline, so gotta keep at it.

I agree with Luvs... FM..... the transition would be if not easy, no big deal for you. Actually you did a kind of shading on your roses, you just didn't float the shade/high lights. I won't say it is easy because it does take practice, but the results are worth the effort.

Calirose.... our only young visitors are fast approaching their 20's, but I love the fall colors so I decorate everywhere, even my laundry room. Fall moved to Halloween which moves to Thanksgiving which changes out to New Years, which moves into Valentines, etc., etc., etc. Take a peek over on the Holiday side, some really beautiful decorations.

We had over an inch of rain this last weekend. Now we are back to fog and no rain, no sun either, just no rain.

Gotta run, take care!


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Luvs, I am from Elvis country, West TN. Not really sure how I came to be calirose. I think it sounds pretty and romantic though not much like me come to think of it. LOL

Belle, I lurk occasionally on Holidays. I used to really enjoy doing that sort of thing, but alas old age ;) and less entertaining at home deters me. I guess I had rather spend my time painting!

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Hi everyone!

Taking a break because the plumber is here. Two differnt repairs, and $$$$$$$$$. It's always something. Usually DH and I can fix most things, but this was beyond us, so we're paying for it. I hate home repairs!!

Luvs and Belle, I've already got a sign planned out for our garage. I've been looking for something pre-made, but haven't found anything that was just right, and they're all so expensive! It'll have to wait until winter, but I do have some ideas, I just need to plan it out. I'll be surely asking for your help when I get to it!!

There's a holidays section? On gardenweb?? How did I miss that?! I was just making a list of Thanksgiving things to do, and was looking over the pics of last year's decor. I think I definitely need something for the tables. Nothing big, fancy, fragile, etc. etc. and something easy to store. Maybe some burlap table runners with small pumpkins and leaves scattered down the middle? Acorns? Nuts?

Anyway, back to chores for me. I sanded more on that china cabinet this morning, and it's almost done. Then primer, more sanding, a final cleaning, paint, more paint, detail paint, etc. You know the drill! Talk to you all soon!

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Hey, it great to see more action over here. Sounds like a busy bunch. It froze here last night so I had to get all my gourds, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes and peppers in. I've been trying to clean out some of my flower beds too. We have been getting some rain so the ground is in good standing for fall here.

Things seem to be going well getting the building ready for our move. Seems like alot of details to stay on top of every day but so far my head's still above water.haha

Hope everyone will post some of their holiday decorating for us to enjoy. FM, the Holiday is under home when you first get on here. Instead of clicking to Decorative Painting go to Holidays. I have a few things to share over there tonight.

I am going to try to get more painting done soon so don't hold your breath but I will eventually share something. It's so great to have more here joining us.


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Hey ladies....wow! Time flies. Y'all already know what I'm gonna have to say! Busy Busy! ha Was sick over the weekend so I'm still painting walls. One more coat with the roller and I'm done with the living room and hall and then it's on to the bathrooms! Boy does the trim and cutting in take a lot of time. Ugh!! I had forgotten. Thought I could whip it out really quickly. Need to get it finished up today. We are gearing up for DD's birthday party Friday night. DH got the fire pit done yesterday (how many years have I been talking about getting that done Luvs??). ha It looks really nice. We'll have a table set up out by that for making s'mores. Got the menu all planned out, the music ready and will do the decorating tomorrow. We are haunting up the garage and having the party outdoors this year. Borrowing some heaters from our neighbor. Hope it will be nice for her. Have to run to the TS today to find a couple more candelabra. Lots of work these kids are! ha I hope they appreciate it.
The kids are off 1/2 day today and then no school tomorrow and Friday. DS has a scout campout Friday night that I have to get him ready for too. Other DS has a big report due on Monday that he's not done much on which mom will have to help him finish up.
Sooooo you know I have no time left for my painting projects and I have so many piling up that I want to get done. Probably going to a friends house for Thanksgiving so want to paint up something cute for them and since I'm told there is only 72 more shopping days until Christmas (YIKES) I also need to get started on some gifts. Gets my adrenaline pumping just thinking about it all. ha I'd better get going. Just crammed down my breakfast and need to hit the road. Y'all have a wonderful day and week if I don't get back here. I hate that I'm not getting to visit with ya'll much and get to know the newbies! It's great having ya'll here! I'll be back when I can! ~Anj

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BTW...I'm pretty sure summer is gone for good here! 42 this morning! I'm freezin already!!

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Calirose--I laughed at your response about your forum name! Feel free to comment over on holidays even if you aren't posting things yourself. We always love to hear everyone's comments--keeps us motivated to do more just like it does on this forum! ;o)

Punk, I'm glad things are going good with your move. Sorry it's getting cold where you are so soon, know that puts more pressure on you to get things done.

Belle,is it a "good thing" that people still count on you to figure out their bookeeping for them? Lots of work I'm sure, they are lucky to have you to help. Sorry you have no sunshine--wanna swap a bit of my sunshine for some of your rain???

Franksmom, come on over to Holidays, it's a really fun forum with nice people--just don't forget to come here too! ;o) Bet you will be glad to have your china cabinet all painted--hope you took before and after pictures!

Anj, you are tooooo busy--you've never had to be away this much. Must have to do with the kids being older and doing more activities. Your plans for the party sound so fun, hope you find just what you need at the TS today. Did you have to mention how many days until Christmas???? I did good just to get my Fall/Halloween decorations up. Haven't given any thought to making gifts yet--guess I'd better do that. Glad you took a minute to say hi.


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Good Evening Everyone, it's slowing down over here so guess we better try to shift gears and see what we can do. I will try to start on something tomorrow. I need to do alittle more cleaning and have DGD soccer game but will try my hardest to get painting.

Made this little plate for Halloween so will share that for now with all of you. It was hard to photograph so put it in between the pumpkins for a better look.


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Punk I love your plate. Is it painted???? If so, the lettering is all done so very neatly. I love that design, sort of contemporary.

If it's painted, you could have put it over on discussions or gallery so more would see it. I need to remind everyone to go to the Gallery to see your cute turkey napkin rings too.

I haven't painted anything since I finished the witch, just busy doing other things. I do have more things earmarked for Halloween, but may not get to them this year.

How's your move coming along? When will you be in the new offices? Know you will be glad when it is all done.

Hello to the rest of you too. Guess everyone is busy and not into Halloween painting. Remember that you can post pics of things you've painted in the past too. I've got a problem with my camera, but will try to get a few pics to post too.


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