anjabeeSeptember 6, 2007

Hey, I went to Lowes today and got totally confused trying to pick out my cutting wood. ha And of course there is never anyone around to ask. Ok, do you buy panels of wood or like the bigger sized boards? And about how much do you pay? I found these boards that looked like my pattern would fit, but the pine ones were about $21 each and they had these cheaper whitewood boards that seemed pretty soft for about $5, but they had a bunch of knots. \I may try to get to Home Depot tomorrow so I wanted to ask you what I'm looking for before I head over there. ha Sorry I'm such a girl! ha

I did find a big pail for one Christmas project and some other boards to use for more signs for my house and 2 of those people pavers like you told us about. Was thinking of doing a Santa like Sweets did and maybe a Mrs Santa to go with him if I can figure out how to do some hair for her. ha Need to do a search online. Boy they are a lot bigger than they looked in the picture too. Unless I got the wrong ones which is entirely possible.

Gotta dash, it's homework time. Thanks for your help. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I have used the whitewood from Lowe's. It is a bit harder than pine but will work. I don't worry too much about the knots, I just try to position my pattern around them. I never pay high prices for my wood, except when I buy the half sheet of the 1/4 or 1/2 inch. I think they are sorta high. They will cut it smaller for you, but I just figure I will use it sometime. You might stop by a lumber yard and check the price for a pine board. You don't have to have a premium quality board. Just needs to be nice and straight, and watch out for cracks that might cause your cutout to split. When I used to live in another town, I used to go buy my thin wood at the lumber yard, then ask if I could check their scrap bin for things I could use for crafts. Got some nice 4x4's and lots of scrap wood for FREE! Don't have a lumber yard close by where I live now. I love getting old fence boards or other scrap wood from neighbors , but that usually requires a bit of sanding to make a good painting surface. Just snag one of the salespeople (preferably an older one--usually more experienced and helpful) and tell them you want to do cutouts for crafts and need a wood that won't be too hard to cut. They should be able to take you right to it. Oh, I should add that I also buy cedar fence boards sometimes, those make great outdoor signs because cedar weathers well--and it is easy to cut. Good luck, wish I lived closer and we could cut wood together. Luvs

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Ok, great, thank you for the tips. Well, I forgot the kids get out way early today so I don't think I'll get over there today, but will try at the beginning of next week. I'll have to figure out where my closest lumber yard is. Ironically I used to work for a place called Anderson Lumber, but wasn't into painting then so didn't pay attention to what was in the yard and now they closed down. There may be another lumber yard there though so will have to check it out too.
I have another turkey done. Just a kind of plain rough cedar one since you mentioned cedar. I think I'll work on that Thanksgiving Bear cutout that I bought a while back for my next project. I found a graphic that kind of looks like it so I'm going to try to look at the graphic and draw out the pattern on the wood. We'll see how well that goes!! ha And I think I finally figured out what I'm painting on my canisters so I'll probably work on those today and start prep work on some stove covers too. I'm on a roll so I'd better keep at it or things may come to a complete halt again. :)

I didn't find a thing at the Ts the other day. Bummer. What are you up to? Anything fun? Has your weather cooled off any? We are down in the low 80's since a big storm came thru the other night. Cracked 2 big limbs off our trees that we are going to have to get taken out of our yard.

Thanks again for the help with the wood questions. Guess I'd better run and get a few chores done so I can get busy on my projects. Oh, I do flylady (kinda). Saw you mentioned it a while back on holidays. So did you try it before? It's awesome if you don't want to do anything but clean all day every day, huh? ha I've toned it down to what is good for me and it still keeps me on track. Sorry, I really am going this time. ha ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, I did try Flylady several years ago when I was still working. I really liked her concept and the whole pick up before you go to bed and leave the sink clean part. Also, totally agree with the get dressed right to the shoes part--I seldom get much done before I get dressed. But I didn't like all those emails! Good grief, how do you get things done in the house and read all their emails??? I didn't get that part. LOL

Now that I'm not working and there are usually only the two of us--I've slacked off allot. I still try to clean the kitchen before bed, and I tackle only one or two rooms per day. (Just can't do the whole house in one day anymore--and thank goodness, I don't have to.) But I'm really bad about staying in my jammies longer. I still feed the pets, and maybe throw some laundry in to wash/dry, sweep or vac the family room floor, and make breakfast for DH if he wants it--but I tend to pour my cup of coffee and sign on here--can lose and hour or two real quick by doing that! LOL

I've had little GD since Tues afternoon. Her Daddy had a certification class in Vegas, and her Mom wanted to go along to enjoy some "down" time. I've had some good quality time with the little one, but some real challenges too. She can be a real challenge to get to sleep--just keeps fighting it. And sometimes she can just be stubborn! I've said "don't do that!", leave the birds/dogs/fish alone, you're scaring them." or "get down from there, you're gonna break your neck!" a million times over the last three days! LOL The good part is that we have worked on projects with the playdough, read lots of stories, and snuggled up to watch cartoons together. I know, I know, you handle a three year old every day, all day! LOL

I've been looking at some of my idea books, and plan to get going on a few pieces this weekend or next week. Need to get to painting so I can contribute on here!


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