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pezabelleSeptember 4, 2011

Just started a new page...the last one was a mile long!

The temperature here is actually in the low 80's and not to bad. Did find out our A/C no longer works, thinking about getting one that you roll around so that you can put it in any room you want, of course I really don't like the price, but then I don't like the high heat either. And for some reason when we get the California heat, thank you for sending it our way, we loose our breezes. But at least the humidity is low and with all of the rain the forest fire danger is low, although we do have a fire in the Olympic National Forest. They hope to contain it by Monday, but the terrain is straight up or down, so it make it hard on the fire fighters.

Some of the "things" are back in the kitchen where they belong but some of the "clutter" will soon be finding a new home. Our DD and DS helped with the remodel and I told my DD that I would like to hire her, by the week, to clean house for me....she is awesome!

Really sound like Anj is busy, I need to get it in gear soon as well. Hope Punk is doing well at the fair and Luvs...I think of you so often and send a little prayer out for you every time. One of our poker pals now has his uncle living with them, he has Alz., He is forever coming in with tales about "Ralph" asking the Police car for a Taxi ride or on one of his random walks, flags over a patrol car, points to our friend and tell the cop to arrest that man because he keeps following me. We all get a laugh, but we all know that is goes far beyond that. Our pal is looking more tired every week, and is sleeping less (wonder why?) So when I see him, I think of you and pray that you are doing OK and getting the help you need.

Gotta go put the burger on the grill, take care all!


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Posted another project. Hope you like. Should have another maybe by the end of the day. I'm having to help with a wedding reception so taking a few hours off to work on that. Talk to you all later! Sorry for the rush! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted Halloween Paint Can

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Went to Michaels today. They totally redid their paint section. Not sure I'm liking it. =/ And they have some weird paints. What is Craftsmart paint? Is that the Michaels brand or something? Bought one to try it out.

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Oh Anj....our store has changed also and I don't think for the better. They moved the paint to another part of the store from all other arts and crafts, reduced the selection of Americana, although their add says they added 20 new Americana colors to choose from...(bunk) I do believe Craftsmart is Michaels brand and they have a new section of Marta Stewart things. Went in with a list of 30 colors to pick up during the "event sale" and found 8 colors.

I have read posts about her paint and they all seem to be good, but I really don't want to start buying another brand. I also noticed that her names is on a lot of stencils and specialty brushes and some things I don't have a clue about. Going to wait until I get a good coupon before venturing in that direction, although I do like stencils.

It is supposed to be in the high 90's today...I hope not! But if it does I think I will clean my brushes and painting area. I really want to start on a Monika B pattern on screen, but just can't wrap my mind around what kind of a frame to make, maybe it will happen after I get the painting done. Sure wish I could afford all of her Witch and Santa patterns and Anj.... I like Primitive/Americana style and maybe I am growing up as I seem to be decorating less and less with the cutesy and more and more with the "serious" style of art. More likely it is just because there are no smaller kids around anymore or maybe I at an end on my 7 years cycle...who knows.

Better get with the action before the heat catches up to me, hope all the missing friends are OK!


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Trying to post another project but it's not working. thhhh Yeah, I had about 6 colors that I needed and ended up buying only 2 on my list and subbing the other ones with whatever I could find that I thought was close. Didn't even see the Martha Stewart stuff. I wish I could afford all Monika and Barb Jones designs!! Love them both!! Hoping everyone is doing ok as well. I'm missing and everyone is here. I come back and everyone disappears! lol I shower daily!! I promise!! lol Ok, gonna go try to post again. Keeps giving me an error message. ~A

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Wouldn't let me post to Gallery so it's in the Discussions! ~A

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It ate my post when I commented on Anj....pumpkin and made me sign in 3 times before I could do anything...silly ol computer programs anyway, my laptop is at the computer DR., and I really didn't like the sound of his diagnosis, something about a sim card or monitor....the monitor is built in, how can it go bad. Ah! Well! Next I need to take in my old faithful backup computer, it is running so slow I can write a novel before it come online.

