Electronics baffle me!

luvstocraftOctober 31, 2007

You know I can't even figure out how to turn the flash off on my digital camera. So hard to get good pics of items without getting the glare. Don't know how it would look without the flash, but couldn't be much worse! Anyone else baffled by electronic gadgets? LOL

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They more intrique me. Gotta figure em out. ha Just never have time to mess with them is the problem. Ever feel like you are going at maximum speed all the time? I'm sure I'm not, but it feels like there is always something going on or in prep coming up and not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

My pics take on a weird hue when I take the flash off. Kinda go yellowish in color and distort the color of my pieces so you may be glad you can't take the flash off. ha Plus mine then takes off the auto focus too so they are off that way unless I put it on a tripod. If I don't any little giggle makes them look smeared. Was it PF that mentioned getting as far away from the piece as possible and then zooming in on it so as not to get the flash? I've been trying to do that and it does work a little better on some things if they don't have a high gloss on them or if I didn't just spray them.

You'll be proud, I actually got something almost completed yesterday. Got a Halloween parade to go to at my kids school, then off to have breakfast with my DH, then over to the tile stores to find a soap dish to go with my tile, then back home to get ready for tonight. I'm hoping I may be able to finish it up this afternoon. About time I contributed something with a little detail to it. ha It's been nice to sit and paint.
Hope you get your camera figured out. Was it you that accidentally took a shot of your behind when you first got your camera? ha I slightly remember there was a story there. ha :) ~Anj

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Nope, that wasn't me. My boo boo was to accidentally set mine on video and then hear all my moans and groans I made while climbing up and down the ladder to take pics of my painted items on top of my kitchen cabinets. Needless to say those pics got deleted from Photobucket FAST! LOL

I'm not much of a photographer, guess you all will have to put up with the poor quality pics I post. At least you get the general idea. LOL


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I think yours have all turned out real good, better than mine anyway. ha I do remember that now with the ladder. ha The lighting in my house is horrible. I keep threatening to buy 100 watt bulbs for every socket to get it bright in here.
I'm just waiting for my battery to charge so I can take a pic of the Christmas box. I did manage to get it finished yesterday.
My kids are all home sick with a touch of food poisoning today. We went over to a friends house last night after trting and they ate some chicken soup there. They've been up most of the night doing turns in the bathroom and it's noon and they haven't gotten over it yet. I'm fixing them a big pot of hot grits to soothe their stomachs and hope they feel better. They are all laying around in various lounging positions all over the living room watching movies. Feeling too bad to even enjoy the fruits of their labors last night. ha They've traded a few bits of candy, but haven't eaten much. My legs are sore today from all the walking we did last night. I'm still in my pjs. GUess I'd better go shower. My luck the contractor will show up today since I'm not dressed yet. ha Have a good one. ~Anj

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Oh gosh, it's always a worry about things sitting out too long. I'm real paranoid about anything with mayonnaise at potlucks myself. Sure hope it passes quickly so they feel better. Not wanting to eat candy means they really feel yucky!

Loved the box you painted. What a great find. Did you have to paint the inside too? That pattern was a good choice, and I'm glad you finally got to have some painting time.

I enjoyed the little Trick or Treaters last night. Didn't have as many as the year before. The weather was just perfect for them too. Yikes! We have half a bag of candy left--sure don't need that in my house! Maybe the neighborhood kids will be ready for more in a week or so.

I didn't do much today either. Took down the Halloween decorations, then got all tired out trimming some vines at the side of the house. Filled two trash cans full of them. Then I took a shower and haven't done much of anything since except read a book and get back on here! Darn, I could have been painting! (Hits side of head.) LOL I have to finish my blocks and get all the Halloween stuff packed back up for another year. Not sure why, but just sorta tired feeling this week--need to snap out of it.

