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luvstocraftSeptember 13, 2010

Good morning everyone! Are you all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on another week? Hope so. Know most of you are so busy, but I just have to say that I really enjoyed the activity on our forum this past week. Paintingfool's gorgeous santa sled, Candy's great jeep transformation, and even being able to share my Halloween blocks.

I've got an insurance person coming tomorrow to talk about some extended care coverage--getting older and need to plan ahead a bit. Then starting Thursday, there's a craft show I plan to go to--will be fun seeing all the Fall/Halloween items. Other than that, I'll get together with a couple "gal pals", do the housework/yardwork, and see what I can paint or create on my Cricut.

So what do all of you have planned? Hope all are feeling good and enjoying these last days of Summer.


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Gout! Ouch! Punk...I am sorry to hear that your DH is suffering yet again. Such an old ailment and still no cure. Hope he is better! Like you I am starting my fall into Thanksgiving decorations.

Luvs...pick up some good ideas for all of us at the craft show, haven't been to one in so long I can't even remember. very glad to see you posting again. I really miss your details of your wonderful family and all that is going on, it's like that old radio show "Mama" she was forever baking and sewing and all of the little things that go into making a good "mama"

As to my can find my first post in Ready to Come Play with Luvs and is still an ongoing saga. We just returned yet again. The auctioneer will take a smaller percentage if most of the non-sale-able items are separated for the sale-ables. So we spent several days doing just that and luckily it was only in the basement which means fewer stairs. To give you an idea of the space we were working in, the main basement room is 17,000 sq feet with row after row of shelving running from two sides towards the middle with walk way intersecting at about every hundred feet and one larger isle running down the middle. The isles are 48" wide. DM was very neat with her hoard. The shelves were full of boxes floor to ceiling. I would work on one side of a row removing each box and sorting things into two boxes...sell and non-sell with what was really trash going into large garbage bags. DH was on the other side of the same row sorting as well as lifting down the boxes from the top and placing them into the open spaces I had just created. He would then come around to my side and place the "sale" boxes back on the shelf. He would then move the 'Non sale" boxes to the center isle where my DBIL would take them upstairs to go to a charity. The closest Goodwill is a 45 minute drive. Anyway, it is amazing how much you can do in one day and how many marking pens you loose along the way. I was the lucky one, I got to sit most of the time, but you know, it is funny how ones natural padding seems to shift after several hours of sitting. Anyway, DM still seems to be settling in nicely and there is talk about finding a small, double wide, manufactured home that can be placed next door to my DS's. Hope this works!

OK.....I am stalled with that darned I am going to paint fall and Halloween and anything other than birds! I have brought out most of my fall flowers and candles although it is still very green outside, but none of the sunny days although temps have been mild. Fall is my favorite season when it comes to the colors!

Well...It seems I'm back to writing a book, but thanks for letting me vent!! Better go for now, you all take care and have a good week!


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Well, Heavens to Betsy Belle!! That is a saga! Poor mom. Hope she takes to her move well. My husbands grandmother did the same...they moved her to a trailer beside her son and they fenced in a little yard for her for her little dog. She seems to like it.
If it wasn't so overwhelming it might be fun to go thru her stash! ha At least she was very neat and organized with it. My grandmother started doing some funny things when she got older. I wonder what kind of shenanigans I'll pull if I make it to 83!! I'm sure it seems perfectly logical to them. Hopefully not putting a strain on the family though.
I'm working on getting winter/summer clothes down from the attic and changed out. One chore after another. I will be painting my walls next week to get that out of the way. Got them all wiped down and the ceilings dusted Monday. Glad I'm not boring ya'll too much with my day to day trivia. ha Have parent/teacher conferences this afternoon and my son's Scout Court of Honor tonight where he gets all the badges he's earned up until now.
Don't have much else to tell. Luvs...give us a hint on any new craft trends you see at the fair. Wish I was going to ours, but DH has to work. My SIL said it was mostly Jamaican themed booths. Weird. Anyway, ya'll have a great day! ~Anj

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Oh Boy this week is flying by. Great to see all 3 of you have made it here this week. This may be a great sign.

