Cold & White Fall Monday

phonegirlOctober 13, 2009

Good Evening To All,

It's a new white week here. We haven't lost all of our snow yet but it's suppose to warm up more as the week goes on and I sure hope it does.

We seem to have a bit of the flu lately. The only symptom is stomach cramps which we can live with.

Our nephew stopped by tonight and was selling Boy Scout popcorn so we bought some. Is this something everyone else buys? It is good and I will be making orange popcorn balls soon. Do all of you have a favorite popcorn ball recipe? If not I have one I would be happy to share with any or all of you.

I will close for now and finish reading and maybe do a little more posting before I head to bed. Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Hi Punk, I had asked about your weather on another post, hope you get a bit warmer weather for awhile yet at least. I've never had anyone come around selling boy scout popcorn--but popcorn balls sure sound yummy. I haven't made them in years and have no idea what recipe I used, so maybe if you post your's it will motivate me to make some again.

We got a bit of much need rain, hope we get more this week. Only saw the sunshine for a few hours yesterday and not at all today--that seldom happens here! LOL

I've got to go, I'll catch you all later.



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Hi Luvs,

Most of our snow melted today. So now if it will warm up that will be great. I'll bet your thrilled to have some rain.

Do you have GD now? I just can't get enough of little GD. She is so fun and now she loves to play games but we have to play by her rules.LOL

Here's my

Popcorn Ball Recipe

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup karo syrup
1 cup sugar
Bring to soft boil and add coloring.

Salt popcorn and lightly butter it. Pour syrup over it and form balls.

I start my butter melting in pan and add sugar and syrup and cook while popping popcorn in hot air popper. I never use a candy thermometer to check my syrup but it boils about 5 min. I have had really good luck with this simple recipe and have given it away to most who try my popcorn balls. Hope you like it.


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Hey ya'll. What a long day this has been. My grumpy attitude probably didn't help it much. ha Sometimes you just wake up that way and it all goes downhill from there. ha I was cleaning out kids rooms today. It had just gotten out of control. Have to do that about once every couple of months or we couldn't walk in there. So aggravating. Got my house cleaned. Have a little more dusting to do tomorrow and then I'll start decorating for Halloween. I have our youth group smores/hotdog and glow in the dark volleyball tomorrow night, then I have my 14 yr olds birthday bash this weekend. 8 girls with big appetites so I've got to get some food ready. One of the girls may be staying the whole weekend til Monday with us since her parents are going out of town. I'm really not staying away on purpose Luvs or because I don't have any projects done. It's just plain nuts around this place. DD tried out for the high school basketball team today and they want her to come back tomorrow. She's only in 9th grade, but the coaches said it's better if they can get on the high school team...more experience?? We'll see.

We went up to the ski resort this past weekend. Wow was our hotel gorgeous. Had a room that was bigger than our first apartment. ha King size down filled mattress and pillows. I don't think I've ever slept so good in my life! It was like sleeping on a cloud....and warm! DH and I are now looking for a down mattress topper for our bed. ha It was a nice little getaway.

Punk~ my kids love popcorn balls. A lady gave some out for Halloween a few years ago and they were soooo good. My kids were like...forget the candy, can we have some more popcorn balls. ha They were hitting her up for more at church that week. ha Asked her for the recipe and she said just use the Rice Krispie Treat recipe and substitute the popcorn instead of Rice Krispies. They are yummy!
When I was little my Sunday School teacher used to make some strawberry flavored ones that we loved. I think she used either koolaid or jello to flavor them. Mmm I can still remember those. ha I'll have to give your recipe a try. I'm sure it's good. Sounds like the way my aunt used to make hers and they were really good too. Never had Boy Scout Popcorn before either.

Well, ladies, I'm falling slap asleep sitting here in my chair. I guess that's a sign for me to go to bed. ha Ya'll know I'd sit here all day and chat with ya if I could, but gotta hit it hard again tomorrow. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Morning Ladies,

Anj, hope today is a better day for you. I still have the flu and don't know if I'm working or not. If I don't I may try your zuchinni bread recipe finally.

Your weekend getaway sounds wonderful. We don't take the time to just get away and we should do more of that. DH likes home.

DH bought me a BMW roadster for my BDay so maybe that will get us in the mood to travel. It belonged to one of DS friends and she has a family now so it doesn't get driven much so she gave us a great deal on it. It needed some scratches removed so took it to the body shop and should have it back in a couple of weeks. I've always thought they were so cute and the price was right.