Good to hear from you. I'll catch you later. Luvs

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Seems like you got quite a bit accomplished anyway. I am feeling the same way! I sat here for most of the day just vegging in front of this computer screen too tired to do anything much. Got my Halloween stuff taken down and will get it all packed away tomorrow. It's 8:30 and I'm ready to go to bed. If I can get these kids to get there I'm heading in shortly after.

Thanks for the compliments on the box. I did have to try to match the paint to paint the inside. I thought it turned out pretty cute, but never sure when it's supposed to be going to someone else. I was planning to paint some gingerbreads on it at first, but then the Santa thing clicked. ha My brain ain't running at full capacity lately. :) Guess I need to start on that bucket for the scented pinecones next and get a few Thanksgiving things painted up. Going to get my few little Thanksgiving decorations out tomorrow too. Don't have much.

Ok, I'm just falling asleep here. Gotta get up and get these kids to bed and myself. Hope you find some energy tomorrow too. ha Talk to ya then. ~Anj

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Morning Anj, Just checking in here while I have my coffee. DH got called for a train at 9 last night, got home about 5:30 this morning. Means I have to do quiet things and keep the dogs quiet so he can get some sleep.

Sounds like good painting time to me! Need to finish the sides on those two blocks, then maybe start on my sign.

I need some more Thanksgiving things too. I have a funny turkey I made one year, and a block set of Pilgrims--oh, and a turkey paver. That's about it. Know I have a couple Pilgrim sign patterns, I've always wanted to paint. Guess I'd better pull them out and get busy--the months just seem to go by so quickly!

You are sure coming up with some good ideas for your 12 days of Christmas this year. Do you already have the bucket? They even had bags of scented pinecones at the grocery store the other day. That is a really good idea.

I'm a little sore from all the bending and picking up trimmings and leaves yesterday--getting old is rough. LOL My mind thinks I can do everything like I always have, but the body sure moans and groans about it for a couple days afterwards!

Have a good one, I'll catch you later.


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Glad DH made it home safely.
I'm only 39 and I'm still sore 2 days after walking the kids around for TrT. hahahaha Pathetic, ain't it?? Had to run to the grocery this am and then cleaned and organized my pantry when I got home. Need to start on putting away the Halloween stuff until DD gets home and then I have to run to the library for DS a book to do a presentation on next week. Got a few b-day parties this weekend for a cousin and a friend.
My parents 40th anniversary is coming up so I've got to get a slideshow done, order food, reserve a building and so on. Only have 2 weeks to get it all done. Ugh. Sucks being the only girl. ha Don't know when I'm gonna get in painting time. My calendar is filling up quickly. Whine Whine whine!! ha
I just sat down for a sec to pay a bill. Better get back to it. Did you see Oddie's suitcase?? Isn't it cute? You taught her well, grasshopper!! ha ~Anj

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OMG! Oddie has her suitcase painted already? I'd better go check on that. That gal claims to not be a painter, but she sure whips these projects out fast! Not on here, so I'd better go check the craft forum for it. "Grasshopper"? I remember that show! You are too funny!

You know, you are young enough to be my daughter! Kind of neat that we have a common interest that crosses the age boundary. I so enjoy your talent, sense of humor and hearing about your family and activities. ;o)

Congrats to your parents, that's a big milestone. Nice that they have you to take care of things, hope your brothers chip in for the expenses at least. ;o)

I'm off to look for Oddie's suitcase.


P.S.I've been painting--got it all basecoated, now for the fun stuff! ;o)

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Just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed our friendship. You seem like a pretty cool woman and when you are cool it transcends age!! ha
Just got another project given to me at church today. I have to come up with a Christmas craft project for our ladies group.....and TEACH it! Soooo not wanting to do it!! ha I hate getting up in front of people. And you know I'm drawing a blank now that I'm on the spot. You know any suggestions will be welcome. I'm off to the craft board and internet to see what I can find. Need a few to turn into our leader to help me decide which one will work best. I've got a wire wreath with different patterned strips of christmas material tied to it that I did a few years ago that may be one I can do, not many of the ladies are very talented in the paint department and it has to be relatively inexpensive. If I could find enough jiffy pops that may be one too??? OOps casseroles ready to pop out of the oven. I'll chat more later. Got a b-day party to go to after we slam down our supper. ha I'm feeling the hyperventilation coming on. ha Breathe Breathe. :) ~Anj

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Awwwh! You are so sweet. I don't think I've ever been thought of as cool before! LOL Mentally maybe--but that's the only way!