Luvs, hope you have a ball at the craft show. Insurance is tough to know what you need. My parents both had Rest Home Insurance and never used it. They also had cancer insurance and cancelled it and a year later DM came down with cancer. They had Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance which took care of everything.

Belle, are you kidding? I was thinking 1,700 would be alot to go through but 17,000 is waaaaay to much. Hope it all turns out well for both of you. The new manufactured homes are pretty nice so if she is able to live by herself that may be the way to go.

Anj, sounds like you are pretty busy with the kids. I feel bad that you have to go through clothes for the different seasons. With only having 2, I didn't ever have to do that for them. I do it all year long with mine and know it can be a pain hauling them back and forth.

Sure hope you get your walls painted. Do you have a particular color in mind? I still have several rooms of white and the older I get the happier I am that I can just touch some of them up.

Jamaican themed booths would not interest me so hope Luvs has more than that to share when she comes back from her craft show.

We are finally going to move to a new location the end of Oct. All it will have is the 4 outside walls. We have been busy getting lighting, flooring, etc. picked out and trying to design a new office. So many decisions to make and knowing we will problably move again makes it even harder.

It was the Yellow Front location several years ago and has been vacant. The owners have finally decided to put 3 offices in there. It's triple the space (which we don't need) but the location is wonderful.

We will still try to buy land so we can build but for now the econmy is scaring me from wanting to invest that much money.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Take Care My DF.


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Hi All, I thought I'd give you a quick rundown on the craft show. I always get a thrill when I first walk in the door and see all the rows of neat stuff just waiting to be examined and admired. I saw lots of painted metal items, everything from yard flowers to door hangers. Was loving the little hand painted blocks with clear glitter on them. There would be a block saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and on top would be a small painted and glittered turkey or a leaf cutout. Some blocks said "meow" and had a cutout cat on top. There were all kinds from ladybugs to purses. Also saw some cute painted wooden frames. One was painted black with orange on the inside where the picture goes. It was handlettered with "I'm not scary, I'm Bootiful!" Also a booth with the most fantastic fabric items. Darling wall hanging with a row of dancing witches fabric, little pillows made of chennile with a square of printed fabric that had a cute picture in the middle--some were Halloween, Fall, and even cherries and such. Lots of jewerly as usual,lots of food stuff too. One booth that I didn't like as much had lots of rough wood signs--but the writing was white paint just put on with a wide brush. Just looked kinda sloppy to me--but they were selling! It was fun, but I only bought two little Fall items--mostly I looked for "ideas" because the prices can be a little high for my budget and it's really more fun to me if I make things. ;o) (My DH just doesn't know how lucky he is, does he????) LOL


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Punk...sounds like you will be busy with floor plans and what will go where...OH! you said that the building had just 4 walls...won't you get wet when it rains? hehehe

Talk about rain, I need to drain my pond of about 6" of water. It has been pouring here, just in time to make the black berries wattery as well as put an end to my tomatoes.

Luvs...It sounds like you had a great time at the craft fair, I haven't been to any in the last 3 or so years but am looking forward to all of the church bazaars that happen from now until DEc., so many pretty things. We have a home and garden show here every year and I have seen some of the most awful signs sell and beautiful things sit on the shelf...go figure! May be it's just another part of our "throw away" society. Use it a year or two and just toss it whereas if it is really done well, you have to take time to care for it. Just a thought. Punk we pretty much wear the same things all year round, only more layers during the winters. There is a really cute poem about "When I am old I shall wear Purple" and it fits me like a glove. I'm not so concerned about peoples opinion of me as I was even 10 years ago, life is just to short to worry about what people think and it is said that we change our circle of friends about every 7 years so who care about what they think if we know that in 7 years no one know what we did or cares.

My DGS start college on Monday, all of his classes are at night, something to do with teachers teaching at other locations during the day, anyhow, he is taking 4 forensic (sp) classes, he wants to go into the science of police work. This is a kid who hated science of any kind until his Senior year. Must be something about when a boy grows into a yound man thing.

Well, the house is still quiet so I think I will do some painting until people start moving. Couldn't believe I went through about 20 books yesterday and couldn't find one thing I wanted to paint, so I start then next part of my series, another butterfly.

You all take care!


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