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anjabeeSeptember 13, 2007

Hey Luvs, I'm going to be moving my computer room into my dining area and the dining stuff into the breakfast nook where my computer has been so my computer may be down for a little while. There is a plug in there that has to be replaced before I can re-hook. Wanted to make sure I got on and checked messages before I unplug. Don't know how I'm going to survive for long without access. ha

What have you been up to. Haven't talked to you much since you got back from your trip. Write me a big long message so I have something to look forward to when I get everything set back up. ha Hope everything is going good your way. Check ya soon. ~Anj

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Yikes! Hope you get that computer connected quickly. So does this mean that the dining room is really becoming more your craft/computer room now? Nice for you to have your own space as much as possible.

I did a little TS shopping today. Posted my finds over on Holiday just now, so maybe you can just check them out there instead of me reposting. Bought a big craft notebook and one painting book by Chris Thornton--just because it had one pattern that I really liked. There were some other painting books, but none that I really cared for. (In the old days, I would have bought them anyway--but I already have more than I'll ever use!) LOL

Not much going on here, just doing housework and yard work and checking out some of my patterns to see what I might like to paint----soon! LOL

Sounds like you are keeping busy as usual. Hope you're not "unhooked" for too long, I always look forward to your posts.


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Hi~ well you know I can never be without my computer for long so in order to move things by myself I actually took my desk apart and put it together again this morning. ha Hopefully it won't crash to my feet before I'm done typing this message. ha Had to fascilitate things myself since DH wasn't able to help me last night. He thinks he may have dislocated his shoulder and it is jutting out at a weird angle in the back. Sooo, I had to do what I had to do. ha It's coming along slowly, but I at least got this in it's place and running.

So yes, the dining room is going to turn into my computer/craft/exercise room. ha I think for the holidays this is going to work out so well to have the dining table right off the kitchen area. Don't know why we didn't do it before, but thought the formal dining room should have a dining table. ha It's around the corner from the kitchen and it will be great to have my own little nook. ha And we'll actually use the dining table to eat on instead of craft on.ha I'm just gonna purchase a little fold up table to do my crafting on or perhaps I'll run across the perfect small table at the TS. I'm excited to get it done and test the theory. ha Now just have to round up my brothers to help move the bigger items like the dining table. It's a big heavy pine thing.

I'm going to run over to Holidays and check out your purchases. C-ya there! :) ~Anj

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Yay for you--so glad you were able to get your computer hooked back up so quickly. I was afraid it would be several days that you would have to be off here.

I know what you mean, sometimes we do things because we think that's how it's supposed to be instead of doing what really works for the way we live.

My girlfriend once complained that her family room was too small because she also had to use it for the dining room table. They had an open kitchen/family room with bar stools at the counter. They also had a rather large living room that no one ever used because they always went to the kitchen family room area. I innocently asked why she couldn't just USE the living room and then the "family room" could just be the dining area. Or why not put the big table in one end of the big living room and have a combo dining/living room? She looked at me like "What?" and then started laughing and said "why didn't I think of that?"

They tried the table in the living room for a while, then gave up the family room altogether and used the living room and put the table back in the family room, and used it as the "eating area". She said she loved having more options, and it just made no sense to have that big unused room!

Hope your brothers show up to get your table moved, sounds like you are getting all ready for the holidays that will soon be coming again.

Good luck on your search for the right sized table. Seems I can never find what I want when I am looking for it, but see lots of them any other time. Sort of a Murphy's law thing I think. But you do have three TS to check in, so maybe you will have good luck. You might even think about a desk with some storage drawers if that would work in your room. That's what I used at our last house, and I see lots of those at the TS.

Do you happen to a closet in your room? Wouldn't that be handy? I use one of those clear plastic shoe holders that usually hang on the back of a door to hold my spray paints, sponge brushes, bottles of sealer, glues, glitter, etc. Really holds allot and easy to see and get to.

Know you will have fun getting your space all figured out, and I will look forward to your future projects.


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Well, I thought I was going to be down for longer than that too, but I found a way. ha DH says me and my computer are attached at the hip. Thought I was gonna have to call the cable company to come install another outlet for me, but I forgot there was an old one hidden in the corner!! Hurray for me!

I guess sometimes we need other people to show us what we are too close to see for ourselves,huh? ha Good to work outside the box and what's expected. Glad your friend found new uses for the rooms in her house. This is going to work out better for our family needs too I think.

DH couldn't sleep in the wee hours of the morning so he dismantled everything he could and moved it all by himself. He's my Hercules! So everything but one bookcase is moved and I just have to put everything where it goes. I think I'd better go with a folding table in here since it's pretty small and I have a lot of uses going on with this one room. Or may just use my computer desk for painting too. It's right in front of a window so good light. No closet, but I have an antique dresser in here already that has a long flat drawer that I keep my paints in. It's been great since I started using it cause they lay down flat and I can see the colors easily.