Have you ever made popcorn cake? So it is just like your rice krispy treats and just before you pour them into a cake pan you add M & M's. Don't over mix or the candies will melt. DD use to make that quite often when she was at home. Maybe this is something different you could make for all the girls this weekend. Have you decided what you will be cooking for all of them?

I think it's great that DD might make the high school team. Let us know how that turns out. Kids need to have a goal now days more than ever and if her sports keep her out of trouble that's wonderful. I have a niece that's breaking my heart right now. 2 years + of college and she likes drugs more than school and work. She has been to rehab and can't stay clean.

Oh by the way, my kids use to tell me no one else in their classes had clean rooms and I always said who cares. If one stays on top of them it's easier than letting the clutter go. Can be frustrating but we all make it through those times.LOL

I haven't tasted the strawberry popcorn balls but have had strawberry divinity. I really prefer the plain divinity but the strawberry is good for 1 piece a year.

GTG, Punk

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OK do you add food coloring to make orange balls? I am from Tennessee and our Volunteers are orange and white. This would be a good idea for my football parties. Now, about the weather, If our rain was snow we'd be covered for at least 2 years. It has rained as long as I can remember. WE are over 10" in rainfall. I HATE it I'd rather it snow at least I wouldn't have to go to work. If asnyone has some sunshine send me some.

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I do khspw (we need a nickname for you) ha I have sunshine today!!! I am so excited. Really pepped me up. Been raining here for a week seems like. I've colored my rice krispie treats with food coloring in the marshmallow mix before adding the rice krispies. I'm sure you could do the same with the popcorn balls.

Punk....keep forgetting to say....Sorry you are sick and feel better!!! Never had popcorn cake...sounds good. Definitely gonna make some popcorn balls for this weekend for the girls. =)
The kids have to straighten their rooms for 15 minutes each day, but it's amazing the stuff they collect up and stash in there in a short period of time.
Just found out that it wasn't tryouts DD was going to but open gym so the coaches can see what they can do...then tryouts. 2 of the coaches really liked DD and made some good comments about her so she is phsyched. I'll let you know if she makes it or not.
I can only handle about 1 piece of divinity per year too. Soooo sweet. UGH.
Luvs...hope you are enjoying that grandchild. =)
Belle...hows your week going?

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Hello Gals,

I do add food coloring while the sryup is cooking so I can dip some popcorn in to make sure it's the right color. I always use orange for halloween and wouldn't it be fun to make some purple ones also?

It's raining here too so sorry I can't send some of our ss your way.

I feel sooooo much better today and hope I'm over the flu now. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm rootin' for DD to make tryouts but if not this year she still has alot of years ahead to Just DO IT!

We have DS little Yorkie again and she's ready for bed so I'll get off here and talk to you tomorrow.


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Morning all, so good to find everyone coming here to chat. I do have the little GD so not getting in much computer time right now. We've had lots of fun, but she had a bit of a melt down yesterday afternoon--not sure if it was homesickness for Mommy and Daddy or because she was wide awake and up at 4:45 in the morning! Anyway, a little quiet time with Gramma holding her and getting to bed early seemed to take care of things. And just in case you are wondering--YES, Gramma is TIRED! LOL Now I understand why her mommy is glad to have her in school--what a little whirlwind of energy! (Anj, I don't know how you do it!)

Guess what? I stopped at the little library bookstore yesterday and found about a dozen Decorative Artists and Tole World magazines! They were only 25 cents each so I bought them all. Some don't have much of anything I like, but there were some that I really liked. Had a nice relaxing afternoon sipping my drink and browsing through them. ;o)

Glad Punk is feeling better. Seems that her idea of relaxing while her body fights off the flu is to sit at her painting area and paint pretty things. Sure lucky for us, huh?

Belle, did the deck get all finished? How's your weather doing? We had a couple days of rain and cool temperatures, but were sunny and in the 80's now. Anj, I'm glad to hear the sunshine is out for you too, know how you hate gloomy days.

Khspw, Tennessee is another of my favorite states. Had an Aunt and Uncle who lived outside of Knoxville, and we've visited Dollywood and the surrounding area as well as doing the sights in Memphis. It's all that rain that keeps your state so pretty and green! ;o)

Well, you've all made me hungry for popcorn balls, so think I'll try Punk's recipe this weekend too. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.


