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pezabelleSeptember 20, 2011

Not many sunny days left for us and fall is in the air and the spiders and mice are looking for new homes and they seem to think our is a good place to live...not!

Been busy prepping for the next craft show, I sure need to practice saying no.....Oh! Well! They are fun!

DH, DD and DS are under the house putting up the insulation, It is great that the kids want to help DD! Now if I could only talk my DD into doing some of my housework.....

Hope every is well and just busy or taking advantage of the last rays of summer.


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Belle, I just posted on your last message, so be sure to go read it, okay?

I have lots of spiders too, but mostly outside on the vines and bushes so far. We could really use a nice shower to wash the dust off everything and hopefully destroy some of those webs too!

Didn't realize you were doing another craft show! Hope it has lots more traffic than the last one. Can't wait to see what pieces you add for it.


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Luvs....How funny! And he sooooo discribes how I feel when I get up out of my painting chair after sitting here for an hour or so, then in pop the question, am I going to stay up or sit back down. So far "stay Up" is winning.

We have had your showers and they are so nice. Everything is clean looking and most of my flowers have shown new signs of life. This is the first year we haven't watered the side lawns on a regular basis and they looked so sad, now they are green again. And the moles! We don't have mole hills, we have mole mountains!

Our trip to Eastern WA was very nice. And even though we were in a hospice room at the hospital, our time with our dear friends was a blessing.

I am not going to paint a lot of things for this new show, but I do have a really cute witch's boot cutout than I am now painting. Even DD like it. Then I have to pick out something to paint, might do the pilgrims again-they seem to sell well. Might go back and do some Christmas tags and ornaments as well, just not very "pumped" right now. Would rather be playing with my Cricut. the SureCutALot program and is it so much fun. They are now on ebay for over $100.00 due to the fact the company can't sell then anymore. Now I don't have to buy any new cartridges. If you are ever interested in it, maybe we can work out a trade. Anyway it is a blast!

DH and DG are under the house putting up the last of the insulation and checking all of the foundation yet again. Things just seem to keep slipping. DH said that under the top layer of hard mud, there is still a damp layer and it been almost 4 years. So, we need to find out how to dry it out, DH says he is below the original dirt layer already and it's still silty mud. Ownng a house is just so much fun!

Well....I am into my second chapter with this post...sorry! is really great to hear from you! Hope everyone else is busy, but fine!


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Belle, I watched some videos on the Surecutsalot, but was afraid I'd not be tech smart enough for the importing and using of graphics and fonts found elsewhere. Are you finding it easy?

That's too bad they won't be selling them anymore, it's nice for people to have choices. There's another one out there called Make the Cut. It's supposed to be really easy to use with your Cricut. Have you heard of it? Wonder if they will stop selling those too?

I've heard allot of people love the Silhouette and it doesn't require the purchase of cartridges, but they do have a site where you can buy images really inexpensively. However, I will not be buying a different machine, and I do have quite a few cartridges now.

You sure made some great things with yours and such large quantities! I have lots of "ideas" for things, just need to get in gear and try to do some of them!

Not sure what you mean by "trades". Please elaborate.


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We just got home from a spur of the moment road trip that took us around the state in 4 days. We went from the coast to the mountains to the wheat fields of central and SE Wa to the great Columbia River. We logged in just under 1000 miles. It was wonderful, found several great small town restaurant and antique stores and lots of nice people. It's also nice to be home again.

Luvs...I love my SCAL and am still learning how much I can do with it. I purchased a file for $10.00 that allows me to make 25 different bags and boxes and any size I want up to 12" high and 24" long...the mat size. I have downloaded lots of free "fonts" (what everyone calls patterns and lettering styles) and have gone to lots of blogs and gained a lot of knowledge as well as ideas. I haven't looked into the Make the Cut program but have read that it is really great. Also you might check out the Cricut Craft Room on the Cricut website. Best of's fun!

Well...I need to do another load of laundry and unpack the suitcase.....the bad part of a mini vacation.

Take care all!


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Morning painting buddies!! I have been painting away. Have a few more things finished just need to take some pics for y'all. Have my BIL staying with us this week so you know how that goes. Only a little over a week until my boutique stuff needs to be ready to go!! Yikers!! Feeling the panic setting in! lol Sounds like you are all doing well. Glad to hear it!! Can't wait to see your projects!! Well, just got everyone off to school and just gotta get hubby out the door and I'm back to the old paintbrush. Y'all have a great day!! ~Anj

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A few more projects in the Gallery! Hope you are all doing well. Back to work today. I have until Thursday to finish up!! Yikes!

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What fun paintings Anj has posted! Glad she still has the spark or maybe it's the "deadline" that has her pumped. Sure wish I could get there. As I couldn't paint this weekend, like I really wanted to anyway, I looked through and cataloged all of my books and no wonder I have no spark, the 25 or so books I have in my "keep" area are so well used that I have nothing new to paint. So...I spent Sunday morning looking for specials on books and ended up with 4 new books, or I will have them in a couple of days. Viking seems to have about the best prices and variety. Maybe that will spark something!

I am finishing up on my various witches shoes for the sale and want to do a couple of Monika B's witches, just have to find a surface, I just love her witches and ghosts. Funny...I haven't gotten any of my decorations out and it only 27 days until Halloween!

