Tally of biggest concerns

postumMay 21, 2008

Hi - I thought it would be interesting to go through the "Roll call and concerns" post and see what are the biggest concerns people are having with their small houses. Hope someone else finds it interesting!

13 - Repairs (esp. updating electric and plumbing) A lot of these smaller homes are also older homes.

7 - Storage/closet space

6 - Clutter and organization

4 - Money issues

4 - Kitchen too small

4 - Kids' spaces & toys

3 - resale value

3 - Inadequate bathroom(s)

3 - landscaping

3 - space to entertain (I realized this was a concern for me after I posted!)

2 - moving issues

2 - green/environmental/sustainability concerns

2 - neighborhood problems

2 - Decorating issues

1 - Ventilation

1 - Small lot/garden

1 - Running out of things to do (come on over!)

Sorry if there are any errors here.


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Good idea, but I do have to say that a bunch of them apply to big places just as much as small ones (a lot of it all is up to you, not the house :-):-
Repairs, Clutter, Money, Resale, Landscaping, What 'Moving issues'?, What 'green' concerns? Decorating. I would like to add - Place for all your animals to live and play (without trashing your place), Getting sick of the same furniture arrangement cuz there are no options left (guess that comes under Decorating), Sometimes HARDer to clean because there's so much stuff around and it all needs moving when you can't avoid it any longer, breaking up fights between your roommate kids, and there are probably lots more, but that's it for now.

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Moving issues were, I think, people who were downsizing - what to keep, that sort of thing. Green issues were people who were looking at or living in smaller homes for environmental reasons. As I said, a lot of the smaller homes are older, and while I don't want to over-generalize here, I think a lot of people in smaller homes are quite budget-conscious - getting a new roof is not a no-brainer when money is tight. Some people were concerned that with houses getting bigger and bigger they would have difficulty selling a small house.
I'll have to add "pets' to the list - it wasn't on that particular thread, but it does come up a lot.

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OH That cleaning part got me when we moved from another smaller home we had. I was shocked to see how dirty it got under furniture that seemed to not be able to get dirt under them. The answer was no way to move them away to clean with out tearing down the whole room and for the most part that felt impossible. This time I have had to move the furniture around so many times to make it work here there has not been time for dirt to grow under it. LOL I hope.

I have learned so much living in a small house as far as creating storage and decorating and making my house work for me and not against me. I hope now I have purged enough to make our next house feel spacious even though it is only 110 SQ FT larger than the house we are in now.


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Shades, I hadn't thought about the cleaning scenario you mention. But it has eluded me how much dirt seems to find it's way under the furniture...compared to the larger homes once lived in. Sort of obvious I guess since dirt doesn't have far to go. Yes to having to move furniture and clean behind.

Also, the moving issue did come up a lot regarding downsizing.

And I've always liked to move rooms around, but each piece of furniture does have to stay in it's place once a small room is figured out.

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