Happy Trails Luvs....

anjabeeAugust 2, 2007

Well, since I didn't hear from you yet today I guess you are busy getting ready to head out tomorrow morn. Sure hope ya'll have a wonderful trip, you have a good visit with your kin, and you relax a little along the way. Be safe. We'll miss you. :D ~Anj

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Ha Ha...I was just over on Holidays and I see that someone else sent you off with Happy Trails!! ha

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Hi Anj, We did about 8 hours driving today. Stopped every two or three hours to stretch our legs and let the dogs go potty. Was very pleasant, have some audio books we are listening to. We are just outside Flagstaff, should spend tomorrow night in New Mexico. Getting good internet speed tonight too. :o) Might not always be the case. I'll check in when I can. So glad Gail, PF, Kathi, and Nona are posting now too. I'll catch you again soon. Luvs

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Hi Anj, Spent last night in Texas and tonight in Wichita, Kansas. We lived here a couple of times--over 30 years ago! Meeting an old friend I used to work with for lunch tomorrow. We have kept in touch all these years--sure hope we recognise each other. LOL

So is your fence all in? Have you been planting flowers and your garden creations? Or has it been too hot and miserable?

We finished our audio story today just before we got here. It was the perfect length to entertain us while we drove, and a very interesting story too. Have to thank DS for finding it for us.

Time to think about bed, dogs and DH are already asleep, but I wanted to check the forums first.

Take care and I'll come chat more when I can.


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I swear I answered your last post, but it's gone now. Well, ya'll are just boogying along aren't ya. BTW, I'm pretty sure you can buy audio books at any Cracker Barrel store and return them to any Cracker Barrel store when you are done and they will refund your purchase price except for a small rental fee like $3 for every week you had it. They have good eats too if you want to check it out. :)

The fence is done except for one gate which DH didn't purchase in the original deal. Had some idea of putting it at the front side of the house or something, but has now changed his mind and wants to put it back at the original spot. I think he'll just purchase it and install it himself though. After discussing things with DH we may not get the beds done this year. We are gonna have to haul in a load of dirt and we are trying to decide how we want to do the beds. We are thinking of putting in low stone wall for the actual beds, we have a play area that we want to box in and fill with sand, a grape arbour type sitting area to build, a concrete base for a shed and a water feature and there are a few stumps and possibly one tree that we need to take out as well so trying to plan all that out. If it was up to me I'd just get to plantin cause I'm not one who likes to wait, but I'm sure it will look much nicer in the end if I do it his way. Although it grieves me to admit that. ha I've got quite a collection of garden paraphernalia when it's done. I just bought 2 metal cranes from the TS for $3 each to add to the menagerie of statues and whatnot's I've been collecting.

I sure hope you have a nice visit with your friend. I will be setting up dr appts today for shots for the school kids to get them up to date. And gotta run a few errands. I cleaned carpets all weekend. That was fun. I will have my cousins son a few days this week. And then we are either going crawfishing this weekend or camping or a combination of the two. ha So I'll be getting us ready for that. I am putting pattern to wood to paint a nice sized little witch. I was lucky enough to find the wood cutout and the pattern book for it on the same day at the TS! Time to start working on my fall stuff.

I'm glad you are getting good reception and are able to check in with us. I would have missed you terribly if you hadn't. I am glad it seems to be picking up here a little again too. Talk to ya soon. :) ~Anj

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Have a good trip and see what you can find to paint on!

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Guess what? The rv park where I will be has WiFi service, so I won't have to be without the Internet while DH goes to Florida! Yahoo!

I enjoy getting on here at least before I go to bed each night so I can see what everyone is up to.


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Good to hear Luvs. Are you gonna be ok staying there by yourself?
Have you got to give away your little signs yet or did you mail them? Can't remember. Did they like them? Dumb question, ha of course they did. What have you done fun since you got there?
I've still got my cousins son for another night and they have been pretty much out of my hair playing video games. I haven't let them play much this summer so I figured a few days being planted in front of the tube wasn't gonna hurt. I'm having a little time to work on my witch too so that's nice. In fact my 3yr old just hit the sack so I'm gonna dash in there and see how much more I can get done on it. I put our portable dvd player in my craft room so I'm watching movies while I paint. I think it's slowing me down, but it sure is relaxing and I'm getting caught up on movies that I've either never gotten to watch or else I've fallen asleep and never saw the end. ha ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Well, we got quite a big welcome to Missouri last night. Big thunder/lightning/wind storm with tornado watch to boot! In Calif. we almost never get thunder and lightning, so this was sort of a scary reminder for us! LOL My dogs really didn't like it--too many strange noises for them. ;o)

We have spent one evening with SIL, niece and her family, visited one sisters, and visited DH's twin cousins and their family yesterday. It is so fun to see everyone again--some, like the cousins, I haven't seen for about 10 years. What is so great is that after a couple of minutes, it is like we have never been apart. That's what is so great about family.

My niece took today and tomorrow off work, so we are going to do some shopping/crafts/talking/etc. today. My SIL will join us so it will be lots of fun. They are the ones who get the signs--I didn't take them over the other night, but will today. Also brought my niece that fruit picture and a bunch of recipe books--she cooks allot and is always making new stuff.

Glad the cousins are having a good time with your kids and giving you a little break too. Glad you are getting some painting and movie time. I've missed the end of lots of movies too. Always say I will have to rewatch them sometime. LOL

Got to go. Will catch you later. Luvs

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