Wow, Wed and no one's posted

phonegirlSeptember 8, 2010

Wow Gals, we are all to busy to even start a new week over here. I hope we can soon get back to posting every day and stay on top of things.

I have a couple of little Halloween projects by Kay Quist I need to do but not sure where all my wood is stored for them. I seen a cute sign today at Ross or TJ Maxx that said Witch Parking Only, All Others Will Be Toad. It was only $5.99. They had quite a few cute ones but I was in a hurry to get back to work so don't remember what any of the others said.

I plan on putting out some of my outside fall decorations this weekend if I'm around.

DH's gout has flared up again and he can barely walk so don't know what's ahead.

Belle, glad to hear your DM is settling in. What did you do with her truckload? It sure doesn't take long to spend alot of money and from the sounds of it, she loved to shop.

Are you going to stick around awhile longer before going back?

Luvs, I'll bet your having Anj withdrawls so bad it hurts!!! She is so busy with the kids and always finds time to do extras too. Hope she enjoyed her weekend.

Did anyone else do anything fun or different over Labor Day weekend? I still need to go clean the toy hauler but I'm hoping it warms up so I wil do a better job.

I'll head over to Holidays and see what's new. I'm so far behind over there that I will never catch up.


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I got a late start so I'm about to jump in the shower and then head up into the attic to pull down winter clothes. It's chilly and rainy here today! I miss you guys so much. So hoping I can get things in order here soon so I can get back in my groove here! I have got to get my walls painted soon before the snow starts though!!
We did have fun up at our friends cabin this weekend. Hung out, played dominos and cards, shot guns, hiked around the rocks and woods, and rode motorcycles and 4-wheelers and got in a little time by the fire with some smores. Hope you all had a good weekend too!
Ya'll have a great day!! I must have missed Belle's mom story. I'll have to come back later and see if I can find it. Punk...stay outta trouble girlfriend!! ha How did you do at the fair? Luvs my's things?? Bebe and Franksmom and anybody else I've missed....I miss you guys!!
Hopefully painting tomorrow so I'll stop by! Later taters! ~Anj

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Good Evening All,

Anj, so glad you had a minute to check in here today. Your trip sounds like it was a blast. My kind of fun times and smores, yummy! We did good at the fair but I'm still trying to recover.LOL Poor DH is still having a hard time trying to walk with his gout. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if we can do something different to help him.

Belle, if your on here, please give Anj the post on your mom or fill her in. I love hearing about her, the shopoholic. Makes me laugh just thinking about all her stash again.

Luvs, hope you about ready to show us some neat projects.


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Quick heads up....annilu posted a pretty over on the gallery!

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Hello, It's a beautiful day here in the high 70's. I have accomplished so much outsied and inside that I decided I needed a break. I hauled fall totes over from the shed and made room for some of them in the garage. I did get some decorating done yesterday.

I'm decorating completely different this year. I'm putting out most of the fall things that can be left up through Thanksgiving. I will add the Halloween next month and then when I take the Halloween down I will turn the pumpkins around that have Happy Thanksgiving on them.

The kids are coming over for dinner and we will put the toy hauler away for the winter. Will be fun to spend time swinging with DGD today.

Anj, thanks for the heads up on Annilu's post. Pretty fall slate she painted. I hope she will come and post more often.

Bebe just painted a darling santa. We all know I paint on black alot and I love santas, so it's my kind of project for sure.

I bought a couple of brand new white cabinet doors for .50 the other day. I'm hoping they might work for some projects. I will try to get something painted to share this next week. One positve thing about me not painting is our home is much cleaner.

Take care and we'll chat later.


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