Well, thanks for chatting me thru this move. ha Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here today. Hope you have a good one as well. ~Anj

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So great that your DH was able to get all of that done for you. Nothing worse than having to wait when you have a project in mind to do.

I had little GD yesterday afternoon. She is such a character. Crawled under the bushes where the dogs lay to stay out of the sun when outside. Took her shovel and little dump truck and was hauling dirt from one side of the bush to the other where the dogs had scratched out a hole. Told me she "fixed the hole" for me. ;o)

When I told her it was time to go home, she did her usual "NO, I don't wanna go" whine. So I asked her why. She said "Cause Mommy will make me eat dinner and go to BED!" LOL Told my DIL she sure has "cruel and unusual" punishment at her house. ;o)

I ran into Michael's, Homegoods, and Ross on my way back from taking her home. Bought a beaded pumpkin for $4.99 at Homegoods, and some little Fall picks at Michaels and a really neat ceramic pumpkin at Ross for $5.99. All of the fake pumpkins were $9.99 and up at Michaels. Why are those things so high? I'm still sort of looking for three small ones that are the right shape to paint on. Might just wait for the "after" sales and get them for next year.

You know I'm thinking about something else, but not sure how it would look. At the TS, they have lots of those plastic Halloween pumpkins cheap. Wondering about taking the handles off, and gluing them in a stack. Was thinking it would be good for outside, and could use them facing one way for Fall, then turned around for Halloween. Might even be able to wrap a garland of leaves around them or glue some leaves and such where they are glued together. Then make an arrangement of silk flowers or fall leaves to stick out of the top. Wouldn't it be great if I could find graduated sizes of the pumpkins? Hmmm. (Then I've got another "big" thing to have to store! Storage space around here is really tight--my shed with all the decorations is pretty full already with all the Christmas and other holiday things.) Why is it that I want to keep making more T2T type things? Just some crazy urge to be creative. LOL

Well, I've rattled on enough--better get moving. Going to meet six or seven of the gals I used to work with. We call ourselves the "lunch bunch" because we try to meet for lunch every other month. LOL

Weather here has cooled off some too and I am loving it. I'm wanting to go see what pretty plants Lowe's might have. Be nice to add a little Fall color here and there in the yard. Enjoy your day, and I'll catch you later.


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Cruel and unusual punishment. Yea, they really think it is, don't they? Poor nourished and healthy kids. ha

I think you could make the stacking pumpkins look very cute. You could even drill holes in the bottoms and put some lights up thru them. I know what you mean about storage. I just went thru part of my attic this weekend and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Still way too much accumulated junk up there.

Hope you had a good time with the rest of the lunch bunch! Sounds like a good time. I'm off to Waldos. ~Anj

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So what is Waldo's? Don't have any of those around here that I know of.

I dug the fall stuff out of the shed yesterday, so I need to go start trying to arrange it. Just doing some in the living room and front patio--might put something on the kitchen table.

I REALLY need to find a crafting buddy close by--would be so much more fun to help each other decorate and make things. None of my current friends are into crafts much.

I get such a kick out of Sophia. Yesterday I took her to the park just before time to take her home. After we played and went back to the car, she said "Can we go back to your house now?" I said "No sweetie, it's getting late, time for your dinner and bed." She said, "I could eat my dinner at your house, and I will tell you when I yawn so you can take me home." Just cracks me up how she figures things out so they will go "her way". LOL

I've got to go down and pick up the key to the antique/gift shop on Wednesday afternoon. He called this morning and said he has some sales going on that he will have to tell me about and show me. I'm sort of looking forward to it although Thursday will be a long day from 9:45 till 9:00 that evening because the street fair is going on. I'm sure I will survive it--just might need a couple cups of coffee in the afternoon.

Anj, I used to really be more into country/prim things too. Now I'm more Country/Victorian because of the roses and lace that I love. I did see the jingle bells on Primmart--so I went to Dollar Tree and bought a couple packages of the dull gold ones. Will either use in a dish or hang on the tree I think. I had intended to spray paint them a flat red like the ones on the site, but I sort of like this gold finish. I also like the prim pumkins in a bowl. Like a big yo yo with a stick stuck in the middle. Are you making any prim things? Be sure to show me if you do, okay?

Well, I'd better go decorate a little. I'll let you know if and when I post any pics.


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Oh sorry, I call Walmart Waldo's or Wally's sometimes.

Oh yeah, those kids start off real early learning how to get their way all right. ha She is too funny.

I didn't know you were gonna be working the antique store again. Is it just for the one day or is the guy going on vacation again?