Oh, I know what you mean about having to stand up in front of people--I hate that too. I'd rather wash dishes or scrub the floors at the church instead of getting in front of people. The minister's wife asked me to bring some of my projects one time and do a demonstration. I was a nervous wreck. Luckily it was something I was really interested in, so I guess my enthusiasm came through and it went okay.

Yes, you need something easy to explain, and that you can have most of it ready ahead of time. Jiffy pops with the printed designs would be good. Then they could just glue some trim on and tie the bows!

Do you remember the yarn wreaths? You wrapped yarn around and around a cardboard, then slipped it off and tied it in the middle. Made lots of those and tied them onto a coat hanger to make a wreath. Then just glued on some holly leaves and berries.

You could also use the small grapevine wreaths and let them hot glue on some berries and ornaments. I know big lots has packages of the little tiny ornaments, and snowmen, santas, etc.

Or how about printing off a bunch of those tags and let them use the felt pens to color them in for name tags for presents?

I'll keep thinking, but I'm sure you will think of just the perfect thing. Just needs to be cute--but easy. ;o)

Hope you had a good time at the B-day party. Luvs

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Ok, I may just do the glass block lights. I've got a graphic that I think will work and shouldn't be too hard for them to glue that on, tie on a ribbon and thread in the lights if I pre-drill the hole. I'm going to go price them out today and see if they are inexpensive enough to do. This kind of stuff makes me a nervous wreck. I can paint and most of my crafts involve painting so they think I can just come up with any craft off the top of my head. :P
Thanks for the suggestions. Never heard of the yarn wreaths. I like the tag idea. May have to go look for some that would work cause I don't know how long it will take to make those lights. Probably not long. I'm gonna have to practice making bows so I'll be ready. Maybe that will take up a little time teaching them how to do those? ha Anyway, if you were in the group do you think that you'd be interested in doing that? The only other things I was thinking about were beaded ornament hangers or this felt advent thing, but the class is halfway thru Dec so don't think that would be a good one. ~Anj

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Anj, I love the glass block idea! I've always wanted to make one but was too chicken to drill the blocks! LOL (I think someone told me there are plastic ones out now too, but I forget to look for them!) You really think they will get the hang of making a big bow? Ha ha Most people, including me at times, really struggle with those. You might end up making half of them for them.

You will feel better once you figure out what to do and get all the supplies purchased. Are you going to make up a sample one ahead of time so they will get excited when they see what they are going to make?

I predict that you will end up having fun, and feel so proud of yourself. ;o)


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Hey~ this electronics post is getting really long, itn't it? ha I am heading out the door right now to go gather my supplies to make a sample for her to show at church Sun and price it all out. Asked the lady who's in charge of this about it last night to see if they had done any before and she said no, but wasn't acting too excited about it so don't know if she really knew what I was talking about or maybe she did and just wasn't enthused. ha
I have never made a bow until last night!! Watched a how to online and was practicing with a little scrap ribbon I had here. ha That's why I'm gonna have to practice a bunch before Dec! ha I found the cutest snowman graphic to use. I signed up a while ago for that pchugbug site and it lets you download some free graphics and I think it will be perfect for the lights. I've wanted to make one for myself since I saw them, but you know how long the project list is. ha So good opportunity for me to see if I can do it. DH is gonna drill the holes for me. I may do some for my SIL's and DM for Christmas too. We'll see.

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