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bonnie.garciaJanuary 21, 2011

Hope this is okay to admit:

I have been using this forum as a homework assignment. We had to choose a forum that dealt with topic of interest and blog about our experience. I chose this forum because of my relationship.

One week left after this Saturday. I would like to say thank you to all the women who made an impression on my life. It has been wonderful to hear you share and also share a little piece of me. I feel this experience has really placed a new perspective on my views of this relationship and any relationship where kids are involved. It was a very mature journey.

Personally, forums are not my thing...but I am sure that every now and then I will pop in...

Thank you ladies!


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Betrayed... I haven't posted in a very long time but I lurk .... its kind of rotten to use these women for your homework ...

These women are great and have helped women and men with "real issues" not fluff pieces for homework

I think it is rotten ... you should have just gone away with no explanation rather than spit in their faces.

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So was the situation you described real bonny? Or is this a really dumb question? Or are you done with us now, never to reply again :-)

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her situations are not real, her stories never added up, people just never paid attention.

In November she said she is dating a guy that she broke up for few months and then got back together, and she only knew him for a year, not married, not living together. Then 2 months later she has SD whom she is raising and she is having issues with BM not being appreciative of pictures of SD's being sent to her.

It seems funny to me now that people argued with me how BM is evil not appreciating pictures sent by dad's very recent GF who is not raising and not even living with the kid. hahaha And story was not even true.

I don't believe though that the homework was to anonymously make up stories and suck people in.

I had homework assignments that require participating in discussions, collecting opinions, taking interviews etc but I had to disclose everything and obtain people's written permission. No way universities would require such nonsense as lying and tricking people. No way. It is illegal and professor would get sued.

Bonnie might just have some social or emotional issues and needs to come up with something like this to make herself to feel better. I have met someone like that on a political forum, she/he was posting some nonsense and sucking people in arguments, then one day he/she informed people that she/he is not who she/he says and had a homework to explore people's political views. Yeah right.

There are plenty of weirdos out there on the Internet and people use Internet for some bizarre, sick reasons. Oh well can't avoid that.

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You ladies are funny. Yes my situation was real and although my stories may have not added up for you...they never really added up to me either.

I guess that is why I find myself single again...I just could not date a man with a child and an ex that was way too close to him. We did once live together, almost got married, and almost had a child (miscarriage). I tried staying away and not letting those things bother me, but in the end I just could not help it. We have gone back and forth one too many times and there was an event that just took place that broke this camel's back. LOL. Maybe that's why it didn't makes sense...parent of one. I guess I owe you lovely ladies that explanation.

Parent of have way too much time on your hands to be analyzing my posts from way back in November. It's unfortunate that you think I tried "suck" anyone into any argument by posting my true situation, feelings and question on the forum. I was actually suprised you were so upset by it. That was not what I had intended. All I wanted was advice and I did get some very good advice. I apologize it riled you up. As for this being a real homework assignment...yes it was and I thought it was odd just like you. I really don't think a teacher could get sued for this...but hey...anything is possible. Good luck to you and your family. My best wishes:)

I really do mean it when I say thank you for all your help. And if I ever date a man with a child again, I will peek back in...but I really doubt I'd put myself in that situation again. It is just too difficult for me and I commend all the women who have the heart to give a man with a child a chance to love you and let them in your life.

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What was the point of telling us it was a homework assignment? I agree with pseudo, "you should have just gone away with no explanation rather than spit in their faces." It's one thing to say thanks if you really got help from the forum, but when people are discussing their lives... their difficult situations & raw feelings, it is an insult that you'd come here & take notes for a school project without disclosing that what we're talking about here could end up being discussed in a classroom setting. Yes, it's a public forum but most of the people here are here for support or to give support... not to be someone's project. In the past, people have posted (disclosed) that they were seeking situations to use for school or television programs, etc. & that is fine. Those may be ignored if someone doesn't want to be the subject, but it is offensive to me personally, that someone feels it's okay to deceive to get what they want. It says a lot about a person's character.

And don't worry, I am not riled up.... just disappointed in the way some people operate.

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since your postings and participation on this forum was just for homework assignment, then I don't see why you get all wired up and waste your time defending yourself or your posts? What's the point? Seems rather bizarre to me and for everyone else here. You want us to know that you for real sent unsolicited texts to exBF's exwife, so you didn't make it up. And it makes a difference why? Like it makes it less weird that it happened for real?

I am not sure if a professor could be sued, but a student could, I had to obtain permissions and had to provide complete disclosure for any similar assignments to avoid any lawsuits. If anyone locates you (computer savvy people could), they could sue. You should be more careful using notes from here since we never provided you with a permission.

Same as imamommy I am not riled up because this is nothing to do with me, I don't care what you do, I don't know who you are and your character is your issue to deal with, unfortunately there are some people out there with lack of moral character but I agree with imamommy it is somewhat disappointing when it happens. But oh well, at least we do not know you in real life!

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Sorry Bonnie,
I had the same reaction as above, I just couldn't think of a kind way of saying it.

I have no problems helping with assignments but to know this was one and you just didn't disclose it doesn't feel good.


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