Monday October 20th

anjabeeOctober 20, 2008

Morning Luvs...

Sorry I didn't get to post. We stayed out pretty late Sat night at the party and then after church Sun morning we were invited to eat lunch with friends and we stayed a while to visit with them. Then we came home and crashed and everyone napped....even the kids. ha My brother came over to visit and by the time he left it was time to get everyone ready for bed.

We had a blast at the party. We decorated it up so good and the dj brought lights and a disco ball so it looked awesome. We had lots of food and music and we did karaoke so it was hilarious. We had pizza and movies for the kids to watch in another room so they had fun too. DH won the costume contest. He looked like a psychadelic Indian instead of a hippie, but the effect was good. ha So it was just a really fun night.

I've got to get this house in order. It's a hot mess after leaving the kids here all day Saturday while we were getting ready for the party. They have destroyed it and I was too tired to do much yesterday. I'm gonna try to go back to my plan and work until noonish and paint after that. Today is our last warm day for a while. Need to get a few more things done in the back yard too.

I hope you had a good weekend. Are you feeling better? I was until I woke up this morning and everything is lodged in my sinus. So plugged it's giving me a headache so I'm gonna go take something to try to head it off. Did I tell you DH sprained his ankle Friday? Well he did, but he won't stay off of it. Anyway, I'd better get to work. Ta~Ta ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I had just typed two paragraphs here and they just disappeared! Yikes, that is frustrating!

So glad you had a great weekend, you sure deserve to have some fun! Congrats to your DH on the winning costume. Hope he has at least wrapped an ace bandage around that sprained ankle. I would have loved to seen your costumes and heard you sing karaoke! LOL

Cold is better, but not gone! At least I can sort of ignore it now and get on with doing things. Still coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose some, but less than before. It about wiped me out for three or four days there!

Hope you are able to take something that will make you feel better. I can tell from your words that you will be busy all day! Better make sure you do get outside for a bit to just enjoy the nice day. Maybe take a drink outside and just sit in the sunshine when you take a little break.

I had a burst of energy on Saturday, stripped the bed, even the zip on mattress covers and got them washed, took my faux (fake) trees outside for a good washing, and even took the cushions off the patio chairs and gave them a good scrubbing. Must be that end of season cleaning urge that seems to come right before the holidays! LOL

GD was here yesterday, so we played. I poked holes in a plate and we wove yarn through them and made a spiderweb and then put a couple of those fake spiders on it. She loved doing it, chatted the whole time about "what will the real spiders say?" "Will this catch any flies?" "How come ????" Was just too cute. Then I had Gpa lift her up so she could hang it from a nail in the doorway--loved the look of pride on her little face! ;o)

We're heading off to Sam's Club today, so I'd better go change my shirt. I'm almost afraid to go there, we always end up buying more than we went for! LOL

I'll catch you later.


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Hey....well, I didn't beat the beat me. Feels like my brainpan is about to split open. ha I've been sitting here trying to paint since noon, but it's going even slower than normal. Just not feeling it so basically just got a few things basecoated, a couple of patterns traced and no details done on anything. Makes my head hurt worse when I try to look at it too closely. ha And I thought I was over this mess. Been sneezing my head off all day too. But at least I get out of cooking tonight. ha DH said he'd stop and pick up some fried chicken on his way home. I hate to make him hobble in the store. He does have his ankle wrapped. I'm not even hungry, but somebody has to feed the youngins. ha

Glad you are feeling a little better. Hope you are close to being over it. We always buy too much at Costco too (same as Sams). Your little web craft with GD sounds like fun.

Well, just thought I'd write a little note and then maybe go lay down for a little bit and see if I can get this headache to ease up a bit. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Talk to ya then. ~Anj

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Back again, we went to Sam's and lightened our bank account by a couple hundred. They are redoing their little food area, DH and I like the sausage and soda special there, so we drove around the corner and ate at Costco! Isn't that just too funny--my DH's idea, not mine! LOL We go to either one of them, and often both on the same day if we are comparing prices on something--sort of nice that ours are so close to each other.

I also went to Walmart this afternoon, hadn't been for awhile and needed a few things like spray paint. So since I was out, I just had to stop by Big Lots, Home Goods, and a couple of small TS. Really didn't find much I really wanted, did buy a gift for a friend.

I'm ready to get busy on my next project, but I have to run down to read some insurance paperwork for an older friend. Her insurance agent, who is a friend and former customer of mine, gave up explaining it to her on the phone and told her she should call me and have me read it to her! Gonna have to ask him where my share of the commission is I guess! LOL She is really difficult to explain things too, especially over the phone. That plus she only hears what you say IF it is what she wants it to be!

So sorry about your headache. At least you got a few things done before you couldn't stand it anymore. Probably best if you can just go to a dark, quiet room and rest. So glad your DH is helpful like that, what a blessing, huh?

