Here comes another Monday!

luvstocraftSeptember 20, 2010

Good morning! Well, we have a whole new week to fill with fun and hopefully some new projects.

Belle, I read your post on last week's. Went through 20 books and nothing! Sounds like you NEED some new books! LOL I'll look forward to seeing your next butterfly. Are you not into painting for the holidays anymore?

I seem to not be able to resist cute Fall and Halloween things.However, I have to tell you that I made stops at both Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store this past week and they have some really cute wood signs! I probably couldn't even find the piece of wood that cheap! Did you see my post over on the Holiday forum? I hate to post things both places since no one wants to have to see it twice if they visit both forums.

Weather here has been so nice, I just sat outside in the swing enjoying it the other day. The hummingbirds were busy chasing each other, the sky was a beautiful blue, sun was warm but not hot--just a lovely day.

I'll try to get myself busy on a project today, but sheets need changing and carpets need vacuumed--better do those first so I won't feel guilty "goofing off" playing with my paints! LOL

Have a great week everyone.


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Hi Luvs and everyone else that follows!

Just wanted to stop in and say that I'm still around, just been crazy busy, and will stay that way for at least another few weeks. Lots of projects, family things, etc. going on, and add to that the "normal" work of keeping house, groceries, etc...

I just finished the last coat of paint on the last piece of furniture for our bedroom! Whew! What a chore that has been, but it sure is looking better in there. I just have to finish some toss pillows, and it'll be (mostly) all done. I have another PBN I'm wanting to start, but there's just been no time at all, and usually by the time evening rolls around, I'm too pooped to paint.

Anyway, I'll be back around in a few weeks, and hopefully will have some pics to share. I hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather -it's still HOT here!

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Good Evening, It's still cooler but we have sunshine today so that brightens things up. I went to see DF in the rest home. See plans to get out on Wed. and move to CA next week. I told her I'm still saving boxes for her and hope it all works out. I told her I was moving the business close to her apartment but she wants to move closer to her sister.

I have to go renew my drivers license tomorrow, pick up my fosamax, go to the credit union and have truck buffed. Wed. have more appointments so guess I'll be busy and hopefully get caught up on everything soon.

DH cut me out some napkin rings so I started painting on them. I had seen a cute turkey but don't remember what book it was in... I'm sure this sounds familar to alot of you.

Luvs, I know what you mean with cheap prices it's hard to paint your own.

FM, sounds like your getting to the end on your BR. It's always good to have everyone check in and update us on what's going on in your life.


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Good Morning Everyone, have an appointment this am so jumped on here for a minute and was happy to see we had a new poster. Hope she will come back and join us.

I had forgotten all about the liquid embroidery paints and what I remember is the tips were a real pain. They always wanted to plug and it took alot of cleaning and painting often to keep them going.

Best go and get ready.


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Morning everyone! Franksmom, so glad you are getting finished with your furniture painting. Bet you are excited to get your room all decorated.

Hi Punk, up early and off to the dentist, huh? I've got another appointment coming up soon too to get my permanent crown put on.

I actually painted a project but won't show it until later since it is going to a friend. I've also been doing lots of those little Halloween blocks and sending them off as thank you gifts to a few friends.

I'd better get moving here, have a wood piece I want to cut out and get painted today--another surprise gift for a friend.


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Hey guys....choking down breakfast so I can get on with my day. Been super busy. DD got asked to go to Homecoming this Sat. by the guy she likes. This will also be her first date! So it's a big deal for all of us. Been shopping to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Have to run out in a bit to buy one more thing for her.
I've been painting this week (walls!). Have a few touchups to do on my kitchen and it will be finished then on to the living room. Whew. Loads of work, wiping down walls and prepping holes before the actual painting gets going. Thought I'd get the kitchen done in one day, but alas...didn't happen. ha So I'm behind schedule.
My dad's surprise 70th b-day is also this weekend so lots going on. Makes me tired if I think about all I have to do. Anyway, better get running. The kids have early day today and then they have no school tomorrow. Have to take DD to get her nails done, help DM do some yard work and get younger DD to a b-day party (if I can swing it). Saturday will start cooking for the party which is Sunday after church. Also have to find a cool spot to take some pics of DD all doozied up. =) Ya'll have a great day and a wonderful weekend if I don't get back here. ~Anj

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Sounds like exciting times at your house, Anj. Lots going on and lots for you to do as well! Hope you are taking some mega vitamins so you can keep up with it all! LOL

Tell us about DD's dress when you get time. What color, long or short, full or fitted, etc. Bet she is excited and nervous at the same time. Is she still doing basketball this year too?

Will be nice for you to have your walls all painted and fresh before the holidays. Mine need painted too, wanna come do them for me since you are soooo experienced????? Just teasing--that is unless you say "yes"! LOL


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Hi All! Wow! You all have been busy.

Luvs...I am painting fall...check out the other side, and it sounds like you have been busy, also, I don't have a problem with you posting pix's to more than one forum....I forget to go over there and check. we have an Anj clone? So busy and when are we going to get a peek at your finished room? Hope it is soon!
Also, you could send some of that "hot" weather this way, we have already set an all time record for the amount of rain for the month of Sept., and still a week to go! My veggies are rotting on the vines.

Punk....How is the new building going? And do we ever get caught up? Not!

Anj..Oh! How you sparked fond memories! First Dates! Ditto's to Luvs comments about her dress, etc., and the rest and when you are done painting with her you can come visit me.

I have just parted with a very old friend, my piano. It has been in the family since the early 1930's but really needs a new home and no one want to store it until someone comes along who wants it. A local gentleman refurbishes piano's and donates them to families that have young students who can't afford a piano. So..... it will continue to give pleasure to someone new. When and if they stop with their lessons the piano move on....

Well, gotta run or rather slow walk to the mail box.... Take Care All!


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