Bridging the gap between 2 different floorings

desertstephMay 28, 2010

Was someone here needing an idea on that? I read it somewhere in the last day or 2... couldn't find my pic of a neat way to do it. I just ran across it in the gallery!

here it is - by goffgirl, her midcentury redo -

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she used glass mosaic tiles between a wood floor and a concrete floor. if you're creative maybe you could think of something else also.

Here is a link that might be useful: goffgirls post

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OH that is really pretty.

Steph we are getting closer to putting the vinyl into the living room and there will be a gap between the two halves of the house. I talked to Mario and he said the metal strip. For this case it will have to be this way. Not thrilled with it but ok about it. No way to do the glass tiles this time but a wonderful solution.

I once used just a plain one by 6 of pine and it worked fine. A built up threshold is very expensive.


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We had two tile areas where the grout lines did not line up. We put a marble threshold for a transition, and it worked out very well.

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I also had a doorway where I laid tile to bridge the gap. When we closed the opening up, I told the carpenter to recess the wall to keep the tile. I built shelves in the recess.

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I knew this subject would flush Shades out!
It looks so like some of your tile work, Shades! Very nice

I try to get my DH to make an even or level transition between floor areas, because I have to move large bird cages around the house. If there is a change in elevation, I first must remove the water bowls and make sure I go through passageways without letting wing nuts gouge the woodwork. And if it is a couple of inches, then I have to use much more muscle to do the moving.

And since I developed a bone spur in my heel, I am very careful to step carefully across thresholds. It is a factor I realize can be importnt when planning ahead to a time when we may be less able physically to deal with such things.

Loretta, in what will become our master shower up north, there was once a doorway. A very very deep doorway, about 12 inches deep, because it was once an exterior wall and then another room was added behind it. So all that foot of space will make a very good bench alcove for the shower. All the plumbing will run in the lower portion of the bench which will be tiled like a solid wall from seat level to the floor. I hope it works out right. Too good a space to waste, IMO.

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shades - UGH. no, not the metal strip! lol! do they come in bronze? I'm looking forward to seeing your floor when it gets put down.

I'll have that 2 sides coming together thing also. into the mstr bath and 2 bedrooms. into the laundry room i think too. bummer.

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Have you looked at Schluter tile trim? It would allow you to put a mosaic or glass tiles in the area. Many options, available at any place that sells tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: schluter

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Well I might consider painting the metal trim to match the color of the vinyl. But then I run into the paint scratching off.

I think I might be to the point I do not really care about it being metal. I have it into laundry room and pantry and never really see it. Course this area would require a wider metal piece then those.

Emagineer the tile deal will not work on manufactured home. I do not think I have any pictures of the house coming together at the seams. There is no drop off. They screw the two halves of the house together with a rubber gasket between which does not really show. Then they take the "Stuff" spray to fill any gap that might be left. Then it is smoothed and in our case now there is carpet over the joint. There is the metal strip that holds the carpet and I am sure it is nailed through the seam edge of the vinyl so there needs to be another metal strip wide enough to cover those holes when the carpet and strip are removed.

Hard to explain.There is no gap or lowered area between the two halves of the house. I need to go up to neighbors and see how they bridged the seam because they also have vinyl in kitchen and living room which are open to each other. They researched it all half to death and really metal is the only option.This one from your link is about what it will look like. Schluter®-RENO-T It might need to be a bit wider than shown.


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so it's just flat since both flooring are equal? makes sense. not like you're going from tile to vinyl with the tile having more depth to it.

I do agree tho - you might notice it at first because it's different but shortly you won't even notice it at all.

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I was watching BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS on HGTV today, and they discussed bridging different flooring materials.

One of the homes had tried to match the woods in the old part of the house to the new floors in the kitchen. They'd run a band of wood between the two perpendicular to both. BUT they also said there were ways to integrate the different woods, did not say how to do it though.

What I picked up on was they did recommend that it would be better to choose a different material for the new area, instead of going with something which misses its mark. That is what I'm planning to do with our new walkin closet for the work turning our back bedroom into a master suite. I know we'd never find 1.25" width oak, and so I'm happy to plan using the Italian unglazed porcelain tiles. This is the same product we will install in the master bath, and probably in the future kitchen redo. DH is pleased with the tile selection, and it would be an easy install.

As long as there is a smooth transition, and not a threshold required, I'm okay with different flooring. Having a raised threshold is becoming harder to navigate as I lose sensation in my toes.

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Desertsteph. Yes it is the same thickness in both halves of the house. We will be using the same vinyl in both rooms.

ML there might be just a slight raise from the metal on top but should not cause a trip factor. I do not notice it in the laundry room door way.

ML your tile choice sounds wonderful.


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Chris, I thought you were considering the tile option..... knowing your creativity. The options for transition are endless. Just picked up a door piece for my daughter's kitchen to dining room and there were dozens of options.

Also, when I opened up the kitchen entry there were 4 wood strips needed to fill in the floor gap. 1 1/4 was not hard to find. Plus the living room has new and the kitchen original wood flooring. No one notices a difference, the kitchen gets a tougher use as it is.

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desertsteph, I really like that transition. We had 3 doors where we went from wood to tile and the flooring co used a rounded transition wood piece. I trip on it at least once a day. I would have much preferred something like that.

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Emagineer, If I used the tile it would have to stick up as there is no trough for the tile to go down into. Believe me if I had a place to put tile there I would love to do it.

When we do get it all apart I will take pictures and you can see what I mean.I do not think I took pictures of the seam between the two halves of the house when they were putting it together.


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