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luvstocraftSeptember 23, 2007

Hey Anj, I snapped a few pics of the wooden items at the store where I worked. The gal who paints them does really nice painting and will take orders. I haven't bought any of her pieces, but I enjoy seeing them when I am working there.

I'm posting the dish pics from there on the holiday forum. I'm putting these on conversations since I did not make them. Might give someone an idea, and are just fun to see maybe.


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Well, my first question is why is this person selling her stuff there and not you??? :) You really should paint up some of your trays and put them in there to sell, make you some boat loads of cash! I know they'd give you some space. They kind of look vintage and classy to me so I bet that would be a good place to put them. Not as much fun when you are painting them for work though, huh?

Those are some really cute pieces, but I don't blame you for not buying any since you can do them so well yourself. Where's the fun in that? ha But it is always fun to see other peoples stuff. My favorites are the Frankie and the scarecrow plaque with the crow and corn. Thanks for taking the time to get some pics and share them. Have you got your paycheck spent yet?? Better get over to holidays and see if you bought those dishes or just took pictures of them. ;) ha Thanks again. ~Anj

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Anj, you are sweet, but sooo right--not fun if you have to paint. And, they very seldom sell anymore. I think the seasonal things sell the most. Most of her pieces are $12.95 and up! The tall ones with the arrows are $40.00! Not that they are not worth it, but people just don't want to pay that much IMHO. They will say "Oh, this is cute", look at the price and move on.

I put a few of my rose trays at the other store, not much interest in them--should have been doing them when they first became popular! LOL The pieces I paint that I can't use or haven't used as a gift, I've been saving saying that I will have a craft/yard sale. The truth is, I don't have much interest in selling. I just paint for my own pleasure and the enjoyment of creating. If someone else likes it, that is nice, and makes me happy. If they really really act like they like it, I might sell it or even give it to them! ;o) Gives me pleasure to make someone happy. I've even thought about donating some rose pieces to TS, so ladies that could maybe not normally afford things could have them too, but the darn TS are starting to put their prices so high now too.

There are about four items in the store that are tempting me. One is a cute snowman couple cookie jar that is 30% off now--I think I'm going to buy it. Then there are two ceramic ivory colored birds, a plate with roses on it, and a Barbara Mock birdhouse themed picture which are not reduced enough in price yet. I'll keep watching them in case he marks them down. LOL There's also a mug with a really neat saying that I think I will buy to send to my girlfriend who is going through a tough time.

Hey, filling in there is the best of both worlds! I get to enjoy all the goodies--and get paid while doing so! LOL


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Wow that is kinda pricey isn't it? It's more fun and less stressful to paint for your own enjoyment anyway, right?
I keep thinking every day I will get around to painting, but so far it's not panning out. I only get to come here for a few minutes when I'm eating so it's just crazy. Good thing I read and type fast. ha

I'm thinking about taking my 2nd grader out of school and hometeaching him. He's smart, but he's really slow doing his work and he falls behind so he just quits. Anything he doesn't complete he has to bring home for homework. I am spending 4-5 hours with him every afternoon doing his "homework" so if I'm going to do that I might as well just teach him at home. There is a virtual classroom that he could take online that works with the school district that I've been looking into. He'd be doing the same things as his classmates, but at his own speed from home. Just a big step and don't know if it's the best thing. Of course I'd be doing it with him so that's lots of time I'd be sacrificing and I'm willing to do it. Just have to decide if it's what's best. Never thought I'd even think of doing homeschooling, but here we are. ha

Just got the news that my g-mother died this morning. She has had Alzheimers for a long time and been totally uncommunicative for at least 5 years, but still sad to let her go. I just remember what a good grandmother she was to us growing up. Now have to try to decide how and if I can work things out to be able to travel back to MS for the funeral.

And it's stinking freezin here and my furnace is having a problem so we can't turn it on until we get someone to come look at it. Brrrrr.

I'm a little grumpy today from not getting enough sleep last night, can you tell? h a All the little problems of the day are getting to me. Just came in here with a steaming cup of cocoa to try to get my mind off things for a little while. Hope you are having a good day and send me some warm weather will ya?? :) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Just hopped on here again to print some pics for a friend. Of course, I had to take a minute to see if anyone had posted on here. ;o)

I am so sorry about your G-mother. Especially that she has had to linger for the last five years without being able to enjoy her life or her family. It is always hard to lose them, but at least you have those precious memories of your times with her always. Alzheimers is so terrible, it really takes the person's "life" without taking their physical life. So sad.

Hard to believe the weather has changed so much so fast. Do you happen to have a fireplace? That might help a bit, or even if you heat up the oven then open the door--I've had to do that before. Just sort of takes the chill off a bit. Hope someone can check the furnace out soon.

Have you gone and talked with your son's teacher and maybe the principal? They should be experienced and know how to deal with your little guy's problem. Maybe they could even have a student helper to work with him for a few weeks until he catches on to what he needs to be doing. Hate to see you have to homeschool, although I know you would be good at it. Just that you have so little free time already, and it is probably good for him to have the social interaction with his classmates. But gosh, if you are having to do 4-5 hours each evening, you might be better off just teaching him in the first place. I just think classrooms are too big anymore and teachers expect way too much of the parents. It's supposed to be the teachers job to "teach" the kids, but more and more I hear about parents spending hours doing exactly that. Maybe they need to stay an extra hour each day just to give the extra help some students need.

