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luvstocraftSeptember 21, 2008

Hi Anj, Well, we are heading home. Ran into a problem with our slideout and couldn't find a repair place anywhere that could get us in to fix it before our extended warranty ran out.

Didn't get to go visit any of the Missouri relatives, so I'm pretty disappointed. DH says we will go back next June for the family reunion. He was afraid this repair could be an expensive one and since it's covered under the warranty, it would be a shame to pay out of our pocket for it.

I'll get my pumpkins sprayed after I get home and then post the pics on the gallery.

While we had to kill time while they worked on installing the suspension system, I talked DH into stopping at a couple of TS I saw. I didn't find much, just a little storage box and a really pretty embroidered scarf. I was hoping to find lots of pretty dishes or some good wooden items I could paint! LOL

We are in Ariz. tonight, should make it home late tomorrow. I'll talk to you soon.


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Aw Luvs...how disappointing. Well, at least you got out of the house. ha I don't blame you for wanting to fix the problem under warranty though. Ouchie to the pocketbook otherwise.

Not much new and exciting going on around here. Same old craziness. I will have a single family home for the next 2 weeks though. My parents left to go on the deer hunt so I'll only have my troops to take care of. I did some baking for DM before they left since they had to take 2 weeks worth of food with them.

Tomorrow I'll be working on zucchini again. I have about 15 huge ones to get processed. Will be baking most of the day. I'll try to get my glass block posted sometime tomorrow.

Well, I just got on the computer to work on my little church newsletter so I'd better get back to work. You have a good night and I'll catch ya when you get back home. ~Anj

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Did you make it home?? Don't leave me worrying!! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, got home yesterday evening, but didn't have time to hook up the computer until tonight. Got all the stuff stashed away and did three loads of laundry. Needless to say, we took way more than we used since we had planned to be gone longer.

I called DS on the way home yesterday and asked if little GD could come play today. Her Mom brought her over about noon, she was so happy to see us--and we were happy to see her too. That's the hard part about being gone very long on trips!

We took the motor home to the repair shop this morning. He called later and said the slideout had slipped off track, probably from the rough roads. The suspension system we had installed will hopefully eliminate any future problems like that. It made the ride allot smoother. There are really allot of rough roads all over the place. Imagine the weather and trucks are hard on them.

I'll get pictures of my little pumpkins on here tomorrow I think. Have a couple little haunted houses cut out too, but haven't started painting them yet.

Got a new Quick & Easy Painting magazine when we picked up all our hold mail today. Couple of really cute patterns in it. Also got a catalog from Artist's Club. There are a couple Renee Mullins books that are tempting me and I like the Mary Jo Tuttle books too. Sure wish they weren't $10.99 each--that can add up fast! It's not like I NEED any new books--I have more patterns than I can paint already! LOL

So are you making zuchinni bread today? Hope you manage to get a few loaves in the freezer for later this time. LOL

I've had this desire for some baked veggies. Might have to go get a couple peppers tomorrow to add some color and then make a batch. DH won't touch them, but I love veggies. He mostly only eats corn and green beans. Maybe a salad every now and then. I keep telling him he just doesn't know what he is missing.

Well, I'd better see what's going on at the other forum, I'll chat with you more tomorrow.


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Hey...glad you made it back safely and are getting things fixed up for next trip. Have fun with GD...I know you will. =)
I had a horrible headache Monday and Tuesday so didn't get any zucchini bread made. I should be baking today, but I need to go run errands and I promised DD a trip to the TS today. She loves going thru the toys and books. And good excuse for me to go to. ha If I don't go today I won't be able to go because have orthodontist appt for DD tomorrow which will take up most of the day and then the kids are out of school Friday and I'm not taking all of them with me. ha Too stressful. Guess I'll be baking this weekend.

I know what you mean...I always want new patterns even though I haven't painted a lot of the ones I've already got. I want all of Barb Jones' patterns now that I've discovered her. ha They really appeal to me. The prices of the new books are really crazy now. Can't afford them unless I find them on sale. I'm limiting myself to buying the painting mags unless they have a bunch of designs I know I'll use. If there is only one or two, I leave them on the shelf. Luckily, my library still carries Painting which I love. I should ask to see what they do with them at the end of the year.
I better get DD ready to go so I can get everything done and be back before school lets out. We are having a lot of road work in front of our house so it takes 15 minutes just to get out of the driveway and go one block, then have to turn and go the long way around to actually get anywhere we are going. I hope they'll get done soon. They are replacing a big pipe and they have the middle of the road dug up for miles.
Have a good day catching up and playing with DGD. Talk to ya soon. I'll look forward to seeing your pumpkins. ~Anj

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Anj, I wasn't familiar with Barb Jones except for that pattern in the mag. I looked up her books, and I can see why you like her style--sort of a combination of primitive and cute. Here's a link to two more blocks that are in one of her books in case you haven't seen them.

