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anjabeeSeptember 13, 2008

Sorry I didn't get here to wish you a happy trip before you took off. I hope you have a fun time and be safe. I know you'll have fun visiting all your family and friends. I hope your computer gets good reception so you can email me and let me know all the fun things ya'll are doing.

I am on the food committee for our fall social (ladies group at church) and I had to go help do the shopping today. It took most of the morning. Had to take books back to the library and run to Michaels this afternoon to get some things. I have to decorate that jar for the "Guess how many candy corns" jar. Found a different jar to use that is shaped like a pumpkin so had to get some different decorations for it. Just some fall leaves and ribbon and a cute feather butterfly to clip on top. The social is Tuesday.

It's gonna be a busy week for me. Gotta finish painting some things to put at the table at the social Tuesday night. They want us to show what we've been working on. I also have to cook the chili for that. Monday and Thursday dr & dentist appts for kids. Wed running kids around for their scouts and youth groups. Sat is a friend of mines baby shower so I've got to find time to shop for that on Friday.

Anyway, I'll try to find time to come and see if you've been able to stop in. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Good to hear from you. I'm at a KOA park in Tucumcari, New Mexico tonight. Didn't get on here at all yesterday since we had to wait until DS picked up little GD, so we got started late and drove until after dark to reach the park in Ariz. where DH had made reservations. Was late and I was tired, so showered and went to bed early. Little GD doesn't understand why we are going to be gone so long, talked to her on the phone tonight and she wanted to know if I would be home tomorrow! Bless her little heart.

Wow! You sure have a busy week going on. Don't know how you do it, girl! Most of it--except the doctor/dentist appts. sounds like fun though.

Is your DD all over the bee sting now? Is the rash all gone too? Sure hope so.

Hey, guess what? The people who own this rv park are from Salt Lake City! How about that? I had to laugh when they were talking about the quickly changing weather here and the fact that none of the brochures or realtors mentioned anything about tornadoes when they were looking to buy here! LOL

I hope to get to break my paints out a bit while we are in Iowa waiting for the installation of the air bags. Will have to see what sights there are to see in the area too. Sure wish DH was into going to crafts fairs, antique stores, TS, etc. Sure would be a good way to pass the wait time, huh? LOL

Not sure about the sleep number bed yet. Guess it is okay, but I wouldn't want one at home. DH's side is really low and my side is higher so doesn't look so pretty when made up. Maybe some wouldn't mind that, but I think it would bug me! ;o)

I'm sure your jar and your painted items will turn out great. I had meant to tell you that I had seen those pumpkin jars at Walmart the last time I had been in there. That will look really cute.

Oh, and have you seen the diaper wreaths Cheri posted on the crafts forum? Cute idea, and looks like an easy way to give some baby items too.

Well, I'd better go check Holidays to see what's going on. I'll chat with you again soon, and good luck with getting everything done on time this week.


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How's the trip going? Seems like days since I was here last. So much stuff going on. The Fall Social went really well. Forgot to take a picture of the stupid jar! Darn it! Just too rushed. One of DD's friends guessed 1 off the number and won it. She was so happy. Candy corn is her favorite candy so I was glad she got it. There were 1003 candy corns in the jar so she should be able to enjoy them for a while. ha

Spent all day yesterday trying to catch up on my housework and laundry. Today was the orthodontist and had a bunch of messages to return when I got home. What a long day it's seemed like. Wish I could just relax tomorrow, but my house once again looks like wild animals were encamped. It's so frustrating to never be DONE! ha

So how far did you make it now? Have you gotten to paint yet? I have my glass block to post if I can get around to taking a picture of it. I think it turned out cute. Can't wait until Barb has more of those box lights to sell. I can paint up a different block for each holiday to change out. I keep checking back to her site, but she put a note that more are on the way.

Thanks for the reviews of the sleep number. The guy at the Intellibed store told us they weren't that great, especially for someone with a bad back, but I figured he was just wanting us to buy one of his....which I will eventually cause it's the most comfortable thing I've even laid on. It was soooo soooo comfortable. It was like laying on a cloud. They had several different types of softness, but we really liked the one that is made especially for bad backs since we've both got problems in that area. We really need a good bed. Gotta save for it though just like everything.

I have seen the diaper wreaths. They are really cute. I didn't really pay attention to how they were put together. I'll probably just forgo any craftiness this time and just run by the store and grab something right before the shower. ha I'm so tired of running running running. I'm sure you can hear it in my typing. Now I gotta go make supper. You have a good night. Hope to hear from you soon. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Sorry I haven't been able to get on here until now. I'm so glad your Fall Social went well. What did you paint for the tables? I know you had said you were painting something for them.

We are in Oskalooska, Iowa now. They have the motor home in the shop working on it, so we are staying at a local motel. The countryside here is really pretty. They've had lots of rain so everything is pretty and green. Just acres and acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and even some vineyards. I'm loving all the older homes and farmhouses and barns. The people here seem to keep their places so nicely painted--could be in a painting. We drove into Des Moines today to pass the time away. Stopped in a cute little Dutch village/town called Pella. I told DH the only Pella I knew of was the doors and windows--and sure enough, there was this huge building and that's what it was! Too funny, I had no idea they were from an actual town!

I did do some painting. I finished the four pumpkins I had cut out. When I took them out to spray the sealer on them, I discovered that the nozzle to the can was missing. I've never even used it before, just stuck it in my painting case! I'll have to wait now until I get home or maybe I can buy another can of the sealer.

I talked to my GD tonight again, and she said she was coming to see me when she gets out of school tomorrow. I hated having to tell her that Gramma won't be home for a few more days! ;o( Sure miss that little muffin.

Good luck with the Dr./Dentist appts. Hope you sort of get caught up so you can relax a bit. Remember when you thought things would slow down once the kids were back in school? LOL Just remember that you NEVER finish all the housework--so don't drive yourself too hard okay?

Hopefully, I'll be back on here soon. Take care.


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