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TabathavmJanuary 30, 2014

Hello. My husband thinks he is the father to one of his exwifes sons. (They have a daughter together also).. Even since birth he has thought it was his son, but his ex wife told him to leave it alone,and gave the baby her new husband last name, well now the child is 16 and wants to know if my husband is his father. My question is this: Can him and my husband get a test without the ex wifes consent, since he is 16?

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I would think it is not a matter of law. If I take samples to a lab and am willing to pay for it, why would they ask questions? This is an interesting subject, I will be interested in other replies from someone more knowledgeable about it than I am.

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Is your DH listed on the birth certificate? Is he legal guardian? In those 2 cases he would not need her permission...

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No he isnt listed on BC or legal garden his mother does NOT want him knowing he is my husbands son.

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Well, if he can contain his excitement for another two years, he'll be 18 and can please himself.

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I had a similar problem. Ex wife testified that first child was NOT mine while the second born during the divorce was I got custody of 1st and denied second ,happened in 1970 no DNA tests. Had both statements declared legal
during divorce . My name appears on 1st birth certificate while second bears the name of her "boyfriend" Which is interesting because we were still married and he was married to another woman at the time.lol
Be careful with changing parentage You might be liable for child support?? he's still young enough for a custody suit. Good luck

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