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anjabeeSeptember 27, 2010

Morning gang....Phew....made it thru the long weekend. Got thru the first date and Dad's 70th birthday bash. Now on to the next big event...DD's Sweet 16! Lots to do to get ready for that. As far as the Homecoming dance I'll post a link so you can see the dress she wore. Totally cute on her with a little black shrug (tiny short jacket) over the top. She had a kind of draped black necklace (kind of like this)and earrings and a headband with a black flower with little faux diamonds in the center. Tuxedo look short heeled open toed shoes. The Vietnamese guy who did her pedi painted some cute little flowers on her big toes....looked super cute peeping out of her shoes. ha Her date wore a cream suit with a purple shirt that matched her dress underneath. She said they had a great time and was definitely a good 1st date for her.

We totally surprised my Dad yesterday with his 70th b-day party. Lots of family and friends there and Mom had collected 70 b-day cards from his friends and family so he totally loved everything. Lots of good food and some "oldies" music that he likes. It was a nice night. He said in all his 70 years this was the best birthday he'd ever had....and being 70 it was also the only one he could remember! ha He's crazy. I love my Daddy.

My friend had a little holiday boutique that she did at her house this year and last year over the weekend. Just neighbors and friends made things and put things in it to sell. Very cute! I went over to purchase some of my neighbors honey that they had put in and to browse. Lots of cute stuff. I told her that if she does it again next year I'd paint up some things to put in it. She was really excited and another lady that was there said she was doing one in November in her town and I was welcomed to put some things in hers if I wanted to. I told them as slow as I am it would take me a year to get enough stuff painted up to sell. ha I am gonna start working on some things for it though. Should be fun. Ya'll will have to help me on pricing and stuff like that. ha

Anyway, I am off to do a little shopping. My 6 yr old has outgrown all her clothes and needs some warm weather attire. Off to replenish her wardrobe and will probably stop by the TS today too. Ya'll have a wonderful day! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: DD's Homecoming dress

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Nice to see you back Anj...and the dress is awesome. And with the Georgian/Victorian necklace, I bet she was really beautiful.

Also sound like your are gonna be busy all year prepping for the boutiques. It's great that you have a neighbor who want to do this.

Had the A/C on yesterday. DH and I were putting the bedroom doors and frames back on yesterday, had to remove them it get the paino moved, and it was so humid it was like being in a sauna. Humidity was up to almost 70% and it is supposed to be warmer today, into the 80's but nothing like CA., are you doing? As I had the floors to clean in each bedroom (3) I totally cleaned the rooms and even re-arranged my DGS's room, he will have so much more room with out old 88 keys contend with and it actually looks more like a bedroom. Now I need to fill the void on the wall with a picture, thought about framing all of DGS
school papers and coloring book pictures and putting them there...might be fun. He has started his first year of college and is really hyped,, just hope it lasts.

Well need to go fold a load of towels, You all Take Care!


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Hi Everyone,

Anj, the necklace and dress are beautiful and I bet she looked like a doll. You even had her nails done. Wish you lived closer and I could of jumped in and helped on that one.LOL

Belle, so you moved the piano out, huh? I gave away DD and have never made a bigger mistake. I've offered to buy another but she doesn't think it can be replaced. Probably not the first or last mistake I'll make in this life. I do feel bad but loved not having to dust it any more.

We haven't turned the AC on yet but it is suppose to be in the 80's all week. I just went back to wearing capri's and that is wonderful. I just cleaned out our large TV stand for dishes. It's huge and I still have alot of stuff to find a new home for but decided I should take a few minutes and catch up on here.

We will be loading the U Haul tomorrow for DF. Her DD came and will be driving it to CA for her so that will be wonderful.

Went and lined up the electrican today and will be hiring the sheetrocker tomorrow for our new office. This is going to be alot of work but should pay off in the end. I'm finally getting to the age that moving isn't something I look forward to.

TC DF's and we'll yak later.


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Nice to hear from you again Anj. Love the dress and that gorgeous necklace, bet she looked stunning. Did Dad and Mom get teary eyed at seeing your little girl looking so grown up? Wonderful that you pulled off the surprise party for your Dad. Had to laugh at his comment about the best party ever! (I can relate--but hey, there is an upside to getting old and forgetful--everything is "new" again!) LOL

Belle, I'm sure it was kinda hard parting with the piano after all these years, but how wonderful that someone new can use and enjoy it now--and you have more space and as Punk pointed out, less to dust. ;o)

We've been having hotter weather again too, got up into the three digits. Don't really like that, but can't complain too much as we've also had so much mild pleasant days too. Plus, it gives me a reason to sit in the air conditioned house and do some painting instead of being out working in the yard or running around!

Sure wish I could complete projects faster and have more to share on here. Just glad we all keep coming by to chat at least.


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Looking forward to another warm day and the humidity is supposed to be better.

