Brushed or polished nickel hardware for this kitchen?

pps7May 5, 2010

We are finalizing our Shiloh inset cabinetry order on Thursday-I'm so excited!

Restoration Hardware is having a sale and I want to go ahead and purchase cabinet hardware.

The style of the home is a mix of English country and contemporary. The kitchen will have white inset cabinets, absolute granite counters, wide plank pine floors, no upper cabinets but I'm hoping to put in a few salvaged elm shelves. The appliaces are all stainless including the hood. There is no blacksplash-behind the range will be a sheet of stainless. The faucets are in a stainless finish as well. We are going to use the Aubrey knobs/pulls.

I love the polished nickel finish, but the brushed nickel goes better with stainless. The light fixtures are going to be polished nickel. Will the polished nickel clash with the stainless? Will the brushed nickel make the kitchen look too cold. Also, I love the Aubrey pulls, but prefer the Gilmore knob. Does that look okay?Does it really matter -LOL! It's so difficult to all of these elements in my head and making these choices without anything actually istalled yet.

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My cabinet installation was just completed 2 days ago!! I am so glad I waited until some of my cabinets were installed before making a hardware decision. What I had wanted all along just didnt look right on my cabinets and what I never considered looked the best. I recommend you wait until your cabinets are installed before making decisions. Just my 2 cents. I hope whatever you decide works out great for you.

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Someone here posted about 9 different pulls, knobs that were ordered and it looked great. I think either would work as you have other elements of polished and brushed look in the kitchen. What I did when I was torn between 2 different finishes-I bought 1 set of each and had DH put them by the cabinets. That helped me and then I returned the set I wasn't going to use. My faucet and appliances are stainless-my cabinet hardware is brushed nickel. My cabinets are a medium brown oak.

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Sorry I didn't get this in my previous responce, but one thing that I did was to go to a big box retailer like Lowes or HOme Depot. I purchased about $50.00 in different hardware styles in different finishes. You could find something similar there just to test out the finish and order the style you like from RH. I also am going to use 5 different hardware items with 3 different finishes. I never would have thought of doing that previous to my cabinets being installed, but it looks great. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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You said the style is old English and modern. I had the same dilemma and called a very well known designer. He said: "You know, they did not have brushed nickel in old England!". So, I hope this helps!

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I don't see anything about a sale at the RH website - details please!

If you can swing it, I would buy sets of all and return what you don't like after you've made your decision, after the cabinets are in. I wasn't sure which size Ephram pulls I would use so I bought all sizes. RH has a 90 day return policy.

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I just put the gilmore pulls yesterday on my new white inset cabinets in polished nickel.. i think it looks amazing! I LOVE the PN on white.. I will post photos later
But I didnt see any sale for them on RH...

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I hope it's ok to mix it up a bit, otherwise I'm in trouble! Polished nickel peninsula lights, stainless faucet and appliances, black silgranit sink, and shiny polished silvery pulls!!!

Oh well, I guess I'll see when it's all finished:)

Good Luck with your choices:)

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I am also getting Shiloh insets! Which ones did you order. Do you have a picture of your floors? I love the look of the antique pine but when I steps on the sample Carsile sent my heel went about 1/8 inch into the wood.

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We are getting the Shiloh Inset Homestead in polar white for the kitchen. Our dining area is going to be Wyatt stained maple in acorn with an brown glaze.

Seems like the polished nickel will work. Anyone have pics? I did want to wait until the cabinets were in, but I don't know if I can resist saving some money. I will ask the RH folks if I change my mind, can I exhange the polished nickel for brushed. There might also be some pull sizes I might want to change. Maybe's it's not worth it to order ahead to save $100.

The pulls are not on sale but I got an email coupon for mother's day $100 off every $500.

Don't have the pine floors yet- I am a bit nervous about the heels. We generally don't wear shoes in the house and I never wear spiked heels. But I am excited to see the floor installed. The floors should be in within a month.

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Do you have a picture of the Shiloh inset in Polar White yet? I'd Love to see them!

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Katieob has PN Gilmore pulls in her white kitchen. Only one picture is active in this post but it shows the pulls nicely.

Sabjimata ordered the 9 different types of hardware.

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