Countdown to Christmas

diarichOctober 23, 2006

I know halloween isn't over yet, but Christmas is knocking on our doors. Here is a neat site a friend sent to me. Money is very tight this year so I'm making a lot of my gifts.

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Thanks Diana, I'm off to check this out. ~Anj

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That looks like a really good site! I bookmarked it so I could go back and browse some more. Did it REALLY say 63 days till Christmas? Oh, my, it just comes around so fast--where does the time go? I like to make gifts too, before I retired, the girls I worked with always said that if I drew their name--they wanted a painted item. Luvs

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That was my same reaction 63 days!!!
I also crochet and have been working on some goodies for the kids for Christmas, I also have an eBay store to keep up with and boy am I behind LOL There are just not enough hours in a day...they go by too fast.
I loved what I saw so far at that site. Glad you liked it too.

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