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Hi All,

Oh Luvs, it's hard to decide what we want isn't it. Love GB but to fast for us alright. Sad when they miss mommy and daddy or just get sad from getting up to early or whatever. But the snuggle time is priceless.

Sometimes we need to tell them to play with Grandpa or their toys.LOL I don't get to see mine enough that I try to totally keep up and enjoy every moment with her.

DS went over last night to watch a cousins son play football. Guess the pros are looking at him but his grades are poor. DS said he was going to try to help him work on wanting better grades. Then he will head to see DGS whom we never get to see. Sad that we are missing him growing up. It saddens me to know that we can't be there with him like we are GD.

Luvs, so happy you found more books at such a great price. Sis brought me another metal cake taker and a metal bread keeper so that will give me something more to paint on. So Luvs do you have your next projects figured out? I'm going to try to get the rest of my decorations done this weekend but if not I'll forget them for this year.

I am feeling better but I'm still not over the flu. I don't do well sitting unless I'm on the computer or painting even if I don't feel well. I sleep for awhile and then I'm just ready to do something besides sit.

We had thick fog this morning and then the sun tried to come out but didn't really make it. We have cooter DS yorkie so have been out a few times this evening and it's pretty nice.

Let me know how the popcorn balls turn out. I will problably wait till halloween to make mine for the little goblins. I'm hoping to get sugar cookies made also.

I'll be back tomorrow. Punk

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Hi...what a long night. Had a bunch of teenage girls over for DD's b-day. They stayed up til 3am and finally all crashed at the same time. I made a bunch of food for them including my marshmallow popcorn balls. I had a bunch of marshmallows leftover from camping so needed to get them used up. They are really good. The kids love em. I used a stick of butter instead of the 3 T used in the Rice K recipe and they are ooey gooey good. I'm eating one right now. ha
Got up this morning early to make blueberry and chocolate chip muffins for the girls. Some of them had to leave early. I have 3 left and they are watching Haunting in Connecticut again now. Don't know when they'll go home, but didn't really have any plans for today. May be able to paint.
I got a little BOO sign painted and am working on a fanblade and a pot so we'll see if I can get any further with those today. Only have this week and next to work on Halloween stuff, then will start some Thanksgiving/Fall projects.
Luvs~ the kids can sure wear you out. What would you do if you had more than one!! ha My mom does pretty good when she has her 6 all at once, but she can't do it for very long. ha My MIL had 9 kids so between us all she has 22 grandkids and one on the way! ha It's insane when we all get together. ha
Congrats on your mags!! I love just sitting and looking thru new ones like that. Sure gets your creative juices flowing. Wish I knew when our library emptied their mags. They don't have a certain time and I always miss it. Been missing my trips to the TS lately too. Winter is a good time for walking around indoors. =) Still gives me a thrill when I happen upon a painting book or mag there. ha
Punk~ glad you are feeling better finally, but we sure enjoyed your painting while you were down. I am so hoping that my cousins Yorkie will have a puppy for me when we go back home in June. Those and schnauzers are my favorite dogs. But...every time I think about getting another schnauzer I tear up so guess I'll have to go the Yorkie route this time. Thinking I might name it know Yorkshire Pudding??? ha I don't know yet. Just hit me funny.
khspw~ I've been to parts of Tennessee too. Very beautiful place. In fact some friends of ours just moved there and are trying to get us to move there too. They love it.
Belle and Bebe~ hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Well, guess I'll go shower and clean up the kitchen and see if I can get to painting. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Hello All! I really would have to write a book if I want to mention everything you all have been doing.....gasp! Whew! Hope everyone is over the flu!!! The recipes sound really great and I use jello in chocolate chip the cherry and chocolate ones! Kids and sports are a bonus in life..DGS leg is on the mend and was able to do light practice this week. He went deer hunting for the first time today and asked DGP to go with him even though GP no longer hunts and our DGS came home with a big 2 point. He was playing it so cool. GP is really proud of him as is his mom and dad. His DD has never hunted so this is something new for him.

As to the rain......just think of the first four letter in Washington and that just about tells the story, we are a wash with rain. The weather people say it is a larger storm than hit us two years ago with 15" of rain in 22 hours, but we were luck because it stayed farther out to sea this time. Don't think I could do a repeat of that mess. They call it a Pineapple Express. When I went to the football game last night it was a balmy 59 degrees and when I came home it was 62...go figure.

khspw-I agree you need a name! I have traveled to most all of the northern state but none of the southern which is where I would most like to visit as my family, back a couple of generations, came from the Carolina's. But we all have our dreams of someday....that is my someday, like painting roses!

