Hello everyone!

colorgalOctober 24, 2008

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Things were pretty busy around here trying to get everything done before the cold weather hit. We did get everything done and now we are prepared for the snow and the cold.

The temperatures have been somewhat cold here, so I don't go out most days now. I have been painting a lot and I got a ton of Christmas stuff to paint. I bought a bunch of those wooden tags and I will be giving them out on my Christmas cards this year. That way people can use them on their tree as an ornament or they can put some magnets on the back and put them on the fridge. I'm being very frugal this year and making a lot of gifts. It keeps me very busy and I do think a lot of the people like homemade things.

Well I hope you are all doing well and I hope to get back in again soon.

Take Care.


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Hey you...glad you got to stop in. Very glad to hear you are painting. I certainly enjoy homemade gifts. I think everyone will be more frugal this year. I like your idea for the tags. Where did you find the wooden ones? I was going to give our neighbors zucchini bread and an ornament this year, but it would save me time having to cut them all out to just paint on the tags as well.
We hope to hear from you again soon too. ~Anj

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Hi Colorgal, we are glad to have you back. Glad you are settled in for the winter and planning to do lots of painting. We will look forward to seeing pics of your projects. I would also like to know where you find the wooden tags. I found a package of mixed sizes once at Michael's but haven't seen them since then. Have lots of fun and stay warm. Luvs

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Hello Colorgal, sound's like you welcome winter about the same way I do.....YUCK! Our fall has been wonderful, no rain, warm weather and lots of sun. But it won't last much longer. The only good thing about winter weather is that I don't have to feel guilty about painting and I'm the one that makes me feel guilty. I've even taken my painting out doors so that I can enjoy the yard and pond and not feel so guilty about being indoors.

I am also painting Christmas tags that I found at Michaels, using Beverly Kindred's patterns as well as several others.

Hope you will share you finished projects with us, I love seeing what other's are doing. It feeds my desire to paint more.


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Pezabelle, You are so right. When I see that other's are getting things painted, it makes me think I should get busy and do some too. And I love the variety we get on here, so many styles and preferences makes it so interesting.

I'm in So. Calif. so can't really complain much about winter, but I do enjoy it when I can just have the music going and sit and paint away the hours,-- all nice warm and cozy doing something I enjoy.

I need to get my next surface ready to go so I can get it painted. Seems to take me forever to get started even after I've picked out a pattern I want to do. Just get sidetracked too often and procrastinate too much!

I'll look forward to seeing your painted tags.


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