Oct. Is Flying and soon so will the Witch

phonegirlOctober 19, 2010

Good Evening Everyone, time sure isn't waiting for me this year. The sheet rockers were suppose to start the interior walls at the office today but instead had tons of long lights and other supplies in the way. So hopefully that will start tomorrow. Got the primer and paint ready when it's time.

We have a luncheon meeting this week and hopefully we will get some help on the funding of our new office space. I'm not holding by breath but it would be nice.

Met with the local phone company today and they are ready to run lines for phones, fax, cr crd machine and all the computers.

Luvs, did you get all your Halloween decorations put up? We had one of our frost free lines break and we ended up with water in our crawl space. I went down tonight and spotted some more of my decorations but I don't think I'll bring them out this year.

Hope to hear what all of you are up to this week. Remember I love seeing all your beautiful creations.LOL

Oh, in case some of you missed it. Luvs mentioned posting some of our older painting projects and I think that is a super idea. I for one know some of mine can no longer be viewed since I put them in albums.

Take Care my DF's and we'll talk later.


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Burrrrr! This morning is the second morning of real frost, guess fall has really arrived.

Turned over the completed books yesterday, now the tax accountant has his turn at them. How I love my computer and excel! Made things so much easier.

Well! We have two new members of our household. A small black and white kitten wondered in about a week ago, no one has claimed him, so..... then we found the most adorable terrier/beagle mix pupply, so Sam now has a new home and I am getting very little sleep. I totally forgot how much a pupply chews, and on anything! So DH is going after more chew toys today.

I have hopes of finishing my Halloween scene today, but will probably take more time than just one day. At our TS I did find a really cute little witch with those long cloth legs then her shoes. She was really paitning in dark, dull colors so during coffee breaks I repainted her. Much brighter now. Will try and post a picture.

Luvs...do you ever have the feeling that you had more time to paint before you retired? I sure do!!!! I used to paint to sell which meant hours each night painting. Now I'm lucky if I paint a hour each week. Go figure!

Pupply need to go out so, ya' all take care!


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Good morning, Punk and All. Gosh, Punk, it is always something isn't it? So sorry about the problem with the water in your crawl space. Hope it didn't cause too much damage.

I know what you mean about not bringing everything out this year. I about killed myself putting up all the Halloween stuff. Ended up with sore back, sore legs, sore feet, etc. from trying to do it all in one day so things wouldn't be messy very long with all the boxes sitting everywhere. I still have some Fall things to put out when I remove the Halloween stuff. Not looking forward to putting it all away either! LOL

Guess I'm just getting to the age where I need to keep just a few pieces and give away the rest. That will probably happen in the next couple of years. I have more pictures to share, but have a problem with the camera.

We're getting some nice soft showers here, and I'm loving the cooler weather too. I don't do well with the heat, so needing a sweater sometimes is fine by me.

You are also right about how quickly the days and months go by! Wish I knew how to slow things down a bit! LOL What's that saying? Something like "Time marches on!" Isn't that the truth???? LOL

Better get busy. Catch you all later.


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Good Morning!
Punk sorry to hear about that pipe. Hope all is better now. What kind of office are you getting?
Belle, congrats on your new pets. Love shows up where love is.
Luvs, stiff and sore - main reason I don't decorate much! Or for that matter do much of anything -LOL. I have FMS and arthritis so I have learned to do things in moderation.
Because of the kind comments I got here, I have started listing my things on artfire! I don't know if I will sell anything, but it is "out there".
Our weather here reminds me of a sign I once saw: Free beer tomorrow. (you know, tomorrow never comes, it becomes today) Anyway our forecasters say rain tomorrow - but alas it hasn't come. No rain in Oct, and only 1/2 inch in Sept. Our little lake is down several feet. I think our fall leaves will fall quickly without much color. Our temps are great tho, 75-85 day. It dipped to 40 last night.
Luvs, I don't do well in high heat nor cold! Too many days spent in office work and moderate temps through a/c and heat.


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Hey all...haven't read your posts so hope you are all doing well. I just dropped by to tell ya'll that hubby and I got in a wreck yesterday morning. We are both ok, but it banged us up pretty good and probably totaled our van. None of the kids were with us. We spent the day in the hospital yesterday and they have us pretty drugged up for the next few days. I'll come back when I'm not so loopy and give y'all the details. Prolly gonna be out of it for a few more days. Y'all have a good weekend. ~Anj

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Oh my Anj, SOOOOO sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you and DH are going to be fine. Bet you have taught those kids enough that they can take care of you for a few days. Sending Get Well Wishes your way and hope you both have a fast recovery.

Belle, congrats on the new family members. I want to see pictures. They both sound so cute.

Have you had time to finish your scene and witch? Did you take before pictures of the witch? I love seeing what you gals come up with on the redo's.

Luvs, we didn't end up with any damage but to bad it happened. Hope your sore muscles are feeling better. We are taking DGD shopping for a Halloween costume tomorrow. Hope there is still some left. Chances are I'll have sore feet when I'm done.

Have your showers continued? I would like a sweater instead of my heavy coat too.LOL It's not to bad unless the wind comes up and then oh boy, not good.

Cali, we own two businesses but I'm not sure I can say which ones on here. We sell cell phones for one company and satellite TV for 2 companies.

Your weather sounds great if you could get some rain to help out, would be wonderful. We are low 30's and high's 40's. So we have our coats out and if we are lucky enough to get some warm sun, let the coats fly briefly.

Hugs and Prayers for Anj and DH.

Take Care My DF's.


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Oh gosh, Anj, I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope you are both on the mend and that the insurance will take care of the van. Know you are thankful that none of the kids were involved. Do take it easy and let the medicine do it's job. Hugs to you both!

Belle, do share pics of the new additions to your family! How fun is that? LOL My DH and I love animals, and while we only have the two Golden Retrievers, we end up dog and bird sitting for friends quite often. Just had a friends bird for six weeks, and have been taking care of a neighbors two dogs for about that long.

We have still been getting some nice soft showers off and on. Only seeing the sun for a little bit most days. I like the cool crispness of the air, really feels more like Fall should! Punk, not sure I could handle 30's and 40's anymore--been too long and I'm much older now.

Calirose, I never thought about it, but maybe all the years I spent working inside at the banks is why I don't do well with either extreme temps anymore just like you. Hope you get some showers soon.

Punk, I did get my Halloween all done and I have more pictures to share but my camera says the "memory card is full" and I don't know how to empty it! Will have to remember to ask my son--he understands all that stuff--not me! LOL



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