First try w/ tempered glass. Lots of pictures

adaisy777January 28, 2008

Well my stepdad finally brought me some windows. I immediately got to work. I was a little apprehensive because each window weighed about 50 pounds. They are attached to a piece of plate glass. Anywho..Here are some pictures from my first attempt.

Here is the untouched window. I guesstimate it to be about 2' x 3'. Very heavy and attached to plate glass.

This is the glue drying. I covered it with plain white glue. On one half I used straight glue and on the other I diluted it with a little water.

It was harder to break than I thought. After I hit it a couple of times my husband took the hammer. Here is after my husband hit it once.

I wanted to start off with something flat. This is the substrate I used. It is backer board I pried off of an old dresser. I just threw some paint in glitter on it.

Here is a close up of the out come. I pieced together the bigger chunks of glass. It isn't completely finished. I still have some spaces to fill in. The glass has a green tint to it so I'm not sure what to use underneath it that will stand out. Maybe once I grout it, the colors will pop.

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Veeery interesting. Your chunks look a tad different than I've seen before...they don't seem to be as rounded.
Were they sharp? They look it.

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Interesting...thanks for posting each step, I know nothing about crash-glass and this sure helps educate! BTW, your piece is really nice...can't wait to see it grouted!

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Thats cool!!! Definetly want to see it grouted!!!

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Thanks for your detailed steps. I have not done this and sure didn't remember all of these steps. The tiny pieces I've seen others use doesn't appeal to me. Your pieces look more manageable. Thanks for sharing.

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That's not what my crash glass looks like. Mine looks like the photo at the link below. Much easier to work with and less sharp.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Very interesting. I am curious too what it will look like after grouting. Great job! Thanks for showing.


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That looks really neat, but that's laminated glass, not tempered.
This site explaines the difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: safety glass

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I love tempered glass (crash glass). Matter of fact I'll be working with some today. Warning: it is addicting!!!

Here are two easy pieces I did with crash glass to show how it grouts.

The one thing I recommend is to make sure you coat the glass well with adhesive. The tiny pieces will fracture and fall off if they are not secured well.

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DOH!!! Posted the same image twice. LOL!! *blush*

Here you go:

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Looks good for your first try!!! I've been too chicken to try crash glass, but I lke the bigger pcs like this! I'll haveto remember, laminated... That cow is so cute I could look at it twice!! The bar sign is great too, did you cut those letters out yourself, are they ceramic?

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Looks Good! I'm itchin to give it a try too. I have a car window to break but I have to do it outside and the weather is not cooperating! I have to have a plan in mind when I break it too, not sure what that will be yet.

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Interesting Bama. I went and looked at the label on the unbroken piece and it said Tempered. I took another picture of the other half of the broken piece. It looks more like what you guys are talking about.

I won't be able to finish the piece today, but hopefully I can get it grouted tomorrow. Thank you everybody for you comments.


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aahhh...that does indeed look like tempered glass.
But your first pix's really don't...curious(?)

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Whatever it is, I like it. I'll have to remember the glue idea. So far I've just had an already-broken sliding glass door.

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Safty glass brake difernt some time it depends on where you hit and how thick it is. What kind it is I had some windows that crack dif.than a shower door .I have done a lot of temperd glass. You are doing a great job.

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Isn't if funny when you are working on something and then check here and someone else is doing it too! I just broke my first tempered glass.
I found a stray storm door window in my basement, must have been from the previous people. ( I've lived here over 15 years!! I gotta clean that basement more often!)
I was "skeered" to break it. Had a heck of a time too. I hit it several times with a hammer luck, then I made a small score line and it broke right away! I wish I had glued it, it made lots of teeny tiny pieces. ( I will give it to my bf who will put it in her kiln)
I really like all those photos above.
Have you grouted yet?

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What does gluing it do to it? How does that help to keep the pieces together if it isn't broken yet? Will the glue go between the pieces in the tiny spaces?

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Some think it will keep more of it together . It does not go in to the cracks because you let it dry first and the dried glue kind of keeps it in larger pieces.I have read about this some where but I go to to many different web sites I get lost. Like I said there is different sg and some times it depends on how it is hit .I have used it a lot and have never tried the glue but do not use contact paper to keep it together duh!!!! bad !!! I hope I have helped you some .Google it and see what comes up.It is my most favorite thing to work with and I like it small not big chunks .If I can help any way let me know .

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