Punk....the piano was an upright player and a monster. My DGM lent it to her church and they kept it in an unheated building. A lot of damage was done at that time, then you add our flood. It is going to take a lot of work and bucks to restore it and I can no longer I feel good having it go to a new home.

Hope the packing goes well today! Sorry to see your friend move away, know that you have worried about her for a long time, so I hope the move is a good one for both of you!

Gotta do some chores and then tackle the yard for what I hope it about the last time this year. My roses sure like this weather, almost a much as the weeds.


I am having a great time typing with one finger. My kitten thinks it's her time to be held everytime I sit at my painting desk. So she is laying across my left arm, purring away while my arm goes to sleep. Gotta move! Ah!

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Belle~ I would have loved to take the piano off your hands. I have been wanting one for a while, but really I have no room for one. =( I procrastinated painting the living room trim yesterday. Looks like I'm doing a good job of avoiding it today too. ha It's just so onerous. ha
Luvs~ I think DH and I did pretty good letting DD go on her date. She is such a level headed girl and pretty mature for her age so we felt ok letting her go. Plus we dropped them at the school with their group and his mom picked them up and brought them home so not a whole lot of trouble they could get into. ha
Punk~ sounds like a lot of work you've gotten yourself into. ha Hopefully it will pay off big time for ya'll.
I just stopped in for a sec. Told myself I was gonna do better about getting here to visit. I'm working on DD's invitations. Wish I had your cricut right about now Luvs. ha I'm doing them by hand with scrapbooking papers and stickers, jeweled dots and brads. ha Turning out cute, but taking lots of time. Hopefully after lunch I'll feel the need to get started back on that trim. Ugh! ha ~Anj

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Well ladies it's Thurs. already again. Time is flying and our weather is so beautiful here. I wanted to go for a walk before getting dinner tonight but didn't and I must of ate to much cuz here I am instead of going now.haha

DH is still mowing our yard once a week but I haven't been doing much in the yard besides checking the pumpkins and squash to see how they are growing. Picking lots of tomatoes but that's about it.

Sounds like you have a few irons in the fire as usual, Anj. Be sure and post a picture when your done with DD's invitations. I could use Luvs circut to make new lettering for our new location signs too.

Belle, I can relate to the weeds growing. When it comes to roses, the only one I have again is DS's. I have been telling him to come and get it before it croaks.

Luvs, hope your witch is turning out well for you. Looked pretty cute in the last picture so I'm waiting patiently for final results.


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All of you are so busy. Punk, I hope the new location will work well for your business. I doubt that I'm good enough with the Cricut to do any professional lettering! LOL Your fresh tomatoes sound yummy, and those gourds will be perfect with your fall decorations. ;o)

Anj, I'll bet your cards are coming out really cute! Have you seen any of the sites where they do the wrappers for candy bars or even the mini ones? I think they are so cute--just a sleeve of scrapbooking paper with some cute stickers on top. I love looking at things like that. ;o) And I thought of you recently when I saw where they had used those neat clear veggie containers and decorated them with paper then put some shredded paper and votive candles inside. I should have shared the link with you cause I know you are always looking for neighbor gift ideas just like I am.

Belle, your kitty sounds so sweet. My two dogs are always right at my feet when I'm on the computer. My youngest one is obsessed with our lazer pen light and begs for it every night when it starts to get dark. I need to go outside and play with her before it gets to late.

Punk, I think you saw the finished witch on the Holiday forum. I posted her over on this forum too.

Want to know what I'm doing? Take a look at this mess!

I think this last one says it all! I must be crazy to do all this decorating!

Now I got it all out of the shed, I just need to start putting it up so things will look pretty.


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Luvs~ I didn't see the finished witch either. I'll have to go look for her. Wow that's a lot of decorations!! ha I've really got to get the living room finished up (painted) this week, but today I think I'm going to finish up one of my "fun" painting projects. Been staring at me for too long. ha
I finished the invitations, but DD already took them to her friends and I didn't get a picture taken. oops! Didn't even think about it. They weren't too fancy. Just sparkly lime green bottom, a purple textured smaller paper over it with a purple stripey strip going across both at the top with green & silver lettering (Sweet 16!)done with stickers. I put some tiny green star brads to hold it together on both sides. Then the printed invite done up with a starry night font glued onto the smaller purple part. I need some of those crows and candelabra for her party. I have a couple that I've bought at the TS that I need to spray paint black. Her party is coming up fast on the 15th. So much to do so little time! ha

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Hi Anj, My candleabra and candle holders were all TS finds. You can get the crows at Dollar Tree and they look pretty nice too.

I put all my stuff up on Saturday and then had sore legs, feet and back from being on my feet all day and climbing up and down ladders. I'll be posting pics of some of it soon over on holidays.

Your invitations sound nice. I'm starting to love paper crafts too--so many cute papers and ideas!

Got to get busy. TTYL


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