Bowling Balls and TG

charmoJanuary 23, 2009

Hey girls, guess what? After reading all of the posts on here about TG and bowling balls, this morning I made a couple phone calls, an auto shop gave me a side window from a pick up truck and then I phoned a couple of bownling lanes and ask the guy if he had old balls? He laughed...I guess it was the wrong way of asking that...but anyhow both places had a ball they could give me. Can't wait to try that.

I have a question though on tempered glass. Everyone says we can use the back window from a car but what about the lines for the defrost? Or are they so small that once the glass is broken we can hardly tell?


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Can't answer the question bout the rear window. Congrats on getting bbs' and have fun with them. Be sure to post pix.


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Well, Charmo, did you get a window? Did you start your project? Let's see! I don't know about rear windows with the defrosters. The ones I was given were from a glass company that were wrong sized and are big...almost 4X6. I'd love to see what you've done, as I'm soon to break one and start in too!

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Hi Daisy! Yes I got a side window from a truck. I did a bowling ball but I still have to grout it. However, I somehow didn't really like working with it and so far not impressed with my results. The bowling ball doesn't look as great as all the ones I have seen that were made with TG. Perhaps once it is grouted it will look better, I'll post a pic when it's all done.

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Lucky you. Yes, it'll look much better grouted, especially w/dark grout.

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Glad to hear you found a window and gave it a try! What was it about working with it? I'm really interested in how it turns out, and I agree with Slo about the dark grout.

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Actually, working with it is easy enough, I was glueing it with Mac Glue and on the BB I found that it just slides a bit, I guess I didn't really like it because I was disappointed in the results. I've seen so many beautiful ones on this and other sites, that because it is easy to apply I thought it would look better. I find the ones on the internet seems so much brighter and vibrant than mine. I had painted my BB, in yellow, orange and red, (degrading), and I just find it "blah" boring is the word I guess. Not ugly just boring. I have one GOG to finish (the one I broke), and then I have 3 projects to grout so I am hoping it will help with the looks!

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Could you put a photo on here of it? Maybe there's something to help....if only reassurance that the color grout will help.

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