I have all of my Halloween decorations up but have been busy painting my Christmas ornaments so I could not do anything new for this year....did I mention I love Halloween and the fall colors? Anyway, the ornaments are to be hand delivered to Idaho this year and we want to do that before the passes have a lot of snow as we just traded off HIS monster 4 by-pickup for OUR van. Will post a picture of the orny's when I have one finished. I actually did one but then changed the eyes and mouth from the pattern I was looking at and like it much better. Now I only have 28 to paint.

Better run for now and get some lunch ready for the "mighty hunter" + mom and dad.

You all take care!

PS...the deck and porch are done and look great! Now everything else needs painting!

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Let's just call me LINDA. How can I change that? My email is so I guess I just put khspw.

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Good Evening,

Anj, do you still have girls and did you find time to paint? I use 1/2 cup of butter in my krispie treats also. Your muffins sound good and I just finished taco salad.

Belle, can hardly wait to see your ornaments. I don't know why I don't like to paint on little things but I really don't. Makes all of yours more special also. You do such a great job on them. I think I'll paint on some balls this year just haven't decided what.

I'll bet your tickled your porch is done! It does make other things look like they need painted too when one finsihes a large project like that.

Tell GS congrats on his 2 pt deer. I'll bet everyone was pretty pumped. Did the guys have to hurry home to keep it from spoiling with the warm weather? Glad to hear he is able to start practice again. Always something!

khspw, when you post just sign off as Linda. If you look at mine it's phonegirl and I sign Punk after my post. Hope this helps Linda and it's great to have you here with us.

Luvs are you spoiling that little GD? We sure hope so. I just talked with DS and told him to take his son shopping and tell him we miss and love him sooo much. Does that sound like a Gramma or what? I didn't realize what it was like for all my neices and nephews who lived away from my parents but it's sad. Yes I know we can't all live together.haha

Got my outside decorations finished today as it was nice out and a joy to be out in the yard with the dog and cat. I found another ghost I'd made years ago but his nose fell off so I need to find another to glue on. I was thinking if I can't find a half circle I might glue a button or something else on it. I use to buy the half circles but haven't used one for years so don't know where they are.

I'll close and go get dishes done. Punk

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Hi again everyone, so good to hear from all of you. What a great group we have here now!

Little GD went home around noon. She went with Grandpa to pick up her Mommy and Daddy at the airport. Grandpa said all the way there she kept saying she didn't want to go home! But she was really happy when she saw her folks, and we are just so glad that she enjoys staying with us--makes it nice for her folks too so they can get away alone once in awhile. Anj, I don't think I could handle several grands at once--just this little one keeps me hopping. Of course, DH says I'm her "playmate" because we do most everything together. I just love how her little mind works and all the things she asks and tells me. I'm trying to write some of them down to remember later.

Anj, so glad you might get a little time to do something for yourself again. Congrats on surviving the sleepover again! LOL I'm sure they all had a great time and loved all the goodies you made for them. I'll have to remember to ask you for tips when our little one gets older. ;o)

Belle, congrats to your grandson, I'm sure he is very proud too--forgive me for hating the thought of killing those beautiful animals however. ;o(

I've got to find the Halloween items I had been working on last week and try to finish them up so I can share pics. I've found more things I want to paint in these 25 cent magazines I found at the library--I've really enjoyed looking through them even though they are older ones and maybe only one or two things I really like in each one. Many have the more realistic projects in them, and I'm not good at that kind of painting.

Think I'll go watch television for a bit then go get a shower. I've been sleeping in the guestroom with little GD all week, so it will feel really good to be back in my own bed tonight. I'm dreading tomorrow morning a bit--the house will seem too quiet with her gone! ;o(


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Good Morning,

Little pooch has me up early this am. She had to go out and do her duty so I went ahead and put the coffee on. I need to do some house cleaning today and laundry. Other than that I don't need to do anything but I best be buying some halloween candy or I may end up on the trick side.haha

Luvs, How did you sleep last night and does your home seem to quiet this morning? I would love to drive down and see little GD today but then I wouldn't get anything done.