Luvs...sorry I really didn't answer you question about the SCAL files. The SVG files are easy to download and use, just takes a couple of steps. There are a lot of free files and many more you have to purchase, but the cost is usually only a buck or two. You might want to check out the SCAL yahoo group, even if you only lurk, it is fun looking at what people are making. I made some really cute gift and Halloween bags and going to make some bat candy wrappers for our poker group. I still want to learn how to scan an object and make it into a SVG file....later! I also downloaded Inkscape which is a free program that help you draw, copy, resize, change the shape of objects, then you can make them into SVG files to cut. It sounds really hard but its like painting, you have steps that get you to the finished product. I'm not really interested in scrap booking, but I would really like to make my own cards. Also have you checked out They seem to have lots of sales on the bugs products.

Need to shower and get thing done....don't know what things....but things! Take Care Everyone!


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Wow, it's been way to long since I joined all of you here. My life is crazy. We have decided to wait on building so that will help a little bit.

I enjoy seeing what all of you are painting and hope to join all of you one day. DD's Critcut Machine is still sitting in our family room and I have cut one thing.

I am picking up DGD tomorrow after school and she will be spending the weekend with us. I'm so excited to have her to spoil for a bit. She plays soccer and has a game Sunday at 2 so we will take her back and watch that. By the time I get back home will be exhausted!LOL

Keep up the great painting and I'll try to be better at stopping by.


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Hey guys....the boutique was great and I've sold a few more things since it's over and I got an order for another Frankie Bucket. People were loving my stuff!! Got lots of compliments!! Yay! I sold almost everything. Only had a few pieces left over. I also did some stitcheries which I need to post here too. Just so busy. I had company, then the boutique, now it snowed the other day so we went from summer to winter and skipped fall altogether. Trying to get my kids winter/summer stuff changed out and get myself ready to go home to Mississippi on Sat morning! Hubby and I are staying for a week visiting with family and friends and attending both of our High School reunions! Should be a fun trip. Will be nice to finally relax!! Anyway, I have several things in the works for gifts to take back home and this bucket order to fill before we go so I'd better get back to it. Just wanted to tell y'all that I did really well at the boutique and I will be geared up when I get back to do some Christmas gift painting and start getting ready for the Spring Boutique so it doesn't sneak up on me!! =) My friends are trying to get me to sell my stuff on Etsy? Belle, have you done that yet? Ok, I'm off! If you don't hear from me again in few days I'll be back the week after next and I'll post those pictures then!! Punk glad to hear from you! The rest of you keep healthy and safe! And get to painting!!! I can say that now that I've been doing my share! lol Cya! ~Anj Hey Luvs!! Miss you!! *waving*

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K just posted a few last items from the boutique over on discussions (won't let me post to gallery today). I just finished up my order for the other Frankie paint can and off to do some other things. Hope y'all like them. I may have already posted a few of those in the gallery, but couldn't remember. See y'all in a few weeks!! ~AnjâÂÂ¥

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Ahhh! Now I know why you will be gone a couple of weeks! Hate it when I get behind on reading all the posts on here. Have a great time--and I'm sure you are still the prettiest, youngest looking one at your reunion! ;o)

Punk, sort of glad you have postponed building for now. You are just so busy all the time and seem to be doing really well right where you are. Maybe give you a chance to do some fun stuff instead of working so many hours.

I need to try to do something about our cell phones. DH never uses his anymore but he signed some two year contract to get a new "free" phone that he's never used. Mine is on the same plan with him and we have 700 minutes and usually only use about 50 minutes. Paying $90 a month just seems ridiculous for no more than we use them now. I need to do some research or get some good suggestions!

I started painting a Halloween project but not getting to work on it much. Seems I spend my days doing laundry, buying groceries, doing yardwork and cooking meals. Should have time for painting, but often just too tired or "not in the mood". Maybe I need to try some of that "five hour energy" drink or something to get me in gear. LOL

Belle, did you get your house repairs all finished? Will you be doing any more boutiques? I loved all your projects, especially that "cute" witch--she was my favorite!

Anj, so glad your sales were good. You do such good work and make such cute things. Enjoy your trip and we will chat more soon.

Hugs, Luvs

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What beautiful weather we are having! I still have water lilies in bloom. We still haven't had a freeze, which is a month overdue...or not!

Punk...nice to see you back and yes, life is crazy. How was your weekend with you GDG? Is you garden still producing? Why haven't you been painting? Come on, fess up! I know I am having a very hard time finding projects to spark my interest.

Anj...Congrads on you sales!!!!!And I can see why, everything was go great and you stitchery...awesome! We are having you fall weather, a lot of rain and now cooler nights with sun by day. Still haven't cleaned out my flower beds as everything is still blooming. How was you vacation and reunion? Time away is always great. asked about Esty, I have not used it and have heard good and bad about it. A few months back I did a lot of looking and even some of the artist/designers things weren't selling. You can see right on each sellers page how many they have sold and the date of the last sale. You might want to check it out.

Luvs....I agree about the housework, it is called work for reason and it never get done. And if I don't keep up with it daily it takes me three days to catch up! As to you cell phone, have you tried calling you provider and asking to re-do you contract with a lower plan. I did that, we were at 770 minutes and reduced it to 550 (which is still 500 minutes to many) but it really reduced my costs. Worth a try.

I still have dozens of Fall and Halloween things I would like to paint, but will probably only get to one or two. I also just got two books of painted lace that I really want to give a try.

My final bazaar/craft sale will be on the 29th at my DD's church. I haven't gone to it before so I have no clue as to what the outcome will be. I had to "apply and be OK'ed" for this sale....they seem to be picky and I am the only one selling painted goods. DH said I should really think about doing this sale again next year....we'll see after it is over.

Well, I'd better get to the floors, after a weekend with the kids here, they are in sad shape......kind of like me!

Take Care All!


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