Anj, wanna see my decorations?

luvstocraftSeptember 20, 2007

Hi Anj, I dug out my Fall decorations and got some of it done. I posted some pics over on holidays if you want to take a look. Still need to put my stacked plates together.

The little plaque on the mantel is what I've been working on. Not quite finished, but I needed something on that side of the mantel so I used it for the pic.

Not sure what words I want on it. Maybe Welcome or Happy Harvest--something like that.

I've put the same things on the front patio that I had out there last year. I like putting out the decorations just because it lets me change things in the house a bit--same old stuff can get a little boring. LOL

Hope you've had a good day. I went to the antique store today to get a refresher course on everything. He's got lots of sales going on. Some stuff 50% off even. Saw a few things that may be tempting for me. Sure would be easy to spend all my earnings if I'm not careful. LOL

He's going to open in the morning so I don't have to go in so early--not until noon. That's good, I was sort of dreading an 11 hour day!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on my pics in case you wanted to see.

I'll chat with you later.


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I do wanna see. I'll head over there right now. :) ~Anj

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