Hope you feel better tomorrow, I'll talk to you then.


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Hi! Feeling a marked improvement today finally. Yay. Still have the waterworks going on, but feel better otherwise.
We went and bought a new stove last night and they delivered it this morning. It's nice. Got a double oven on it and a flat cooktop. It's stainless and black. Not exactly what I was thinking of buying, but close enough and it was in stock and on clearance so we saved about $600 on it. It's a Maytag so I hope it will be a good one.

My DM told me I'm a packrat this morning so I guess I'd better limit my trips to the TS. We just don't have a lot of room so we are kinda squished up in this house, mainly because they live with us, but I gotta hold my tongue on that one. She has hardly nothing decorative in her house so she doesn't like the way I decorate my own house. I shouldn't let what she says bother me, but I do.

The eating at the food court was funny. I figured ya'll might have costco there, but wasn't sure. We used to shop at Sams, but then they built the Costco closer to us so we go there now. I think everyone likes the sausage dogs. ha We were there last weekend with some friends and the wife was wanting to stop and get one. She says she never leaves without getting one, but we were in a hurry and there was a long line so she was disappointed.

That was nice of you to help your friend. Is it the same one that you do the bills for? Hope she wasn't too bad for you. You should get a commission or at least lunch. ha

I'm still working on my little Halloween thingy and I've got some painting done on a winter stave with a snowman holding a gingerbread. It's a Terrye French design. Was thinking of painting a John Sliney design on one of the blackboards I got at the TS last week. I'm planning on painting more today. I'm in my groove. ha We'll see if I can actually get anything finished.

Better throw in a few loads of clothes first and get started. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Glad to hear you got the new stove! Two ovens--that's great--and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner too! ;o) I bet you will be thinking up all kinds of things to bake now. ;o)

Anj, you just remember that it is YOUR home and you can decorate it any way you want to. I know you've had lots of compliments on how comfortable and homey it feels. If you have too many goodies waiting for projects, just box up a few and label the box--or put pics of the items on it-and stash it in that big attic of yours or in the garage. You'll get to it all eventually. Besides, going to the TS to hunt for treasures for painting or gifting to others is your "therapy and relaxation". You are always doing things for everyone else, you deserve to be nice to yourself too.

Yes, the same friend. The strong winds tore shingles off the corner of her roof. It will need to be fixed before the winter rains come. She gets so nervous about paperwork and expenses. I helped her fill out the papers and get them in the mail, and then I treated her to lunch. She's going to be 76 in February, but in many ways she seems much older. Her daughter called me wanting me to encourage her to sell her mobile home so she can move to Oregon with them. Wouldn't you know, prices are really down now so not the best time to sell. I asked her if she didn't think it would be nice to not have to worry about leaking roofs, insurance, and trying to get places without a car. She said yes, but it's cold up there and she would miss being in her own place with all her things. I think her daughter should come down to help get her going on it all. Of course, her daughter has only been to see her once in ten years!

I'm glad you've got your painting groove on again! ;o) Did you decide if you are doing the twelve days gifts this year? If so, I know you will be busy getting things ready for that.

I've still got one design I'd like to paint for Halloween, but haven't picked a surface for it yet. Maybe I'll work on it a bit after I get back from lunch/shopping with my neighbor ladies tomorrow.

Guess what I did today? I sewed three little outfits for GD's barbie type dolls! Haven't sewed in a long time, in fact the last time I tried, I had to take the machine in for cleaning and adjustments. These turned out okay, I used velcro for the fasteners, so that worked out really well. Not worth the time though--I'm such an amatuer that it took me about four hours! ;o( Hope she will like them, however she even liked the ones I just tied on them for her. She wants long dresses and does not like their hair tied back--isn't that too funny? Such an opinionated little gal. LOL

Okay, I'm off to read the holiday forum. TTYL


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I tested out my stove yesterday. Used the smaller oven to make grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Took it about as long as it would to make toast (it actually has a toast button) and it was perfect. Used the stovetop and the bigger oven last night too and I think I'm gonna like it.

I know I should't let DM bother me, but I can't seem to be able to take any criticism from her at all. I don't even have anything out right now except what I'm working on. I took your advice and boxed up all my projects and they are in the attic. It just looks crowded right now because I've got the Halloween decorations out. DH and the kids like our house and you are right, I get compliments from people who visit so I guess I shouldn't let it bother me.

I don't blame your friend for not wanting to sell her house to go live with a stranger, do you? That is rediculous that she doesn't visit her mom more, or have her come visit her. I'm sure they have straight thru flights where someone could take her to the airport and make sure she gets on the plane on one end and they'll pick her up on the other. We used to do that for my G-ma. Glad you are around to help her. I know you'll be blessed for it.

