Look at this!

luvstocraftSeptember 10, 2007

Hi Anj, look at this. My DIL and DS gave me this for watching the little GD for the three days so DIL could go to Vegas with DS.

Told them no thanks were required, that's what Grandparents do, but she said "Don't be silly, we know what a handful she can be, and we just want to show our appreciation."

This is from Harry & Davids and it has two yummy sounding salsas, some tortilla chips, a potato corn chowder mix, some darling pumpkin shaped candies, and some chocolate covered fruit candies.

How sweet is this? Luvs

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Hey, sorry I didn't get over here much over the weekend. Had a bad headache all weekend from not getting enough sleep and allergies. Fall is my allergy time. So DH let me take lots of naps to try to "catch up" on my sleep.

The basket was super sweet! Love the stuff inside and you can definitely use that basket in your fall decor. Harry and Davids is usually good stuff. I've never seen the one with the salsas. That's pretty cool. And all for doing something that you enjoy anyway. ha I bet you and GD had a good time even if she was getting into things and not going to sleep on time. Maybe it was just the excitement of being at grandmas. My 3 yr old knows her boundaries here so she doesn't get into much, but she's into everything at my DM's and is on a constant eating binge there as well. ha She knows her grammy can't say no to her. ;) ha

Thanks for sharing a pic of your basket before you dug into it. ha How do you think you'll use the basket after all the goodies are used up? ~Anj

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