I have been working trying to get things put away still from the move so haven't had time to work on anything. I don't have a sewing machine so can't try to do any of the prim ornies that I like yet. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas. ha I love looking at all the stuff at Primmart and wishing I was talented enough to make them.ha I just try to scope out prim things at the TS. Found some old bobbins on my last trip and a saltbox house picture. I've got to get things put back together so I can get to paintin! Forgot to pick up a folding table at Walmart today too. Dang it!

I had no idea I had that much stuff in my office area!! ha Been sorting thru paperwork and found a new place to store the kids disney movies so I can have my bookshelf back for my genealogy books, photos and research. ha Have just a little bit more to go and we'll be all put back together. It looks good. I'm really going to enjoy it this way. The kids actually used the dining table to do homework at today so it's already seen some usage. ha

Shoot, can't believe it's after 10 already. I'd better hit the hay since I gotta be up with the chickens tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your decorations. Think I'll wait until it gets a little closer to October to start mine. Night. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Have you gotten into the back to school routine now? Has the homework started for the kids yet? Sort of hard for them to get back in the groove too I imagine.

I had sort of a scratchy throat yesterday, and I think I'm getting a cold. Gosh, I hate that! Time to pull out the cold tablets and stock up on orange juice I guess.

I'm working at the antique store Thurs. Fri., and Sat. is all. Thurs. will be a long day because the street fair is still going on so I will be there from 9:45 till 9:00. I would worry about being able to stand on my feet all day since I'm not used to that anymore, but I know it is not too busy usually, so I will be able to sit if I need/want to. Last time I cleaned the whole place just to keep busy! LOL

I worked on a couple of little plaques yesterday. Boy, am I rusty. Almost just quit a couple of times! Went to a smaller brush and that worked better for me--more control. I still have to add some words to one, and then speckle them both. Too bad you are not here to do that part for me--I always love your speckles. ;o) These are just on a couple of wood plaques I had on hand that were given to me some time ago. Need to use them. Thought they might be cute on a little easel as a Fall decoration. We'll see.

Had thought about going to the LA County Fair yesterday, but DH said his hip was bothering him, so we decided to wait until next week. It's going on all month, so no big rush.

I have a big wooden pumpkin that I made a couple years ago. I did a crackle finish on it, but it flaked off in places--not sure why, either product too old or the sun too much for it. Anyway, I want to sand it down and redo it. Just going to use the glue technique to crackle it this time, and need to make sure I seal it good.

So are you loving having your craft/computer room now? I imagine the kids like doing homework where they can see and talk to you while you are in the kitchen too. Sounds like a win-win to me.



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Oh yea, the kids started off with homework the first day of school. Nothing like giving them time to get adjusted. ha They all have 20 minutes of reading so I have my timers (if flylady taught me nothing else!) so I only have to listen to the 7 yr old to help him. Then I have to check the math homework. Spelling words to be gone over and the 7 yr old has a discovery question to do every week. It doesn't seem like a lot until you times it times 3 kids. ha
I have parent teacher conferences tonight. Plus will be running kids back and forth to Scouts and church youth group before and after. Busy night. Better throw something in the crockpot for supper. ha

I had a scratchy throat and sniffles yesterday too. Not too bad today, but I think mine are allergy related. That or just the change in the weather. Can you believe we are going down to the 60's this weekend into next week?? Brrrr.

My DM took off early yesterday so we went to the TS. I got a barn star and a star candle holder, a nicely matted and framed duck print for my DB and a few other little things. Oh and a wooden box that I'm going to paint for one of my 12 day gifts. It will say "Will work for milk and cookies" or something like that and may paint some cute gingerbreads on it and then fill it with a quart of milk and cookie mixes. It was 50 cents. DM collects carnival glass and I picked up a pretty nut bowl for her. She has fruit on most of hers, but this one had a poinsettia design on it. Very cute and she was surprised that I had hidden it from her until we got home. ha

I am going to try to get my sign finished today. Can't wait to see your plaques. Your wooden pumpkin reminds me that I need to get DH to cut my 4x4 pumpkins out for me. I got the drill bit I needed for the stem the other day.

We really are enjoying the room switch. It's already working out great. Wish I'd have done it a long time ago. Live and learn. ha

Well, I'll miss you while you are working and don't spend your whole paycheck on the goodies. ha You are there to sell, not buy! teehee. ha Maybe if you clean again he will give you a little something extra for your trouble. ha Have fun. It may be kind of nice to get out of the house for a few days. Hope your DH's hip feels better. My DH has what he thinks is a pinched nerve in his shoulder that's really hurting him bad. He's supposed to be calling an orthopedic dr today to check it out.

I've been here much too long this morning. Gotta get to work. Later Tater. :) ~Anj

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