I've got one little Halloween thing done. I'll spray it today and post it. I don't know if I'm doing the 12 days this year now. Haven't been able to think of another family that we want to do it for yet. It's fun, but it's also stressful so in some ways I kinda want to skip it. ha We still have lots of neighbors and friends to do gifts for. Probably need to get started on those ornaments.

My g-ma made me barbie clothes. I loved them. My favorite was a fur coat she made. And she made some beautiful long evening gowns for them. Better than ones you could buy at the store. Wish I'd have kept them now, but I gave all my barbies and accessories to a family friend who had a little girl and not a lot of money. My g-ma used the little tiny snaps on my dresses. No velcro back then. ha I know your GD will love the ones you made her.

Well, I'm back on my painting schedule and love it even though I feel like I'm working slower than usual. Maybe the sinus meds have me in slow motion. ha I have my usual movies going, but I'm mostly just listening to them and not really watching them so I don't know. When you see this simple little Halloween thing you'll wonder what took me so long to get it done. ha Oh well, at least I'm painting so we won't complain. ha

It's time to get kids up for school. CYL ~Anj

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Good morning. I had a fun day yesterday. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then hit my neighbor gal's favorite TS. It is pretty big, and has lots of stuff. I got a couple of those metal three tiered plate holders for $2.95 and $3.95, they usually cost around $14. Figure I'll add some clear plates and give one to my DIL. Got a golf putter dodad that talks and returns your ball for $4.00, figured it would be something Gpa could do with little GD, got a neat bunny pitcher to use as part of a gift, a cute little bottle for craft project, a little dish for part of a gift and a huge pedestal punch bowl! I had passed up a similar punch bowl a year or so ago, so when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. I'm thinking of using it for rasberry tea at Thanksgiving and then putting Christmas balls and twinkle lights in it for Christmas. I'll probably donate my old punch bowl now to make room for this one. Thank goodness it is in two parts so won't be that hard to store. I spent around $30 total, but it was fun, especially with each of us encouraging the other to get stuff! LOL

Well, my lunch date for today just called to cancel. She woke up with a bad cold. Told her I sympathize completely. I'm STILL blowing my nose after nine days of it! I really wonder if the strong winds have something to do with it, just stirs up so much stuff in the air.

I think I'll get out my spray paint and spruce up the two plate holders and primer a tray. I bought some chalkboard paint that I want to try on a tray. Wish me luck. I might make a trip to Lowe's for some of the 1/4 or 1/2 inch plywood, keep thinking of things I need it for. I need a 12 inch board too, I think. Hopefully, I'll get my last Halloween project started today.

I know that even a small project can take time, and some really have lots of details on them. I'll be looking forward to your pics.

I wish I could find a place for some inexpensive Barbie dresses--would be easier than sewing them. I've seen some outfits but they were mostly jeans type things. If you know a good place to look, I'm interested.

Oh, I wanted to tell you a story too. My little GD loves for us to tell her stories about when we were little. I was telling her about the metal dollhouse I had once upon a time. She says "where is it Gma?", I said "Oh, I gave it away a long time ago." She looks at me all angry and says "Well, you should have saved it for me!" LOL I then had to explain that I was very young and didn't even know I'd have a little GD way back then. Too funny.

TTYL, have a good one.


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Hey, if your punchbowl is like mine and it's two parts, you may be able to turn it upside down as a cake stand. That's what mine does. The part that holds the bowl is the pedestal and the bowl part becomes the covering for the cake....if that makes sense??? Play with it and see. I use mine all the time. We make a yummy banana slush for most holidays or just the simple punch with sprite poured over lime sherbet. The raspberry tea sounds good. I'm glad you had fun shopping with your friends. =) Sounds like you got some other good deals as well.

Sorry you are still having cold symptoms. I went to give blood the other night and they wouldn't let me. Said if I didn't know for sure if it was a cold or allergies I was having they couldn't take it. If it was a cold it's viral and would keep multiplying in my blood until it was just a big infection waiting to be given to some poor soul. I may just be having allergies because now it's coming and going, but mostly gone. Either way it had me feeling pretty aweful there for a while. Hope you feel better soon. It seems to just linger on doesn't it?

I'll keep my eyes out for Barbie clothes for you. I'm sure when you had your doll house there was no reason to even think of a Gchild. ha I had a fun one too, I used to love the smell of it. I think it was just stiff cardboard with vinyl over it??? The front folded down and made the front lawn. If you do an image search on vintage dollhouses you may be able to find the one you had.

Well, I've been sitting here long enough. I was trying to post my little project and photobucket wasn't cooperating so I was trying to figure out what the heck they are doing now. I left a message over on discussions, but when they changed things on photobucket, they changed my settings from private to public so you may want to go check yours. I think that's why it was putting up our whole albums when we tried to post pics.

My nephew is getting baptized this afternoon so I've got to get everyone ready to drive over there. It's about an hour away. You have a great weekend. I'm gonna try to get a little more done on the other two projects I'm working on tomorrow. ~Anj

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