Don't know if I told you but the kids are redoing their garage. The contractor is adding on another bay and going up two story and then hooking it to their home. If that makes any sense. Should be nice when it's complete as they won't have to go outside to get in the autos.

If you have time to finish up your halloween projects that would be great. Have you given any more thought of what you will paint on your other mirror?

I noticed a tray on Kathleen's blog that was silver with the chalk board paint in the center with the menu on it and it looked good. I would of never thought of the chalkboard paint if you wouldn' of mentioned it. And I know that platter wouldn't of caught my eye like it did. Thanks again. Amazing what effects one has on another.

I started another record with roses last night and it's not turning out like I want so maybe I can come up with another project today. You might laugh pretty hard at my choices of color for the roses and that's probably why I don't like it. Thanks for the comment on the yellow tray and I may wait and see what others say.


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Good morning! Yes, the house did feel way too quiet when I got up this morning! Miss those little giggles and hoots and hollers from little GD. Hope she slept really well being back in her "princess" bed at home too. ;o) We have some things to take over there so I'll see her this afternoon.

Punk, I totally agree, I will see something one of you has painted and think "I think I have that pattern" or "I was gonna make one of those". Plus I just think this forum is so great because once we've "created" our "masterpiece", it is so fun to be able to show it to other's and share ideas and comments.

A friend of mine from another forum likes to "surf the net" allot when she has trouble getting to sleep. She finds such wonderful items and often sends me links to check out. This morning she sent me some Halloween items. One was like a yellow caution sign with a witch on a broom in the middle and the words "o to witch in 60 seconds or less". Just cracked me up and I told her I NEED one of those signs! LOL

Well, speaking of signs, I think I'll go try to sort through the stacks of books and stuff in my craft/laundry room and find the items I had been working on. Hope all of you have a great weekend.


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How does everyone you sort all of your mags and patterns? I tried sorting them by titles, then figured that it makes sense to have them sorted by holdays and the Virgo in my wants them to be in date order. Ohhhh someone help me!!! Here is a photo of just a portion of my collection:

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Good Morning All! The rain has let off, we got a whopping 1.6" yesterday...water everywhere but the river and creek are doing ok. The pump is coming out of the creek today before the water get to high to do some damage.

Linda.....much easier than Kshpw! Glad to have you and please come back often!

Luvs...The best part of having children is when they have children! Grand kids are wonderful! And I really do understand your feeling on the deer hunting. For us, it has always been hunting for the use of the meat not the horns on the head. During our early married life there were times when venison or elk meat was the only meat in the freezer or on the table. When things became financially easier we stopped hunting. And yes, they are beautiful animals. We still have deer come in each fall to pick apples and pears from our trees and they are so fun to watch. We often drive into the foothill and watch the elk move gracefully along the side hills.

I not only think about having "that" pattern when one of you does a pattern from one I have, I often never though of using that pattern on that surface. Just like your three scarecrows, which was in a book i have but done on a curb stone. I dismissed it because of the weight of the stone not even thinking about doing it on how narrow minded is that! But then too, your was better than the pattern and sparked my interest.

Punk, and you wonder why I haven't done a rose! By the by...who is Kathleen or where is her blog? I probably missed it in another post. is great to see that you are back with us...we all seem to go "missing" sometimes. Funny how life just gets in the way of what we want to do!

Joan, first off I really like the blue vase or pitcher and it that a scales I see in the reflection? Anyway, back when I had lots and lots of books and magazines I stored the mags by name and dates. For the books, if they were all of one theme like Christmas, they all went together. Everything else went by title. Being the person that I am I also had a computer printout of all of the titles with special items or artists noted. The good thing about the list is I check it before buying a new book so that I didn't get that many doubles. Now I just keep out the books that I want to use soon in stackable racks and the rest I keep putting off listing in the exchange. I also keep a running list of what I want to do and where to find it. Some things seem to stay on the list while other get done. But you are you and what works for me may not for you. Do what works best for you!

DH just finished cutting out the orny's so off I go to sand, seal, Ah! you know the rest of the story!

Ya'All stay safe!


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Good Sunday Afternoon to All,


Looks like you are well organized to me and wish I could get organized. Belle sounds like what I'd like but will never take the time to do that. Most seem to have it together compared to me.LOL I make such a mess when I'm trying to decide what to paint. I need a paint studio and then I could hide my mess.