It has been really hot here this past week, broke some records and the forecast call for hotter weather through next week. Think I will clean all of my brushes this afternoon while sitting in front of the big fan, then start on one of Monika B's witches and maybe put out some more fall decorations. DH told me I was feeling better and I must of given him some kind of look, cause he added that I hadn't decorated since the 4th, like there is a holiday between then and now?

In closing, I have been watching many of the 9/11 special programs, not because I want to relive those horrific moments, but because I feel that I need to remember that America is a great country with people who really care and are willing to give their lives to help others live. I'm glad I am an American and I hope if I am ever put to the test I can stand up and make America proud of me.


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I've been slaving away with the paints today. ha Another project in the gallery for you to peruse! Sorry about your computer and sometimes this site won't let me post either Belle. Pretty chilly for me lately morning and night. Down in the 50's and 60's. Need a hoodie in the mornings. Hope you get to paint soon although you are probably about painted out! ha I didn't watch any of the footage. It makes me too sad. The kids watched some at school yesterday and they talked about it. Proud to be an American too Belle! Red White and Blue thru and thru! =) ~Anj

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OK! Not only has this forum ate my posts....now it is singing to me!

Got all of my brushes cleaned and organized and decided DH could make me a new brush holder for my cart...haven't told him he is doing this sweet thing for me yet. I have an old, really old Tupperware child glass (how can you call it a glass when it is plastic?) that I have just for brushes I have used during a project, so that I don't put them away before really cleaning them, anyway, I figured out, after years of using this holder I made, that having more glasses would allow me to have more brushes handy instead of stored in another place. Funny how things just pop into my head sometimes, anyway, I have a drawing all scaled out for him, really great practice for him and his new table saw.

We got some sad news yesterday, one of our very old and dear friends is in the hospital and not expected to live. We are the God Parents to their three girds. They owned the dairy next to our property and we used to help them milk so we could go dancing and DH was the "handyman" whenever something went wrong. They sold the dairy about 8 years ago and moved to Eastern WA., no farm, just a couple of acres. We are leaving in the morning to be with our friends, although I am so emotional right now I don't know what kind of help I can be. Someone once told me to take an antihistamine whenever I don't want to cry, maybe I'll try that out.

Luvs...Punk...missing you! Has fall arrived at your home? It sure has here, we went from the high 80's to the low 60's in one day...burr...actually turned on the heating system. The spiders and mice are looking for a warmer home, namely our home. DH has been putting up the insulation under the house, our last major flood repair until the siding is replaced.

Gonna run for now, hope you all stay well!


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Gosh, I hadn't even clicked over here for awhile. Used to be the word "conversations" would be blue if there were new messages--mine had stayed red so I didn't think anyone had been here!

Anj, it is good to have you popping in again finally and I really love seeing all your projects. Hope you do really well at the craft fair.

There's a craft show nearby starting tomorrow, and I'm meeting up with one of the gals from the Holiday forum for it and lunch. I've asked my friend next door to watch the homefront for me so I can relax and enjoy it.

Belle, you are so sweet and I can tell you do understand the challenges. All prayers are very much appreciated. I have learned to "take one day at a time" and not think too much! LOL I will have to try your antihistamine trick, there are times I really need it! Yes, there are many funny moments and we have to laugh at those and not think about the cause. I'm so blessed that DH has kept his sense of humor and really laughs at a joke or funny comment. The other morning, he was having some difficulty sitting up to get out of bed and finally succeeded after some "reminders" from me. When he stood up, I said "Houston, we have lift off!" and he got the biggest laugh out of that. I love to hear him laugh.

I'm so excited that you and Anj are painting! And so many wonderful things too! I actually have a little Halloween project started, just need to do the shading and details now. I am really "rusty" and out of practice, haven't painted hardly at all for several months now. I need it though, it gives me pleasure and is a good stress reducer too!

Belle, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he will find a way to keep playing cards with all of you, he will need that!

I'm glad we sent some of our hot weather your way--I don't like it when we get into the three digits! We're still in the 90's but supposed to be in the upper 80's this weekend.
So good that your family comes out to help with projects. I'm with you, I'd love to have a housekeeper. It's not that I mind doing housework so much--it's that it never stays done! LOL

I've seen Punk over on holidays, so maybe she will pop over here soon for an update.

Take care, Luvs

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