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luvstocraftSeptember 17, 2009

Thought I'd better post today since I probably won't be on here the next couple of mornings. Hope all of you are having some fun and enjoying these last days of summer.

I'm going to cover at a little antiques/collectibles store for a friend while she travels back east to a wedding. Just two days, but I'm looking forward to it. Cute little town about 45 minutes away.

I went out yesterday to pick up keys, and she gave me some wooden items. A shelf and cassette rack that need repainted, two little window mirror pieces that are raw wood. I already have a pattern in mind that I need to refind so I can paint it on them. And some cute little dessert plates that I love. She told me to bring projects along that I want to work on since there will be some slow times.

So what's going on with all of you? I'm sure Punk is still at the Fair, and Anj must be all tied up with school activities. Belle, how are the neighbors doing? Did you get everything all packed up for them? I think Bebe is painting up a storm, I need to go check her blog.

Post a note whenever you can, okay?


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Hi......what a beautiful fall day here in WA! This week has been almost a hectic as last week. I did manage to get a tray painted on Monday and will try to post a picture later today. sounds like you will be having a great time in your friends shop. I love being around people and truly miss that now that I am retired and life has slowed down. Did I just say "slowed down?" Ya Right! I love living in the country but the half hour drive take a lot of the "love" out of it.

Hope all of the "girls" are out having fun, but sounds more like they are working.

My DGS lucked out and did not need a cast. He has a lace up foot and leg brace and must use crutches for the next 4 weeks then they will do another x-ray. Hope he listens to the Dr and follow orders.

The police have filed charges against the boyfriend in the shooting of our friend. That is going to be hard on the parents, but then they won't have to be part of the trial, but people will talk. Hope it end soon.

Well...think I will go out and work in the pond before the cool of the evening starts to set in, still so much yard work to do, think I will make more rock gardens!

Everyone take care!


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Hey ya'll. Sorry I only had time to scan the posts. Been at the hospital with DH since Tuesday night. He has pancreatitis and his liver was inflamed from his problems with his gallbladder. They said his levels were elevated and it was life threatening so they admitted him to the hospital. They finally released him this afternoon, but then as soon as we got home I had parent teacher conferences and supper to get ready and tons of homework. We have to go back over to the surgical outpatient part of the hospital tomorrow and they are going to remove his gallbladder which should fix the problem with the pancreas and liver. Anyway, that's where I've been and where I will be tomorrow. I'll update you further after then. Ya'll have a good weekend if I don't get back here! I've gotta get to bed. Haven't slept enough to add up to 10 hours this whole week. ~Anj

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Hi Belle and Anj, good to hear from both of you. I've got to make this quick and get out the door for my "morning commute". lol

Anj, sure hate to hear that about your DH. Yes, it sounds like removing the gall bladder is the best answer. Sure don't want it messing up other organs--and I know several people who have done just great after gall bladder surgery with minimal changes to their lifestyle. Bless your heart, I just don't know how you keep up with it all! Take a nap every chance you get--missing all that sleep is sure not good for you!

Belle, I'm glad your GS is doing okay. Not fun having to use crutches, but hopefully the time will pass quickly for him.

I was surprised to hear the police pressed charges against the boyfriend. Didn't you say the gun shot his fingers too? That part sure made it sound like an accident. Keep us posted on the outcome, okay?

Gotta run. I'll try to check back in here tonight.


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Hi All,

Anj....hope everything goes well with your hubby. I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and the only difference I have noticed is heartburn after eating spicy food, but then that could also be my age. And living without all that pain was well worth the heartburn! was your day? I hope not to slow. How many times did you walk through the store looking and touching things? As to the police pressing charges, our state is getting very tight with accidental deaths. They say if he had been handling the gun properly it would not have gone off. And if he didn't know how to handle it he shouldn't have had it in his hands to go off. He is taking it very had as it is, he had just gotten an engagement ring for her.

Didn't get time to post the picture yet...hoping for tomorrow.

Gotta run, football time. We are going to attend until half time and then cut out. That way we can cheer for Timothy as he hobbles in...

You all Take Care!


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