I will post a few of my pictures at the bottom of this post. I keep my patterns in 3 ring binders. Most of my books are in a cabinet. The rest of my books are in see thru rubbermaid totes.

I don't have much for magazines but I have lots of painting books. I keep them mostly by artist but the ones with flowers and Christmas are pretty much in the same area in the cupboard.

Belle, Kathlyn is over on the Holiday forum but it might of been a newer gal who just started posting. Her name is something like threeeverydaydecorator. Luvs may remember who had the tray for sure. If you have time you should go browse and make sure you have several hours to spend doing so.

Luvs, I've seen the sign your friend sent and loved it too. The best part of this forum is that everyone is so helpful and here for the fun. If it wasn't for all of you here I would not keep trying to paint a rose. I think that someone else's projects always look bette than mine but no one here cares so I post everything. You poor ladies!

Anj, hope your painting and Bebe should be back from her seminar today or tomorrow. Did she tell you what prize you won, Luvs? Am I like a little kid at Christmas or what???

Here's the pics of my paiting room. Punk

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WOW I am impressed with that set up. My house is a wreck from one end to the other. I start off in one room and moce to another.

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No way Punk--with all the painting you've been doing that must be a picture from when you first moved in! LOL Just teasing you, but your table is waaay too neat and that brush bin is too clean!

You have lots of great storage space and lots of books. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all take turns at each other's homes looking through each other's books? I love looking at painting books and magazines! ;o)

Linda, I have two bookcases in our family room and both have two shelves behind closed doors in the bottom. I have the majority of my books and magazines stored there. I used to try to the magazines by title and date, but now have sorted most by "seasons". Same with my painting books. Some books have multiple seasons so I try to put them at the end of the shelf. If I'm looking for a specific pattern, I tend to mess them up while hunting for the right book! I should get some of those magazine holders then it would be easier to pull out a whole group at one time. I also have stacks of books piled over by my recliner which are opened to the page of a project I think I'd like to do--hopefully soon! LOL

Belle, you are just too too organized gal! I'd rather paint a project than do all that work to get organized well. LOL Besides, I'd never keep my lists up to date anyway--have hard enough time remembering to enter receipts in my checkbook! LOL

Belle, if you ever have some extra time and like to look at holiday decorations and pretty tablescapes, head on over to the Christmas and Holiday forum and check out some of the posts. Lovely group of ladies over there who are very creative. It will be getting really busy there with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Kathleen is one of our friends there and she has her own blog. Her blog is so pretty and she is so much fun (and a wonderful cook). I'll post a link so you can take a look at her blog.

I'll be back to chat more tomorrow--you've all been so much fun today. Punk, thanks for sharing all those great projects. ;o)


Here is a link that might be useful: Kathleen's blog

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry I didn't state these were the same photos I had posted a while back. I didn't think I would be able to find them easily for Linda so posted the same ol ones. Your so right Luvs with the painting I've done latley you can barely get in my room right now! I feel BUSTED...

It has been a fun weekend. I thought I'd post over on the Holiday forum if things slow down or I have time. I tried to tell Jane to come over here and look but I don't think she did. I sure don't want to upset anyone by posting to much over there. All of us seem to want to see projects and I can tell you I wish you all posted new pictures of projects here every day.LOL

DS will be here around midnight to pickup little pooch and I have an early appointment with a real estate agent tomorrow morning followed by a meeting and then work. So I will close for now and get ready for bed so when DS leaves I can jump right in.


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I could spend a whole day looking through your books!!!And everything looks so neat.I periodically try to clean my "room"
and wind up messing it up again. I am not a very organized person to say the least! I have some of my books put away in an old trunk, I am hoping to get some out and maybe post on here. When I look at them tho I CAN"T PART WITH THEM!! There are so many things I would like to do, and time is flying by!!!
Have a HAPPY day and Blessings on you!!

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Good Morning,

Shirley if you want to come and see me you would be more than welcome to spend the whole day looking through my books.haha I better not show you the rest of them. I have been painting for 20 plus years off and on.

I am just like you. I only buy what I like and don't seem to want to part with any of them. With so many books, I don't always want to take the time to look for a particular pattern which leads me in a whole new direction at times.

It's so good to have you here posting with us. I never see comments from you on the gallery here, do I? That's where most of us post our pictures.

Would love to stay and chat all day but I need to head to the office. I'll be back tonight. Punk

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