prayers please

annieluSeptember 1, 2008

Hi all,

Haven't been on here for awhile, but I need some prayer. I twisted my right knee about 2 weeks ago, and ended up in the ER. They took an x-ray and suggested I go see an orthopedic doc. Well, I did, and he says my knee is shot and I need a knee replacement. I've had trouble with my knees for a couple years now, and just thought it was cuz I am getting older. The ortho doc says I have no cushioning in my knee, so it's bone against bone. It's painful at times. He gave me a cortisone shot to see how it does and to take time and think about surgery. So please say some prayers for me!

Luv u all!

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Hi annilu!! OUCH! Sounds very painful and of course we'll add you to our prayers! So are you going to do the surgery? I know 2 people who had it done and they said the surgery was a breeze, but the physical therapy after was tough. are already in pain and what's a few more weeks of pain if you can live the rest of your life without it. Let us know what you decide and ((hugs)) to you. ~Anj

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So sorry to hear about your knee, Annielu. I know it is a hard decision, but you really must have the surgery if it is bone against bone--only way to get any relief from the pain I'm afraid. I'll certainly remember you in my prayers too. Luvs

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Thanks anj and luvs. I am going to have the surgery, but hubby wants a second opinion. I probably will have the surgery in January, because that's when it's slow at work. Doc says I'll be out at least 6 weeks. I just want the paint to stop!!!

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Hi annielu
Of course you will be in my prayers. My hubby has had surgery on his knee and is much better now. It still bothers him when the weather gets damp and cold but he
says it is nothing like the pain he was in before. Remember this too shall pass and all will be fine soon. God bless you and your family.

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