Refrigerator next to kitchen doorway? Please show me yours!

animacafeMay 25, 2013

I am finalizing my cabinet layout today and still re-thinking a few things. My current plan has a 12'' angled cabinet between the main doorway and fridge to help ease the transition into the room.

Another thought would be to put a 12" floor to ceiling cabinet on the end of the fridge run with the door opening into the entrance - that would allow for broom storage since I don't have room for a full pantry anywhere. THANKS TO ANGELA12345 for her suggestion in this earlier thread:

My question is - will that make the entry feel like a 2 foot tunnel? There would be a 2'ft "wall" on either side of you as you walk in the door. Does anyone have their fridge right next to the doorway? How does that work for you?


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I think i would center the fridge in that section and either place a slightly smaller microwave in the corner[on the counter] created with the peninsula or the end of peninsula below counter or in a wall cab to the right of hood.You will gain some inches to the left of fridge and I would want some counter space between the .uppers and lowers-even if the uppers come down to within 15 in of counter.You can probably have counter and even a skinny vertical closet for brooms or even a vertical pantry of some sort. This being the entry from the front-that landing of counter space no matter if small would be a requirement if I were doing this. the fridge wall doesn't look right-maybe it's the orphan glass door cabinet sitting there on the wall....I gave one idea but I think you should play with it a bit more.

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Agree with Herb on the wall cabinet next to the MW. I would make everything on that wall the same height and depth, or just leave it off. What would you think of a pull out pantry and a book shelve that faced towards the other room there?

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I have two tall cabs on each side of the door. Distance b/w them is 4' and the cab at the bottom wall is 2' 3 1/2" wide. I don't even notice them. Your kitchen is much wider than mine, so I don't think you'll feel like going through a tunnel.

Mine looks something like this.

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I just responded on your other thread (please check) - I have a pantry and cabinets on either side of my entrance and it does not feel like a 2' tunnel. When you think about it - that is only 1 step and then you're in the kitchen. I like the idea of making the cabinets all one and having it as broom storage.

Bring the cabinet on the right down to the counter and you have effectively created a tall-wall. Just suggestions.

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We have a brick tunnel going into the kitchen, with an 8" brick wall between door and fridge. I really enjoy it, because no one is walking into my space to get a drink or a snack while I'm cooking. From left to right is doorway from dining room, fridge space, pantry doorway.

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@herbflavor - your comment about the orphan cabinet is right-on! I hadn't noticed that before. That wall has been the biggest problem throughout this project. It is really the only place to put the refrigerator. The reason I was trying to fit the MW there is to get it out of the way of the range - and to set up the range wall as a pretty focal point from the DR view. I think I may try turning that cabinet to face the DR and setting it up like a hutch - with DR side access to the blind cabinet beneath. Thanks for your help!

@LoPay - are you talking a pull-out pantry above the peninsula to the right of the MW cab?

@sena01 - thanks for the illustration! I'm glad to hear you don't find the narrow point between the doors in your kitchen to be restrictive.

@blfenton - thanks for your response on the other thread - I responded there too. I like the idea of creating a whole wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry. I think the narrow angled cabinet I had there is an example of my over-thinking things too much. :)

@ mrsmortarmixer - wow! That is beautiful - what a unique feature. I bet it will be stunning when it is complete!

Thank you all!

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My bad - I thought that was am island.

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