Space Saving Small House Furniture Solutions

spunbondwarriorMay 19, 2013

Some very Interesting stuff for small house affectionado's.
There is all sorts of such stuff "out there". The link is just one of the (to me anyway) more interesting of my "stuff" bookmarks folder.....

Most of such sites seem to be European in location and focus, but I reckon if one looked, one would find such stuff available here at home too

Here is a link that might be useful: Small house multi-purpose furniture

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The Paragram Glam catalog has some really nice ideas on wall art if you love a modern kitchen. I don't think they would be hard to duplicate either. I think it is all very nice. different.

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I have considered a console that pulls out into a full dining table, but DH is not on board. I do like one of the coffee tables in the catalog, one in Wenge wood. My house is really not modern enough for most of the tables.

Thanks for the link, though, Spunbondwarrior. Have fun in the Windy City.

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Me too Nancy, same with my dh. We used to have a crowd around the table every weekend, but haven't since dd#2 left for college except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Having a big table really doesn't make sense for us anymore.

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I have a Duncan Phyffe card table that stores in the entry. That's the traditional look. I also have one of those Italian designed coffee table that pop up to a dining table height. ... they have some neat stuff but it's expensive. I love their pedestal table that has these cool glass extensions that swing out and up into position and click in place with the touch of a hand but it's lots of money and modern so I guess I'll stick with the old fashioned wooden leaf that we manually install and store in the closet! There is clever stuff out there that seems geared toward apt dwellers.

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here is one of those tables at a great price on Craigslist.
this is Bloomington normal Illinois, spunbondwarrior, if you use 39/51 to go south on, you could pick it up on your way home!

Here is a link that might be useful: craigslist ad pull out buffet table

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