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luvstocraftSeptember 29, 2007

Hi Anj, How's it going with you? Know you are always busy. I'm working again this week, not as fun since I've already seen all the "treasures" last week. Had a couple of fun customers yesterday though. One girl bought a couple of hanging lights. (I think they show in one of the pics on holidays). One was a gorgeous crystal one and the other a white frosted look with gold scrolls. I really liked them too, but had nowhere to use them. She said her friends/family keep trying to get her into modern/contemporary furniture and dark woods and paint, but she just "feels" best with lighter colors and loves things like these lights. I told her that it is her house and she should go with what makes her feel good. The other lady looked like she was wearing baby doll pjs. I swear the bottoms were so short I was afraid to look down and the top was a black ruffly sleeveless thing! She bought some high dollar items though, so I was happy about that! LOL

Hey, that cd idea on crafts is cool. I have a book of old timey Victorian Christmas images too. Do you know what that tool is she said she used for the holes? I was thinking that maybe a hot icepick and a hammer to make holes until she mentioned the tool she bought.

I want to get some spackle (think that's what it is called) and make some of the snowballs I see on the Prim sites. Want to roll them in the mica flakes to give them a little sparkle and then just pile them in a bowl with some greenery. I had seen them last year then didn't get around to doing it.

I havent seen the new issues of Paintworks that you said you bought yet, but my Painting and Quick & Easy Painting both came and both have a few Christmas patterns I really like. Some are Renee Mullins, and I also like the ones by Nancy Wood. Naturally, they are all the "cute" type--that seems to be what catches my eye more than the landscape or more serious designs. Course part of that may be because I just like doing quick, easy projects too! LOL

Had a great time TS shopping with my two neighbors on Wed. We hit four TS in another town. Would have hit a 5th, but it was closed--they clean on Wed. the lady told us. ;o( Didn't spend allot but got a few things. I haven't taken pics yet. Found cupids to save for Valentine's decorating, a big tray with handles to paint, a neat Christmas plate and a couple of small ones with nice designs, a scotty dog ceramic piece for my girlfriend, and two craft books(one Christmas, one garden type). Didn't spend much, but it was fun. I took them to a deli over by where I used to work once upon a time. I'd forgotten how good and fresh the food is there, so we all enjoyed it too.

Then DH and I went to the Fair that evening. We splurged and had a Cinnabon! Must be a million calories in those things! The smell just gets to you, and we have low temptation levels! LOL Weather was perfect, and we enjoyed it.

So how about you? Any good stuff going on this week? Hope you have a...

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Hey you...
It is raining here today so I'm filing and trying to get my office into order to start crafting again. This month is going to be pretty busy for me with the kids and I have family coming for a week.

Didn't know you'd be working again this week. Hope you have some more "interesting" customers to keep you from being bored.

I've heard to heat a needle and stick it thru the cd, but I haven't tried it yet. DH usually drills them for me. I haven't seen the thing she mentioned.

You do good with all the things that I'm not comfortable trying yet. ha I'll look forward to seeing the spackled snowballs. I bet they'll turn out real cute.

I think I bought those mags the other day instead of comfort food. ha That was the day I found out my gma died and I bought 3 different mags and don't know if I can do any of the projects in any of them, but I just "needed" them if that makes sense. ha I got a Create and Decorate too. I'll look at the Q&E painting and try to be more selective with it.

Glad you got to go shopping with your friends. That's always fun, unless they like the same things you do. ha Don't want to be wrestling with your friends over the same items. The deli sounds good. I love eating at them, but DH says if he's gonna pay for a sandwich we might as well eat one at home. ha He wants something "good" when he goes out. ha And the fair and cinnabon mmmmm sounds so yummy. It's getting the time of year when you gotta have that comfort food.

Well, DH just came in to see if I wanted to run to Costco with him so I guess I will. We were supposed to be winterizing the yard today but will have to put that off with the rain. I don't have any other plans for the weekend so I really really really want to get some painting done. If I can run by the video store and pick up some movies for DH maybe I'll have some time to myself to do that. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've got projects backed up to doomsday and I really need to get some of them taken care of before the Christmas rush hits me. ha TTFN ~Anj

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Okay, so it's another Saturday and afternoon instead of morning--but will just chat on this same post I think.

Well don't faint, but I traced off some patterns and actually went out to the shed and got them cut out! Hooray for me!

I sure could tell I haven't been cutting in awhile. Broke a blade then had to readjust the new blade a couple times to get it in right. And I felt "tense" while following the lines with the blade--I'm usually pretty relaxed about it. Guess I just need to do it more, like everything else, practice makes it easier.

I have a black cat basecoated, and a pumpkin stack almost done. I'm making the pumpkins two sided so I can use them for Fall and for Halloween. I also cut out a "Frankie" face too. Need to cut a sign shape to go with him.

If I keep at it, I should finally have some pictures to post on here. I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Better get with the program, right? LOL

So how about you? Get a chance to work on any painting this week? Hope you found some good movies to keep your DH entertained.

You know, I have such a hard time trying to select a project that I want to do. Not like I don't have enough patterns to select from.;o( Sort of trying to keep the Halloween things "cute" rather than "scary" since little GD is only three.

