Things kids say!

luvstocraftOctober 15, 2006

Good morning Anj, I wanted to share GD and my conversation about birds and worms with you. She has a magnifying glass so we took a walk and checked out all the ants and worms along the way. She said there were "lots of worms" and I told her the birds would be happy because they eat worms. She looked at me like--whaaat? So then I told her that the mommy and daddy birds find big juicy worms and then fly them back to the nest for their baby birds to eat! She was quite facinated by the story--but then said " Gramma, worms are yucky!" Her expression through the whole story was so priceless--almost like she couldn't believe it! After I stopped laughing, we talked about how people don't eat worms only birds do. Wanted to be sure she wouldn't try them! Ha ha It is so true that little ones make us see things in a new way again. Too cute. Luvs

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Very cute story luvs. They are so cute at this age. Yea, you don't want her coming in with a big juicy worm hanging out of her mouth. Glad you clarified that for her. ha I can picture the look. It's like when they first find out that the chicken leg they are eating is from a real chicken!! ha

I was throwing down some blankets and things from our attic the other day and mine stepped up to the hole, put her hand on her hip, looked up and said "Mo-om!! That not nice!!!"ha That look was also priceless. ha

Is your GD a girly girl? My first was a tomboy thru and thru, but this one is totally girly girl. Took her to the pumpkin patch last night and she was euwwwwing all the way thru. Euwww, it yucky, euwww, it stinky, euwww wook at that! She was cracking us up tiptoeing thru so she didn't touch anything yucky! ha

Glad you are getting to share some of those priceless moments with your GD. What did we ever laugh at before we got them?? :) ~Anj

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I agree with Anj. Before we had kids it was just the two of us. Children changed our priorities. They were the reason we did certain things. Once we had kids we would never have ever wished to go back to being just the two of us. They enrich our lives so much.

Our kids are now all in university and it is just the two of us once more. But the phone calls and the advice that they want when they call just warms my heart. They are so special, each of the kids. One is newly married and two are in the dating part of life and it is really interesting watching each of them making their own lives now.


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Anj, I can just see your little one fussing at you about throwing the blankets on the floor! Now you start hearing your words echoed back at you! Ha ha

I'm not for sure yet, but I think GD will be more the tomboy type. She loves to climb on everything now, and getting her hands muddy is her idea of fun! LOL

I had her this afternoon, and when I took her home, I told her to give me a hug and a kiss so I could go get some dinner ready for Grandpa. She said " No Gramma, stay here". She just melts my heart--love her soooo much!

Brenda, Your house may feel a little empty now with the kids gone, but don't worry--you have grandkids to look forward to! Grandkids are so much fun and we are so much more relaxed and able to just enjoy them.


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Oo, I have a story, well, I got lots, but here's one about what kids say.
My youngest was a late talker compared to his brother and sister. They chattered away at a very early age, but not him. Even when he did talk he'd never use 2 words when one would do. Sometimes I even started to worry a little, but he understood everything that anyone said to him, so I figured he'd talk when he felt he had something to say.

I used to take him for a daily walk unless the weather was really bad. This was one of his great pleasures.
Of course, as winter nears, you start digging out their little hats, warm coats and mittens.
On this particular day I couldn't find his mitts. I was hunting under chairs, in the bottom of the closet, up on the shelf, while he kept hopping from one foot to the other and trying to open the door. I kept explaining we'd go in a minute, as soon as I got his mittens on. He turned to me and said his first sentence.
"Me no need no mittens!"
I knew he'd talk when he had something to say!

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Ha ha! You are right--sometimes they are just soaking up information and sorting it out in those little heads! He went from one word statements to a whole sentence quickly when he really wanted something, didn't he? Luvs

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My kids talked pretty early, but I remember their first sentences well. DD#1 said "I want hamburger, french fries and coke" when my DM asked what we all wanted from McD's one day. DS#1 said very clearly "Mom, I wanna piece a gum" DS#2 said "Wake up Mama, I hungry" and DD#2 said "I ont go outside NOW!!" So as you can see they all really wanted something as well. ha It's a big whoa! when you aren't used to them saying more than one word at a time and they pop out with those sentences.
Very cute stories. They do melt your heart in so many ways. ~Anj

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Cute Anj, I love that you remember each one so clearly. It is a surprize when they suddenly start saying more than one word--almost feels like they have just been accumulating information and knowledge and have now decided to share it with us. Little GD can be quite bossy at times--"Come on Gramma", "You have this one", "That one mine!" etc. Then she can be so loving like the time I walked in the door at her house and she came running & shouting "Gramma! I like Gramma." Awww! Talk about making you feel good. Yesterday, when Grandpa was getting ready to come home, she shouted out "Take me, Grandpa, take me!) Sure made it hard for Grandpa to leave! Ha ha Luvs

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My 2 yr old loves her "Poppa" too. They are big buds. Older DD didn't want anybody but her Grammy so my Dad is pretty happy to have one that is attached to him. ha DH's parents live in LA so our kids only get to see them every other year or so. My parents live in a mother-in-law apartment in our house so my kids get to see them every day.

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