need a small table with foldouts (pic enclosed)

nasalzakMay 27, 2008

oday my dh broke a chair that goes with the table in the picture. This table was our first wooden table and we didn't treat it well (put down dishes that were fresh out the oven--duh). Anyway, so I've been wanting to replace it for a while, despite the fact that it was only a year old. Buying a replacement chair is going to cost nearly 200, so I'm really into buying something a lot smaller. I am kind of glad he broke the chair because I can get something smaller. As you can see, it takes up the whole kitchen (welcome to city living). If you can recommend stores/sites that sell decent quality, but not so expensive, I'd love it.

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Someone posted a really great table for their kitchen a while ago. Can't find it, but they used a sofa table/console which had leaves that flipped over the top or down. It was a beautiful table. Maybe try an image search on google for sofa table with drop down leaf.

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I think there was a table like emagineer is describing in the pottery barn catalog.

I have seen some really small, space saving tables at Amish furniture stores.

Round tables also tend to very smaller and more compact.

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i saw 2 i liked at Target this week.

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Last fall someone put a picture/site of a beautiful wood table that was very small when the leaves were down (or pushed in)- I thought I saved it, but can't find it. I don't know if it would suit you. I would like to find it again myself but am having no luck- I think it might have been posted around September.

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ilmbg...That is the table I mentioned. It was beautiful. And I did find the original post. The table was from Art and Artifact. The link shows it is no longer available. Also, a google image search didn't come up with anything like it. What was interesting though is I also did a search on "pull out tables" and found bunches of interesting cabinets with tables that pull out. Not what the poster was looking for, but in a really small kitchen the idea would be great for extra workspace.

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