My GD is going to preschool two days a week now. I am concerned about how she will do because she often just says "I don't wanna do that" and sometimes even "I'm NOT gonna do that." She did that with swimming and soccer that her Mom tried to do with her. DIL is hoping that she will learn to take direction from and want to please her teachers.

Now you know why I have always made allot of my own decorations! Wish I would have learned about shopping TS a long time ago. So much more fun to find items there. The thrill of the hunt, and the bargain prices! Retail stores are just so high--but I know they have allot of expenses to cover too.

It's okay if you are a bit grumpy. Lots on your plate to think about. Probably a little time with the paintbrush would let you think things through and make those tough decisions. I used to solve allot of my supervision problems at work while i was painting. Guess it just let my brain relax enough to let a better idea pop into it. LOL

Good luck, and I know it will all work out in the long run. We are cooler than we were, thank goodness, but not cold. I'd bottle a little warm sunshine and mail it right off to you if I could. You take care--maybe go get some chocolate--that always makes me feel better. ;o)


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Well, luvs, I just had to get out of the house today. Couldn't keep my mind on anything and I needed to run some errands anyway. Went by the TS and glad I did. It really cheered me up. I found a little Longaberger basket, a little sled basket with heavy wooden runners, an Americana bear from Terry's Village, a mini rug beater, and a new set of Bob's Boxes still in the wrappers which I got for $5. They are prim looking and really heavy. I looked them up online when I got home and they sell for $40-50!! Talk about cheering someone up!!! So I'm glad I went for a little look-see today. ha

I stopped by Walmart and treated myself to the new Paintworks and Paintworks Christmas mags too. And I did give myself a little chocolate today as well. So I'm feeling much better and able to cope again.

Oh, I have talked the the teacher about DS, but she has too many kids to give special attention to the slow workers and this was her solution to send it all home with him and have me help him with it. She yells at the kids a lot which I'm sure you know does not make them want to do anything for her. I think if I do decide to homeschool him, I'd only do it for this year and then try to get him back in there next year. He's got a lot of friends after school and at church. It's like they are in jail at school and don't get to socialize very much there anyway so I think he'll be ok. There are so many kids at the school they have all new kids in their classes every year so they are used to that too so it won't be bad for him next year. Anyway, still in the thinking about it stages. ha Just need to decide something before he starts hating school too much.
And speaking of which, they should be done with their snacks and ready to get down to the homework. You have a good night. Thanks for listening to me gripe today. ha ~Anj

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Anj, I had one more thought here. Is the school big enough to have more than one class? I was thinking maybe switching him to a different classroom/teacher might help.

Once when my DS was in first grade, about the third month of school, he started hating going to school. Said the teacher was mean and no body liked her. One of my neighbors said her son didn't seem to like the teacher either. I took goodies to school one day,so that I could talk to her. I commented that the kids (first graders) were so cute, and how she must miss them when they passed on to the next grade. Her comment was "Yeah, then I get a new bunch of DUMMIES to have to train". I was so stunned that I think my mouth fell open. I finally said "I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way, sounds to me like you have "burnout" and need to retire." I told her I would be transferring my son out of her room. She tried to say she didn't mean it that way, but in my mind the damage was done. That was when the busing of kids across town had just started, so I talked to the pricipal and agreed to have DS bussed to another school. I didn't tell on the teacher, but maybe I should have. Turned out better for DS--brand new school and a really nice young teacher! I think it is really important to like your teacher--you just try much harder then because you want to please her. At least I always did. ;o)

So glad you had a good shopping day and CHOCOLATE! LOL


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The nerve of that teacher saying that to a parent!! It was obvious from the way she was treating the children. Good for you for standing up to her. I think a lot of them are burnt out here. A lot of the teachers I've known for 10+ years so they tell me there is a lot of interschool politics that they have to deal with on top the kids and it just wears them out.

They sent out a form letter at the beginning of school saying not to request specific teachers and they do not allow them to change from the classroom they are assigned. There are 4 or 5 2nd grade classes so you'd think they would have a little leeway with that, but no. She's never been married and has no kids so I don't think she fully realizes how things like that work when I have 3 kids to do homework with and he's bringing all of his schoolwork home to me on top of all the other homework. And he has little presentations at school and she does not allow younger preschool age children to attend and I have no one else to watch my 3 yr old so I can't go to any of his presentations. He has to give one this week and is upset that the other parents have come but I can't and DH is stressing at work and no way he can get away to come. It sucks. I'm sure it's frustrating for her as well trying to accomodate everyone.

There is a lady in my neighborhood who does home school for her special needs child so I'm going to call her soon and see if she can give me some ideas about it. Some online people are telling me they can get their requirements done in about 3 hours vs all day at school. That wouldn't be bad at all.

I need to get to bed. Gotta get up early again tomorrow and I'm pretty tired. Thanks for chatting with me. I'll cya tomorrow. ~Anj

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Hope you don't mind me butting in. Just wanted to say I'm sorry about your grandmother, Anj.
Also, I can certainly understand about the school situation. One of my twin grandsons hates school. It took several weeks for him to adjust even though he is in the 2nd grade. His teacher is young is not affectionate in the way she talks to the kids. We could not get him out of the car to go to his class at first. Now he is better but he says he has a tummy ache every day. I think if the teachers had a little more compassion for the kids it would make it easier for them. But I am a grandmother and when my kids were young the teachers would hug them and talk to them so they would feel better about coming to class - now they aren't allowed to touch - which I understand why. It sure is tough being a kid these days.

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