I realized I had left all my painting stuff in the underbed storage area of the motor home. Had to wait until this afternoon when we picked it up from the repair shop to get my stuff. Pictures tomorrow for sure. I know, I know, you'll believe it when you see them! LOL

Repairs were less expensive than we had feared and they even fixed three other little problems for us. DH asked if I was ready to head out again? I just gave him a dirty look--my backside is still sore from that fast trip back home! LOL

Guess what? I stopped at a little TS today and found a painting book. It has a few patterns I liked. It's one of those assorted artists books. I also got some neat stencils for 25 cents each. Some are those overlay type stencils that are usually more expensive. Will have to figure out a surface to use them on, but couldn't pass them up at that price. I also found a nice big cupid holding a bird that I snatched up to save for Valentine's day. There were some nice white plate chargers, four for $3.99 that I debated over--decided not to get them, I just wouldn't use them often enough to justify taking up space. I also debated over a wooden jack o lantern and a ghost for $4.00 each. They were pretty big, made of the 1/2 inch plywood and the two piecesconnected together with a slit through each. (Think X shape looking down on the top.) I've seen Christmas trees that slid together like that. I'm still thinking about them--the painting was really good on them. They will probably be gone already if I decide to check on them tomorrow! LOL

Are you feeling better now? Sure hope so. Not fun when your head is throbbing with pain. Let me know if you had any luck at your TS today? Are you about finished with all the dentist appointments for the kids. I've got a cleaning scheduled for next month.

Hey, we've got two craft shows coming up soon. One starts tomorrow through Sunday and the other one is at the Fairgrounds on Oct. 10th. I love to go just to see all the goodies and soak up the atmosphere. Should see if my neighbor wants to go too.

I talked to two of my neighbor gals about getting together for coffee/tea and some chatting one morning a week. They both loved the idea. I just need to talk to one more then start it next week, probably on Thursday's. We all get along well but only get to chat occasionally if we happen to be outside at the same time. Now to convince DH to keep the table cleared off and his papers back in his office on those days! LOL

Need to go check the other forum before bedtime, so I'll catch you tomorrow.


Here is a link that might be useful: Barb Jones glass blocks

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Hey, thanks for the link.

Sounds like you got some good things at the TS. Did you go back today to see if the x jack & ghost were still there? I didn't find any painting books this trip, but I got a few other books. I got 2 new (still had original tags) self heating cushions for $1 each. They are used for ice fishing which my DDad and DH do. Made with some special material that takes your body heat and makes the cushion extra warm. DH is excited to try his out. I got a nice little bowl (one from the Tender Hearts catalog) for $1. A sharp tiny little knife with a holder for .50 cents that I will use as a letter opener. And I got a 2 panel wire thing with flower shapes that I think was supposed to be a shelf....it has places for something to snap in, but I put it behind my little fuschia plant. It looks cute. It was $1. And I think the only other thing was a little box with a star cut out and handle (one of the candle holders), it was 50 cents.

DD had an orthodontist appt today and they were supposed to start her braces, but we found out that our insurance waiting period isn't over until January. I thought it was a year from when we signed up in Oct. So we will start again in December so we are done for a few months anyway.

The craft shows sound fun. I wanted to go to our State Fair, but didn't get to. And good for you for instigating a get together with your friends. Maybe you'll be able to get them interested in doing some crafts together as a group.

Well, I've got lots to do to try to catch up from losing another day at the dentist so better get to it. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Hope you are having a good day Luvs. DH went fishing so I figure if he can play so can I. ha I'm getting my painting supplies and movie set up to get going. I wish he had helped me put my saw blade in before he left. I have half a witch cut out (pattern by gaye shoell)that I need to get done so I can paint it and more lined up for cutting out including some bats I've been wanting to do since last year. I put the new blade in, but I'm scared to use it in case I don't have it right. Want him to look at it first. ha Silly, huh? Maybe he'll have time tomorrow. In the mean time I've still got plenty to work on. I saw your newest Halloween project. So cute.

Well, I'd better get off of here and quit yapping so I can get something done. I play my dvd's on my computer so that's why I'm on here to begin with. ha Talk to ya later and hopefully I'll get something finished to post. I'm so slow compared to everyone else. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, you are not slow at all! I just wish I could keep up with you--four kids, big house, school and church activities, gardening, cooking, baking,laundry, etc. and you still find time to paint! Sounds like Superwoman to me!

Hey, yesterday we got to go for Grandparent's Day at little GD's preschool. It was fun! I was so proud of her when she offered to share us with two of her little friends whose GPs couldn't make it. At playtime, I sit over at the little table and had five or six of them fixing play food for me and putting the chef's hat on my head. They were so cute! Grandpa snagged her another bag of goodies, which pleased her allot, so she went and told another GP that "my Grandpa is the best!" LOL

Loved your new patriotic project, the girl and boy are so cute, and your lettering is so perfect. When you get tired of it, you can send it on to me! LOL

Hey, I went back and bought that ghost and pumpkin at the TS. The lady let me have both of them for only $4.00 instead of $4.00 apiece. But guess what? I thought they were handmade, but when I was wiping them off, I found a little sticker that said "made in China". LOL I'll share pictures when I set up all the Halloween stuff. ;o)

Well, I need to get my four little signs made, so the pumpkins will be all done, then I have a couple of little houses already cut out to paint. I also have a couple of wooden trays and several metal pieces waiting to be painted. As I've been looking at my saved holiday magazines, and my painting books, I just keep finding more things I'd like to paint. Don't even know what I'll do with it all, but I just want to paint them--does that make any sense? LOL I do love having things painted and on hand for those times when I need a gift item though--will probably do some in multiples, one for me and one to give away! ;o)

Hope you enjoyed your "play day", you deserve one for sure. I'll talk to you soon.


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