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Em11July 29, 2014

Do any of you rotate your art out with seasons or holidays or just whenever you want to see something different? I love wall art, especially when I can get pretty good prints of my favorite artists like Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, Warren Kimble, or regional artists. However, because I don't like to display so much on my walls that one doesn't actually notice or "see" what's there, I've reached the point of wanting to switch things out, store some, then put them back up at a later date or season. I love my wall art, and I want to have them all, but it would be too much to put them all up at once. Is this weird? Does anyone else do this?

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I don't. I have a large art collection and, once properly hung, that's it forever.

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I move paintings around, and have some in storage that also rotate.

I made sure that the wire for the hanger is the same distance from the top of the frame for all the pictures of a similar size so I can remove one and install another without messing with new nails and holes in the walls and still have them at the "right height".

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Not weird at all, how you display your art is for your own pleasure so do whatever you like.

I have quite a few original oil paintings of winter scenes and only use them in the winter.

I occasionally rotate the rest also according to my whim. Have too many to hang all at once on my limited wall space - I have a lot of windows in my house so not enough space for wall art. Some 'out of season' pieces are propped on a shelf in a guest room when not in more public areas.

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I don't rotate hanging art, but it sounds like a fun way to change up the feel of a room in addition to changing out other decorative accessories.

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I pretty much leave mine where it is, except switching a couple out during the Christmas Season. And, if I'm really inspired, which I haven't been lately, I change out a few around Halloween. But, as Lucky has already mentioned, whatever you do with your art is totally ok. Art is a personal pleasure and you should do whatever makes YOU happy. Enjoy!

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Annie Deighnaugh

It is where it is. Though I do have a lovely counted cross stitch my SIL did of a Xmas angel that I hang over the mantel for the holidays.

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I rotate it all the time, but I am the painter so I like to put my latest up and move the rest around. Art should move around and be enjoyed and shared even :)

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Yes, I rotate some of my art. I don't have any original art, just reproductions and a few signed prints. One thing that I regret is that I never bought any original art over the years.

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90% of what's on my walls are photographs. Personal stuff. Once it finds a home, it pretty much stays there. Occasionally I will reframe something or tighten up a group of photos, but they're sorta like friends and family members (literally) and we speak to one another.

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I do occasionally rotate my art. Sometimes it's because I want a change and other times it's because the arrangement never quite worked for me. A few months back I was in a decorative mood and did a new vignette on the end table in the LR and then it hit me about a certain arrangement for the wall above with stuff I've had for a few years, but never felt right in the other locations. I doubt I'll change that one out now for a long time.

My hallway has three wall ledges with photos propped against the wall on the one side (all b&w) and a large photo gallery on the other (all color) as well as various framed tabletop photos throughout the house and I change those out with my favorites as time goes on.

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I too have more art than wall space so I rotate. I got the idea from my MIL who rotated art. I liked the freshness it brought to rooms as we visited across time. It also enables one to "collect" favorites. I have a few artists I enjoy. Some art lends itself to certain seasons. Swapping helps me keep my home congruent with the seasons. I inherited a few pieces from her estate. It would be difficult to absorb them if I didn't rotate.

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