Well, want to check the other forum while I'm taking my little break. Want to try to keep at my painting while the mood has hit! LOL

Catch you later. Luvs

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Well, don't stop painting to chat with me!! ha I wouldn't want to stand in the way of your creativity. :) I have been painting some more shelves, a toilet paper holder,and a bench, but those were just black and white so nothing to show. I got some futon pieces painted into pumpkins and put them outside to clear coat, forgot about them and it rained on them some. They have some spots where the clear coat turned white so have to try to fix those. I've been working on this dairy sign for my kitchen. Bought it for $8 at the TS and it was a horrid green color and looked like it had been left out in the cow field for a year it was that dirty. ha Trying to clean it up and paint it to match my kitchen. It's fairly big so taking a little time. And I hope to get started on a Christmas box I'm giving for a gift this year tomorrow. Gingerbread I think. Sal just commented on my witch and I remembered that I wanted to get the Frankie and Scarecrow cut out to go with her, but I don't think I'm gonna have any time this year. DH just cut out some 4x4 pieces for me to make some pumpkins for my front stoop. I've just got to paint those orange and find some sticks and part of my grape vine for the stems.

I haven't been here too much lately and I've got a lot going on this week and next. We've got a family picture Sat and I've got to go find DH and me some shirts to match the outfits I've got the kids. DD's b-day sleepover is Fri-Sat so got to go buy a bunch of food for six 13 yr old girls (you know how much these teenagers can eat!!) and get it ready for Friday and decorate for that. We are remodeling our main bathroom so I've got the tile guy coming Monday and he and DH are gonna start tearing that out. The next weekend I have my B & SiL coming to stay for a week and as soon as they leave it will be Halloween so I need to go ahead and get the kids costumes. I just got the house decorated for Halloween tonight. I didn't put out the tiny stuff that I usually do so it didn't take as long. I'm not used to all this mayhem so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. ha Anyway, that's my life right now. Oh and we've been having a saga with my 2nd graders teacher. He had an accident at school because she wouldn't let him go to the bathroom and then she made him stand in the corner for the rest of the day and didn't let him call home. I want to move him to another class, but DH and the principal are trying to work something out to keep him in there. Urg!!

So anyway, I look forward to seeing your fun stuff. I know it will be fun because you always do cute things. I don't blame you for doing the cute stuff for GD. I like the cute stuff myself. ha So you just keep on a painting til you get it all out of your system again for a while. ha It kinda goes in spurts doesn't it?? Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaking in so you know there will be plenty more painting opportunities there. ;) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, So good to hear from you. You sure have allot going on this month!

Nice that you are getting the things painted for your bathroom. Always fun to spruce things up a bit, isn't it? We get tired of seeing the same things all the time. How nice that you are getting a bathroom remodel. Hope it gets done quickly--I'm sure you will miss having the use of it!

Wow! company for a week! That is always a challenge. I can do three days pretty well, but longer than that and I miss my normal routine, and start running out of ideas for meals! LOL Know you will enjoy spending time with them though.

Okay, what the heck is wrong with THAT teacher. Your son did nothing wrong--he asked to go to the restroom--and SHE punishes him! Poor thing, bad enough to have an accident, then she embarrasses him in front of the other kids too! And she didn't even call you to bring him dry clothes! Just how did she explain that to you and your DH? I certainly hope she got some kind of reprimand too--like making her stand in front of the room while the principal told all her peers how badly she had treated a 2nd grader! OMG!

And you have 6 thirteen year olds staying overnight! You sure are a brave woman. Do you think you will get any sleep that night? LOL Hope they have a good time and make good memories--and hope you get to take a nap the next day! ;o)

Well, I'd better get moving here, GD will be over around noon, and my friend is finally back from her trip and coming to pick up her bird. She seems to be okay with the fact that the one died--said she knew he had gotten quieter and had not been eating much--and she had never had one live that long, he was eight years old.

I probably won't get to work on my painting today--little GD thinks I have to play with her. I've got a few little pieces that I still need to cut out and paint. One piece is almost done except for the "accessories". LOL

Enjoy your week, I'll catch you later.


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Oh crud, I didn't know one of the birds you were sitting died!! Don't you hate that?? I know you will be glad to get the other back to it's home. We used to have birds and they are so messy. I'm sure you've noticed that they like to watch things drop. ha

The company for a week are my fav B & SIL, but now they have a 1 1/2 yr old they are bringing this trip. Should be interesting. My house is no longer baby proof. I'm having the "what to feed them" dilema too. ha As well as how to keep them entertained. The kids will be in school so I don't know how much we'll be able to do with them.

Oh trust me, I have been fuming about the whole teacher situation, but letting DH take care of it. He's meaner than I am. ha We are supposed to be having a meeting with her soon. Not looking forward to it. DS says she is being super nice now. I'm wondering if they put a monitor in her classroom. The principal is new and said would not tolerate the current bathroom guidlelines. Teacher had it set up that they could only go at recesses and would get penalized if they went during class time. Anyway, we'll see how it works out. So far I'm not too happy about leaving him in her class, but don't want to traumatize him further by taking him away from his friends. Ya see why I was thinking of homeschooling??? ha

One of the 13 yr olds is my DD, but she's inviting 5 friends. I'm shaking in my boots. I seriously doubt I will get any sleep. Having my other kids stay with their g-ma that night so maybe I can handle it. Pray for me!! ha

The guy who is doing our bathroom seems to think he can get it 90% done before my company gets here. I'm not holding my breath. Trying not to stress too much. I have hated that bathroom. It had a washer/dryer in there instead of a tub. We moved the w/d and are now gutting the whole thing and getting all new stuff. I'm getting tumbled travertine tiles. I think it's going to look so nice. So yeah, I'm pretty excited to get it done finally.

I took a nap earlier and can't seem to wake up fully. Wasting my time when I should be painting. The kids are in there making cookies and there is a lot of giggling going on so I'd better go see what's so funny. I may have cookie dough on my ceiling. ha Have fun with GD today. ~Anj

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