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khspwOctober 15, 2009

OK now there might be one out there and if so let me know..Here is my idea for us that have not painted in years and are extremely rusty on all knowledge. I need a carrying case that is labled for the type of brushes...Liners, Flats, etc. Now if there is someone tell me. I have lots of brushes now and don't know what some are for. Gonna paint tonight on website and I was trying to get all supplies together only to realize I don't remember some of the brushes. Now, there are soooooo many companies and brushes don't look the same. Ok it is probably just me but I could use help with these. Thanks

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I like Leow Cornell brushes mainly because they seem to last longer. I don't use that many different brushes for my tole painting. Some of the nylon have become my favorites.

The Royal and Langnickle brushes on this site I listed below is some Paintingfool got most of us on here using and I think this might help you deciding what brush to use on which project.

My brush cases are so old that they no longer make them. They are blue round containers. When I use to do ceramics I used pringles cans. I store my brushes in a roller tray that has several drawers for cosmetologists now. I can show you a picture but its not portable.LOL

Hope this helps and we'll talk more later. Punk

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Sorry I can't help. I don't even know the names of most of the ones I use. ha

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thanks..I have also used the Pringles cans lol I was so nervous that the online class last night. My plate really is scary. I just needed to be more prepared with all right stuff at hand. I have several brushes that say te same but look different. Oh well, Picaso I am not. But I'm pretty than him.

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I'm with Anj, I don't even know the names of all my brushes either--I just grab the one that I think will fit the area I want to paint, and like Punk, I have two or three that I use the most. Right now, I'm in love with angle brushes. I'm glad Punk was able to give you a link that might help.

Are you doing online classes at Toletown? I was just reading about how you can paint with them or at your own leisure. Might have to check it out sometime.


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Khs... glad you are prettier than Picasso! I have a notebook where I keep info stuff, like a list and picture of all brush's offered by Royal even though I like Loew/Cornell the best. The brush's do the same thing no matter who makes them and I try to stay mid line in price except for special brush's like liners. I also keep a conversion list for the most common brands of paint and mix my own when I can instead of buying a color for just one project.

I don't use a carrying case... something that goes out of my house as I rarely paint anywhere but at home. But at home my DH made me two brush caddies and they were simple. They are much like an oblong wooden basket with solid ends and base but slats for the sides. He cut to fit a plastic florescent light cover that is actually small white squares. He cut one section to fit the bottom of the caddy and one for the top edge. The brush ends sit in the base squares and the top squares keep them upright. Being a totally "blue" personality that I am, I store all of my "not in use" brush's according to type and size, then I don't have to hunt for them when I need them.

I have a three drawer, on wheels, rubbermaid or some other brand of storage unit that again DH built a top that sits down onto the top of the unit. It has an area for my water container and paint bottles as well as an area for my brush's, one area is a glass (tupperware) and other is holes drilled into a long block of wood. Being on wheels is the best part, it goes where I need it or I can put it out of the way. So...think of what you need and build it to what you want and will work best for you and your painting area. And remember to do nice things for yourself when you paint, a great smelling candle burning near you and a pretty glass for you favorite beverage and don't forget a good movie or music can really set the mood for great painting.


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